Wolves - We could upset United
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We could upset United

Could Wolves really pile more misery on to Sir Alex Ferguson and his Manchester United side on Saturday?

Crystal Palace in the Carling Cup and Basle in the Champions League have both managed to upset Manchester United over the past week.

Next up is us.

Some will argue that it is great timing, we get to kick them while they are down and spring yet another upset.

Others will argue that they are likely to attack like a wounded animal and we're going to be on the receiving end of a battering.

A quick flick over to the Vital Wolves forum indicates that not many of us expect to get anything from this game, with the matches against Stoke and Norwich the more important games.

But no one can every accuse our Mick of being a quitter and he isn't taking the same view.

"Supporters tend to look past United and see two matches we should win.' McCarthy told the Express & Star.

He added: "That`s not necessarily the truth, as we proved last season, and Stoke and Norwich will both be tough.

"There`s no point looking beyond United, but we might get a point, or win, who knows? I never go anywhere and think we`re going to get beat."

Vital Wolves Comment: This week, Mick McCarthy suggested that if someone asked the Wolves fans who still backed him as gaffer, then he would get a positive response from about 80% of the fan base.

So we thought we would put that theory to the test and have made it our front page poll.

Currently our Mick is virtually spot on with 82% backing him, 15% not in favour of him remaining as manager and 3% sitting on the fence.

To vote, please find the voting panel to the right of this article.

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The Journalist

Writer: Akela Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Friday December 9 2011

Time: 12:00PM

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Go on the Wolves!
Tottenham Hotcore
Report Abuse
09/12/2011 13:30:00

One unconvincing win and we're gonna do united... its a wind up right ? As for your poll, if that had been taken before the Sunderland game the %'s would have been reversed which makes me question the integrity of my Wulfrunian contemporaries... Johnson and Henry will be back in the side quicker than you can shout "favourite" and its back the same old same old. However, we must live in hope, and to this end lets hope mick starts with the same side as last Sat, with obvious exception Craddock, and play Hammil from the start. Come on You Wolves
Report Abuse
09/12/2011 14:21:00

Unfortunately, I tend to agree with you, AdMant. But, we do live in hope in spite of the rational bit of our mind telling us not to be so daft.
Report Abuse
09/12/2011 16:28:00

I don't see why you can't at least get a point out of this one TBH. The rags aren't exactly ripping up trees at the moment, what with their run of 1-0 wins, largely due to the presence of Vidic. He's missing, their morale will be rock bottom, and most of their "star players" like Shrek are seriously out of form. Have a bit of faith in your team and manager and attack the hell out of them. (P.S. With Vidic Played 10, 3 goals conceded. Without Vidic Played 13 19 goals conceded) Go get 'em!
Report Abuse
09/12/2011 16:33:00

Encouraging stats there FCB, and I actually do fancy us to nick a goal... but you need to understand just how poor we are at the back... I doubt there is a championship side that would struggle to find the back of our net - even with one of the best 'keepers in the country we're still shipping nearly 3 goals a game and mick mccarthy has done absolutely nothing to address this. 3-1 to United, easy, then on to a couple of very tricky games indeed.
Report Abuse
09/12/2011 17:12:00

I have to say I don't know eight people that think MM is going to move us forward, let alone eight out of every ten. Those that boo at the first oportunity are a minority but they don't represent the total number against him. He definitely benefits from the silence of others.Having said that, he comes very close at times to reading support for the team (as there undoubtedly was on sunday) as an endorsement from the crowd of him personally.As AdMant pointed out, a poll taken before the Sunderland game would have looked different. As JM will tell you, fans are fickle...well some are.As for Vidic being out, big deal really. Had our problems been solely a matter of not scoring, a CH missing might make some difference. As it is though, of course, we've been neither able to defend nor create opportunities.Lets first hope that our goal diff. doesn't take too big a hammering.
Report Abuse
09/12/2011 18:10:00

Well, good luck to you whatever happens. Anything can happen on the day!
Report Abuse
09/12/2011 20:44:00

Any points won against teams like MU should be bonus points, not points needed to make up for those lost against fellow relegation candidates. Moreover, they have only nominal value. It is the six-pointers that really matter - had the Blackburn(a) and Wigan(h) games gone the way they did last season, bottom of the table would now read: WW 8, Bolton 9, S'land 11, Wigan 12, B'burn 13. Bottom of the table and 4 points adrift , instead of 4 points from the drop zone.
Report Abuse
09/12/2011 22:01:00

As I have said before, pretty much all family and friends back home are Wolves, and based on their responses and those of fellow Wolves based in New York, I can't think of one who thinks anything is going to change for Wolves whilst Mick is there. Yes we are grateful we are in the Premiership, yes we are grateful of everything he has done but the club is stuck. We are facing a third relegation battle and with the money coming through the club we should not be in this position- there should have been progress. The season holds four highlights- the first two games and then us managing to win two must win games, as in must win for Mick. Last season we stayed up under unusual circumstances; somehow beating most of the top sides- this season we have at least beaten a couple of struggling teams but as usual the only consistency is us losing significantly more games than we win. He still can't organize a back four, the fundamental to any team surely and our results usually spur from acts on desperation. Full credit to the players because I think their heads are being pumped full of ***** everyday on the training ground and they somehow manage to pull out the stops to keep this man in a job. Beat Wigan and Sunderland at home? Slow hand clap from me. He should have gone at the end of last season. On paper our squad is much better than many I could mention below or above us. If they said in summer they were going to scrimp and settle for anything that resulted in a fourth season in the Premiership I would not complain but tickets are being sold on false promises. If you are going to propose such grand visions then don't be surprised that people complain. The poll is up now, it will be up in two months and near the end of the season when we are struggling for survival again. We have already seen one of the best club managers around take another job last week, so what are the options now? Mick forever.
New York City Wolf
Report Abuse
10/12/2011 01:42:00

Could. Same word went for Man C and Chelsea. I am interested in Should: the six-pointers - Stoke, Norwich, Bolton, coming up.
Report Abuse
10/12/2011 07:06:00

So do I take it you have had enough of Merlin Wolfie??,someone said they fancy us to nick a goal,well if we do they will nick three or four.Chelsea were on a bad run of form when we went to the bridge and look what happened there!.The home games are where it counts and if we lose those Wolfie may well get his wish.I think an honourable defeat today with us looking for maximum points next two games,never mind Wolfie it will be emotional.UTW.
Crete Wolf
Report Abuse
10/12/2011 09:35:00

Once again a timely intervention by Yorkie tells us exactly how it is. The word from the MU camp (my sister-in-law and her MU supporting husband are staying with us for the weekend) is that they want to exorcize the week's disasters by taking us apart today. It's the kind of banter I am normally subjected to whenever he's around but I am afraid that it might happen. Every time we win a match our expectations go through the roof, whether regarding the performance of the players or the ability of our manager. With us, it really is the triumph of hope over experience. Thank goodness for WH, who single-handedly stops us from going down in double figures.
Report Abuse
10/12/2011 09:52:00

1-0 Wolves today !!! Have faith....lol Seriously.....anything today is a bonus. This is some what of a free hit with our 4 point cushion. Next games will show us where we really are. We need a CB in the tranny window and another LB. Would have liked to have seen Hammill playing but I can see why he wants KH in Midfield. At least he has gone 4-4-2. UP THE WOLVES!!!!! have faith you, you , you bunch of doubters. :P
Report Abuse
10/12/2011 14:49:00

Writing this after the game,Henry I thought looked out of his depth, especially first half,without wanted to repeat others throughout the season so far the defence is still our weak link. I am with Wolfie here,its down to the coach to identify these points and correct them,you take one of the prems best centre backs and within three games he's been reduced to a shadow of his former self,with all confidence drained away from him. We need another centre back and a full back/centre back,plus a good holding defensive midfielder,the rest we can go with until next year or until we get someone in with fresh ideas,that for me could be another fresh head to assist Merlin,a seasoned player/coach to help MM with his decision making as Coco I think has had long enough!.Look at the league table and see where Norwich and Swansea are! and all I keep hearing is we are three points better off than last year!,guess what?,I dont care,I care that these teams are above us and one of them has been to us and left with a point and to be honest they should have left with more!.I would suggest we suspend the Site poll for two weeks and ask the question after xmas,I would think maybe the figures would be slightly different. We are a very expectant support,but is not that a good thing?we want to be not survivors in this league but leaders,we have the history,we have the facilities,we have the support,what we need is the leadership to take us up to that next level. Maybe Merlin is that man, but at the very least I think he needs help,to quote a famous film title "Somethings gotta give".UTW.
Crete Wolf
Report Abuse
10/12/2011 17:47:00

You were sadly correct in your predictions...
Report Abuse
10/12/2011 19:50:00

I don't think we are far off being a decent mid-table team but we have deffo gotta sort out that defence. We need someone to back Johnno up and bring his confidence back. One of my biggest issues is our lack of pace across the field. We haven't got one player who can tear a defence apart with sheer pace yet week in week out I see wingers come to Molinuex and run us ragged. The lack of pace is really holding us back as we can't break defences down and our sluggish defence can't cope. Fletch is the one shining light in our Team. A real natural goalscorer. If you feed the Fletch ......he will score. Give us a couple of young, speedy loanee's or buys for XMAS Mr Morgan. I also agree that all the attention goes on MM yet TC has been here through successive managers and yet...nothing has changed. Give MM a new Coach with fresh ideas. On the game.......Yes Man U were better (Did any of us really expect anything less) but having watched the game once Edwards came off and MM changed the formation, I thought we did OK. I think Jarvo probably had his best game this season to be fair.
Report Abuse
10/12/2011 20:38:00

It was a better performance than last week but we do need to strengthen our defence. Slack marking let us down again. However, the back four were not entirely to blame because MU waltzed through our midfield as if it were non-existent. The only positive aspect of the game was the re-emergence of Jarvis. If he continues to improve and consistently puts the ball on Fletcher's head in the box, we will score goals.
Report Abuse
10/12/2011 23:15:00

Umm ... a better performance than the one against Chelsea.
Report Abuse
11/12/2011 00:01:00

Now you see why, fifthcolumnblue. There is a whole division seperating the two teams. If you analyse the victories against the big clubs last season dispassionately, you will see that, apart from the one at Anfield perhaps, luck palyed a major part in those results. Not that Wolves were lucky, more rather that the opposition were unlucky in failing to put away their chances. Feet on the gound. Optimistic yes, but on all accounts, realistic.
Report Abuse
11/12/2011 02:07:00

I think it speaks volumes for the patience and leniency we are showing Mick when most of us would at least settle for a compromise as in seeing a new coach come into assist and bring something fresh to the table. Coco has outlived many managers at the club, all I can say is he must make a blinding cup of tea.
New York City Wolf
Report Abuse
13/12/2011 14:18:00

Not me, Yorkie: if things don't turn round by the January window, I think they should both go. It's not going to be easy picking up any points before then. We can forget Arsenal, while Stoke and Norwich are going well and Bolton Wanderers are in a false position. It would be just our luck for the Trotters to turn the corner by the time we play them. If neither WW or BW improve and both managers lose their jobs (there was speculation about OC in The Guardian today), I would like to see Coyle at Molineux. It won't happen though because both clubs have remarkably tolerant chairmen. Which match are you going to watch, Yorkie?
Report Abuse
13/12/2011 15:25:00

...and how is he expected to succeed at Molineux where he failed at the Reebock, and at Turf Moor before that. Moreover, I do not like his accent. Why, MM speaks Queen's English in comparison.
Report Abuse
13/12/2011 18:43:00

Would you rather that Fletcher did not play for us then, lovesW? I take your serious point about OC but, as The Guardian pointed out today, there are mitigating factors. He certainly turned Bolton round when he took over and I think he could a similar job for us.
Report Abuse
13/12/2011 20:08:00

Well, they both should at the end of the season but a few cracks have appeared in the bullet proof suit and a failure to pick up significant points from the next two games crank the pressure going into a very touch christmas; as for the games I am definitely going up against Norwich- anyone else? Beers are a must, and I have just realized how close that is! So let's nominate a boozer? I'm not flying out til the 3rd so if I can get a ticket, I shall be going to the Chelsea game as well.
New York City Wolf
Report Abuse
15/12/2011 13:19:00


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