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Wolves announce Griffiths Deal

Wolves are expecting to complete the signing of striker Leigh Griffiths from Dundee tomorrow.

The deal is rumoured to be worth around 150,000.

Personal terms have been agreed and Griffiths has completed a medical and has posed the obligatory photos with shirt, all that's left is to complete the paper work over the next few hours.

Wolves Official Website has also confirmed that Griffiths has been training with the squad for the past couple of weeks and McCarthy told WOW: 'We've had the chance to take a look at Leigh in training and he's certainly a good finisher,'

'It's clearly a big step up from the Scottish First Division to the Barclays Premier League, but Leigh has certainly got a good goalscoring record up there and still has plenty of potential to improve.'

However don't expect to see him playing alongside Doyle or Fletcher any time soon, this is certainly one of those McCarthy deals with a big eye on the future and the 20-year-old Scot is well aware of that: 'Of course I know I'm not walking straight into the team here.

'I've got to bulk myself up and work hard on the training field and then if I get my chance I've got to grab it with both hands.'

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The Journalist

Writer: Akela Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Wednesday January 26 2011

Time: 3:00PM

Your Comments

Yes, this does appear another good signing, but one that offers nothing towards our survival. If I were a skeptic, and I am, I would say we are preparing for life in the Championship. Mick is guaranteed a job next season even if we finish 20 points adrift of everyone else.
Ad Mant
Indeed, Ad Mant......a good signing for the future....whether that future be in the Premiership or in the Championship, for the future one plans in the present. And the fact that Mick is guranteed a job next season is responsible thinking by both the other M's - it takes the pressure off Mick, who can then concentrate fully on the job without having to worry about the axe; that reassurance makes for a confident manager, the result of which,in turn, can only be stress-free players. Supporting the Wolves is supporting The M's.
I can agree with you on this one, Ad Mant. Interesting follow-up point by lovesw too, though I veer towards the negative view rather than the positive one (again, like Ad Mant).
I can agree with you on this one, Ad Mant. Interesting follow-up point by lovesw too, though I veer towards the negative view rather than the positive one (again, like Ad Mant).
I agreed so much that I repeated it!
I see both Southbank60 and Ad Mant are, on their own admission, somewhat negative. Now because it is quite evident that I am not negative at all, let it not be understood that I am positive on account of that. I am not saying Wolves are staying up. Not at all. I am neither positive nor negative - I am a realist. The possibility of relegation is there; that very same possibiliy was there last season; only after the Upton Park win did it become only a remote possibility - but back then, Pompey were near certs for relegation, and Hull and Burnley were dropping more points than Wolves were. This time it will be harder. It looks like as many as 40 points will be needed. Certainly I will be pleased if events prove me wrong. One thing looks clear, though: with no 4-6- point cushion from the drop zone to defend - indeed, Wolves find themselves IN the drop zone, and it is more than likely that they will still find themselves there after the Arsenal game - the lone-striker formation, aiming for a point per match to 'defend the cushion', will not be reverted to. It cannot be reverted to. And that is a great relief.
All points well raised from different perspectives, equally respected- just the way we like it. I'm chuffed they are still aiming for the young talented players; negatively, I said to my Dad after the signing, if we went to Dundee and said we wanted to play Saturday we would probably get a game, and I'd fancy a goal or two- but to be fair to the kid he can only play against what he is up against and his ratio this season- 10 in 20, is reflected in his career stats so far, 53 in 108 I think I read, and whilst Premiership defenders are a world away from anything in Scotland the goal posts are the same size and this kid knows where they are. It's a dream move for him, and just imagine how much he will learn on a daily basis in training from the likes of Doyle and so on. The doomsday club are already slagging him off based of the size of the fee, most likely unaware we have got him so cheap because the deal was cut with administrators. Speaking of youth, the club sensibly played things down when Zeli Ismail signed his professional contract saying it was a mere beginning and he had a very long way to go to before he gets a sniff of the first time- this week he made his first start for the reserves. You bring a fresh angle W, keep em coming. In closing, glad to see we can all appreciate this signing is another piece of astute business by the club.
New York City Wolf
I am no one to comment - much less judge - on whether Griffiths, and Hammill, for that matter, have what it takes to make them established Premiership players; or, to be utterly realistic, established Championship players. I trust those in charge of youth policy and player assessment at Wolves know much more about it than I or than anyone on here. What I am all for is this Club policy of 'one for the future' - it shows there is vision, a plan is in place for that vision, and that plan is being carried through.
That's true ... but in the meantime where are the signings which will keep us in the PL this year? One could argue - and some of us have - that the purchase of 'future prospects' alone could be construed as an admission of defeat. Of course, Jez could still spring a surprise on us.
I get the point.........actually, both points. The first has been aired by quite a few here and elsewhere: the signings that will keep Wolves up. Mick has stated on several occasions that he is confident of staying up with the squad he has. Now, either he is being totally sincere in this, and as far as I have read, he is known to be very sincere and straightforward, in which case, if Wolves are relegated, it can be put down to a gross error of judgement on his part, or he isn't being sincere, and if so,- point 2 - as you say, the purchase of future prospects is an admission of defeat, the defeat being the realization, from experience now, that the Club does not possess the financial structure and muscle to compete with the big boys, at least not as yet (spending 30-40 million on two quality defenders, for instance), then yes, it will amount to an admission of defeat in this sense, and in this sense alone. For one will have to be sincere with oneself to come to see this. It is success in facing and admitting to the reality. If the goal be unattainable now, the next best that can be done is to do all that is possible to relaize the goal in the future. Clubs have gone into administration on account of 'playing' beyond their means, of playing blind to the financial realities of the club. If the Championship it is to be, then so be it. Rather a healthy - and, hopefully,short! - life in the Championship than 'doing a Portsmouth'
It seems that MM is being a little disingenuous here. Of course, he has to take a positive spin on the situation but our present plight suggests that we are struggling ... and don't say that we are playing too well to go down.We lose many of the matches in which we have played well, then perform abysmally against our relegation rivals. If we accept your argument, lovesW, we are condemned to be the new Baggies, capable of putting together a team to gain promotion but not good enough to stay in the PL. Four windows into our PL career and we are still playing with virtually the same team as got us up. We have spent millions but one could argue that we have not received value for money, either in terms of personnel or in the filling of problem positions. JVD, for instance, was bought to cover our weakness at left back but why didn't scouts spot his own weakness against wingers? There's only a couple of days to go in this window and we as far away from strengthening our defence as we were at the beginning of the month. Where's the ambition? We've bought two lads, costing us less than 1m and neither of them a defender. We still have a full war-chest. If money is an issue- and I don't want Wolves to go down the Portsmouth route- but we have to fill one or two problem positions to survive - we have to realise our assets in areas of the pitch where we are comparatively strong. It's a question of priorities ... or don't you care if we get relegated?
Again - you (and many others) say we need to fill 'one or two problem positions' and Mick states he is happy with the squad as it is. This is the whole of the matter. That is why I started off with this point in my previous post, and, in a still previous one, that it all comes down to trust. You hint at the possibility that I do not care if we get relegated - come now, which fan does not? We are all fans of the same club here, and we do our best to get our view across as best we can. Sometimes it happens that another's view is taken for a lack of 'loyalty' to the club, we get I feel you have. Well then, here is more: you mention West Brom. Now West Brom are my second team. Am I now being cruel? Is it my intention to hurt? No, I am just being me. This will be incomprehensible to someone who comes from the Black Country, and seems outright insulting to a Wolves fan. But I am not English, much less a West Midlands bloke, so I am entitled to it, just because the local rivalries there cannot touch me. So I may now expect some stick on account of this too. Go on then, shoot! spare the embarrassment of the first shot, I will have that first shot myself -at myself: ' No wonder.This 'W' at the end of the name.....what does it stand for? '!!!!!!!!!
I can see where MM is coming from saying we have enough to stay up when you compare us in quality to say the bottom half of the division.But as I have said before, in that sub-division we have performed very badly and if results just against these teams were counted we would be rock bottom.Because of the form of other teams around us we are still in with a shout but I think MM is wrong to think he has enough,to survive just because those around you struggle is not good enough and sooner or later you will get found out,if not this year then the next for sure.I personally think its better to go down and have a moral boosting season coming back up than being the'whipping boys' of the top tier for another season.I would want to stay up through us playing well and finishing mid table say,thats not to much to ask is it?then MM could turn around and say he has enough!.We dont know whats going on behind the scenes so we have to assume that no one of a better standard wants to come to the Wolves,if that is the case then we have to maybe say that we do have enough!.UTW.
Crete Wolf
Again, you should read what I actually did say. The whole tenor of your contribution was that we should trust MM when he says that he is happy with his squad and that his policy of building for the future is the correct one. Clearly, his squad isn't good enough at the moment or we would not be languishing in the relegation zone. Given the situation, it is not surprising that fans should query a statement claiming otherwise. In this respect, buying for the future rather than shoring up weaknesses at the present seems like an admission of defeat. Apparently, you accept this outcome with equanimity, hence my parting shot! It's not a case of me being touchy about a different point of view (in my job it goes with the territory) but a reasonable inference drawn from from your argument. Regarding WBA: if you read my analogy carefully, you will see that I was not making a cheap jibe against the club but rather warning Wolves against following the same path. Learn from the Baggies' experience and fill up the gaps to ensure survival ... now! Scroll through my earlier blogs and you will see that I view WBA as no different from any other team. Indeed, I would l like to see all West Midlands teams stay up. In that respect, like you, I am a supporter of WBA ... but only in the wider interests of regional football and for the exhilaration of a closely contested derby.
As Crete Wolf posted his reply fractionally before mine, I could not incorporate his points into my argument. I agree with most of what he says, though I would prefer us to stay up and plan properly for the 2011-12 season. One cannot glibly assume that it will be easy to get back if we do go down. With all the money we are saving at the moment, plus the income coming in for staying up (oh, and Steve Morgan's contributions), we could solve our problems.
Good shot! Honestly now, does it all not boil down to this: that MM is either wrong in judging that there is enough in the present squad to stay up, or that he is lying when he says so. Either way, I am not in a position to judge. Many, if not most, pretend they are. I just do not know. How can I know? I watch eleven Wolves players giving their all for 90' every week or so. Surely others have more time and opportunity to watch the reserves playing, training sessions, perhaps ; their opinion will then be more valuable than mine can ever be. But who is better placed than MM in this matter? True, his judgement could still turn out to be wrong, for all that. 'The whole tenor of your contribution is that we should trust MM....' Again, you should read what I actually did say!: The whole tenor of my contribution is that I trust MM. To this much I should be entitled. Others PLEASE differ.
It's not that stark a distinction, lovesW. Clearly MM wants the best for the club and that includes not slagging off his players in public. We don't know what he says in the dressing room or on the training pitch at Compton after a defeat but I bet he is not as complimentary there as he is in public. We, the fans, can only judge on performance and so far it has not been good enough. We are second bottom after all, having spent 17m to improve on last year's position. I trust MM to do the best job he can - and maybe he is with the players at his disposal - but that begs other questions, ones which I have already raised.
I have only been on here for about a week or so, and I am sure you have hit on most of the problems in those other questions, Southbank of which must be, as I see, that the team raise their game significantly against distinguished, if not illustrious, opponents. Would the problem be a psychological one, then, partly at least? Most clubs employ a professional psychologist. I do not know whether Wolves do; please inform me. I think I would be expressing the opinion of most when I say that Wolves' league position would be somewhere below mid-table had the performances against Wigan (h & a), Bolton, Blackpool and Blackburn matched the recent ones against Chelsea, Liverpool (a) and Man.C (h AND a). On a light note, why a psychologist? Why not a hypnotist? Next up are Bolton in the league. The entire squad could then be subjected to a sort of collective hypnotism and told that they will be facing Spurs! Only, an illusionist will be needed also. His bit will be to have them see the Reebok as if it were White Hart Lane. Illusions.......the danger of relegation certainly is not one. Thanks for your comments, Southbank 60.
Nice to welcome you to the site, lovesW: I hope you enjoy the debates. In an earlier blog I suggested that the players should think that the team is doomed, thereby freeing them from tension and allowing them to play to their full potential! At the moment they don't have to try too hard! If this were a proven scientific fact, WWFC's sports psychologist, Bill Stevens, should be trying to convince them that they are going down rather than endeavouring to bolster their confidence! (N.B. for those who take blogs literally, three exclamation marks equal tongue firmly in cheek!) That makes it four exclamation marks! No, five ...
Stone the crows- I feel like I've been in a time warp- missed out on a good old back and forth here. Dubya, I extend the welcome. Brand new to the site, you've raised some cracking ideas, bred healthy discussion, and whilst opinions have clearly differed on several issues, everyone, as is the way 99% of the time her on Vital Wolves, have proven attentive and respective of others differeing opinions. There are so many issues to talk about with the club right now it is hard to know where to begin; as for this thread alone I had to hit the top of the screen just to remind myself what the story was about- there proves the bearty of discussion. I don't know where you are from, but no one has, and I doubt they will, give you any ear ache for Albion being your second team- it's one I've never heard before but fair play, means no difference to me. You are here writing for and with Wolves, and obvious passion for the club. It's impossible, and would prove boring for me to even attempt to hit on every point but in summary, without reading back pertinent issues have arisen. It would appear, after some wobbling at times, not neccesarily from people here, that Mick has out backing, at least from everyone who has comented on this article. His life has been football and we have to accept that he knows the ins and outs of daily football life better than we do. Sometimes I have thought he has not done himself any favors with his remarks, recent one springs to mind ' I'll be here next year regardless.' I'm not entirely sure he actually said that, it was a report in the Express & Wooden Spoon, again, if I remember correctly it was more along the lines of even in the event of relegation he would take some shifting and that over rode for me any mention of his lack of care for the club. He is on a rolling 12 month contract so he is not a mercenary who thinks, alright, we go, pay me up my 3 years. He was a player, and is a person who epitmoizes honesty and integrity in spite of his often bizaree choices, but guess what- he got us up, kept us up, and I think he will again. My main concern, aside from the immediate, is our future. Rationally, every year you spend in the Premiership you bring in more revenue, you prove stability, attract better players, can afford their wages and trnasfer fees, but we did stay up against the odds, then spent 17 million and are at the time of writing, 19th. It's not an acceptable position- it's all very well saying May is what matters, and whilst this rings true on paper, there has to be a plan in place for next season for developent. I do believe we will stay up. I do believe Morgan will go ahead and give the stadium the green light, and come summer more money will be made available. For the likes of Wigan, staying up again is almost like another 9 months of Christmas day, every day. At Wolves, assuming we stay up again, we MUST show signs of development regarding league position and such next year (if and when)- I still can't bear to think about relegation- those he don't think it is a big deal, or will boost moral when we go and win the title again should realize the likes of Stearman are now on more than 30,000 a week, our best half dozen players will leave, the heart of the squad will need to be reconstructed, we might have just ploughed multi millions into a new stadium, the Sky Money will be gone, attendances and revenue will plumet. He turned us down but the fact we went in for Woodgate raised the spirits. It shows we are not merely fixated on the 'cheap, useless, unproven (fill insults bandied around by some)- it just goes to show, thankfully, that behind the scenes we are going for the right players and I do believe we will see two more faces in training Tuesday morning.
New York City Wolf
Thanks for your welcome, NYC Wolf. The financial repercussions of relegation are surely clear to all. No debate there. I am with you when you say that you believe we will stay up. MM keeps reminding us that the initials of his name stand just for that, not for Merlin the Magician. But they could very well stand for 'March Magician' The Upton Park win last season was on the 23rd of that month, and Wolves were magic; that match was the turning point. A comfortable or near-comfortable gap, though not a rift by any means, between Wolves and the bottom three was created. All that was now needed to be done was to conserve that gap. Enter the one-striker formation: a point per match from then on and Wolves will be safe. It worked, albeit not to perfection. The bottom of the table is tighter this season, so there seems to be less possibility of a similar situation arising. HOWEVER......up to the Arsenal game, few points, if any, can realistically be expected. Say, two draws, or one win, will be bonus points. After that, up to just after mid-march, it's two Midlands derbys and home to Blackpool and Spurs. With a haul of 9 points from those four games - and the possibility is there - there might just arise, might, I say, a similar situation as that of last season around the same stage........and a similar temptation, for temptation it would be this time, to employ the same lone-striker tactic. The bottom clubs are stronger than those who occupied the same positions last season. A 4, 5 or 6-point gap will not make for safety, or near-safety. So, anyone around with the ba**s to warn the March Magician: Beware the 'ideAs' of March!
I agree with your analysis. If only we can conjure up one or two points by the end of the Arsenal match- a draw and a victory against Bolton (?) - we have a decent run-in and the chance to put sufficient points on the board to avoid the drop. I, too, would like us to keep Fletcher and Doyle up front but that does put greater pressure on the defence, starting in the middle of the pitch. We lost against Liverpool because we conceded the midfield and made mistakes at the back. That's why I want us to buy a couple of defenders in this window.
I think with what looks like the arrival of OHara we are going to be favouring 4-5-1 for the remainder of the season except for maybe the odd home game when a more attacking option could be advantagous.UTW.
Crete Wolf
Crete our kid, you get the heart Beat going with these discussed signings, like a Nick Berry program, riding around on a *****tered motorbike like its nineteen fifty niiiiiiine. First Woodgate, now this! You can put that packet of magic markers back......hang on, why are all the lids missing? Nun jokes follow (clue- dry (pens) )- I see no signings....yet. I wish our mate Willis (AVFC) was here- I've stayed up all night to watch this game, okay, it's 7.58am and I got in three hours ago but, can I find it anywhere? Nope. For lack of anything else to do but stare at vidi print text, I shall share my feared prediction- a draw. Worked last time. (judging by the team I think we will win.)
New York City Wolf
Could not find the game myself, either. Does not matter. Take this defeat as a blessing.......I remember the Bully days, strongly tipped for promotion by fans and pundits, then a good Cup run is followed by disappointing results where it matters, where the priority lies.....and the goal is missed again. No detractions now, no replays, less risk of injury to players, total concentration on the sole goal: survival.
Hey! All of you have been reading my report.

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