Wolves - Would Stearman favour a move to Ipswich?
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Would Stearman favour a move to Ipswich?

Richard Stearman is determined to battle for his place at Wolves but could he have his head turned by Ipswich?

Ipswich manager Paul Jewell is reportedly planning a 1million bid for the defender.

With the signing of Roger Johnson, Stears has obviously dropped down the pecking order.

So would he favour a move to get regular first team football, or would he prefer to stay?

An interview with WOW would suggest he is happy to fight for his place and with him being quite versatile, capable of filling in at right back and centre half he does provide some useful options in a 25-man squad.

'It's going to be a big fight for the shirts at the start of the season and indeed throughout the season,' he told Wolves Official Website.

He added: 'Hopefully I can perform well and manage to take one of those shirts.

'I've played at right back and centre back over the last couple of seasons and I think it's sometimes good to prove your value to the team if you can play in different positions.

'I'm happy to play in either position when required and it's the old saying about not minding as long as you are on that teamsheet!'

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The Journalist

Writer: Akela Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Friday July 29 2011

Time: 11:05AM

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I've usually taken a negative view of Stearman, basically because he makes mistakes, loses concentration and gives away unnecessary fouls, often reckless ones and in dangerous positions. He would certainly get more time on the pitch at Portman Road. And yet, I would be unhappy to see him go. Apart from his utility value, which could prove crucial, if we do not sign any more defenders and injuries take their toll, I have this crazy belief that he might mature and eliminate his bad habits. He has all the essential attributes to become a top class defender: he has physical presence, is young and is still improving. He is quick, tackles well and is good on the counter-attack. He also scores goals. But can he reform?
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29/07/2011 11:51:00

Spot on. I have on repeated occasions over looked his sometimes ridiculous errors, which more often than not occur in dangerous positions his finger bounces off the panic button but he has all the attributes of a very good player. I would want at least double the figure that has been mentioned (I really don't know where some rags think up their valuations of players) but even then we would not be able to bring in anyone better. As Banks says, his versatility could prove crucial as the season unfolds and we lose players to injuery. For a time there he and Berra were developing a fairly impressive pairing but put two error prone players side by side and yes, you are going to get double the trouble. My concern is that Berra is the one being paired with Johnson which above anything else leans toward a fairly obvious grooming when in reality we should be signing another to play alongside Johnson- he is going to have to prove something special if he is expected to shore up such a rickety back line; I don't think one player, no matter how good he is can transform a back four. Just like Jody Craddock has bounced back more times than, well... one of those bouncy balls, Stears has managed similar. With age on his side I think he can still have an important future and we should keep him. At most I would let him go out on loan, if by some miracle we have signed two new defenders but even then, after two years in the Premiership what is he going to learn by dropping down a division? Right, I am off to work where I will try to think of things that bounce in impressive fashion.
New York City Wolf
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29/07/2011 15:05:00

What about a Sunday Sport babe running the 100 metres?
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29/07/2011 15:49:00

... in slow motion play-back!
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29/07/2011 15:51:00

Only think about this that makes it sound utterly ridiculous is they offer 1 million when he cost us the same amount , so do players with 2 years prem experience go for 1 million these days ?? , Tell Ipswich 3-4 million and they can have him !
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29/07/2011 18:01:00

oddjob does it really matter stearman after 2 years in prem has been found not good enough if we take last season we let more goals in than the season before. If we got 10m for stearman hahaha would we buy any body better i think wolves and moxey would try to do every thing as to not pay out for the fee or wages to get better players in.RJ was brill signing but where are the rest of the signings. If we take mm at his word we have signed 1 player and this is from a club that finished17th last season and were going to improve please someone tell me im wrong all replys welcome
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29/07/2011 23:27:00

Of course Stearman wont be sold for 1M he is worth at least three times that amount plus we will need him next season. I dont understand why Mick does not give him the spot alongside Johnson rather than give it to the shirt-tugging Berra.
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29/07/2011 23:41:00

I can't be bothered to check but I am pretty sure it was the local rag that mentioned a million which is typical- same as Milijias, according to the 'Star' is somehow only worth half what we paid for him- how could anyone reach that conclusion. No one at the club ever mentioned selling Milijias; the player himself said he was perfectly happy at the club and will be doing everything he can to get more games next season- tack on to that the fact Mick has been using him a fair bit in the warm up games; hopefully he will enjoy more game time next season. The Stears situation seems much the same. Jewell says he has not asked about the player. Last week Stearman was talking about the increased competition and his will to fight for his place. It's a nothing story. Anyway, about that Sunday Sport 'article.'
New York City Wolf
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30/07/2011 18:54:00

Yes he has struggled but he has also played very well in some games too so he proven he can play at this level , to say he was a right back for Leicester and marked some of the best strikers in the world at centre back and on the odd occasion got the better of them speaks volumes about the kid , but yeah of course hes only worth a million ! , Doyle ran Vidic ragged at Molineux , does that mean Vidic is worth 10 million and not 20 like we all know he is ? , Its laughable that a kid like Wickham who has done nothing in the game is sold for 8 million but a defender with 30 prem games under his belt is only worth a million ? , Ipswich ( if they have actually bidd which i doubt ) need to realise there own game and thats if they sell someone way over the odds they must be prepared to pay over the odds themselves !
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30/07/2011 22:09:00

Oh and from reports Wolves line up against Ipswich was De Vries , Foley Ward Zubar Craddock Davis Hamill Milijas Griffiths Keogh and Blake , And it was pretty even , Ipswich maybe getting the better of the game , Bowyer was very good but was playing against young Danny Davis so no wonder Ipswich had the better of the opening hour , But then our big boys came on and we won 2-1 through Hunt n Blake ( Pen which he earned himself ) , Subs in the last half hour onwards were O'Hara Berra Johnson Kightly Stearman Fletcher Henry Hunt Elokobi , Doyle and Hennessey not used , No Jarvo again due to a sore groin , will be missing for a few days as a precautionary , No Edwards n Guiedioura again though as still injured
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30/07/2011 22:16:00

Indeed sir. Ipswich are no Leicester! Otherwise we could probably pretend someone else was bidding and get 10 million in for the young snapper :) Reports of the game paint such a picture. Always rated Bowyer and sounds like he was indeed pulling the strings, which if anything underlines once more our need for another midfielder. I won't get into all that again at this point.
New York City Wolf
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31/07/2011 20:13:00

NYCW Bowyer marked an 18yr old youth/reserve player in Danny Davis , when our big guns came on Bowyer did naff all , dont read too much into it !
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01/08/2011 10:50:00

ODDJOB have you seen the reports about Jarvis a reported target for Arsenal at a reported 7m 1 we should not sell but if we do he is worth more if Downing is worth 17m and Young the same and they can only cross a ball with 1 foot surely Jarvis must be in ehe same price bracket like i said would not want to sell but money talks especially at 17-18m and we do have replacement in Hunt any thoughts
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01/08/2011 11:18:00

Dont take no notice of them , The board and MM have stated TIME AND TIME again that our big guns are not for sale , Liverpool Villa Villareal have all been linked and it soon died away , everyone knows Arsenal need defenders , they are gonna be selling Fabregas , you really think they would replace him with Jarvo , oh please hahaha ( no disrespect to Jarvo ) , Hunt aint a replacement as hes a first 11 starter as Jarvo will be on the opposite flank if hes fit for the start of the season naturally , I have seen the link but just as Doyle's was with Arsenal it will fade away , 7 million wouldn't get you Fletcher let alone Jarvis !
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01/08/2011 12:27:00

what about joey barton on a free Newcastle have told him he can leave that would be competion for henry
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01/08/2011 16:06:00

Now that signing i would like , Barton n O'hara has quality and bite , and hey if we need to play the 4-5-1 in games those 2 with Henry would be very good , I doubt we would sign him but McCarthy likes him , I just think clubs like Everton/Sunderland/Fulham well all bottom half clubs will want him so we will have compeition , be a class signing if we could make it happpen !
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01/08/2011 16:24:00

In the words of the song,who do Newcastle think they are? Letting Barton go on a free,means he's going to go to a club in direct competition with them for league placings. This can't be Pardew making a decision based on the players ability, that's for sure.
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01/08/2011 18:17:00

ODDJOB THE THREE MMMs should make it happen if they did it could it could be a pivitol point as to where The Wolves are going and a big statement to other clubs we are not small time but for some reason dont think it will happen just a feeling the way things are going as in statements from Mcarthy and Moxey. We do not expect any more dealings but we are still talking to other clubs what does that mean?The wife is Newcastle think would be great signing for us "you've got him on a free you're on a no win situation"is what she said.
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01/08/2011 22:04:00

All4divisions the wife said you are quite true on what you say she is absolutley disgusted with what the board and ashley has done to her team.
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01/08/2011 22:10:00

Oddy I was just saying that Bowyer has been a good player wherever he has been and to boot he will do them a job next season. Anyways, I asked what people thought of Barton months ago; I think he would be our best signing in years if we could get him. Unfortunately he thinks he is the best English midfielder not playing for England so I can't imagine him signing for us; we certainly would not pay the wages either and it's all ridiculous. I would make him our top earner. He is worth a hefty chunk so once you have crossed out the transfer fee you are just paying his wages, which of course he will, and should, expect in plentiful amounts. I think he has grown up without losing his bite; for a midfielder he has got the lot. Sadly he won't be signing for us. As for Fat Mike at Newcastle it only makes me grateful we have got Morgan in charge. Ashley must be laughing his socks off after last season, the money he made back on the club; releasing Barton must have his personal accountant applauding.
New York City Wolf
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02/08/2011 02:00:00

Well Yorkie Capello gave Jarvo an England call up so its not like lesser clubs get ignored for international call ups , the only thing that worries me is our wage cap is 40k a week and hes going to demand more than that ! so like you think i doubt he will sign for us , its said top prem and european clubs are chasing him , he cant fly out the country to America so god help him in Europe hahahaha , People have had a pop at us for not splashing out etc this year but hey thank the gods we dont have Ashley for a chairman !!
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02/08/2011 08:20:00

"One by one, those that have crossed Mike Ashley's path are being picked off, just like the enemy entering a sniper's line of fire.."Have copied that from VitalNewcastle.Like you say,NY & OJ,let's count our blessings.The grass isn't always greener.It's as though Ashley is a particularly vindictive Mackem, who's being given chance to kill Newcastle from the inside out.Good job, so far.
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02/08/2011 08:47:00

You cannot contrast the actions of our management with worst practice in order to justify their over cautious approach to the transfer market. Of course, they have to be careful but when calculating the cost of potential recruits, they have to factor in the cost of the potential consequences of not buying them.
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02/08/2011 09:10:00

Strictly speaking,SB,it isn't an over cautious approach,until the window has closed.Two signings before then,and the world seems a different place.IF this is it,then clearly the budget set aside for transfers was less than we imagined it would be.That then brings into question the 16mill stand,on top of the obvious accusations of not only having stood still on team investment,but actually having gone backwards.We'll see.
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02/08/2011 09:25:00

Absolutely, A4D ... we can only guess what is going on and, as a result, we need to reserve judgement until we have to judge. Even so, the point I was making has general application. Just because the 3M adopt a more rational approach than Ashley does (not difficult), it doesn't mean that we have to accept everything they do. Well, in the last resort, we have to, but we should be free to criticize them when we genuinely feel that they are in error. Moreover, unless they take us completely into their confidence, we can only comment on their public actions and utterances. If 3M suddenly pull out a solid and reliable CB and a LB out of the hat in the next couple of weeks - or even in this transfer window- I will be the first one to apologize.
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02/08/2011 10:00:00

Southbank i agree we sit in the dark and dont have a clue whats going on as i have said it is confusing 1 comes out and says dont think there will be any more signings but in the next sentence but we are still talking to other clubs about certain players.Does this mean we are still trying to signother players or are they just saying this as to try and keep the fans happy.
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02/08/2011 11:01:00


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