Wolves - Wolves must establish themselves in Premier League
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Wolves must establish themselves in Premier League

Wolves Owner Steve Morgan believes that establishing ourselves in the Premier League is a realistic target and a must for the clubs future.

In fact Morgan has virtually stated that he has gambled 40 million on it by stating that if he didn't think we could establish ourselves in the top flight then he wouldn't have approved the redevelopment of Molineux.

"If I didn`t think Wolves were going to be a permanent member of the Premiership, and that we were going to improve from being a dogfight in relegation, then we shouldn`t be doing it (redeveloping the ground).' Morgan told the Birmingham Mail.

He continued: "Let`s take the worst (scenario) - and I don`t even want to think this way - but say we are relegated this year. We`ve got to get back up. We just have to get back up, it`s as simple as that.'

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The Journalist

Writer: Akela Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Thursday March 3 2011

Time: 2:00PM

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So, why was so little money available in January? Does his statement mean that, should we be relegated, he will make available sufficient funds to ensure we get back? Something like the amount of money ear-marked for the new stadium should just about do it!
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03/03/2011 17:42:00

Does Mccarthy know how to make the next step? To Midtable security I mean. He is one of the best in the business at spotting cut-price talent. I will never argue that. But there comes a time when the notes section of the wallet needs to be opened and a couple big sticker purchase made. Instead of a record signing to warm the bench id much rather have seen a quality LB bought in, for example. There is no doubt that Hammil and Ohara are fantastic acquisitions, but we'll need higher callibre signings, especially at the back if we are to move up the table in future. Looklng fwd to a weekend of cracking fixtures !!! WE ARE WOLVES
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03/03/2011 19:28:00

Although I agree with what you say in principle - I think O`Hara is high calibre and it is important that we buy him as soon as possible but I dont think he will come cheaply. Mark my words he is improving rapidly with every game he plays and he would be a fantastic permanent signing. I am relieved to read that Steve Morgan believes that relegation followed by an immediate return would not be disasterous because we do stand a good chance of this happening although I desperately hope we do manage to avoid the drop....
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04/03/2011 01:27:00

It's not that easy to bounce back straight back, even if we possess a squad that is theoretically capable of doing so. It will cost money to buy targeted players, perhaps more so, if we are in the Championship, because they will have to be enticed to come. And for that reason they will not be given the chance because the management will not break their transfer fee or wage rules. That's laudable up to a point but some 'give' will be necessary.
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04/03/2011 07:13:00

I think Ohara's price is probably already down in black and white,surely taking him on loan is linked to an option to buy at a determined price.But lets not get ahead of ourselves,this all depends on staying in the promised land.
Crete Wolf
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04/03/2011 07:33:00

If we can get a win on Sunday, I think we have a real chance of avoiding the drop. In general, too, I am feeling a little more optimistic and that is due to three factors (a) our defence is improving (b) the impact that O'Hara is having on the team and (c) we are beginning to score goals in open play. Of course, my mood could turn black as a result of the next three games. I also find myself worrying about the fitness of key players in teams we no longer have to meet. Perish the thought that I also hope for season-ending injuries to key players in the teams of our relagation rivals.
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04/03/2011 08:04:00

Some fans would have us bankrupt in months, little money available in January?? Just take a look at how much money has been spent on players over the past couple of seasons and then compare it to the majority of other clubs in the league. We should be pleased with the figures we have spent while knowing that noone is gambling with our future, too many clubs are in financial strife, doesn't mean we should join them because a few fans want us to treat the club like a game of Championship Manager.
Wolf Man
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04/03/2011 12:32:00

I agree that we did dole out a lot of money over the past couple of years ... but not all of it wisely (where are Fletcher, Mouyokolo Maierhofer et al?) By the time that the transfer window opened in January, the management was aware of that fact and therefore had to discount most of the outlay. In effect, they had to start again ... but they didn't, which suggest that they are somewhat unconcerned about relegation. If we do go down, we are going to have to rebuild our team from scratch as our stars will leave. Of course, that will bring in some money but will it be enough to win promotion, that is, if we do spend it wisely?
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04/03/2011 13:01:00

A family emergency meant I hardly looked over a paper in nearly two weeks let alone anything else but I am settled back at the control station with coffee at the ready- so what have I missed- talking over the Albion game (we can leave that one alone) and the 4-0 thumping of Blackpool. The Albion game was a pleasant distraction for, well, a good hour and a half shall we say- the Blackpool win would have proven one of greater pleasure if it wasn't for my computer repeatedly crashing every four minutes- regardless, we took four points from those in or around us and that is a better return over the course of two games than we have shown so far this season, and the amount we needed, at least. I said going into those two games that I wanted six points but really I would have been happy with the four holding the belief our safety will depend in the main part upon our remaining home fixtures. I have my stat book knocking around, but without referencing it at this early hour (it's not even 9am yet for heaven sake!) it does not take a genuis to note we have been plundering some goals since the turn of the year. We are beginning to reap the rewards for our forward play and I have to credit the players because rather than 'a turn in luck'- I'm not one who much buys in to luck, you scrore or you don't- we have proven clinical in front of goal this year, whilst most of last we were bemoaning poor finishing and wasted chances- furthermore some of our build up play just keeps getting better as the season moves on- if we were one of the bigger teams, we would be eating up a lot more airtime but I will settle for credit at the end of the season if it means staying up, rather than now. One thing I will mention, several of us have maintained that if we make the point per game ratio we should be safe- looking at the table sadly that is suddenly not proving the case- so we have to up our game a little more- on the bright side, looking at the fixtures we have one of the most favourable run ins and I think we can look to win 4 at home- throw in an away draw (two perhaps!) and we would be sitting pretty at the end of the season but to avoid defeat over 60% of our remaining games is a tall order. I'll be writing more tonight in the run up to the weekend but I will say now however tough this next game may prove, I believe we will win.
New York City Wolf
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04/03/2011 13:32:00

Welcome back, NYCW. Mind you, we play better when you're away!
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04/03/2011 15:15:00

Ahhh hes back Banksy,I've missed the novel section while he's been gone!.
Crete Wolf
Report Abuse
04/03/2011 18:09:00

Me too! However, as Yorkie would argue that his account is a true one, it should be classed as a documentary rather than a novel, that is, a work of fiction.
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05/03/2011 07:52:00

Cheers both. Is it a book, is it a plane? Or a chocolate bar? Ah, the humour is just as poor. Results did take something of a slight upturn there (maybe) but I refuse to take credit for beating Blackpool 4-0. Anyways, whilst arguing for a four day work week, this one will turn into six- the good news is that I will be propped up ready rolled Sunday morning rubbing the old donnie's together with great anticipation. The Stephen, the list injury Ward has taken Zubar from the game by the looks of it, which is a great loss, but at least we have Foley to fall into the right berth and it will allow Milijias back into the midfield. I think I saw young Banksy was a bit miffed by his relegation to the bench last week, as I was myself, so it will be good to see him back and I think he needs to play a blinder, find some of those incisive passes in the abscence of O'Hara who has lived upto his billing and will be missed already. I sat down and predicted (silly I know) the remaining fixtures for the bottom half of the table and whilst our final position I will keep to myself (let's just say we'd pay good money for this position, perhaps the money we didn't spend in January?) but I have us staying up with Wigan, Albion and Blackpool relegated. Looking at their run in, I don't have Wigan to pick up many more points, Blackpool have been shipping goals for the fun of it, and I don't think old Roy has enough time to turn Albion around- they were in the midst of a dismal run and whilst they have shown enough spirit to pick up a couple of points they have come extremely close to picking up none and look at their upcoming games; Birmingham, Arsenal and Liverpool- I think if they have failed to pick anything up from those three the Roy factor will whimper and I would not fancy their chances over the following three, which includes trips to Sunderland and Spurs, with Chelsea at home in the middle. At the end of the day, who doesn't want that derby to look for on the day the fixtures are released? Ultimately if you are not good enough it will be proven over the course of 38 games and I don't think they have enough. The same can be said for Blackpool. Couple of months back it looked like they only needed a couple more wins to steer them very close to safety but their returns over the past dozen or more games now points a decisive finger in the direction of the Championship. Whether we stay up or not is of course in our own hands, but looking at the points these three are able to pick up, well it makes me feel better about things. I think we will see the likes of Villa and Everton pull away from this cluster now, Birmingham and West Ham are showing the ability to turn results, and whilst Fulham for me are showing enough to keep moving in the right direction, I think Blackburn are the one to watch if we are waiting for a club to implode. Their recent form has been shocking and a look at the fixture list would not make for pleasant reading for their fans. Another 12 points should do the trick and I believe we will pick up those points. That I think at least four other sides will finish up on far less makes this a better Saturday. Til the morning.
New York City Wolf
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05/03/2011 14:37:00

Blues 1 Albion 3. Ignore thoughts and predictions in the comment above. My dog has been at the control desk again.
New York City Wolf
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05/03/2011 14:41:00

Yes Albion have won,villa are one up as I write this,it does'nt take much to all turn the other way,If we have a bad result tomorrow the vultures will be out again.
Crete Wolf
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05/03/2011 15:24:00

... and WHU are two up and Fulham have only just been pegged back. Tomorrow is a must wine game (again).
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05/03/2011 16:36:00

West Ham 17th, with 31 points and 27 to play for- records shall indeed be broken this season. We thought not long back that 38 might be enough, then perhaps 40- we might need to be looking at 42 now so I agree that tomorrow is practically a must win (based on one away win all season). Tottenham do have the European game coming up during the week but they were in a similar boat earlier in the season and went full strength- may have seen some rested had they tacked down 4th but they can't rest on finishing 5th after last seasons achievements and the rewards they are now reaping. Our finances have not looked healthier in how many years, so imagine the money running through the coffers at White Hart Lane. You have to meet quality with quality however and when you reach that standard you can be sure to be paying the price for it. I'd say there is as much pressure on them to finish fourth as there is on us to stay up, at least. If we can be the first team to beat Manchester United, we can beat Tottenham- they haven't had an easy game against us yet since we have been back in the Premiership so let's hope they start off with a bit of caution about them and we can take the game by the scruff of the neck. Berra and Stearman look to be getting better by the week and instead of rolling out the same old 'learning from mistakes' mantra' they are talking sensibly and by the sounds of it working harder on the training ground eradicating the silly mistakes. A surprise win at Villa next week and results going our way could see us level on points again, but that is then and this is now, so what better place to continue the quest than on home turf with a third win from four against Spurs? We have won 7 of our 8 at home, we have scored twice as many at as we have away, and shipped nearly twice as many on our travels as we have at Molineux. Must win indeed. Game on.
New York City Wolf
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06/03/2011 06:17:00

Yes,other teams now coming down to join the 'party',Blackburn and Stoke getting a bit twitchy,we have to play both of these in the run in.But it is imperetive that we remain in touch,we are, with Wigan starting to look a bit 'detached' as it stands this morning.We need a win,a draw would'nt be a disaster but we need all the points we can muster now.My only worry is that we have been down here a long time and it does and will take a monumental effort to get out of it,but we only have ourselves to blame,as we have said all along you cannot keep losing to the teams around you and expect to get away with it.Next week is another one of 'those' games Villa away is a massive match and we need to also get a result there.UTW.
Crete Wolf
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06/03/2011 07:02:00

I was worried when the scores started coming in yesterday because our rivals (apart from Wigan) seem to be moving up the table. I was particularly disappointed with the WBA result. Then, I realised that it dragged Birmingham down, and, of the two, I think Birmingham are more likely to struggle. Similarly, if WHU are moving out of the relegation zone at the moment, results against the top teams could drag them back down. And, of course, Stoke and Blackburn are slipping and we have to play both of those sides. So, it's still in our hands ... but a win this afternoon would really help. But, as my later report will indicate, I will not be there to see the match, even though I have a ticket. Guess what is the only thing which would keep me away, that is, apart from a trip to garden centre.
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06/03/2011 09:47:00

Well done Wolves ,i`m, a spurs fan but shocked by the refereeing ,almost ashamed .You deserved the point & cheered when you got it ,well done .A draw was a fair result but your fighting spirit was brilliant ,well done .With Spurs & the referee against you they still came through ,RESPECT
big cockeral
Report Abuse
06/03/2011 18:07:00

Thank you Cockeral,but ref decisions come and go over a season,it levels out,Defoe was class,nice to see Fletcher take his chance, what this year has been very limited opportunities for him!.Hammill as well impressed,Its still all to play for but time is running out!!!.UTW.
Crete Wolf
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06/03/2011 20:03:00


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