Wolves - Wolves have bid for Johnson rejected
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Wolves have bid for Johnson rejected

Reports are that Wolves have had a 6 million bid for defender Roger Johnson rejected by Birmingham.

If that's true, I fully expect us to try again within a few weeks. We've already heard that the asking price is 14 million, but with a yeat left on his contract they won't be able to demand that for long.

I'd wait three or four weeks, and bid 7 million because he is definitely worth it. He's a good defender to have next to someone like Stearman, and would sort out a lot of our defensive problems in my opinion.

Think we should continue our interest in him? Is he worth 6 million let alone 14m, get commenting!

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The Journalist

Writer: BloggerWolf Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Tuesday June 7 2011

Time: 10:19AM

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Im surprised we've bid 6mil... I have this recurring nightmare that OHara is going to be our only big "signing" and we'll recruit 2 or 3 more young and hungrys... I hope Im wrong, I dont think I can do 3 relegation dogfights in a row..
Ad Mant
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07/06/2011 10:40:00

Ad mant Blues have slapped 14 million on Johnson as ive said before on another post , We cant be splashing that kind of money on players , especially as hes not worth 14 million , 6-8 is probably realistic for him , Wolves wont be hung out to dry for a player and ill back that all day long , if we cant afford a player we cant afford him , the only names any of us have linked has been Danns Johnson and Bougherra and we have been linked with 1 already , so if we cant afford him we wont afford danns either , we keep going on bout defence being our priority but none of you on here has mentioned 1 single defender other than the above ( Bougherra i mentioned ) that we should go for , names anyone ???????????????
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07/06/2011 11:03:00

I think he would be a fantastic signing and well worth 7 or 8 million. It's time to get serious cos we need a premiership defence and that means spending premiership money. Upson would be OK in addition to Johnson, with a left back and a midfield general. Like Ad Mant, I couldn't face another season like the last two, so it's spend the cash or pay the consequences time...
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07/06/2011 11:04:00

Scarf so you would be happy Wolves start paying way above the odds for players and stupid wages just so we survive a little easier than last year but puts our club in danger financially , trust me Morgan wont allow it and our club is run RIGHT , yes we need defenders and McCartby is doing what we all want him too do in signing players of Johnsons calibre , but if the price is too much what can we do !
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07/06/2011 11:06:00

Well, we have capital locked up in players, in positions in which we are reasonably well endowed. It's an obvious source of cash if management cannot merely write out a cheque. And it works both ways because we could get over the odds transfer fees for our players. I'm with wandererscarf on this one. We desperately need two central defenders and, if we get Upson on a free, there is more money available for Johnson, for instance. How serious are we about staying in the PL? If we are, we have to strengthen our defence and bite the bullet. If hard decision have to be made, so be it ... and we can do it without breaking the bank or without seriously weakening us elsewhere on the field.
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07/06/2011 11:25:00

he wont be signing for wolves anyway, there are better teams in for him
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07/06/2011 12:28:00

You are right 14 mil is a joke, and i dont think we're prepared to go over 6 for ANYONE this season. WHich is why, if Upson is on a free, how much are his wages for a year or two... ? Must be worth a punt. No one's saying we must bankrupt the club, but being 5 minutes from relegation will not be good enough in our third season in the prem. Morgan specifically said he wants us moving forward, and for that we need a proper defence. Im afraid Elokobi, Berra and Ward* are not Prem defenders, Stearman may yet become one, but we Need experience and talent, and we need it for next season. *I would happily keep Ward on as a reserve striker - he has shown thats where his strengths are. PS Vile fan, Better teams eh... what would you know about them.
Ad Mant
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07/06/2011 12:48:00

Stearman gives more away than 3 other names you mentioned put together , he is our Titus Bramble ! , Ward came as a striker and proved he is more effective further up the field but the fact he can do a job on the wing or at full back means hes a valuable " young " squad player , I agree with Berra and hope he could be part of a deal to bring Bougherra to Molinuex , Villa are about to lose Young so players are hardly going to think Vile are a team looking forward ! , I dont think selling our forward players as Southbank seems to hint at is the way , why weaken another area by strengthening another , We have bid 6 million for Johnson which is a high starting bid which tells me there is a couple more million in reserve to add on , Bougherra wont cost much , neither will Upson to start off with so i would rather him concentrate on getting those 2 and spend what money is left on a left back , Warnock from Vile aint happy and he woould definately tick the box !
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07/06/2011 14:28:00

I don't want to lose any of our key players but if we have to sell to buy a quality defender we'll have to do it. Why have saleable assets on the bench when we don't have adequate defenders on the pitch. I realise the point about cover but we have to prioritize. If we don't have enough cash, we have to raise it somehow or we could be in the same situation at the end of next season. Everyone realises the need to acquire two central defenders and a LB but if we will the end (and no-one denies it), we have to will the means.
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07/06/2011 15:15:00

I fully agree about our great need for a quality CH to play alongside Stearman. While Stears did make a few mistakes when he first started playing after Craddock got injured, it must be remembered that he had not played in the first team since being sent off against Liverpool the previous season. Also he did this without having a top quality defender to play alongside - just Berra who IMO is not good enough to be anything more than a squad player. The other poster who compared Stearman with Bramble is myopic IMHO. At times Stearman looked to be an excellent player and partnered with a top signing such as Johnson, Upson or similar would greatly benefit and grow into a fine central defender. I genuinely believe that Stearman will develop into a top Premier League defender and play for England. I hope and pray that he achieves this with Wolves rather than another club.
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07/06/2011 16:15:00

There's no way anybody is going to shell out 14million for Johnson. 6mill is a decent first bid and whoever gets him , they'll get him for under 10, i'm sure.As for Upson (saves me a post!)His best days are a long,long time gone.He is as responsible as any player for WH being relegated. I shouldn't imagine their fans would be too upset to see the back of him.I'd be much happier to bring in players under 30 with a view to more than just a season or two. Or in Upson's case one last big pay-day.England v Germany is going to take a little longer to fade from my memory.
Sancho Panza
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07/06/2011 16:19:00

Well if your on about Upson being responsible like the rest for being relegated the same has to be said for Johnson ??? , Everyone has different tastes on players i understand that and yes Upson is 32 , but could still do a job for a year or 2 in my eyes , personally as previously stated id prefer Johnson and Bougherra but we will have to wait and see , Stearman has plenty of pace and heart but the man does not know how to stay on his feet , he dives in far too much and you cant take that out of a player , i have never seen a player give so many free kicks away for going into the back of forwards , ohhhh hang on i have Berra hahaha , he is young so maybe he could improve but it needs to be a hell of a lot to change my thinking and England ????? are you bonkers lol , as for England V Germany , I'll always blame Gazza's second yellow as his game changed and if he went with his left foot instead of right in 96 euro's we would have won , see even the best players this countrys ever had has fecked up for England , Keegan ? Astle ? Rooney ? Ince ? Southgate ? we could rattle em off all very very good players but remembered for 1 mistake !
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07/06/2011 17:06:00

No, the same doesn't have to be said for Johnson. His side were relegated in spite of his performances. WHU were relegated because of defensive performances like Upson's , no comparison.
Sancho Panza
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07/06/2011 17:14:00

Yeah because you watched every minute of West Hams games didn't you lol , Fromm what i had seen that team was poor from goalie to forward and only since Grant and the Icelandic idiot took over , Under Zola Upson was immense as was most others at Upton Park , the squad West Ham have should have finished mid table at least , in there case the buck definately stops with the manager !!! go check there squad and tell me a good manager would not keep that lot up !
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07/06/2011 18:56:00

I'm sorry Oddjob. Unlike others on here I can't take anything you say seriously because you're obviously an ill-educated, barely literate idiot. Look it up.Don't feel the need to criticise my posts in future, you'll just have to make do with every other post.Lol? Haters? FFS.
Sancho Panza
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07/06/2011 19:13:00

Im debating and your being childish by making it personal , whats the matter dont you like someone not agreeing with you ? I'll hold my hands up and admit the haters word i said was wrong of me but i was sick of people being negative towards McCarthy of whom im an admirer ok , so yeah im going to stand up for the bloke when i think people are constantly knocking the fella , so are you telling me with the squad West Ham have , they would not stop up if managed right ?? , or you going to reply with a personal attack once more ??
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07/06/2011 20:06:00

Steady on, boys! We're all on the same side. Reflecting on what Oddjob said, I think he is correct in his assessment of the quality of WHU's squad. They could have beaten us at Molineux and would have done if Piquionne's goal had been allowed. In many ways they resembled our team: capable of playing well against and beating the best but far too inconsistent. Did we survive because of better management? Oddjob thinks so but, as you all know, I think that MM made some avoidable mistakes and could have done better, even given the circumstances. But that's my opinion and it is a valid one ... and, like Sancho Panza, I am allowed to hold it. Neither of us are fifth columnists, pretending to be WW fans in order to subvert the club. We all want the best for the team and disagreements over personnel and tactics should be conducted in a rational way and in the spirit of give and take. Oddjob, I welcome your comments because you talk a lot of sense but you do tend to take contrary views as an affront and try to bulldoze through all opposition. It's a shame because shouting never improves a poor argument and you have a lot of good ones.
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07/06/2011 21:32:00

These spats remind me of the Express & Star website which is why I came here in the first place. I really could not give a flying fiddlers if someone does not agree with me. I try to read people's opinions and even those I know I am going to disagree with from the off, I try to find something decent in it. Respect others opinions and let's not take each others as a personal attack on our own. For the record I will say again that the money is there to be spent. The club are sensibly playing it down but in all reality if they are going to improve next season the man at the top must know that a manager such as Mick will need 20 million to realize that improvement. How David Moyes would be jealous, all these millions being bandied around, and our arguement is not steering his side to how many top eight finishes in a row now? After assembling a great young squad, then building on it to the tune of 18 million we are all still worried about the prospect of a third relegation battle. We should not have to spend another 20 million to feel any sense of confidence we can finish reasonably, 12th or so, but that is what has become of us. I think we lost 55% of our games last year- the relegated sides all lost less than us. It would usually prove a recipe for complete disaster but oddly enough we secured one huge win after another against the top sides but what are the chances of that being repeated next season? They win titles and finish in the top 6 every year because they dont make a habit of losing to teams like us. Dont expect a trend to develop. If we can get Upson on a free we have saved 3 mil already in my book. He definately has a couple of years in him no doubt. He would also vastly improve us ahead of next season. I thought Berra and Stearman were greatly improving but they are at that awkward stage where they are not in my opinion quiet there. We need 3 defenders, simple as. This player for me in todays market, if we had to pay 8 milliion I would. No one is taking 14 million realistically so 8? yes. Then look left.
New York City Wolf
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08/06/2011 01:24:00

Yorkie: I endorse every point you make, whether your comments on what is acceptable in debate or your assessment of WW's fortunes.
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08/06/2011 07:49:00

Crete Wolf
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08/06/2011 07:54:00

Ditto, ive even blocked the E&S from my news aggregator... cant even be arsed to read their inflammatory articles!
Ad Mant
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08/06/2011 10:02:00

Word is we are after Matt Mills,Reading centre back.
Crete Wolf
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08/06/2011 10:36:00

Hey i dont mind anyone saying they dont agree with me or think my point is not valid but when someone says your ill educated and barely literate idiot , then how is that anything to do with footie ? , i bet he has never kicked a ball in his life and sits there with his pipe and slippers drooling until match of the day comes on to watch the highlights and dreams of a personal one on one with Lineker !!!! anyways saftness aside New York i would deffo pay 8 million for Johnson but thats the limit , Upson on a free and Warnock from Viilla ??? , we are once again being linked with Dunne from the Villa on sky sports too , if we have 20 mill to spend then 5 has gone on O'Hara so if we spend 8 on Johnson that leaves a nice little pot for a left back , just hope we can sign Bougherra ( hes gonna be well cheap ) but hes being linked with bigger clubs now , as i thought he might !
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08/06/2011 10:43:00

We should have sneaked in when you first recommended him to us, Oddjob! What's Mills like: from the reports he looks a good prospect but don't we need the finished article?
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08/06/2011 11:02:00

Hes a very good ball winner and pacey and i cant say if hes good enough for the prem mate as he aint played in it , i think thats what people will be worried about if we do go for him , they want MM to go for established prem defenders , its a hard one , he could be brilliant he might not , what about Onuoha from City , is he available , hes young and looks decent ?
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08/06/2011 17:13:00

Discussion here used to be more like discussion of gentlemen just a month ago.... Lets return to that, we all support the same Wolves !
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09/06/2011 07:46:00

That's just what I am waiting for, PanFiluta.
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09/06/2011 14:27:00


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