Wolves - McCarthy not expecting much more movement
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McCarthy not expecting much more movement

Mick McCarthy doesn't expect much else to happen in this transfer window, but hasn't completely ruled out the possibility!

Just like in previous years we like to act swiftly in the summer, get our business done early and give the chance for the squad to work as a unit over the summer.

This year we've seen three new faces arrive at Molineux with the additions of Dorus De Vries and Roger Johnson, while perhaps strictly not a new face, but a new permanent addition in Jamie O'Hara.

Wolves of course will be linked with a variety of transfer moves both incoming and outgoing until the window closes on August 31. But the gaffer doesn't know just how busy he will be.

'We keep looking, but we don't know, There's still quite a lot of time to go in the window actually and who's to say we might turn someone over - there might be someone leave and someone else come in.' McCarthy told Wolves Official Website.

He added: 'And that's not Jarvis, Doyle or Fletcher.

'But something might happen. I'm not expecting it, but it could.

'We may possibly be able to do business and pick somebody up but there's nothing imminent.'

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The Journalist

Writer: Akela Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Thursday July 28 2011

Time: 3:00PM

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On the official site Mick does not rule out new signings, the Express & Star however has plucked a quote fro somewhere saying he does not expect any more players. It appears tongue in cheek because he jokes about signing a quality player 'who can use both feet... is quick etc and does not cost anything.' I fully expect us to sign two more players- if we don't some serious questions have to be asked. The only addition to the side that finished the season has been Roger Johnson.
New York City Wolf
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28/07/2011 15:10:00

i hope you are right or it could be 1 long season
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28/07/2011 16:08:00

I'd point out that he is creating a smoke-screen to hide his true intentions but, as I do not want anyone to rumble him, I'll say nothing.
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28/07/2011 16:35:00

Says on Sky aswell that he doesn't expect any signings but never rule it out , Wish they could just say " yes we are looking to add 1 or 2 or no thats the lot " , I dont have a problem with Ward and Berra for another season as i still think there are sides with far worse defences than us , but if we have only spent 7 million as rumours suggest then its very dissapointing , there are areas that need strengthening , a quality 3rd striker to add to the obvious positions , 18 million 1st year , 18 million 2 year , rumours suggest we have made a 15 million profit each season , and then we only spend 7 , if it stays this way we have been left short changed to pay for the stadium , if it doesn't then we all will be happy , as i said previously time will tell !
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28/07/2011 19:02:00

Oddjob: observations like the ones you have just made suggest that we really are in the market for additional players.
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28/07/2011 19:05:00

Lets hope so !!!!!!!! just not RIDGEWELL , I would love it if Albion signed him , our wingers will run him ragged ! , And have they shortened the Molineux pitch ? , looks smaller on the stadium cam hmmm !
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28/07/2011 19:10:00

Like SB, i've been remaining optimistic that these fortnightly (it seems)statements by the club are smoke-screens.And ODDJOB has touched on one of the reasons I think that's the case. I think it would be a disastrous piece of P.R. for 16mill to go on a new stand and less than eight on players.Would they? Really?There's being thrifty,and there's being stupid.I don't, as i've said before,think we're automatic favs for the bottom three if we stay as we are, but I can't see any better than bottom half-dozen. It's not doom and gloom...it's just the thought of our shiny, new,spent-more-than-twice-the-transfer-budget-on-it,stand being home to a championship crowd, season after next.It's happened before under our very own "Marshall Plan".Time will,indeed,tell.
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28/07/2011 19:29:00

The pitch? Glad you mentioned it. As we know,MM had our ptich made smaller following promotion in the hope that the rich, flair clubs couldn't pass around us so easily. So, if we started with a shrunken MM prefered pitch, and they are now moving the North Bank as close as they are now,has someone involved with the design made sure that there's scope for the pitch to be increased to it's former size,should we get a manager in future that wants a bigger park?I'M positive MM had the width reduced, but can't remember, now, if he had any of the length.I think he did. Anyone remember?
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28/07/2011 19:36:00

excuse please who the hell gives a crap about the size of the pitch it does not matter its the players on the pitch that count. Moxey had already stated with the redevelopement of the stadium the stands would be closer to the pitch. What we need is some more transfer activity to bring better players in and get rid of the dead wood if its true and mick is happy with what we have then my opinion like most others is we are going to struggle we just dont have the depth in the squad if certain players get injured.Alldivisions i think it was just the width to stop top teams the space donw the flanks.
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28/07/2011 23:14:00

I thought there would have been an official length and width for all pitches but mayybe the 3 M's spents sum of our transfer kitty on bribing officials. on another note looking at the poll it seems most people (including myself) seem to think Lb needs addressing. This is a question to all but, what lb would u bring in that is within our reach
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28/07/2011 23:45:00

I'm glad I took the time now to write 'Money For Thought'- good timing or though purely by chance. Let's face it; O'Hara was in the side that somehow kept us up- we knew the deal was in place to sign him if we did just that. If they really did get him for 3.5 then a round of applause because that is one hell of a price considering we shipped out Halford for a third of the cost. The Swansea keeper will be lucky if he gets a sniff this season, so in reality the only difference so far is the signing of Roger Johnson. I was surprised we got him, I will admit, but we did. The fact we apparently got him at such a snip only makes for greater frustration to read this bull shine that we are not going to sign any more players. If Johson gets injured we kick off with the same side that nearly got us relegated and let's not kid ourselves that next season is suddenly going to be any easier. Had we not pulled off those shock wins we would have gone down without trace; we beat those sides- well done. We also were made to look stupid by the majority of the sides who finished below and above us. If Mick McCarthy thinks that squad can make the sudden step up then more fool him. If Morgan did not see his dream fall to mush in front of his own eyes and does not want to fix it then more fool him. I just can't imagine two football people who let's admit it, know the ins and outs of football better than we do, falling under some pathetic illusion that we will somehow imrprove overnight. If we go into the season with what we have then I think we will stay up but finish in the bottom five or six again. If they want to bleat on about improvement they can explain how finishing 15th and then 17th is development, slow but sure? It's *********. How can we spend, as is mentioned above, in the range of 35 million over two summers and when we really need to kick on we spend 7 (taking the Halford sale into account?) The first response to mine was I hope you are right. So did I, trust me. Each season must be worth at least 30 million, we have stayed up paying the lowest wages in the league twice on the bounce. Another season like the previous two and you can wave goodbye to your favourite players (whoever they may be) because no player of any worth wants to look back on his career and remember two, three, five? relegation battles and a vaguely entertaining cup run.
New York City Wolf
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29/07/2011 01:38:00

We all feel your exasperation, Yorkie. If we have spent so little on JOH and RJ, surely we can afford to buy in the two players we need without selling first ... and we could still recoup some of the money shortly afterwards (like selling Stearman). The 3Ms must know that we need a CB and LB, so MM's statement that we are unlikely to see any more acquisitions must be a ruse. What worries me is that he is contemplating the sale of Doyle again, presumably as a means of raising the money to buy the defenders. That would not only be unnecessary but stupid.
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29/07/2011 07:08:00

That would prove the greatest blunder without a doubt. Have you heard something I may have missed Banks as I have not seen much about Doyle recently. My sensible head says we will sign two more players and I should sit back and wait for them to arrive, but as time ticks by and preperations for the season gather momentum are we going to bring in a couple of players at the last minute, who are then going to have to fit into the fold. What concerns me as that somebody somewhere though Bent was a good idea, and if they are so concerned about money that surely was the greatest waste of last season. I expect us to sign more based purely on the fact this 'sell before we buy' talk makes no sense whatsoever. We have been able to spend over the past two summers; we must have brought in at least 60million so where is the rest. It is not as if there has been a massive outlay for the stadium as it's redevelopment will be gradual to match any progress we make on the pitch. With Jones, Mouyojoko and Halford off the pay roll we have already 'balanced' the wage structure somewhat. Surely they will take what they can for the likes of Keogh and Hoff and get them off the bill also. I just can't believe they are realistically closing up shop for the summer. I still think we need two defenders, a midfielder and a striker. We knew what was missing at the end of last season and so far we have signed the Roger.
New York City Wolf
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29/07/2011 14:44:00

SB MM has stated time and time again our top players are going knowhere so no point bringing it up ! , and that includes selling to bring in others ! NYCW , you can include JVD and Hannehman , also the likes of Malone Mendaiz Laing Batth and no doubt a few others will be going on loan , and then theres the likelyhood of Keogh and Hoff going so the wages balancing scenario does not add up ! , if anything we should be better off now wages wise ! as JVD was earning 25k a week himself !! , If we sign the likes of Carr or Ridgewell im going to be gutted , Blues have or had 5 good players , 2 have gone to us and West.Brom , Gardener n Larsson have gone and the other is Dann , thats it so no point going for anyone else at that poor excuse for a club , I have seen rumours of a forward at Copenhagen we are after , and the blake to blues Dann to us rumour still does the mill , if that happened i would be over the moon , Blake can do a job but a new out n out goalscorer as 3rd choice would be ideal , as i said Blake in the 2 games ive seen him looks like big momma's long lost brother , way overweight ! , but Dann n Johnson would be PERFECTION and with Hennessey improving year on year the base of our defence would be ideal for now and years to come , Zubar n Foley makes the right back position sorted , and i wouldn't be bothered if we got a left back in or not if we got Dann , Midfield is more than ok for this season , maybe make a big move for an all round top midfielder if we comfortably stay up , Surely wwe could afford 5 million plus Blake for Dann ?? , Rumour has it he wants 65k a week at Blues , well he came from Cov right ? , well im sure he could not have been earning more than 25k a week at Blues as he never signed an extension there , so a 15k a week rise and to play with Johnson surely must appeal to him ? , lets just hope MM and the board go all out to get him :-)
Report Abuse
30/07/2011 14:21:00

Oh and there would be no point in selling Stears , IF IF IF we sign Dann then Craddock will be retired next season , Stears gone , only leaves Berra as back up , , ff we got Dann , then RJ and Dann first choice and Stears n Berra as back up would be an outstanding 4 centre backs to have on your books !
Report Abuse
30/07/2011 14:25:00

Thing is Oddy let Blakey "I'll get you Butler!" go then we have to replace him. He hardly lit up the Premiership in our first season back but they were all struggling- last season he chipped in with a few goals and I can't imagine us getting in anyone better for a the same money. Griffiths will no doubt go out on loan this week with the lower leagues kicking off whilst Vokes has most likely played his last game for the club; I would stick with what we have. On the topic of wages, I was trying to make the same very point. Even if Johnson and O'Hara are on 45k and 35k we have shed 12 players already this summer so yes, the books must already be balanced as far as wages go- hence my borderline fury at any suggestion we had completed our business. I give up second guessing at what is going on behind the scenes because it is a different story almost every day now. One day Mick says it is unlikely we will sign anyone else, today Moxey is saying we do not have to sell first and to boot, added that he and Mick are talking and working all the time on bringing players in and shipping some out. All in all we have effectively brought in one player. The outlay is next to nothing considering how much money the club has made, and if we don't do something about it we will struggle again next season.
New York City Wolf
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30/07/2011 19:52:00

Hey, Oddjob, I am not proposing that Doyle should be sold ... far from it. I read a report that MM was contemplating life at WW without our talisman. Put alongside comments about balancing the books and no more deals until we have done so, I made the connection, hopefully an erroneous one.
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31/07/2011 11:06:00

Now I read the MM is happy with the squad he has got. How can he be, expecially as it seems as though Ward was given the run around yesterday. I am happy for Ward to play up front but not at LB. It must be a ruse. Apart from a LB, I hope that we are secretly negotiating with Birmingham for Dann.
Report Abuse
31/07/2011 11:24:00

According to MM he is happy with the squad but are still talking to other clubs this is very confusing by all accounts 12 players have leftyet we have only bought 3 in 1 of them a goalkeeper and Ohara who we had for a third of last season plus RJ.iF we get injuries to certain players is the squad good enough not quite sure surley we must be looking at another 3-4 signings and 1 of them should not be S Carr i didnt think we needed a RB as we have enough cover or is it a ploy not to sign a CH as if im right did he not play Zubar there alongside Craddock or i could be mistaken.
Report Abuse
31/07/2011 12:25:00

Point well raised; Zubar was brought in as a central defender if a am not mistaken, who just so happened to have also played on the right in the past. He does stomp his way down the right wing and gets stuck in- I am a big fan, although like most he can go on to improve. With Foley, and Stearman available for the position it must be the one we have no need to look at. I maintain my stance. Taking nothing away from O'Hara, he was part of the team that danced with relegation for the final third of the season so as part of the team already I hardly consider him a new addition. We have indeed signed a back up keeper and of course The Roger. One signing. Two defenders, a midfielder and a striker are needed. Still.
New York City Wolf
Report Abuse
31/07/2011 20:20:00

City Wolf that was my point basically we have signed 1 outfield player from last season but according to reports we will not be splashing a lot of cash on any one else which beggars belief as most of the teams who finished above us have signed the same or more and alot of clubs are still trying to sign players. With 1 additional player MM says the squad is stronger but so is every 1 else and they all finished above us i truely hope this is just talk and theirs at least a couple more signings.
Report Abuse
31/07/2011 21:32:00

Hey guys :) I am back from holiday, wasnt here for 2 weeks, so I have a lots of reading to do here.... Check out this picture, I bought it in Prague : http://tinypic.com/view.php?pic=29qnk8p&s=7
Report Abuse
01/08/2011 11:24:00

Welcome back, PanFiluta. You might have spent a couple of weeks drinking Pilsner but I have had a day out in Wolverhampton where a quaffed a pint or two of Banks's Bitter.
Report Abuse
01/08/2011 11:45:00

Welcome back, PanFiluta. You might have spent a couple of weeks drinking Pilsner but I have had a day out in Wolverhampton where a quaffed a pint or two of Banks's Bitter.
Report Abuse
01/08/2011 11:45:00

Welcome back Pan. Kia- agreed. We can only hope it is talk because others are signing more and there is no reasoning behind us buying one player. The way it stands I have us for the bottom six.
New York City Wolf
Report Abuse
02/08/2011 01:36:00


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