Wolves - O`Hara will make Molineux his home
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O`Hara will make Molineux his home

For anyone beginning to panic over the deal to bring Jamie O`Hara to Molineux from Spurs, things are well in hand.

Wolves gaffer Mick McCarthy has confirmed that we will be signing O`Hara on a permanent deal soon.

The original loan move in January included all the details to make the move permanent in the summer, so it should just be a case of dotting the i's and crossing the t's on the deal that is believed to be costing around £5million.

"We`ve got a deal to do and I want to sign him. Jamie wants to stay and we will be doing it.' Mick told the Express & Star.

He added: "He has added real quality to us. He`s a real Premier League player and that is what we are trying to get in again this year."

Vital Wolves Comment: So that's the first signing of the summer hopefully wrapped up, now for some defenders please Mick.

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Writer: Akela Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Friday May 27 2011

Time: 12:00AM

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I love the fact we sign players so quickly , MM never gets praise for that does he !!!!!!
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27/05/2011 01:46:00

Good business for both clubs.
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27/05/2011 01:58:00

ODDJOB79 - We are the opposite at Spurs. We make bids 5 mins before the deadline! We think you will be signing a gem in O'Hara, and I think he suits Wolves and MM perfectly. His great attitude and versatility was a double-edged sword at Spurs, which meant that he became utility-man, and never first-teamer...which was a shame. You guys will use him more productively and you will see the benefit. He goes with our blessing because we know that he deserves first team football. Good luck lads.
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27/05/2011 10:00:00

Oddjob: if he'd taken a longer look at VDM and Maierhofer, he might not have made those mistakes. On the other hand, I agree that Hunt and Fletcher proved to be excellent purchases ... in the long run! Incidentally, I have noticed that when we get guest bloggers, we seem to be the second team of many Spurs fans.
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27/05/2011 10:07:00

Well i used to be a Spurs fan for 1 season when Clive Allen banged all them goals in that 1 year in the late 80's then my dad took me up the Wolves , Bully got a couple and that was that i was hooked hahaha , his exact words were " no son of mine will support a London club haha , I always want Spurs to do well , Great footballing tradition and a peoples club , Hope they can push on next year , And with a full pre season behind him im sure O hara will shine next season if he comes :-) , Yeah Southbank he got 2 signings wrong but the Hoff was not expensive , neither was VDM but at least they were 2 signings Wolves needed at the time , they just didn't work out , all managers make mistakes , Ferguson bought Kleberson and Djemba Djemba remember hahaha , there were others that were great business too , Err Doyle ? , Hannehman , Zubar was a snip at 2 million as was Adlene , the only big money signings we made in Fletch Doyle and Hunt have all proved great business , Fletch took his time but some players need a season to settle ! ( remember Ronaldo , or in Spurs case Modric ? ) !
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27/05/2011 11:57:00

Hi Oddjob: you're right and I acknowledged that he did make a couple of good buys last season (and the Doyle signing the previous year gives him almost infinite credit in my book). However, you did lay yourself open for the jibe and I couldn't resist making it. Personally, I have been a Wolves fan (my local team) since the mid-1950s when I stood on the South Bank. That's part of my problem: I remember the glory days and it is difficult to settle for anything less.
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27/05/2011 15:56:00

Bit like my old man then who still lives in the 50's then and does my head in ! , and unless your touching 70 you wont have rememberd those title winning teams of 57/58 and 58/59 as my old man is 70 and he was 17 when we won our last title , And i cant imagne many 70 yr olds using the interenet to follow there team !!! hahaha , Oh and my ad said Utd would have won both there league titles if the Munich disaster never happened as they only won 1 of there final 14 games after the crash and still finished 8th i think it was ! , No doubt you probably compare McCarthy to great managers Wolves have had down the years ohhhhhh thats right we never had 1 besides Cullis , in 74 McGarry took us to the final and we won but hey we finished 12th with 41 pts but 3rd place lost 11 games so not the best league was it ! , and in 81 we won the league cup under Barnwell and finished 6th so not a bad year but hey the next year under him we finished 18th and the year after relegated so he really knew how to push a team forward , My point is you seem to be so negative towards McCarthy and now your going on former years where unless you there to witness and REMEMBER the Cullis era Wolves have never had another great manager so give MM a break as what hes done in 4/5 years is remarkable !!!! dont forget 12 pro's on the books when he took over !!!
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28/05/2011 16:39:00

I'm not quite 70 years old Oddjob but I do remember those title winning teams: I watched Wolves weekly between 1955 and 1960. Naturally, I rate Stan Cullis as the greatest manager we have had: his achievement speaks for itself. Known as a hard task-master and a strong disciplinarian, I wonder how he would have coped with the fluffy, overpaid stars of today ... or they with him! Leaving Cullis aside, MM rates quite highly with me and we needed someone like him after the dreadful Hoddle era. He clearly enjoys the support of the players too, as O'Hara's testimony so eloquently proves. That's why I found it so hard to accept the lack of motivation that the team displayed in some of the matches, especially the really important six-pointers. As I have highlighted in earlier threads, I did detect a whiff of complacency emanating from Castlecroft at times and, if so, that's unforgivable. And some of his team selections were difficult to understand. Even so, I think the tightness of the end of season struggle did concentrate his mind and, as a result, he did make some very astute decisions with regard to tactics and selection. It also made him realise the absolute necessity of acquiring solid, reliable PL standard defenders. We might get them now. I am willing to reserve judgement for the time being and give him a chance. But, he must ensure that we do not find ourselves in another long-running relegation battle. My (nearly) 70 year old heart won't be able to take it.
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28/05/2011 18:33:00

If your as old as my old man you would have been 13-18 now sorry but you would not have had a clue about football at that age so dont give me all your Knowledge on that team as my old mans 69 and he remembers certain players but not everything about that era , And unless your 6ft tall at that age you would not have seen much as it was all standing in those days too , Yes he was the greatest manager we ever had but we weren't the best team of that era , Busby Babes were , On the league if we avoid relegation by 1 point next year oll be happy , Its all about staying in this league , Our squad is not better than any of the clubs above us so i dont know what you lot expect , With the addition of 1 or 2 quality defenders we might climb a few places , but i expect the main aim is to avoid relegation again next year , anything more is a bonus !!
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29/05/2011 13:26:00

Oddjob: you're somewhat presumptuous, judging me on what I do know and remember according to the yardstick of your father. I watched the vast majority of games in the period 1955-1960: all of those at home; a number of away matches, including those in the cup (with my father); and was present at the prestige fixtures against Honved, Spartak and Real Madrid. In league matches I had a perfectly good view of the pitch from behind the goal on the South Bank and can speak with authority on a team, whose members I can recall more vividly than those from your vintage. We won the league in 1953-4 and again in 1957-8 and 1958-59 when I was watching them week in, week out. Don't tell me that they weren't the best team in the country at the time or that I don't know what I am talking about. You weren't there! If you are content to see our team teetering on the edge of relegation for the whole of next season, you're not much of a supporter. I have not been happy with this season's performance but I accept the existence of a second season syndrome. We survived - just - but we should be thinking of pushing on from here. Like you, I think we can do it but, as you suggest, we need to buy two central defenders and a LB. Chin up, Oddjob, we might get them and, as a result, surpass your modest expectations.
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29/05/2011 15:32:00

My point is your nearly 70 right ? my dad is 69 , that would make you 13 in 1955 IF YOUR 69 , nobody can remember how good players styles formations etc were at the age of 13 so take your tongue out your own arse ! Oh n Honved n Spartak was 54 so you would be 12 and obviously if you cant remember the dates how do you expect me to believe you remembered all the details of the games hahahaha , Im not saying you was not there but you would not have a clue at that age what was good footy n bad footy , My first games all i remember is the scorers and the results i dont remember what defenders were good every week or if the goalie was man of the match or if Turner changed formation from 1 week to the next so dont come your " your some what presumptious " to me because you know im right ! , I said that id be happy if we stayed up by a point as staying in this league is our priority , If you think the squad we have even with 2 class signings gives us the right to finish mid table then ur living in cloud cuckoo land , Teams above us have far better squads than us and will be adding to theres also so we will always be playing catch up to the teams we want to join , until we get a very very good team where we can compete with the bigger teams week in week out ill be happy to finish 17th next season , This season the league was a very hard league and we did very well to stay up !
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29/05/2011 16:07:00

This is boring ... the site is designed to cater for rational discussion rather than personal abuse. Over and out!
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29/05/2011 22:00:00

Hahaha so we are all suppposed to just bow to you are we ?? , If you dont like what i put dont respond !
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29/05/2011 23:51:00

On the contrary, you are the one who doesn’t like people expressing different views and, what is worse, who tries to bully them into submission. And just what did I do to incur your wrath? Firstly, I dared to question the performance of our team and manager over the course of the season, one in which the board promised us would see progress up the table. We spent a lot of money to assure it but it didn’t happen, partly due to poor assessment of certain players’ ability but also down to complacency, weak tactics, worse selection, favouritism and a failure to address the problem in the January window. Not everything went wrong but failures in all these areas seriously affected our results and could so easily have resulted in relegation. Secondly – and this is truly bizarre- you question my argument that the Wolves team of the late 1950s was the greatest one at the time (see below) and that as a teenaged spectator I was incapable of realising the fact. What a ridiculous statement to make, one that makes me throw my hands up in the air and wonder why I am even deigning to respond to you. Oh, by the way I am aware that the Honved and Spartak matches took place in the 1953-4 season (Real Madrid played at Molineux in March 1958) but my father took me to them as special treats. I only started watching the league matches in 1955 but in the following five years the team won two First Division titles and almost a third, having to be content with the F.A. Cup in 1960. Moreover, they were the first team to score 100 goals in three consecutive seasons. While, naturally, I do not remember the teams that Cullis put out for individual matches, which, according to your nonsensical assertion, debars me from making any statement about the team at the time, I well remember the quality of the play, the skills of the players and the outstanding success that the team enjoyed during that period. I am sorry that you were not old enough to witness it but it seems as though your dad is capable of doing so, that is, if you were to listen to him properly.
Report Abuse
30/05/2011 10:10:00

Ok you win , There i bow to your vast experience and knowledge :-) , And i never argued Wolves weren't the greatest side back then and im proud they was , I said the busby babes would have been the best side if the disaster hadn't happened , So stop twisting my words you old fool , Now go live back in those glory days as its obvious your not a fan of MM and its old stick in the muds like you that wind me up as the man has worked miracles at this club , We cant all be fortunate to have witnessed the good old days , I wish i could have been 12 years old and remembered the England half back line rulling the league for a few years but i dont live in the past like you obviously do !
Report Abuse
30/05/2011 13:59:00

I'm around the age of 13-16 so you dont think that I know about the wolves? I'm obsessed with wolves - they are my life (basically). Although i am not sure how I got so obsessed seen as how I am from Ireland
Report Abuse
30/05/2011 21:57:00

At last you recognize my supernatural powers, Oddjob! Of course, my memory has dimmed with time but honestly no-one who saw the WW half-backs in their pomp could forget them. Clamp, Flowers, Slater and Flowers: what a choice of players to have at one's disposal. Norman Hunter? Eddie Clamp would have eaten him for breakfast. I admit that I do dwell on the past glories more than is good for me but I was young and impressionable - and knowledgeable (I was sports obsessed and went on to Loughborough P.E. College) - and saw an incredible team play every other team off the park at Molineux. Cullis was criticized for his use of the controversial long-ball tactic but it relied upon supremely fit players and was effective (though it was more subtle than is usually portrayed). It was less of a roller-coaster ride then than now because everyone knew that the Wolves would win. Even if they were level or a goal down at half-time, their strength would see them through in the end. They resembled an unstoppable juggernaut. Like today, we boasted two excellent wingers in Hancocks and Mullen. In the 1960s I occasionally saw Hancocks on the train coming home from school and on one occasion plucked up the courage to speak to him. I also used to buy my sports kit at Jimmy Mullen's shop in Broad Street in Wolverhampton. Regarding MM, I have already stated that I rate him quite highly in the pantheon of WW managers. Like Cullis, his record speaks for itself, if at a lower level. Like you, my overriding feeling at the moment is one of relief and that is an achievement. If MM did make mistakes, which could have been avoided, he did get it right at the end. I think he has become more flexible and responsive to changing situations and I hope he maintains the same stance in the transfer market and in the coming season. You say that you would be happy merely to stay in the PL and of course that is my bottom line. However, I do detect a new air of purpose at the club, perhaps an accompaniment to the improvement of the ground. In this climate I think that funds will be made available to remedy the weaknesses in the team and, if so, I would hope for something better than a relegation dog-fight.
Report Abuse
30/05/2011 22:02:00

My grandads ashes are on the pitch beat that ner ner ner hahahaha , And Super you probably do think you know football but the fact you cant even fathem your own age tells me bucket loads hahahaha
Report Abuse
31/05/2011 01:26:00

I have just noted with sadness the death of Bill Crook, who played at wing-half for Wolves in the 1949 FA Cup final, when we won 3-1. Ah yes, I remember it well: the occasion, the goals, the celebratory pints of Banks's Bitter on our way home.
Report Abuse
31/05/2011 13:19:00

hahahahahahah . Nice one ODDJB
Report Abuse
02/06/2011 10:42:00

And back to JOH....Sign soon please, the locals are getting twitchy....
Report Abuse
05/06/2011 21:13:00


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