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Revolving door at Molineux

Andy Keogh, Sam Vokes, Stefan Maierhofer and Nenad Milijas all look set to make way at Molineux.

With new signings Roger Johnson coming into the club on a four-year deal earning £40,000-a-week and O`Hara on around £35,000-a-week our wage bill has just increased by almost £4million over the past month alone.

We have made some savings in the form of the departures of Greg Halford, Marcus Hahnemann, David Jones and Steven Mouyokolo`s loan to Sochaux, but they will not have brought the returns needed especially as we continue to look to add to the squad with a left-back and a central midfielder still on McCarthy's wish-list.

"Someone may have to leave but none of the players we want to keep.' McCarthy told the Express & Star.

He added: "Roger (Johnson) asked me if we`re losing anyone because he doesn`t want to come to a place losing players, but that`s not going to happen.

"If we can sign some more that would be great."

Vital Wolves Comment: It doesn't exactly come as the biggest surprise and quite frankly the way Wolves are run you just know that the revolving door will burst into action at some point, it's the only sensible way to run a football club.

When we brought in Andy Keogh, Sam Vokes, Stefan Maierhofer and Nenad Milijas they all either served their purpose or failed to live up to their potential, now it is time to ship them out and improve the quality of the squad.

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The Journalist

Writer: Akela Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Friday July 15 2011

Time: 10:41AM

Your Comments

I dont think any of us can see the back of the hoff soon enough, but the rest I not so sure about... Andy Keogh will make a great Champs addition, I honestly would have liked to keep him as a squad player..I mean, unless we are going to utilise academy players are we not a bit lean upfront with Vokes heading out (hopefully just on loan) leaving only SEB on the bench ? And then there is Milijas, who, had some great games, but perhaps was a bit erratic and will certainly not get a run out before OHara... but I will be sad to see him released.. REALLY Glad to see Foley extending his tenure though... really good player, versatile and pops in with the odd piledriver every now and then... just what we need WE ARE WOLVES
Well, those three strikers... ok if they leave, even thought we could keep Keogh...... but Milijaš ? Remember the last match against Tottenham, he was great then. I think Milijaš is the best competitor for O“Hara in central midfield, that we have.
Hey guys btw - I was on a trip in Prague two weeks ago and in one of the gifts shops I bought Wolverhampton Wanderers Matryoshka dolls ! :D (they had almost all English clubs up to the conference level). Will upload some images of them on the net later today, so you can see :)
Ad Mant raises the problem we will face if we adopt Crete Wolf's suggestion of offering SEB to Birmingham as part of the payment for Dann. It will leave us very short up front, especially if Arsenal put up silly money for Doyle. It won't happen but if it looks like a deal is being made (no matter how crazy), Wenger will have to drag him over my dead body first. Of course, we would buy in a replacement but who could replace Doyle? Don't answer that question, lovesW!
keep milijas
Would,nt let Seb leave Banksy if Doyle was sold,but that wont happen so I think it makes sense IF we get a good deal on Dann.
Crete Wolf
I suspect Milijas may want out himself as he's never made it to being a consistent first choice. With O'Hara he probably never will. I'd like to see him stay but it may be down to him wanting regular first team football. It may also be that we think we can get a few quid back on him if we sell him now. As for the rest of the above, they will never make it as Premier League players. For their own careers it is probably best they move on. My one concern is that we end up a bit short staffed in midfield and up front. We've lost Dave Jones already, losing Milijas will leave us with issues unless there's someone else on the way in. The same goes for Keogh and Volkes. If both of them leave then we end up with just three senior forwards. I guess that means its one up front next year!
What's this then? Three strikers and a classy midfielder out, without any mention of possible replacements whatsoever, and elsewhere calls for Upson, Evans, Bassong, Dunne. Gladly the aim of those whose vision matters is not to replicate the Catenaccio Inter of the 60's or the boring Arsenal of a decade later. Only Wallace fits in with the medium/long- range policy - long, in his case, all the better. And forget about Dann; MM has implied one CB acquisition will do. Had Jez been serious about him, he would have struck a double deal with Brum. Jody, Berra and Stearman along with RJ will cope, will have to cope. As the commanding figure he is known to be, RJ should take charge of eliminating those mistakes. I will be the 'enfant terrible', Southbank, and answer that question with a short answer - Long. But don't get me wrong. I want Doyle to stay, as long as MM gives me his word that he will not be deployed as a lone striker. Otherwise, the answer is Long.
Well we have 4 wingers then thered Edwards Henry O'hara Guedioura and also Foley so there are 5 centre midfielders even if we lost Milijas and 6 with him so midfield is not a problem even if Milijas is sold , Moxey has almost admitted Wolves got Johnson for less than 7 million as he says rumours are very inaccurate concerning the price ! , Wolves cant afford Dann even with Blake going the other way so forget that signing , Only 2 i can see is Upson because he is free and a left back on loan but thats it unless we pick up a bargain somewhere ! , Shane Long perrrlease , he aint the answer at all , first time he has scored over 15 goals in the championship , Blake got 25 plus both seasons and has struggled in the prem so i dont hold out much hope for Long , his first touch is woefull aswell , cant believe you think the answer to replacing a rock like Doyle is a championship striker ! who in a big game in the play off final went missing and all Wolves games are big games !
hello lads just joined RJ is brill signing and would like to see other CH plus LB as well names Evans, Upson, Bassong.As for LB why not try for W.Bridge on loan Man City pay half the wages.For Holding Mid Fielder why not try for Owen Hargreaves.As for A.Keogh and S.Vokes not good enough for Prem sell at any price to get off books.As for the Hoff give away.
Oddjob, I don't want Doyle to go. It may seem so to one who happens to come across a comment of mine here and there. I want him partnered with a striker in the centre of attack. Fletcher fits the bill best at present. I mention Long only in the event that Juve or Arsenal come up with a bid that Jez could not refuse; nor would it reasonable to expect Doyle to stay if that bid came along with an offer of twice the salary that he has now.
Welcome , Kiawolves. Sharp. Great! No more defenders, except for Wallace - apart from the present, one also 'for the future'.
Hi Kia welcome to the madhouse!!!lol.
Crete Wolf
If we are going to sign a quality LB and a second CB, we had better brace ourselves for the departure of one of our star players. After the RJ signing Moxey made it clear that the club had to balance the books. I'm worried that management will take the cheap option and bring in Upson on a free. Incidentally, has anyone calculated how much money we would receive, if we managed to unload all the players surplus to requirements? According to my mental calculation, it would not amount to much, certainly not enough to purchase Dann or Bassong, leaving aside the cost of a LB.
Well dont forget we got 2.5 mill for JVD in Jan , 1.1 for Halford , so if we get a million for Keogh , same for the Hoff and the likes of Hannehman Jones and Mouyokolo off the wage bill this season surely that does balance the books ? , 5.5 in transfers and surely 60-70k a week in wages better off , means we have only spent 6-7 million on RJ and the wages amounts to just 10k a week more but possessing 2 quality players , if all this happens then it amounts to us being very quiet in the market this season in terms of spending !!! , So after looking into it more i think we just might have 1 more top signing due to come in ! , worrying part is we turned down the chance to sign Bertrand because of a 500k loan season fee , Hmmm he would have been perfect too !
LovesW i agree if a stupid amount for Doyle comes in ( which it wont ) then we would have to seriously look at it , my point to you is Shane Long ? is that the best name you could come up with ??? , everyone says we want premiership proven players and you come up with Long hahaha , hes average in my eyes and thats as a championship player ! , Blake banged the goals in but as a footballer hes not the best and thats why he struggles in the prem ! the days of poachers are long gone at the top level , you have to have an all round game !
P.S i meant levels the wages off not better off , sorry !
I agree with you about Long, Oddjob, especially the analogy with SEB. It's completely different banging in the goals in the Championship and doing the same in the PL.
Oddjob, I mention Long only because he is the one who is on MM's radar, and only as a possible replacement. I know absolutely nothing about him, so I appreciate your opinion of him. Of course, there would be 10 -15 strikers in the 20m range and above playing in the PL or in Europe, but we must be practical, must we not? ah-hm
Being practical, we should chain Doyle up to a Molineux goalpost and not release him for anything less than the sum Liverpool paid for Carroll. Even that would not be enough because to us he is irreplaceable. I see he scored a great goal today.
I dont want to sound as though im having a go LovesW but at no point as MM said Long is on his radar ! and Southbank could not agree more , sometimes a strikers job is not always about how many goals he bangs in , when you have a non stop running machine like Doyle who holds the ball up like no other striker ive seen in the league ( Drogba perhaps ) but also chips in with a few goals himself that is irreplaceable , and also he has not had much service but with the creative O'Hara and Hunt Jarvis etc hopefully being fit he will get better service and do what i think he can and thats hit the 15-20 prem goals in a season !
Oddjob, MM HAS been following Long, and there is interest, at least as far as reports in the papers go. I guess it would all be in the eventuality of Doyle leaving, and, how many is it, 5 Ireland internationls already at Wolves? And do not worry about having a go at me if feel you have to. I agree with all the rest that you say, and I don't say that to deter you having a go at me. As to the other strikers, Keogh and Maierhofer are on the fringe, Vokes seems to fit the (once-super) sub role adequately, and SEB ever waits for his chance to start, which leaves Fletcher as the only central striker. His goals contributed significantly to staying up. Why he was not utilised until the end of the season, MM only knows.
Do I detect a veiled criticism of MM here, lovesW?
The problem we have if we dont strengthen the defence some more we are going to play 4-5-1 as we leak to many goals.If we could sign another CH and LB this would then enable MM to play Doyle and Fletcher up front and score more goals.I totally agree Doyle is brill player but only playing 1 up front we do not score enough goals and that was part of the problem last season we leaked to many goals and would you say that Fletcher was a better scorer last season as he only played a 3rd of the games that Doyle played.
I agree with your assessment of the situation, kiawolves, as, indeed, most, if not all, of us do. That is why it is so important that we sign another quality CB and a LB. The problem is the amount of money we need to spend on them and the availability of enough cash in the coffers ... or in Mr. Morgan's pocket. Oddjob reckons that we could raise the sum out of sales but I am not so sure. Johnson, who seems to have performed well yesterday, cannot shore up our leaky defence on his own. So crucial is it to our survival that we remedy this deficiency that I would contemplate the sale of a 'star' player to cover the shortfall. But it wouldn't be Doyle, rather a player in an area where we do have adequate cover.
totally agree but how much money would we lose if we went down and in the 2 seasons before we spent 18-20 million if johnson cost 7m thats still only 12m according to all reports wolves are in credit by 25.9mill surely we can afford another 6-7m on players because some we have are just not good enough keogh vokes berra hoff sell all more money to spend
I would have thought so, kiawolves, but Moxey seems to wear blinkers, operating within narrow spreadsheet limits rather than factoring in the cost of survival or relegation.
... meaning one of the wingers, Southbank, your veil! You could argue it may as well be the midfield department, but it is not, for that would bring your untouchable # 2 under doubt. It is the wide men you are refering to: Hammill, Kights, Jarvis and Hunt. For one thing, you teasingly advised Jarvis should be sold. I would sell or loan out none of the four if it is positive football we want; in rotation or due to injuries two of them will supply the ammunition for Doyle and Fletcher. And I think my criticism of MM on this score at least, playing with one striker, is obvious because it has been a recurrent theme of mine, no veil, much as I have confidence in the man as a manager. You are one of the few, the only one I know of, who actually lived the glory days of WW as a conquering side, an attacking side; I myself just missed it. The Hibbitt, Waggy and Dougan era was the best I saw, but it was not great. It should be you clamouring for attacking play and to relive the glory days! - okay, to the extent the tactical Zeitgeist of the game would allow.
You are right to point out the degree of cover we have in inner midfield, though you also correctly identify the person I am hinting at. I only do that because no-one in the centre of the pitch would command the same transfer fee as Jarvis would. I would far prefer to sell Henry: indeed, I think we should (never mind MM's alleged Pavlovian reaction to Doyle's presence, it's his response to Henry's availability that worries me). I would even let Milijas go (reluctantly), but neither will bring in more than a fraction of what Jarvis would fetch in the market place. The point you make about the Wolves team of the 1950s is a good one but it supports my argument about the crucial need to spend money on defenders. It was an attacking side but its success was built upon the foundations of a very solid defence. We have the players who could score barrowloads of goals (or provide the assists) but at the moment they cannot focus on their proper job, having to spend so much time tracking back to cover for our dodgy defence.
LovesW the best player in that era was Knowles and many a Wolves fan say he was by far the best player Wolves ever had , all be it for 2 seasons hahaha ( Bloody JOVO ) grrrrr , Southbank , I never meant Wolves had to sell to buy , I said if we sell Keogh and the Hoff then along with Halford and JVD we would have got back in 5.5 mi which has paid for O'Hara so that means Wolves really have only spent the report 6 million for Johnson ( yes thats the word with a million if we stay up on top ) the players that have left plus if we sell Hoff and Keogh means Johnson's and O'Hara's wages has not shaken the wages kitty and should have evened itself out , If anything all I have said shows Wolves have been pretty tight compared to previous seasons in terms of spending , So surely there must be money to be spent left in the pot , I just think Moxey and Morgan want a couple more off the books before buying , Mendez Laing/Keogh/Hoff/Batth on loan again , couple more kids like Winnall and Hemmings on loan too , the wage bill would drop even further , With all that surely another signing will happen , And if we are 30 mill in credit ( IF THATS TRUE ) it proves that spending 18m each of the seasons we have been in the prem does not effect Wolves as a business , Personally i cant see how we would be that much in the black , but Morgan has not become worth 400million plusmwithout being an astute business man and building something from scratch , And lets face it with himself and the other too M's the squad , the ground , the strutcure of the club is the best its ever been in my lifetime ( im 31 ) maybe the best its ever been , 20-25 players all willing to run through a brick wall for the manager , a good fan base , decent priced tickets , a club debt free , spending millions , top of the range training facilities , great time to be a Wolves fan , Wanderers til i die :-)
Oh and i have never seen MM say he would like Long in any paper , odd paragraph in the Sun with him being linked to Wolves which we all know is about as reliable as the Trotters 3 wheeler !!!
oddjob79 i agree but considering you get 750.oo for every place you finish in the league would you not agree that to strenghten the squad with more quality players is better than floundering around the drop zone if it takes another 6-10m on players would that not be better than going down considering after van and halford won sold if johnson was 7m we would only have spent 8.5m. m.m.m have to consider how much we make in prem or how much we lose going down iam not saying go daft but we need more quality not the champlonship players we are used 2 and that is why sometimes you have to bite the bullet but not go over board
sorry meant to say £750.0000
As my wife is better with the household budget than I am (she recently asked me if it was really necessary to buy a WW season ticket), your grasp of the transfer sums might be better than mine. I worry that if we wait until we have unloaded surplus players, there will be no quality players left. Couldn't Moxey allow us to go temporarily into the red in order to acquire the players we need? And with all the money we have sloshing about can't we buy them anyway? As for your upbeat assessment of our club at the moment I whole-heartedly agree with it in spite of my general Eeyore approach to all things WW. It's a great time to return to active support of the club.
Hahaha thats all i say when the misses does the BIG SHOP is " Dont forget the Bacon " hahahaha , Kia my whole point was Wolves should and could spend more on positions we need to strengthen , the above posts was to show that Wolves have been very tight compared to previous seasons , everyone will see the 5 on O'Hara and 7 ( in total ) on Johnson and think oh Wolves have splashed a bit again when realisticly we have spent 5 million ! , But hey the clubs run right and there is money to spend , MM keeps saying the loan market is always available to us and he has said this in nearly all his interviews so that should tell us all that we aint finished yet ! , We would all like to buy Bassong but he could be available on a loan deal as hes not an aging player , same with Evans , I would have liked to see us go for Cuellar from Villa , he was awsome for Rangers then moved to Villa and they played him bloody full back ??????? , He has been a wasted talent at our neighbours and would have loved to see him at Molineux !
Oh and Rangers have had a 3 mill bid accepted and we all know Rangers cant afford 40k a week so he would have easily fitted in with the pay structure too , I think its a missed opportunity
No problem with the Hoff going or Milijas really as we as a team do not play in a way that suits him really. Vokes may well still improve, but not all players get better as they go through their 20's. I have a soft spot for Keogh and Edwards, but if we are looking to improve they are the sport of player we should be looking to squad fillers not starting 11 players. Now if we shift those sort of players and buy in first 11 players, we are working towards a much stronger team and exciting times
I'd prefer to keep Milijas as he can come off the bench and do something out of the norm , Edwards like you say is a tryer and comes in with his fare share of goals too , lot of niggly injuries so i think this will be his last year and will be replaced next season , if we go down next year he will be ideal for the championship , but thats not gonna happen :-) , Keogh has to go , again a tryer but i think he deserves a good run in a championship side as thats his level !

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