Wolves - Jarvis to leave Wolves?
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Jarvis to leave Wolves?

Even before the signing of Adam Hammill, rumours were flying around that this meant the departure of Matt Jarvis. Now, the tittle-tattle will go into overdrive. And here`s a contribution to it.

If we purchase Leigh Griffiths from Dundee, we will have five wingers in the squad (six, if Kightly is included), all apparently of PL standard. Indeed, the reports of Hammill`s ability suggest that MM has done a good bit of business, and without too much cost. As neither Hammill nor Griffiths are likely to dislodge Jarvis or Hunt from the starting line-up in the near future, what are the manager`s plans for them?

As we beat off Blackpool and, it seems, Liverpool for Hammill`s services, we must have promised him more than a place in the development squad to secure his signature (Griffiths will probably be happy with that). Was it Jarvis`s place in the team? And did we make a deal with Liverpool, offering Jarvis to the club in return for a clear run at Hammill? Or, does MM expect us to go down at the end of the season? If that were so, he could revert to his tried and tested policy of buying in and training up young and hungry players. At the same time he could swell his piggy bank by selling off players like Jarvis and ... [fill in your own suggestions].

Though I would be sorry to see Jarvis go now, the money we would get for him - and would have to be several millions - could be put to good effect. That is, we could splash out on a quality left back. I think that would be a good bargain and well worth the loss of our flying winger.

Moreover, as I have often written in my blogs, I have my reservations about Jarvis. On his day, he is unstoppable and has scored some vital goals (great one on Tuesday). However, he is inconsistent and not a perfect crosser of the ball. On occasions, he has been anonymous as a winger. Where he scores heavily, is in his ancillary role as a defender. With his pace, he can track back quickly and tackle the man with the ball (vital, given our defenders' tendency to back off).

So, on balance I would welcome the sale of Jarvis, with the proviso that it depends on whether Hammill is as good as he cracked up to be and that we buy a quality defender or two.

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The Journalist

Writer: southbank60 Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Thursday January 20 2011

Time: 12:59PM

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Jarvis and ... [fill in your own suggestions] Doyle Fletcher Hunt Henry and Jones... the core of our squad, which will take 5 years to rebuild ... good bit of business?? Is it hell. We dont need the cash. So unless the offer is for silly money why would we sell? Mccarthy has always divided the fans, and lets face it we've gone into overdrive simply over Ward... If he (and Jez) sold Jarvis there would be a revolt. Lets see if Jez and Morgan are here to build the club, or their own personal fortunes.
Ad Mant
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20/01/2011 13:20:00

Sell Jarvo - you are talking out of your rear end, so we just keep on selling our better players so that we can bring in untried one's, what a load of cobblers - are you being paid by liverpool to write this tripe, Wolves fan you ain't bud, has for you thoughts on Jarvo - do you actually go to games! he has been a revelation this season and desrves better comments that what you have given him, I hope he doesn't read this garbage, because he and others will be off - what a bloody load of moronic tripe.
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20/01/2011 13:25:00

Utter rubbish - I wasted 2 mins of my life reading that.
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20/01/2011 13:36:00

ABSOLUTELY NO WAY!!! As Ad Mant says it would have to be silly money. This is a player on the verge of breaking into the England setup, and I don't think many Wolves fans give credit to the 3M's for how far this club has come in the last few years. They have proved to be quite wise and sensible and will remain so by keeping Jarvis. He only recently signed a long term contract at the club.
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20/01/2011 13:39:00

Several millions for Jarvis :O:O ??? Is he an average player or what ? No ! Lol, at least 20 million pounds ! I think some players - Jarvis and Doyle (for example) should spend their career at Molineux, turning it into world class club again. Hi guys, hello from Wolves fan from Bratislava, Slovakia. I was on Molineux on boxing day match against Wigan - when Jarvis came on, he clearly increased the dangerousness (is that a word at all ?) of our side.
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20/01/2011 13:47:00

Perhaps Merlin has plans to convert Hammill into a left back?I was thinking of writing a blog asking where all the other bloggers had gone?well you certainly solved that one Banksy!!.nice to see there's still a little bit of'passion'shall we call it! left.I would certainly only sell Jarvis for mega bucks,maybe something we dont know about is going on behind the scenes?cash plus player exchange? etc.Merlins converted more people than the pope this season,Hammill I think will want to play and reprts say hes on 20 grand a week!thats a lot for a benchwarmer.UTW.
Crete Wolf
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20/01/2011 14:13:00

Sir Banksy I salute almost every article but this one, you've been overwhelmed by paint fumes painting the inside of the garage or there is mischief at play. He has already made a provisional England squad and second only to Doyle in my book. I finally got round to replying to your Manchester City report, which was excellent, and in my rather lengthy response went off on a tangent having read an article elsewhere discussing the differing approaches to our futures by West Ham and ourselves. Many are up in arms already about our lack of significant reinforcement at this most crucial stage of the season- having studied and watched this players best on the old favorite You Tube it looks like an astute bit of business and he will make an impact anywhere now I would say- I am not suggesting he will change our season (we are performing at a high standard with consistency, taking points on a ratio that if continues will spell survival and scoring goals finally). I think Villa have paid far too much for Bent, that's a lot of pressure on him- if he gels straight away he can save their season and lead them up to 12th, one poor tackle and all that expenditure amounts to worrisome times. I don't want to club to jeopardize it's future, and whilst I am pleased we are still signing clearly great young talents like this we still need to find that medium and it's fairly simple to me- we don't have to/are not in a position where we have to/or could spend huge amounts with our season in the balance but now just ONE big signing ON LOAN would make me happy- they should really push the boat out for Lescott, pay the full whack if you need to, cos his wages for 4 months or so will still only amount to 2 million or a bit more (a small price to pay with another 30million tv money in reward for a third season in the Premiership). The word revolt is mentioned above, and it may not be far off in terms of what we would see at the gate. Jarvis was one of our earlier signings in the 'new age' at Wolves, and considering how much he has improved in a relatively short space of time, considering how young he still is, he has to be one of the most important players that we build this club around. The fans are already upset about the lack of spending/signings- a Jarvis sale would cause more than a slight stir and rightly so. He has it all for me and just keeps improving as a player. On Saturday he ran back 60 yards to nod the ball back to the keeper because he had already seen Zubar had left a wide open gap. He crosses, he scores, his presence on the wing causes defenders wide spread panic (you can see how teams are trying to double up on him now- the boss has seen this, Jarvis has the vision and ability to feed the likes of others when the gaps have been left. He crosses, he scores. Matt Jarvis will play for England, no doubt about it. The club had the sense to tie him down to a contract and the only reason he would/should leave would be in the event of our relegation. If we do get relegated I would thank him and wish him the best of luck because he belongs at the top and he has earned it. In the event of relegation, and considering the inflated fees players are still going for, I would want 10 million for him in the summer anyway.
New York City Wolf
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20/01/2011 14:15:00

Well, I wanted to know how I could elicit a response from the fans to my reports and I have just found out how to do it: question the status of a sacred cow! If you had read my previous reports, you will see that I try to get to all the home matches, even though I live in London. My support for Wolves goes back to the 1950s when I stood in the South Bank week after week, that is, until I started playing rugby for the town on Saturday afternoons. And in any case, had you all read my article properly, you would have understood that I don't want us to sell Jarvis. I was merely trying to find a rationale for the purchase of two wingers at a time when we are awash with them (if you include Griffiths and Kightly). Having said that, I do have my reservations about Jarvis, as do other fans. He will improve but at the moment, he is inconsistent and we desperately need a quality left back. If Jez keeps a tight hold on the purse-strings, the money has to come from somewhere. Don't you know, it's a cut-throat world out there and if you donít have the funds of a MC, you will have to make some very hard decisions. To repeat, ideally I donít want to sell Jarvis but it is a question that has been raised, and, if I am to be the Devilís advocate, at least I am a sympathetic one. And, hand on heart, where do you feel we really need strengthening: on the wing or at left back and, if we are buying wingers, why are we doing so?
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20/01/2011 14:21:00

Some good mentions from Crete regarding other positions. I really can't see Jarvis of Hunt losing their place, and with other options available, Bia getting his chance, Kightly perhaps still one for the future (who knows because its continuously hush hush about his recovery) so with that in mind maybe we are going to see one of these players used at left back. Watching the videos this chap looks very strong on the ball, can go around players with ease and his passing looks clinical. If he can tackle, maybe Mick sees a very bright new duo operating down the left. Maybe if he does go left back and Jarvis is ahead of him, with Jarvis' tracking back already mentioned we would have a very strong left hand side. This is all theory of course because the main stumbling block means Ward would be missing....... and if a player is to be sacrificed, if you look under the heading Lamb in the Book of Mick you won't see a picture of Ward.
New York City Wolf
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20/01/2011 14:25:00

Having done a bit of research, it seems Mr Hammill often plays inside the midfield and not just on the wing. The common sense says he's cover for Milijas as it seems Jones wants away. Let's face it, if Jones goes we will be very short on creative options. It could just be another bit of business like Surman: pick up a young promising midfielder who can be sold (probably at a profit) to a championship club in a heartbeat if he proves not to make it at Premiership level.
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20/01/2011 14:31:00

NYCW: I agree with you. He is an exciting prospect and will continue to improve. As I noted in my article, I, too, think he is a great asset to us because of his work-rate, especially when tracking back. But you also point to the problem of finding money to fill our problem positions. Selling Jarvis for far more millions than I guessed would help. In terms of the overall performance of the team, would losing Jarvis - who, for all his flair, is still inconsistent- be worth it, if we shored up our defence with a left back of equivalent quality, who is consistent. And we would also have change to add to money from our benefactor for a good central defender. Hey! Don't blame me, I am just the messenger. Have you seen the way Hammill's acquisition is being reported? Clearly, they don't all have the interests of the Wolves at heart ... but I do. In any case, it's a reasonable analysis of what on the surface appears to be a mystifying purchase.
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20/01/2011 14:43:00

Good point, gottagetalife, and, if true, it could be reason why MM has bought Hammill. I bet Jarvis is touched with all this outpouring of support.
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20/01/2011 14:46:00

Oh ... and to pick up another of NYCW's points, even though it is crazier than the one that argues that Jarvis is going to be sold in order to raise cash for a left back. It's his suggestion that Hammill is the new left back!
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20/01/2011 15:43:00

No Banksy its my suggestion that he's a left back!!!.he's on 20 grand a week so he is not a 'Surman' like signing,this guy thinks he's going to play so if its not left back its got to be midfield.Wait a minute!!!!,I've had a Merlin like moment!.How about this,he brings Hunt into midfield running around like a headless chicken,that then frees up Hammill to play wide left!!.You've got to hand it to Merlin he is a convertor!told you,from know on he will be known as 'The Pope' because hes converted a lot of people,I think he's even managed to convert you Banksy!,if you think wer'e selling Jarvo!LOL.UTW.End of Wolf Transmission.
Crete Wolf
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20/01/2011 18:23:00

Wolves are said to be asking £12m for Jarvo, so I don't think he is going to go for less than £10m. Whether it would be a good move or not would depend completely on how Jez Moxey and Mick McCarthy spent the money. Unless they have a top-class signing already lined up, unlikely in our present position in the league, I don't think there's any way Jarvo is going to go at this stage in the transfer window. Unless, of course, Liverpool or Everton are offering us a very attractive exchange deal. Konchesky plus £7.5m? Nah! Looks unlikely. Prefer to keep Jarvo! On the other hand, both Steve Morgan and McCarthy were at Liverpool on Sunday, so were they wheeling and dealing?
Nippy Lobo
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21/01/2011 00:25:00

Well, I did mention during my lengthy response to the Banksy match report (Man City) when I totally veered off topic that having watched a fair amount of footage of this kid, strong, players bounce off him, pace to burn, great distribution he 'may' have been brought in with a view to him being used at left back. This thought struck as I tapped into the Mind of Mick. I like it Crete, The Pope it is from now on. If we can buy Ward as a striker, play him predominately at left back, in the central midfield, then up front, left back (I've lost track) then its not unthinkable that this player may end up there. "alright kid, you want games, how left back, central midfield, right wing and occasional forward sound? Oh, okay, what if we say........" taps finger on desk, Morgan nods, "twenty grand per week. No, not bic, here.......use my pen." A done deal. I don't want to think about losing Jarvis at the end of the season let alone this talk of January. I shan't lose too much sleep over it because they won't sell him. Banksy, agreed- we do need two defenders but the club has to show it's ambition and spend some money, signings or loans. We need to milk the cow, not sell it off to market.
New York City Wolf
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21/01/2011 04:42:00

At last, some sanity has returned to the discussion. People are now beginning to think hypothetically, in the way that I was doing when I wrote the article. A not very careful perusal of my comments would reveal that I was neither advocating the sale of Jarvis nor that I wanted him to go. Rather, I was responding to the conspiracy theories that were beginning to appear in the press. And surely they have some foundation ... or, at least, a degree of circumstantial evidence about them? Why should we buy another winger, one who would not displace the current occupiers of the two positions, when everyone knows that our priority is to strengthen our defence? The point I was making (apparently nor very clearly) was that, if MM realised that he needed a quality left back and central defender (and who doesnít) but had insufficient funds to buy them, he had to think of a way of obtaining the money. In this hypothetical situation, it seemed to me that he might consider cashing on an asset, albeit a very valuable one to the club. As contributors to this report have told me, we could get up to £20m for him. I doubt it but we could hope for something in excess of £10m. That money would be useful. And, following, Mickís presumed logic, he would have gained a decent, if raw, replacement in Hammill, and, if this did weaken his offensive left flank somewhat, the strengthening of our wobbly defence counter-balanced it. Moreover, as we played with two wing-backs against Doncaster, we have already strengthened our attack, though at the cost of weakening our defence. Hence, the hypothetical sale of Jarvis in return for the hypothetical purchase of defender or two. In this hypothetical world the sale of Jarvis makes sense and that is why I could bring myself to support it ... hypothetically speaking, of course.
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21/01/2011 08:57:00

I think something is going on and will happen in the next few days,dont forget they said about 6 million was available plus the 2-3 million we got for the Homesick Belgie,thats nearly 10 mill.Plus Spurs cant do a deal for Robbie,they will not let him go on loan??me smells a bargain coming up,I still think another 2 maybe 3 players to come in with maybe one going out???UTW.
Crete Wolf
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21/01/2011 09:54:00

I think all this talk of jarvis going is just pure speculation.. and I for 1 would be very disapointed to see him go. I also have to disagree on the consistency thing. i think he is one of our most consistent players, if not the most consistent. and isn't leigh griffiths a striker (not a winger)!!?? the only part of this article i agree with is that hammill is an exciting prospect and a bargain. i do think we need a left back. stephen warnock is available so we should try and get him, liverpool are interested in him though so if he went there then that would mean paul konchesky would be available. with 2 good left-backs available and having missed out on bridge, we should really try to get on of these 2 in (preferrably warnock)
Report Abuse
21/01/2011 11:03:00

Absolutely, SmithyWolf. It was a hypothetical exercise in response to a bit of media kite-flying. So, don't be too hard on me. I like Jarvis and on his day he's unstoppable. But, I have seen some average performances from him this season. In a couple of years time he will be flying and I hope he is still at the club (and that we are still in the PL).
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21/01/2011 13:06:00

It all depends whether Jarvo would like to leave for a bigger club. Most players find the better money and the limelight hard to resist. There are exceptions - Doyle, for one. I do not expect 'loyalty' from anyone connected with a club these days, but it is certainly nice to still find players 'sacrificing' something, a year or two perhaps, in the cause of their club. The club, in turn, should not stand in the way of a player's carreer. If it is any, two or all three of the M's who want to sell, however......it will be a great disappointment, to say the least....Wolves fans have been told the long-term aim is to make the club great again.........and THAT is certainly not done by selling the best players, however high the profit. Read more: It all depends whether Jarvo would like to leave for a bigger club. Most players find the better money and the limelight hard to resist. There are exceptions - Doyle, for one. I do not expect 'loyalty' from anyone connected with a club these days, but it is certainly nice to still find players 'sacrificing' something, a year or two perhaps, in the cause of their club. The club, in turn, should not stand in the way of a player's carreer. If it is any, two or all three of the M's who want to sell, however......it will be a great disappointment, to say the least....Wolves fans have been told the long-term aim is to make the club great again.........and THAT is certainly not done by selling the best players, however high the profit.
Report Abuse
21/01/2011 13:17:00

Absolutely. As we are solvent, we do not need to sell our players, certainly not our stars. However, as you point out, money often talks: look at Bent. Doyle is certainly not in the same mould and hope Jarvis isn't either. However, because of our policy of financial stringency we are poorly placed to compete with the big spenders when trying to improve the quality of our squad, especially to cover a weakness. Should that weakness threaten our survival in the PL, we will have to spend heavily to remedy the defect (and we have 10 days, if we want to do so and if we think we might get relegated). Look at what AV are doing. If Steve Morgan will not stump up the cash (or enough of it), we would have to sell some of our assets. We have to balance the cost against the benefit of such a transaction. Of course, this is pure speculation. Interestingly, now that the fate of Jarvis has become newsworthy, I see that Moxey has just issued a statement, insisting that the club has no intention of selling him (Jarvis, that is). That's a result, isn't it (holding on to Matt, I mean, not necessarily keeping Jez on!).
Report Abuse
21/01/2011 13:49:00

Wolves are at the peril of all the big boys just as we all are! if they come knockin there is no loyalty in players these days guys those says are long gone, man utd suffer from it with real mad, villa with city etc if they want him they will turn his ed n get him. Big Mic i like a lot straigh upfront and i would like him as a villa fan to get the credit he deserves, i mean he paid wot for jarvis? ok he spent on doyle and fletch but otherwise over last few years he bought from lower league clubs and turned em into bloody good players Salute to Big Mic i say
Report Abuse
22/01/2011 05:35:00

Absolutely (again),
Report Abuse
22/01/2011 07:03:00

Jarvo would be stupid to go to l'pool or everton anyway.. he's the first name on the team sheet at wolves.. ya couldnt say he would be at l'pool or everton.. there's a good chance he'd be a bench warmer a lot of the time
Report Abuse
22/01/2011 11:21:00


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