Wolves - Four set to leave Wolves?
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Four set to leave Wolves?

Nenad Milijaš, Scott Malone, Leigh Griffiths and Steven Mouyokolo are all set to head for the exit door.

Mick McCarthy looks set to make a few sweeping changes to the squad for next season and it looks likely that a few will have to leave Molineux before some new arrivals can come in.

First to leave will be Steven Mouyokolo who has agreed to join Ligue 1 side Sochaux on a season-long loan deal.

The 24-year-old made just seven appearances last season. Not exactly the return you would want when handing him a four-year contract last year.

He passed a medical yesterday and will move to France for the start of pre-season. Whether we will see him back at Molineux in the future would appear unlikely to me, but if he has a stonkingly good season with Sochaux you never know!

The next one out the door could be Nenad Milijaš, I've liked him since he made the move to Wolves, he offers a bit of class and quality to the midfield, but unfortunately he just doesn't offer it frequently enough and with the addition of Jamie O`Hara, time is probably up for the 28-year-old Serbian.

Mick McCarthy will aim to recoup as much as possible from the Ł2.5million it took to take him from Red Star Belgrade, but the Birmingham Mail believe that while there has been interest in Spain, we could have to take an offer of around Ł1.25million in the current climate.

The two other players set for the exit door are two youngsters on loan. 20-year-old Scott Malone and 20-year-old Leigh Griffiths.

Malone will join League One side Bournemouth on loan according to the Express & Star, while Griffiths according to Skysports.com would welcome the chance to return to Scotland on loan.

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The Journalist

Writer: Akela Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Thursday June 30 2011

Time: 10:11AM

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I'll be much happier when players start arriving...
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30/06/2011 10:33:00

I'll second that.
Ad Mant
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30/06/2011 11:19:00

..and Maierhofer? Just been to the MSV official site, he is on the list of departures, 'destination unknown'.
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30/06/2011 11:20:00

What about Van Damme ? , if we are talking about players to leave surely cutting him off the wage list is key also , surely it wouldn't take long to get Bertrand in on loan so im guessing hes not coming or it would be done already , Its doing my nut in that we haven't signed a left back and 2 centre backs , if we had got 1 in id be happy as at least we would have solved a 1/3 of the problem but having signed none is worrying bigtime !
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30/06/2011 11:35:00

I'd rather Griffiths went on loan to a championship or league 1 side so i could have a better look at im , wont see him if he buggers off to League 2 level Scotland again !
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30/06/2011 11:36:00

Sochaux have an option to buy Moyokolo at the end of the loan... so if he does have a good season, its bye bye birdie..
Ad Mant
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30/06/2011 12:14:00

First up, agree on Griffiths. What is the point in him playing in Scotland? He needs to learn the nature of English football and lets face it, Rangers and Celtic aside the rest would struggle in the Championship. Let him have a go at that if anyone wants him- otherwise it may indeed have to be L1. Secondly, I have no idea where this Milijias talk started. Not too many weeks ago he stated that he was enjoying life at the club, of course hoped to be more involved, and was looking forward to the new season. If he was trying to stir up a move he would have said something very different. I have no idea why the club would even consider selling him. He is different to anything else we have to offer in the midfield department. He is the best passer of the ball, has great vision, and will score goals if employed correctly. Check the stats and see how many goals he made from limited time on the field. He found it difficult to adapt that first season, his legs didnt seem ready to carry him a full game, but he has worked hard to add some bite to his game whilst others (JVD) ran off home. Milijias was a hero in Belgrade- as per wiki..... The Serbian midfielder enjoyed his best season so far in 2008–09, finishing Red Star's top goalscorer with 16 league goals, 22 goals in all competitions, making him Serbian football’s leading scorer in that season. He also won the league’s Most Valuable Player Award, was voted into the All Star Team, named Serbian Superliga Player Of The Year 2008-09 and broke into the Serbia national football team. This form attracted attention from various clubs in Europe. And we signed him. I think he is a great talent and will continue to improve if given the opportunity. The final irk of the story is talk of his valuation. I would be angry if we sold him for exactly what we paid but apparently 'in today's climate he could go for 1.25'????? If I am not mistaken today's climate is one of inflated prices, 35 million pound Andy Carolls, 15 million pound relegated centre backs.... why I can only wonder would Nenad Milijias be worth half his value? Speaking of value, Mouyokolo theory...... sign player 2.5 million. 7 appearances, one injury after another. I am not sure any of us could pass judgment on the player even if we had seen all 7 performances. I was quiet worried heading into the summer fearing we would struggle to shift even half of our unwanted players out of the door, Mouyokolo in particular. His new club must have a lot of faith in him. Again, whilst none of us know the ins and outs of the arrangement it would appear that we will get our money back in a year if they wish to make the move permanent. There is a danger of course they will 'benefit' from the player for a year then pull the plug saying the can't afford him, as happened with The Hoff. I don't expect we will ever see the player in a Wolves shirt again to be honest. The only reason I imagine he will be back with us next season is if his injuries persist. He plays well, they or somenone else will sign him. He has a similar season to last he comes back and we still have another two years of his contract to pay for. Fingers crossed he does well and good luck to him. Concerns continue elsewhere however, speaking of The Hoff. Whilst it has taken a French team to take Mouyokolo, we may have hoped that an Austrian or German side with greater familiarity may have taken the player off our hands. His strike record is fairly outstanding, better than 1 in 2 in Austria, better than 1 in 3 in German football and with a career ratio of close to 1 in 2. Strangely enough there appears little or no interest so if we have to ship him out on a season long loan we may have to do so in order to get him off the wage bill. The good news of course is that the like of Greg Halford can be expected to move on. Then there are the likes of Andy Keogh? To my understanding his contract has expired. Word has it a dozen Major League 'Soccer' clubs are battling for his signature. Just kidding. Sorry, got a bit bored. We MUST sign some players!
New York City Wolf
Report Abuse
30/06/2011 16:20:00

Agree on the Milijas price argument , Surely he could fetch 2.5 plus !!!! but i would score 25 goals in the Serbian league haha and I have seen him play for Serbia via MYp2p a few times and he hardly ever touches the ball !
Report Abuse
30/06/2011 18:33:00

Oddy are you sure that is not Playstation? ":)
New York City Wolf
Report Abuse
01/07/2011 02:43:00

hahahaha nope ! , I just feel when foreigners arrive they need that first settling in season but Milijas has had very few chances to shine really , O'Hara Edwards Guedioura Henry all have better engines than him and O'Hara is better with vision/something different to his game than Nenad but I'd still like to keep him , We need to get rid of Hoff n Halford first and maybe JVD if he is still acting like a homesick teenager travelling on his gap year ! , Surely a Dutch club would come in with 1.5 - 2 mill for him , I had a thought and ideally the 3 players I'd like to see come in would be Woodgate / Johnson and Bertrand and maybe Keane on loan for a year as an added bonus , heard silly rumours that O'hara has let it slip Keane is on his way and Woodgate has been spotted at Compton , there experience would be great to add to our youthfull squad and I dont think theres a lot of money there transfer wise and im sure Woody would take a cut in wages and if your not paying for Keane just pay his money for a year or a certain percentage , we need named players to attract better players and O'hara was the start but its going slow its worrying , lets just hope O'hara saying the names the club was after made hm excited for the future proove to be true !!!
Report Abuse
01/07/2011 11:19:00

As for Milijias I'd agree there are better engines. That's not what we signed him for- as it turned out however he did have to develop a side to his game which involved a lot more pressing and a lot more tackling which he was doing well. He's not afraid to put the boot in that's for sure. As far as vision, and ability with it that allowed him to execute the pass he wants to make, I think he would only come second to O'Hara. Anyway, as for JVD he has been gone 7 months now sir! He went to Liege in January and we managed to get our money back. Pompey are still saying they want Halford- Hoff we can only hope someone comes in for, even if on loan and we at least are not paying his wages. Well, if I had a two week nap and woke up to find we had signed the 4 players you name I would be extremely happy. Of the 'veterans' available Woodgate is the one I would be happy to see at the Wolves. His quality can't be questioned but his injuries of course are a different tale. Bertrand is well liked by the Chelsea fans and only having to pay his wages it could of course free up more funds for the likes of a Johnson signing. I also think Keane could well end up back at Wolves- I would assume at this point in his career he is not going to want to go back on loan again but rather look for a new club- he days are clearly over at Tottenham. I was on Vital Spurs and they were talking in the reigion of 2 million which is a steal at any point, depending of course on his wage demands. Mick is of course a great admirer and has been in for both Woodgate (January) and Keane (the previous year) before. The fact he has gone in for them before could put him in good stead going in for them again.
New York City Wolf
Report Abuse
02/07/2011 16:10:00

Keane is a mercenary to the last degree. No way can I see him curbing his wage demands to fit the bill structure at Wolves. He will have a year here and a year there at clubs who are ready to meet his 70,000 or so a week, then move on to the USA or Japan and milk them until he is ready to drop.
Report Abuse
03/07/2011 06:08:00

Milijas is too much of a luxury for us to carry at this stage. We would need a far better defence to be able to use him often. Leigh Griffiths on loan to a championship club would be a good plan, would Reading be interested to help sweeten the Mills deal???
Report Abuse
03/07/2011 15:53:00

Well OldGold maybe once we have signed a couple of players we shall afford ourselves the luxury. I think he is a quality act who can only shine greater still if allowed to play his natural game- we have been in a two year struggle remember so maybe moving forward he can add something a bit more special to the occasion. Good idea on the sweetener for Reading- the player however is a gamble for anyone- hope he gets some games somewhere and we can see what its all about. W, sir- few will argue with your assertion. Perhaps this is why I shall never be rich, but why players with ten million in the bank are so worried about having 11 I am not sure. The money has been made; I hope this is not how we all end up remembering Keane.
New York City Wolf
Report Abuse
04/07/2011 02:25:00

NYCW, with many money is a drug. In life, not just in football. As you say, what difference does it make being a 10- or a 11- millionaire? One must be in their shoes to experience the irrepressible compulsion to make still more. Then there is the fame attached, the headlines, a bigger club...etc. Jarvis does not seem hooked yet, and Doyle's test is up, with Arsenal's reported offer for him. So it is not that I mean to single out Keane, but he sure stands out, to give it an American tone. As for Milijas, he is one of the few with any class, and the only one with any degree of vision of the game. All that could be put to good effect if the team tightens up at the back, affording a more flowing game in midfield. Perhaps then we will see an end to the constant passing back of the ball to the goalkeeper, trying to get something going from our half instead.
Report Abuse
04/07/2011 11:00:00

NYCW always gives me a giggle hahaha , I just thought JVD was on loan over there and we hadn't signed him , great stuff if we got the majority of our money back , I must have been away when we sold him haha , I think Ideal signings for me would give us a team of Hennessey , Zubar , Johnson , Woodgate , Bertrand , Hunt , Henry , O'Hara , Jarvis , Keane , Doyle , that 11 looks well good too me :-) , Ohhhh and time for me breakfast now as i cant see it happening as it rarely does when you want it too haha !! , On the Keane rumour , I dont think Spurs want to loan him out this year , buy or nothing !
Report Abuse
04/07/2011 11:13:00

Oddy... no place for Fletcher?? I thought he was tremendous last season- the bloke scores when he plays so the question begs as to why he was mainly unused through the first half of the season. Nods to W- that's the idea I had in mind discussing Miljias. With better players at the back providing a stronger foundation (and a lot less mistakes) Milijias could certainly add to a more flowing game in the middle of the park. I am now intrigued as to how many we actually bring in at the back. There are that many possibilities it is impossible to guess. Today my mind leans towards Mills and one of the free's- if that is the case then I would be hoping for Woodgate.
New York City Wolf
Report Abuse
04/07/2011 17:09:00

"Oddy... no place for Fletcher??" Without doubt I'd keep him in with a 4-1-3-2 formation! Guedioura at defensive mid and O'Hara attacking.
Report Abuse
19/07/2011 12:02:00


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