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Summer Sales at Wolves!

Ok, onwards and upwards and lets get on to the subject of new players joining the club.

After the near disaster of last season and the close season signings of players that were mostly lacking in desire or quality, I hope lessons have been learnt and that this time we will only purchase quality.

Regarding sales, don't want to get to involved with who should be moving on, I think we all know within one or two players who should be going? What I want to do, is to create a debate on players going who maybe we wouldn't want to see leaving!

The first is Karl Henry! If decent money was offered I would let him go to provide partial funds towards a new midfield enforcer, one with a bit more class/guile in going forwards.

The goalkeeper? Again if a good offer came in I would be tempted, of the three teams who went down, two of them have excellent proven abilities with the added bonus of premier experience.

Last but not least, the question of Matt Jarvis is one of the favourite subjects at the moment, I think he is an excellent player who still needs to improve in certain areas, the final pass/cross being the most obvious. An offer in excess of £10million would I think be good business for us and would enable us to buy two class centre backs, Johnstone and Dann would be ideal, both living and settled in the area, at the time of writing this blog Johnstone is a target according to reports but I would also like us to go for Dann who we missed out on to blues a while ago.

So basically I would swap Jarvis for two quality centre backs and be happy, even taking Foster as well!!, blues defence and our midfield/attack sounds a good plan.

How much money do we have available without selling? £5 million or so is surely earmarked for O'Hara so I think this close season we have to sell to partially fund our other targets.

Going back to Jarvis, the other factor is the amount of wide players we have at the club, the most exciting being the return of Kites, yes Jarvis is good but I do think we could live without him as long as the money is right.

One more for the debate? Sylvan Ebanks-Blake, I think could be another if the price is right, great in the championship but a true premiership quality striker?

I hope I have said enough to create some debate and opinions on this subject, again all those I have mentioned would only be going if good offers were made.

The list of players who should most certainly be going is another matter and one which I said most of us would agree on give or take a couple, Mouyokolo, Mancienne, Berra, Halford, David Jones, Edwards, Hahnemann and finally the Hoff!

Milijas is the one I cant decide on? Good touches here and there but if we could get our money back I'd be tempted?

Any thoughts on this subject?

So I think a week to go before the transfer window opens! How many new arrivals this summer I wonder?

Time will tell!


Article suggestion from member Crete Wolf

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The Journalist

Writer: Crete Wolf Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Wednesday May 25 2011

Time: 10:00AM

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I would agree for the most part. Where I differ is on selling our more valuable assets. Where I would differ is on the subject of Jarvis and Ebanks-Blake. I think Jarvis has come a long way this season and is still improving. I don't know if we could live without him when we don't seem to have a natural replacement. Kightly still has it all to prove as does Bia (if we retain him). We would struggle to find anyone better for £10million. Again, I don't know if we could upgrade on Blake for the money. I do think Vokes will be sold (if we can find a buyer) though. Hennessey and Henry I would agree with. Both have been great players for the club and have some great qualities but both have so many areas that need to improve. I'm not convinced that they can, both seem pretty much at the peak of their ability. I do think that in O'Hara and Guedioura we have the core of a midfield to build on. My hope is that we invest heavily in defence. I don't think we need to sell wholesale to do it, or sell our better assets. Just shift some of the players who are obviously out of their depth or just don't fit in with the team.
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25/05/2011 10:25:00

agree on Vokes mancienne and the hoff, jones looks like going anyway, has for the rest no! Hennessey will get better has he is still young, we also have Ikeme and USA has back up. Dann no way! he turned us down for a few quid more when he had agreed to come to us. Bia has far as I understand it the club have already said they will not be taking up the option of signing him, pity because he looks a good player. Jarvo - no way! that goes for SEB, Edwards I would keep same has Mouyokolo, Halford wants to stay at pompy,so let him stay. I heard a whisper that Hammill thumped Wardy in training, maybe that's why he didn't get a look in? Let Henry go to QPR but get a good enforcer in who knows more than passing sideways and backwards? But at the end of the day I am sure Mick has got his list and will try and get them - in Mick I trust.
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25/05/2011 11:20:00

What everyone has to realise is we are still a club struggling to stay in the premiership , The likes of Dann and Johnson will have clubs like Everton Pool and Spurs wanting them and if they do Blues will hold out for a bigger fee , One of which we cant afford more than likely , Ive said before id love Bougherra from Rangers , He wants to play in the Prem , We dont need to sell any of the main core , To build players they need season after season in the prem not just a couple of seasons and keep chopping and changing , You just add 1 or 2 main players every year and hope it clicks , O hara with a full pre season will be class and a centre half is needed , Possibly a left back too , Kightly hopefully will be a new signing , Guedioura will be like a new signing again , Hunt with a full pre season , I dont think we need anyone from midfield up , Its obvious defence is the key !
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25/05/2011 11:33:00

As I have written in earlier blogs, I have my doubts about Jarvis's potential in absolute terms and would sell him if the price were right. We have cover in his position and the money would help us strengthen our back four: two central defenders (Johnson and Dann ?) and a left back. I would also sell Henry, who has not really performed well this season, perhaps as a result of all the flak he took after the Zamora (and Wigan) incidents. As gottagetalife suggests, we will be able to field O'Hara and an improving Guedioura in the inner midfield positions. I would like to hold on to Milijas as well but can we play him if O'Hara is in the side? It would be nice to rotate according to circumstances but would either of them be happy with this and Nenad is too good to be languishing on the bench. Upfront I would keep Doyle at any price and spend the summer working on his partnership with Fletcher. Vokes can go - I still remember the MU miss- but I would retain SEB, even if only as a super sub. However, I think he will make the grade: he certainly livened up the team when he came on against Blackburn. The only person in Crete Wolf's list I might keep would be Edwards, who has shown promising form this season in spite of his injuries. I am undecided about Hennessey. He saved us again on Sunday but he has his weakness, especially when deciding whether to come out or not. But, do we have adequate replacements or could we find one quickly and cheaply?
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25/05/2011 11:35:00

Have cover in who ? , Hamill unproven , Kightly unproven ???
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25/05/2011 11:45:00

I think Hammill has real potential, while Kightly has nothing to prove ... except his fitness of course. Hunt is flying. I would also keep on Mujangi Bia, whom I think is worth persevering with: he has pace, is able to beat his man, can put in a good cross and possesses a good shot, skills which MJ does not always execute (remember the cross miles above Hunt's head on Sunday?). Of course, I do not want to sell Jarvis but we are discussing priorities here within a limited budget.
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25/05/2011 11:54:00

Welcome back to the site Oddjob! You should pop over to the forum and say hi, we're trying to build it up again.
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25/05/2011 11:54:00

Kigtly has everything to prove , This is the Prem not the championship mate , Your going on ifs and buts where as Jarvis has proved himself , Jeeez the way you talk you just want to sell best players so players we aint seen or have done nothing this season can come in , I can just picture it , Sell Jarvis and Kightly or Hamill come in and dont do the job and everyone blaming McCarthy and the board for selling Jarvo !!!! , Yes Akela , Decided to come back me old china lol , Jarvis beats men time and time again , What about all the chances Doyle and Blake and all the others have missed off Jarivs crosses , You fail to remember them i see !!! , Look its simple , We do not need anyone in midfield or attack if everyone is fit , Defence is the key and thats for everyone to see obviously , A centre half and maybe a holding midfielder with real football ability unlike Henry has , Id keep Mancienne and play him left back , Thats where he played for England uner 21's but with our centre halves playing rubbish or fatigue setting in he had no choice but to try him there !
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25/05/2011 12:13:00

It must be about a year since you last popped by fella, good to see your still around!
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25/05/2011 12:18:00

No way Mancienne is worth the money they want and he should be on his way unless they drastically reduce his price,I agree defence is the key but how do we fund these buys?as I said O'Hara is costing 5 million minimum so the money has to come from somewhere and yes Jarvis beats men but he also fails to get the cross in to often for my liking and as I said I would only sell him for a really good price.Dont know what sort of budget has been decided on or even if it has been decided on yet so time will tell on how many players we will have to offload.
Crete Wolf
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25/05/2011 13:44:00

I will pick this up after work but my first thought is that if Morgan is going to stick with McCarthy his previous underlines that you are going to have to give him the same again or more if we are expecting to see any form of improvement. Considering our unique financial status as it stands, we can and need to invest a significant chunk of our latest Premiership windfall to better the cause. I would be more surprised if we spent less than last summer. O'Hara will be signed within days and even his fee will take a chunk out of the budget. I don't think we will be selling any of our best players however and in this I include Jarvis. I am stunned really that people would consider it because there is just not a replacement out there at the same value who would prove any better. The club will want to avoid shooting itself in the foot also after that season; they have always maintained even when relegation was looking likely that we would not have to sell any of our best players. This in part is due to the astute business on the contracts where they protected themselves against the event; read the Birmingham feature on BBC Sport and they are in great danger of becoming the latest club to hit financial troubles; nevermind they can sit around the League Cup to keep themselves amused. The main point is that the club seems to have no interest in selling so we do have one step in the right direction as long as we bring quality in. I think Johnson and Dann are perfect targets but will Mick go for Dann after his turn around and would the fans take to him. Anyway- I'll pick this up later. Time for work.
New York City Wolf
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25/05/2011 14:35:00

Nicely put Wolfy ! , What you think about Bougherra from Rangers ???
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25/05/2011 15:31:00

Stamps feet, waves arms, someone anyone (preferably every one!) come and say hi on the forum! We've never been so busy on the front page articles so now is perfect time to get the forums busy!
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25/05/2011 16:07:00

I have heard that Rangers want berra(No idea why) butthis could be the deal we are looking for Berra + 4mil = Bougherra. Seems like good buisness to me. Also if we sell henry (which I would be happy with) I think we could play foley in front of the back four. He played in the centre for Ireland the other day. He is a solid footballer who reads the game well. I think that he would be the best solution to this position if we sell henry and dont buy anyone. I think if we had 2 vocal centre backs, foley would flourish as he needs to be told what to do as he has the ball skills
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25/05/2011 21:32:00

Cheers Oddy if that was for me. I would say I still don't know enough about Bougherra aside from the fact you could sign a lot worse that is for sure. I was under the impression he would be a free agent at the end of the season or there is confusion. If we could sign him on a free of course he is going to be maximizing his check in what he saves us on a transfer and that of course can upset the apple cart with the other players- depends what kind of deal they would be prepared to take him on. Although I came to deciding Berra had and was still doing a fairly good job for us, there was a period when he was playing well, his reckless mentaility at times points to factors I clearly over looked; if he has to put a lunge in or grab peoples shirts it means he is off the pace and/or out of position; I would say the same about Captain Lenny Henry but he seems to enjoy a lunge for no reason whatsoever. There are certain players that are clearly not needed; what they are going to do with the Hoff, Mouyokolo and the like I have no idea. The rest Mick will make his decision and I am intrigued to see this Lenny Henry show unfold. I can't believe for a true minute that McCarthy is sat with a can of Bitter wondering what to do with his Captain but as is the nature of the game a lot of these stories do not just pop up out of anywhere. Of all the talk leading up to the game, and worse still after it, Henry very nearly killed us off once and for all. He should have been sent off and if he had considering the position we were in we may well be talking about lesser prospects. This bloke has to go. He is not a Captain. Balling and kicking is not a Captain in my book, and for all the balls he nicked here and there through the season he did more damage than good. That of course would leave us needing two midfielders because I think we need one anyway. I do think Dann and Johnson; two players who know each other; when they both played they were tremendous together. PLus the left back- whatever happened to the left side of English football? We may well have to look elsewhere. For the record I would actually sign Mancienne only if he was played at full back; he is perfect for the position with his pace but anywhere in the middle I think he lacks strength and mentally is not as strong as he first appeared. Sadly I think Mick sees him in the middle and if that is the case it is better if maybe he goes elsewhere. Shame really because that is a very good talent not being used properly by either his parent club or ours. Upfront we don't have worries. I think we have three very good players in fletch, Doyle and Blakey from On The Buses, but we need a fourth. Whether they sell him or loan him, if Vokes goes then they need to buy a 4th but if you are looking to improve who is going to come to us knowing they are 4th choice. One thing we have yet to mention is the loan market which I think will prove very important to us. Of course we would prefer to bring in some great talent with relative youth on their side, yet experience but of course this is dream stuff and whilst we shall balance from experience we may profit from younger quality the likes of United & Arsenal churn out every year. Who and what is available there we are not yet sure so that is up to the club. I spoke to my Dad today and from our shopping lists we named the first three players in the same order. The first name we had each written down was Scott Parker. I am sure he will have his pick of clubs but can you imagine the difference this player would/could have made. Another we agreed we would love to see at The Wolves, but realized we won't is Joey Barton. We have a whole summer for nothing but talk so maybe people can share their thoughts on that thought also. See. Feeling better already.
New York City Wolf
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26/05/2011 00:41:00

You can call the mischief at will. As a Manchester United 'fan' has posted today........... "Charlie Adam is overweight and no spring chicken at 25 but we should still sign him."Clap hands- doo doo doo, doo doo doo doo. Clap hands- doo doo doo, doo doo do doo. It's going to be a long summer.
New York City Wolf
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26/05/2011 00:53:00

I will not be sad, if Henry goes. The guy cost us many points this season and could cost us the season on survival sunday. He should be the cold blooded, cold minded one, someone who is provocating the oposition into hitting him and getting red carded, and not the one who loses control over himself. But as someone above mentioned.... Henry is the captain, that means he must be popular among players and is important for the team spirit and thats why Mick will not sell him and will continue to play him in next seasons.... If Henry would go, we could have a creative midfield in the trio O“Hara, Milijaš and Guedioura. By the way, Guedioura is a defensive midfielder in FM2011, so could he be the "enforcer" instead of Henry ? ------ Mancienne can leave, he has still not grown from his "promising youngster label" and we cant have a promising youngster as centre back for another 2 seasons...... -------- We have 3 great strikers, so I dont think anyone comes there knowing he will be 4th. That spot is good for Maierhoffer (no one wants to buy this guy in FM 2011, even cheaply: D) and/or Vokes (did he ever scored a premier league goal for us? Another promising youngster, who might be good one day, but is not yet) and/or Leigh Griffiths (we cought this guy and since then I never heard about him).-------- One big apeal from us all to Mick is.... OMG Mick, buy some defender(s) who already proved themselves in the EPL, someone who can perform on high level constantly..... All of our current defenders had good moments and had bad moments, but we need someone stable.------- As for whom I would like us to sign from those three relegated teams, Charlie Adam would be the guy I would like to see in gold shirt. But I suppose he could be too high profiled for us.
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26/05/2011 08:37:00

Lol, "we cought this guy" - I of course mean "we bought this guy".
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26/05/2011 08:40:00

Well, looks like the O'Hara deal will go through any day now so that is one taken care of. Seems we are on the same page with Captain Stupid. It was early days when we got the ugly label and the tackle at Wigan told me there and then he wanted to 'elevate' himself to bad boy status. He has always got stuck in but we have seen a different player emerge; I don't remember a dirty Karl Henry or one that would kick players and then try to smirk his way through it. For a midfielder he scored one goal all season? The odd assist- his positioning is poor. His wayward efforts result in returning the ball to the opposition in the form of a goal kick and on the rare occasion he can see a pass he is rarely able to feed it. Aside from those factors, he proved fairly redundant in a 4-4-2 because when he can't see the ball coming at him he can't deal with it= pressure on the center halves as we saw during our struggles. As I argued during the season the only position I would play him would be in front of the defense in a 4-5-1 because he did have some games. So, we are back on formations and no doubt we have already each spent some time wondering how Mick is planning on lining up. One season after his arrival I can barely remember Fletch and Doyle being on the pitch at the same time; apologies to whoever said it, I forget who, but it was said that we must allow Doyle and Fletcher to forge a relationship during the summer; if we are using them both for an hour one game then lets maximise their time and make sure they are both on the pitch at the same time. Hardly rocket science. I think he has to be looking at 4-4-2. Our failings with the system, until of course the last few games at the end when we were effectively handed victory by Albion and to an extent Sunderland have to be figured out. Was it really the players fault? Were they just not good enough? Stearman and Berra? The fact we used an alien pairing for the final games, and actually signed off with Craddock and George in the middle would suggest he had given up on those aforementioned and their abilities to save us; Henry has been identified by many already as simply not good enough, a liability or both- but time will tell as to whether this transfer talk leads anywhere. Perhaps the Warnock can muster some London Lure. Well. For the now I am stuck on seeing three defenders brought into the club as quikcly as possible. Moxey has talked things down saying we will be taking a few days to calm down etc, but that has never really been the way they have done it and I would hope they have been negotiating since Monday; Johnson and Dann for where we are in our development, I think would prove the perfect established pairing so perhaps we shall pull a surprise and make a double signing.
New York City Wolf
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26/05/2011 14:56:00

I think Charlie Adam is over rated , He's a dirty so n so aswell , In a good all round side i dont think he would stand out at all , Again nicely but New york Wolfy ( yes it was for you lol ) , And another great shout concerning Foley in the holding role , Good on the ball , Composed but does lack a bit of strength , Id sell Henry and Berra with it looking like O hara and Johnson from Blues as replacements , If Bougherra is a free GET HIM NOW NOW NOW , 3 times ive seen him mark Rooney out the game , Berra the other way with 3-5 mill on top i think Rangers would go for that , And i dont think Mancienne would cost that much now , 3 million i think you would get him , so say 6 for Johnson 5 for o hara and 3 for mancienne would make it 14 million , I dont think we need to strengthen attacking wise , Maybe a league 1 or 2 young striker with bags of potential to come through , I watched Wales v Scotland yesterday , Vokes aint got it for me out the game to much , I think a team of Hennessey ( who in my eyes will only improve ) Zubar Johnson Bougherra Mancienne ( defence ) , Foley holding then O hara and Guedioura in front , Jarvis and hunt supporting Doyle or Doyle and Hunt supporting Fletch , The attacking options are fine , Bags of youth n pace on the bench in Blake Stearman George Mouyokolo Edwards Hamill Kightly Wardy ( kills me to say it but hes a decent squad player ) , Creative back up in Milijas , Players to sell - Henry Berra Vokes Van Damme Jones Keogh Hoff ohhh and give fanny craddock another year just because how good a pro hes been for us :-) that would do me
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26/05/2011 15:13:00

Yorkie: I suggested that Doyle and Fletcher work on their partnership during the course of the summer. However, that won't happen for some time because of Doyle's injury. In central defence I would like to import the Birmingham pairing because there would be no need to work on their partnership, though Dann's change of heart a year ago could prejudice MM against him. I don't know anything about Bougherra but, if he is a s good as others on the site claim, he would be a good alternative. Oddjob's suggestion of deploying Mancienne at LB is an interesting one but I have seen him turned and caught for pace. Alternatively, he could operate as the extra man in a 4-5-1 system. At one point during the season I suggested playing Zubar and Mouyokolo as overlapping full backs. Oddjob reckons that Mouyokolo is pacy and he would give us extra height there. He'll have to improve on this year's performances, however, though he hardly had a troublefree season. MM could try him out in the friendlies and see how he performs. I, too, have lost faith in Henry and would sell him and replace him with Guedioura. He would have to be coached up for the role but he offers so much more than Henry does. We are well off for wingers: apart from the obvious four, we have Gorman and others coming through (though whether MM will risk them is another matter). Upfront we have three PL standard players but thereafter the quality plummets. Vokes won't make it and we will certainly not play Maierhofer. But what about Griffths: has anyone seen him play?
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26/05/2011 15:48:00

Its a tough one this but I'll start at the back and agree with everyone that we need a couple of defenders. There's been shaky performances from a lot of the guys at the back this season. I like Zubar when he's in form/fitness at right back, Berra & Stearman are good but inconsistent, they need more time to develop; Craddock is ageing, and Elokobi, as much as we all love him, just isn't prem league. Foley is one I'm not sure about, he's great coming forward down the flank but he's not so great coming back, think ODDJOB mentioned him as a holding player which could be a good move. Mancienne I also agree is good but not in Central defence (Birmingham anyone?) but not worth 5m of whatever Chelsea wanted last time out, for the money lets get some experience. I'd like an experienced proven central defender to get working with Stearman who is better than Berra and then ideally keep Craddock for another season in case the new defender got injured! Midfield I'd like to see Guedioura next to O'hara, Guedioura always gives 110% and is more attacking than Henry. I think we need to play 4-4-2 next season because we just didn't score enough goals this season, I know it also means we were more secure but our defense should be secure enough without trying to morph the whole team to help them do their job. Henry can go for me too, he's too defensive, makes bad decisions and has poor positioning. We've still got the likes of Jones, Edwards and Milijas as back up. We have a lot of depth in Wing players with Jarvis, Hunt, Kightly and Hammill and even Bia, do we need that many? I wouldn't like to see Jarvis go just yet though, not if we want to actually improve, otherwise we'll just be a breeding ground for talent like Wigan. If we can I say we keep them all and build a squad, whether the money is there to do that I don't know. In attack we have great players in Doyle and Fletcher, although Fletcher only really came good in the latter part of the season, hopefully they'll work well over the summer, SEB can stay, he's got a few goals, he's not going to be first team but we need some back up, we've always got Wardy too! In: O'Hara, (insert good defender, left back and maybe a midfielder's names here) Out: Depends who comes in!!!
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26/05/2011 17:56:00

Excellent summary. Agree with everything except the need for TWO central defenders ... oh, and Jones will not be with us. You infer the acquisition of an LB but don't spell it out.
Report Abuse
26/05/2011 19:12:00

By eck he mentioned signing someone with experience, that will get akela going! hahaha
Wolf Man
Report Abuse
27/05/2011 13:52:00

Not a hope in hell should we leave Hennessy go, he's shored up the goal after Hahenmann's disaster start to the season, we should keep Jarvo, I think he has great potential. Henry I feel is good for a defensive midfielder, but if a good offer comes in I'd agree with Pan, and play Guedioura there. Vokes must go. All I want to see id Doyle and Fletch play up front, with Hunt and Jarvo on the wings. O'Hara and Henry/Guedioura in midfield, along with Ward and Foley full backs with new centre halves! HiHo, if you've ever seen him and Ward play for Ireland they're great full backs.
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29/05/2011 13:47:00

I'm just going to throw this one out there lads. I watched some foreign team the other day and they have a great little player called Messi. I think a cheeky 5mil bid and the promise of a pint of Banks' may just seal the deal. Besides, he'd probably jump at the chance of playing for a big club like us :-> UTW!!!!!!
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31/05/2011 16:29:00

The beer could swing it!
Report Abuse
01/06/2011 08:09:00


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