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Wolves to make moves for Ayala & Spearing?

Daniel Ayala and Jay Spearing have been linked with a loan moves to Molineux

22-year-old Spearing broke into the Liverpool first team last year starting the season in the Europa League and Carling Cup sides before coming a regular in the Premier League squad from March onwards.

In total he made 20 appearances standing in for Steven Gerrard, but with the additions of Charlie Adam and Jordan Henderson he looks unlikely to get as much game time as last season.

However our friends over on Vital Liverpool do not seem convinced by the link for Spearing, but do think there could be something to the Daniel Ayala move:

'Rumour has it that Wolves are keen to take the midfielder on a season long loan but I'd be surprised if this was something that was to happen however should Jay find the going tough in the opening months of the season such a move could come about in January, I'd expect it to be more likely to be a permanent move though as opposed to a loan deal.

'I'm hopeful that his future will remain at Anfield though but Jay will need to up his game even more this season if he wants to remain a part of Kenny's revolution in the years ahead.

'It'll be more likely that the other rumour doing the rounds that Wolves could take Daniel Ayala on loan for the season would be true as the 20 year old would be much further away from the Liverpool first team this season than Jay. A loan spell with the Premier League team wouldn't do the Spaniard any harm at all.'

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The Journalist

Writer: Akela Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Thursday July 21 2011

Time: 10:23AM

Your Comments

Any defensive re-enforcements would be welcomed, though Im concerned that it would appear our transfer dealing are and dusted, with just 1 defensive player brought in. Hope Im wrong, I usually am, but I would consider that insufficient.
Not seen enough of Ayala , If he can be as good as his namesake then he would be a fantastic signing haha , but he never gets a look in for Liverpool so does that suggest hes no good and we all know we want proven defenders , I dont like the Jay Spearing link , if signed it would probably be him n O'Hara if we played 4-4-2 and they are both 5ft6/7 , very small !!!! and no disrespect to Wolves players but Spearing would not have the players at Wolves he did at Liverpool , He was a decent kid in a very good side under Dalglish , any player we bring in needs to be better than what we have and improve our side significantly and i doubt he would !
I'm normally on the same page as u oddjob but must disagree with u this time squire. Spearing IMO is a decent player who will add a bit more bite to our midfield. Would swap him for Henry in a flash. I'm not sure his height would be much of an issue either. UTW!!!
Well a healthy disagreement is good now and then haha , I think Henry has bite dont you hahaha , O'Hara has enough of it too !!! , I just cant see him improving us , not saying hes a bad player , I mean Liverpool paid 20 mill for Henderson , Ive seen him twice and he aint nothing special , Wouldn't lace O'Hara's boots ! yet he will get in ahead of Spearing !
Finally spearing Milijas out? He is near enough the door. A revolving door alright. There is bite in plenty, Oddjob - Henry, Johnson, Guedioura, Berra, Craddock, Zubar. And more would be on the way; exit the one with class and vision. We will survive. Cap this with the prospect of a lone striker 'when necessary' (which means for greater number of matches) and the Arsenal of the 70's will be out of the history books.
LovesW that dont make 1 bit of sense ??? haha
Quite curious that the only post you haven't answered today is mine,ODDJOB......Anyway,racist chanting aside, I had a quick look on VitalLiverpool and they seem to think KD rates Spearing too highly to let him out on loan but Ayala might be a different matter.
i thought we needed experienced defenders not someone who has been on loan to 2 championship sides is not going to be any better than what we allready have .And if we take both on loan what happens to the LB that we really need is moxey going to splash the cash and if so who on as wallace has signed for rangers.
replys would be welcome
Kiawolves...the optimist in me wants to think that these loan stories are a smokescreen.That Moxey has deals on the go and is keeping them quiet.The realist in me is preparing for the fact that Johnson will be our only defensive signing, which is definitely one signing too few and possibly two. Have we really no more money to spend?By all means ship out personnel that MM considers surplus, but that shouldn't stop us making the signings first.The "balancing the books" line doesn't seem to ring true, which gives me hope that there are more signings to come.
First off I think Ward can do a job at left back , Ive seen him play there a few times and rarely does he get beat 1 on 1 by a winger , yes we need someone better but he is not as bad as everyone makes out , i would like to bet every Wolves player last season made more mistakes than he did , Stearman and Berra definately did , Foley when he came in for Zubar is a lovely little footballer but too slow and lightweight , Hunt and Jarvo , does a failed cross count the same as a missed tackle ? , if so Ward wins that hands down , as does he when it comes to missed chances by the attackers , time and time again i have seen our fullbacks get done by a 2 on 1 situation and if you know footie you know thats either the winger's or the centre half's or the midfielders fauly for allowing the double up to happen , we need 1 more centre half but i dont think the left back is as seriously needed as the other centre half position is !
Oh and all4 what question's that ? and racist ? you on drugs or something ??????
Any player worthy of a place in a Kenny Dalglish side is good enough for me- sounds like just the type of player we could do with, and anyone to replace Captain Stupid would be a step in the right direction- I actually have a feeling regardless that he may intsall Johnson as our new captain. Thoughts on a post card. As for Ayala I know very little but as I think Oddy said above, another defender is a step in the right direction. I don't believe we have seen the end of our spending. Remeber when we signed O'Hara he said he was excited by the players we were looking to sign. Considering his own quality, and that of Johnson I am not sure they sold it to him as 'a good defender and that goalie from Swansea.' Expect more. We need two more defenders, a midfielder and unless he has plans for Vokes, a striker. Two of those we can sign on loan. It is not a lot to ask in my opinion. This is our third season in the Premiership- we have made a great deal in income from various sources whilst operating with the lowest wage bill. I like the way we have done our business so far, but they need to take another few steps forward.
New York City Wolf
nEW york City Wolf I agree we should have the money and we do need more new signings but to improve we need players with premier experience not a CH who nobody knows anything about and a midfielder who has 20 games under his belt .In the premiership and who would he replace ohara cost 5m dont think so or henry who mick m thinks the sun shines out of his backside. I agree install Johnson as captain but if we are still going to sign players they have to be better ehan what we have and i dont think these 2 are
Oddjob: I have great respect for your opinions because you know your footie, which makes me gasp when I read your support for Ward at LB. Leaving aside the numerous occasions when he merely backs off the winger, who therefore does not have to beat him, he also gets turned on a regular basis. It's not his fault as he is a decent forward, the position in which he ought to play. With regard to the comments in this thread in general, I only hope Moxey is creating a smoke-screen and that negotiations are underway to sign a solid and reliable LB and CB. Given our financial solvency, I can't see why we shouldn't be able to fund the purchases, especially as we would be able to recoup some of the money from sales. Not to obtain reinforcements is to condemn us to another shaky season.
Banksy it will be shaky anyway m8....this is wolves we are talking about!! Besides I hear that big george has a new diet consisting of small children and wingers! We'll be fine.
Here's some transfer talk straight from the horse's mouth,so to speak. A few weeks ago, during the Mills saga,MM walked into a pub where some lads I know were. Photo's were taken, hands shook...and the obvious questions about signings were asked.MM said "there's two coming, keep an eye on the papers".Johnson has been signed since then. I know, it's hardly cast-iron proof, but that's what he said.
First O'Hara, now perhaps any or both of these two, that is showing Milijas the door. It DOES make sense Oddjob.
Big Tasty: taking the long view, a shaky defence is not an essential WW characteristic. It might be at the moment but, as I pointed out in an earlier thread, our success in the 1950s was based on a very strong defence. With another CB and a LB of proven PL quality, our forwards, like Broadbent, Wilshaw, Murray, Deeley, Mullen and Hancocks did in the past, will thrive.
.....and, just read on the E&S, Hitzlsperger as well. He is in the Guedioura class, only with more of it and a better shot. I'd say Nenad's mind is made up.
Duly noted Banksy. Even if we sign nobody else this season tho I still maintain the view that we will have more than enough at the back to see us through. I think our real problem was that we did not have a proppa defensive leader at the back last season - a problem solved by the purchase of RJ. With him bossing the back line I expect to see an improvement from the others too. I'd be delighted with a mid table finish and the promise of more quality coming into the team (and a shiny new old-golden palace to-boot). UTW!!!!!
still think we need more signings as we just escaped relegation by 1 point last season and considering we had Ohara from jan this means we have only signed 1 outfield player in RJ just cant see this being enough. I would offer brum 13m for Dann and Ridgewell then would stay in prem no problem get the money back by sale of fringe players plus more money higher up the league we finish This is season to kick on and not sit with our hands in our pockets hope this makes sense stay in prem recoup the money back just by staying there.
Less than 8mill spent on JOH and RJ,now i've gone back towards optimism over new signings.Taking into account the money we've got in for players and the salaries that have been taken off the books, I might even allow myself to believe there's more than one player on the way in.I tend to be pi-polar about these things, pessimism is never too far away,but it's saturday and it's sunny so optimism it is...for now.
I don't know what pi-polar is either, so don't ask.
all im saying is last season we were 3rd worst defensive team in prem and 17th worst in all 4 divisions so we are relying on 1 new defender to cure this problem what if he gets injured in the 1st 5-6 weeks and is out for 4-5 months we go back to the same headless chickens of last season not knowing what their doing does it not make more sense to sign a couple more defenders and hopefully cure this problem.
Surely, if you can believe the news about the cost of signing JOH and RJ, we can afford a PL quality LB and another CB? Surely, even if it is false, the 3M are currently negotiating the purchase of two such players? Surely they know that we desperately need them? Surely, they don't expect RJ to do the job by himself?
totally agree we need to buy LB CH at least like i said if RJ gets injured were asking for trouble.
Back to the good ole 50's again are we hahaha , well what i said about Spearing is he plays with far better plays than what we have , do you think he would be as good with our lot ? , I just think hes an average player surrounded by a lot of very very good pro's with tons of exprience , Oh and Kia , would you say Wolves defended well first season in the prem taking into account it was our first season ? , Vidic and Evra were woeful first season they signed for United , Building a good back 4 takes time , You lot seem to think splashing 15 million on another centre half and a left back and our problems will be solved , I would be amazed if you can be 3 of your starting defence and it automatically clicks , I think Berra and Johnson will be more than ok for this season , I'd like Ward to be replaced but only by a seasoned pro of 26-28 with an injury free background , Wallace ? on the bench for Rangers and no experience of the prem , Bertrand would have been a gamble , Ridgewell is useless , and none of the 3 are better than Ward , Southbank , we must watch different clips/games as yes he made some mistakes but a hell of a lot more came from the opposite flank but oh no we dont dare slag off Zubar Foley or Stearman , Iyts a shame so many fans say im wanderers til i die and bleed gold and black blah blah , maybe just maybe those 27,000 on a saturday should shout songs about the lad and give him the confidence they give to the glory players , that kid has had nothing but stick off 80% of Wolves fans yet he gives his all week in week out , hes probably terrified of making a mistake as you lot remember it for a year , but if Jarvis Hunt cross badly in a match or Doyle doesn't score for a few gamesall is forgiven in a day !
i agree oddjob79 we didnt concede as many but we didnt score as many because most of the season we played 4-5-1 wi have got 2 really good strikers in doyle and fletch but mm cant play them together as we leak to many goals alls am saying is our defence is not good enough. As for Foley do not rate i would play stearman at right back if zubar is not fit as he has played there for Englands under 21s and did a good job and as for ward i do feel sorry for the guy hes supposed to be a striker not a left back as we only have 3 strikers as i dont rate vokes or keogh. maybe Berra will be alright with Johnson but like i said what happens if RJ gets injured i think am right so far with Berra and JOHNSON playing together we have not conceded thou i could be wrong but if am right we have conceded 5 goals in three matches without Berra AND johnson playing doesnt that say something.
Oddjob: I am not prejudiced against individual players but assess them as I see them. I have credited Ward in the past, especially when he plays up front. I have also criticized the three right side players you cite- Stearman, in particular, though I have praised him at times as well. You, too, have called for reinforcements, arguing persuasively for the left-footed Bassong in particular. By implication, this means that you do not think that Berra is good enough. Regarding my 1950s reference, it was a rebuttal of Big Tasty's off-hand remark about WW's traditional weakness in defence. I hope you are not going all ageist on me again!
Kia I think we were making the same point. I admit I know nothing about Ayala so did not pass further comment but we have only heard good things about Spearing and remember although he only got 20 games under his belt last season those came with Gerrard injured; they a big boots to fill but he was considered as able by Kenny Dalgish and was part of the side that enjoyed a great second half to the season- part of the side, not carried by it. I will admit that I am desperate to see the back of Captain Stupid; the more time I spend looking back on last season the more annoyed I am. No one said he went out to break Zamora's leg, but to put that tackle in at Wigan not long after was pathetic; then- last day of the season when his side were losing their collective head, he had to go one better and should have been sent off. The way we were playing, who knows how many it could have been if we had gone down to ten men. He just seems to revel in this bad boy image which is absurd. The tough midfielders of years gone by did not have to yell in peoples faces and smirk at the ref who might just send them off, they got stuck in got the job done and that was that. I think we have a wealth of talent now in terms of attacking midfielders but we need some one able to steady the ship and keep that midfield tight- something that Karl Henry can not do. We have all flipped quickly to the same page with regards our need for a partner for Roger Johnson. His signing alone will not shore up such a rickety defence, and what of course if he does get injured- right back to where we were. We need another for the middle, and whilst Ward has tried his best at left back it just is not his position. If we really have spent only 7 million so far, I expect more signings. And as above, I would include a striker because Keough must be on his way, and I don't think Mick has much faith in Vokes.
New York City Wolf
Wolf i agree with the coments on henry he is half the problem has some good games but has far more bad games and considering he is captain does not seem to organise the team as a whole never mind the defence who he is supposed to be protecting i just feel ith a couple more defenders LB CH as well as a holding midfielder am just not sure spearing is experienced enough to do that job look what happned to manencien for give if spelling wrong just think need someone older more experienced and not frightened to have a go at team mates if their making mistakes i would all so make RJ CAPTAIN hopefully this would eradicate some of the sloppiness as once again we let a goal in the ninthy minute on sat even mm said have they not learned from last season which to me seems to prove a point that some of them players are just not up to scratch we dont need to spend millions but we do need to buy 1 or 2 and may be get 1or 2 on loan. Replys would be welcome
I agree with the last two comments. I, too, am worried about Henry's tendency to play up to his bad boy image. His antics against Blackburn were crazy; he should have been sent off and that would have sunk us. Is that the act of a captain? It's not as if he is playing well either.We should sell him and make RJ captain, as kiawolves suggests. Maybe he would stabilize the defence ... to a certain extent because he cannot do it by himself. Even MM is getting fed up with the last minute goals. Even so, it seems as though we dominated the play, especially in the first half. I have no opinion on Spearing as I have not seen him play but the reports suggest that he has great potential.
I have seen Jay Spearing play quite a lot and I really do rate him. His passing game does need work but he more than makes up for that in other areas. For 90mins he will chase and pressurize anything in the midfield area. Without a shadow of a doubt I would have him over Henry. Mick, do it!! UTW!!!
Is not the answer i meant
Southbank thats my point exactly , yes i want Bassong but as Kia says we have not conceeded with Berra and Johnson together but none of you say that could be a good partnership , you just dismiss players we already have , I'd love a quality player alongside Johnson but if it does not happen im fine with Berra playing there until we do get someone better , im not going agiest at all but both you and Tasty are wrong as you can never compare football 60 years ago to today , its impossible , the best teams the world has ever seen had average defences , Brazil inparticular ! , NYCW , What about the other 10 players who were woeful against Blackburn , im not a huge fan of Henry but why cant you knock others and not just the usual , O'Hara was awful first half as was Fletcher but not 1 word against them , I remember Henry second halfmaking 3 class tackles but you dont praise that , name 1 other incident besides Wigan and Blackburn , and dont bring up Fulham because it was a perfect tackle , I bet you went into the pub smiling when he roughed up Joey Barton ! , the 3 games i watched Spearing he didn't impress me at all but everyone rates players differently i guess , but when Gerrard got injured who did Liverpool have to replace him ? thats the reason he was picked as he didn't have anyone else , Aquilani was woeful , Poulsen is woeful , Cole the same , why do you think they have signed Henderson and Adam , because he does not think Spearing is the answer , think about it !
Just come back from Wolverhampton ... report to follow tomorrow! Oddjob, Your basic point that all players make mistakes is a valid one but over a whole season it is possible to distinguish between players who have the odd mishap, whether in attack or defence, and those who are prone to error. For me, Stearman, Berra, Elokobi, Ward (at LB) and, increasingly and for somewhat different reasons, Henry fall into the latter category. You may be right that Berra will improve alongside Johnson but a couple of decent performances against weaker opposition is hardly a basis for optimism.
Southbank you are right in what you say but Ward is a centre forward not a LB thats MMs problem because we do not have another LB in the squad to challenge elokobi as for stearman i have said before play at rightback as for Berra seems to have good relasionship with RJ but what happens if RJ gets injured can we cope im not sure just hope 13th august we stuff blackburn sick of getting beat by a team no better than we are up the Wolves

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