Wolves - Merseyside pair plan Wolves raid?
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Merseyside pair plan Wolves raid?

With Liverpool after Matt Jarvis and Everton keen on Kevin Doyle, Mick McCarthy has given out a hands-off warning.

But as hands-off warnings go, this one wasn't great and is more of a hands-off-unless-you-offer-big-bucks-and-then-we-will-talk warning.

'If someone wants to try and take Matt and Kevin off us, any of our top stars, it is not going to be easy for them - and they are going to be expensive.' McCarthy told the Daily Mail.

He continued by trying to clarify his stance: 'That's not saying they are for sale. They are not for sale.

'But neither was Cristiano Ronaldo a couple of years ago, neither were Fernando Torres and Andy Carroll this season - but £50 million and £35 million changed that a little bit!'

So basically make a decent offer and we may well cash in.

Which of course is the way things work in football, so are the comments really a hands-off plea or more of a come and get them cry?

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The Journalist

Writer: Akela Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Thursday June 2 2011

Time: 11:29AM

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sell em, what the hell, we obviously need the money - 3rd year in the prem and associated TV revenue, Morgan having pledged £30 million to the club, we must be stoney broke. If we spend all those millions on a stadium, then sell our stars you will see upheaval in Wolverhampton. We need to buy, not sell. the 50/50 split betwen Mick supporters and detractors will swing heavily should we be in a relegation scrap come January.
Ad Mant
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02/06/2011 11:47:00

Doyle never went when Arsenal came sniffing , If someone came in with 15-20 for Jarvis id be tempted , You could sort our defensive problems out with that money and a new winger too !!! , Dont want Jarvis to go but a new winger is replaceable , Doyles strength workrate and sheer presence worries defenders and hes the key cog to our team , Does not score as many goals as both he and us would like but hes just a class act and not replaceable in my eyes where as Jarvis ( for stupid money ) could be !!!
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02/06/2011 12:01:00

Ad Mant you are a pratt, the second word is OFF! how can there be anybody against Mick???? ok the guy has his faults, but name me anybody (apart from God!) who hasn't, some so called fans will take this club down to the depths of the bhattis and beyond. Has Mick say's every player has their price and they would be expensive if they come in for them, would you refuse £35 to £50 million for Doyler? or £8 to £12 million for Jarvo? they are not for sale -BUT! and that's the question. We are Wolves.............Onwards and Upwards without the anti Mick brigade.
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02/06/2011 12:25:00

Well Everton have to sell to buy so they wont have big bucks to splash on Doyle and Liverpool will choose Young or big european name over Jarvis anyways so i dont think we have to worry ! , There are hardly any MM haters , Every Wolves fan I know is behind MM , the VERY few that are not behind him just dont appreciate the job hes done for us and know F!CK all about football , He is steadily building a good side and we will have the stadium to match , Why keep our good players and spend silly money on more players and then end up doing a Leeds or Pompey etc , just be thankful we have an amazing chairman , an MD who is prooving everyone wrong and a manager that says it as it is and has players that will run through a brick wall for him , the 3 combined have saved this club from averageness in the championship into a premiership side on the up :-) SM JM MM doing a superb job and keep it going !
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02/06/2011 12:36:00

Oddjob79 - well said! We were stuck in the Championship for the best part of 20 years because we kept chopping and changing and thinking we had a god-given right to be in the Prem. Think back 5 years - I think the best 5 years we've seen at our club in a very, very long time.
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02/06/2011 12:47:00

If I were in Mick“s skin, I would refuse 8 - 12 for Jarvis. But I would be tempted to accept 35 - 50 for anyone. As I said in the other article, anything below 20 is a bargain for Jarvo or Doyler-------- While Jarvo could be replaceable for the right money, Doyler is the player we must keep ! Can you imagine Doyler playing against us ? Like a terrible nightmare. F-O anybody, who wants to steal him from us !
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02/06/2011 13:25:00

Young is going from Villa for 14 millionish and you think ours are worth more?we need a little perspective on here and join the real world.
Crete Wolf
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02/06/2011 13:36:00

Young is linked for 22.5 ive read this morning and what did he do against us really ? the same as Jarvis did against the Villa !
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02/06/2011 15:22:00

Pratt Off ??? Never heard the saying myself. Perhaps Sarcasm is above you Johnwolf, then perhaps so is reading as I clearly never stated a personal opinion just facts and a spot of sarcasm. I said we dont need the money. Fact. I said If we are in the relegation zone come January Mick's job will quickly come under scrutiny, another Fact. Bloody well read an article first before gobbing off like some drunken ape
Ad Mant
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02/06/2011 16:15:00

Oddjob - Firstly nearly half of the poll alongside dont think Mick is the man to take us fwd... Personally Im one of the Unsure. Secondly, just because some disagree with you doesnt mean they know F all about football. the reasons you name for Mick being a good manager are all legitimate - he has kept a nucleus of young loyal (and importantly talented) players, Morgan has stood by him, and we have earned (with a spot of luck) a third season in the prem. The reason some, including myself question Mick, are the other legitimate reasons. His persistence with players who arent up for the job, but clearly in favour. Not addressing our defence, and some rather "interesting" substitutions throughout the year that left you speechless at times. Everyone is entitled to their opinion thats what these forums are for, I dont think there are too many people who dont want Mick in charge, but there are a lot who have some fears that the same mistakes will be made again next season. And no one, not even Mccarthy himself wants another season like last. Peace out.
Ad Mant
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02/06/2011 16:28:00

It doesn't take too much working out to realise that a team that stayed up by one point would be relegated should it's best players leave. IF we had a player in the 33-50 mil bracket (and we certainly don't) then of course that's different. With that kind of money you could replace an entire defence or midfield.I know plenty of people that don't rate MM .42% of those polled on here don't think he's the man, and that sounds about right to me. Personally i'd give him this season coming. Any repeat of this years finish,though, and it's time for a change.
Sancho Panza
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02/06/2011 16:58:00

Well the luck part we was god dam due some , Last min goals galore stopped us finishing higher , Bolton Villa United and WBA spring to mind !! , he bought in Mouyokolo and VD , VD never settled in the area thats not MM's fault and Mouyokolo is very highly rated has suffered with injuries and thats not MM's fault , the previous season we defended well but he still added to it and we all wanted Mancienne again and he got injured so lay off the bloke as hes been very unfortunate seems as Zubars been missing for most of it too !!! , The only player you are sticking too with favouritsm is Ward and you know it , Hes a good squad player who was part of us winning against Sunderland and WBA but no doubt got no praise of any of yyou haters ! , You going to point out dropping Jarvis as a class move that none of us agreed with ? , He works with the players day in n day out and if they aint putting it in on the training ground they dont get picked , thats not favouritism thats called management , As for you saying a lot of people are scared he will make the same mistakes , none of my friends think so and they are all 30's 40's who are ex footie players and not kids just saying everyones ****e when we lose ! , We have played a lot better football this year than the previous year and had plaudits from lots of experts in the game for how we play which we never got the previous year as it was just Doyle this Doyle that , Injuries have played a big part which yes all clubs get but we dont have a great squad just a good squad so when important players get injured we dont have better to come in , I think next year we will improve again , Guedioura Zubar Mouyokolo Ohara Doyle Hunt hopefully have a full season , Do you know we only had 2 players who played over 30 games last year ??? , Peace out !!!!!!!!!
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02/06/2011 17:03:00

Nobody mentioned the word hate. I think we'd be better off without using schoolgirl expressions. Haters? How very young. Difference of opinion, that's all. Some of us are mature enough to cope with that better than others, it would appear.
Sancho Panza
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02/06/2011 18:16:00

Oh jolly oh Panza im awfully sorry my choice of word did not live upto such high standard of literature that mature fellows like yourself use ! , Im 31 and have played semi prof for a number of years , the way you talk you seemed to think we should have had the god given right to have a mid table finish in a very tough league last year , Did you not seem to think the 40 million or so we have spent in 2 years only brought us upto par with other squads as the squad we got promoted with was hardly the best championship winning side there has been , A club never gets knowhere with change after change , No doubt you would want Sir Alex to succeed MM ???? , this is a club that has progressed every year and if you cannot see that then your blind ! , More pts , More goals , Better football , Better players and stayed up with an injury plagued side , Sounds like an achievement too me , All the players speak so highly of the manager and i think i will take there word over yours any day of the week !!! P.S anti MM Hate MM dont want MM Cant stand MM dont agree with MM all the same in my book !
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02/06/2011 20:01:00

Oh and if you got 15 mil for Jarvo , You could get Johnson for 5-6-7 million and a decent left back for 3-5 which would leave you a decent amount for another winger so yes asking 15-20 million for either player is not too much , I never said 33 million hahahaha Peeeeenarse !
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02/06/2011 20:02:00

On a keyboard the full stop is often situated on the same key as>. Just in case there's anybody on here who didn't know where it was and constantly used a comma instead.
Sancho Panza
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02/06/2011 20:05:00

If you'd bother to read what i'd posted, gobby, you'd see that I actually back MM. 31? You should be ashamed of yourself you immature little p***k.
Sancho Panza
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02/06/2011 20:08:00

Your the reason the Albion call us in-bred.
Sancho Panza
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02/06/2011 20:19:00

Okie Dokie then, I almost totally agree with ODDJOB79, if a top bid came in for Jarvo, but anything less then 20 million for Doyle and reject, only Shane Long could replace him. He is a menace to defences, and is one of the best for holding up the ball. Mick has fantastic morale about the squad, we don't have the players of West Ham, but we finished above them because of our morale, did you notice why O'Hara wanted to come here???? But I think both Foley and Ward are great full backs, but then again, almost every Wolves fan likes one and dislikes (not hates) the other. We have a youthful squad, all teams which came up to the PL with us are now religated, so clearly Mick must be doing something right?
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02/06/2011 21:25:00

Well said Seanlyncha7 .................................................................................................................................... OOOPS my inbred finger got stuck on the full stop button hahaha ................ And Gobby ? never knew you could hear me .......... Thats some quality hearing you have got :-)
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03/06/2011 08:24:00

Lets have a look who we bring in before patting ourselves on the back shall we...
Ad Mant
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03/06/2011 14:44:00

I would like Jarvis to stay. Doyle can go. The basis of the argument for the malaise which is 4-5-1 will go with him, then there is hope that the team plays attacking football, not resort to it in the last games of the season out of necessity. Doyle is great, do not get me wrong, so great that he deserves a greater club, but also unique, or almost so in the role he plays, or the role he has been made to play, and that has been conditioning the way the team plays, and, as far as I see, restricting its potential.
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04/06/2011 07:16:00

Well lovesW you have taken your time to tell us 'I told you so' but you have now done so in a very forthright way. In one sense, the point you make is correct: Doyle is identified with the 4-5-1 system and in the end we were saved by operating a 4-4-2 formation. However, you have been very selective in your evidence. Firstly, had we employed Doyle in a 4-5-1 system, we surely would not have suffered the slump that so nearly buried us in April. Moreover, Doyle is perfectly capable of playing well - and scoring goals- in a 4-4-2 system, as he does in tandem with Keane for Ireland.
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04/06/2011 08:22:00

Fletchers work rate has improved a lot since he first came so surely he and Doyle could work together up top Jarvo and Hunt who both have great work rate and O hara ( if he comes ) with Guedioura , looks a very good midfield forward line to me , it does not matter wether you play 4-4-2 , 4-5-1 , 4-3-3 , 3-5-2 , your first priority should be a settled good defence , We have good defenders but we need a leader back there like RJ , once we get a good settled back 4 i think we could fight mid table :-)
Report Abuse
04/06/2011 11:20:00

Thanks for the compliment, Southbank, but I can be even more forthright: No Doyle, no possibility for 4-5-1. I am with you, and I infered this by saying 'the role he has been MADE to play', that Doyle can play effectively in a 4-4-2, but I fear that as long as he is the team the tempatation to persist with 4-5-1 will be too great. Unlike yourself, I do not want 4-5-1. In contrast to what you assert, the 'slump' was a direct consequence of this formation, on the reliance on it, compounded by the insistence on it even in the absence of Doyle himself, no one having made an adequate substitute. Even here I had warned of this, and so events turned out to be. The team was saved at the death only by a more adventurous style of play. I say, bring on that style of play from the very start and fashion the squad accordingly.
Report Abuse
04/06/2011 16:08:00

lovesW: I agree with you in all essentials. We should be playing 4-4-2 for most of the games and Doyle can function within such a system. However, you infer that he, the team and MM are too rigid to adapt, which I find surprising. Moreover, there will be times when we will have to play 4-5-1 and they will more numerous if we don't buy in PL quality defenders. As everyone has written, this is our first priority. Of course, suitable candidates won't be cheap but we have to find the money, an issue already endlessly aired on this site ...
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05/06/2011 09:40:00


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