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Kenwyne Jones would be an exciting addition

I'll admit I'm excited about the recent Wolves link to Stoke striker Kenwyne Jones.

The Trinidad & Tobago International is an exciting player and I'd love to see him at Molineux playing alongside Fletcher and Doyle.

Big, strong, quick and with good feet, I've often wondered why he's played for the likes of Southampton, Sheffield Wednesday, Sunderland and Stoke instead of the bigger clubs.

But despite having quite a few clubs under his belt and not making the so-called step-up, he is still only 27-years-old, which means he is about to come into his peak and could become even better.

Now for a striker who has already scored 76 goals in English football over the past few years, that is an interesting prospect!

The only problem I see is that our apparent transfer budget for January is around the 4.5million according to the E&S.

We've spent some of that on Iceland international Eggert Jonsson who will be joining from Hearts, which leaves Mick McCarthy's around 4million to spend at a guess.

Kenwyne Jones moved to Stoke just 16 months ago for 8,000,000.

In 2007 Sunderland paid 6,000,000 for him, so I have to doubt whether he is honestly in our price range at the moment in time.

Perhaps the kitty could be expanded if he really was available? I'd have to argue that on this one occasion it would well be worth it.

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The Journalist

Writer: Akela Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Thursday December 22 2011

Time: 10:00AM

Your Comments

If he's available and wants to come, we should find the 6m or so. He would be a great addition and, by showing that we have real ambition, attract others as well. I'll swap my BW stand ticket for one in an unroofed SC stand for years to come if need be! Sod the ground improvements, let's get some decent players in!
I'd really not like to see our entire budget blown on a centre-forward. However exciting sounding. Our inadequacies must be prioritised, which, as most of us agree most weeks, means sorting out the defence. I'm afraid my mind is made up about RJ i.e. we signed a dud.Adding him to Berra and Stearman just means we now have 3 CH's short of the required ability as oppose to two.I'm willing (at least in part) to accept loveW's opinion that the team is systematically underperforming-that it's not the pupils, it's the teachers.I think most of us would agree;that's so often the case.Will signing players make a difference, if we know it's then up to MM and TC to get the best out of them?
A4D: I am with you on this one. I am not saying that we blow the lot on KJ, merely that the money should be made available to buy him and a holding midfielder and central defender. I thought RJ was very poor on Tuesday, far worse than Berra, who is making some progress. Stop the rebuilding process if we need to find more money. It's a question of priorities and at the moment we clearly need to improve our squad. We hardly ever fill the ground as it is.I also agree that the coaching staff is partly to blame for the team's underperformances. Look at what has happened to Sunderland now that O'Neill is in charge. Two wins in two games. We could have appointed him had the board not had its collective head in the sand. It will always be a struggle with MM.
I'm seeing a bigger picture here people. Why are we being linked with an 8 mil striker that we can't afford??? Oh hang on..... How much are Liverpool offering for Fletch. I heard that its a figure in excess of 10 mil. I suspect KJ is being lined up to fill the gap. Not so sure it works for me. KJ for Fletch. ..... Hmmm
Well,SB, if SM wants to suddenly show us the money, that's a different matter entirely.In reality, however,I shouldn't think there's much chance of multiple signings, that would require a transfer fee of any significant amounts. The cost to purchase Jones permanently, is probably greater than the total budget MM has been given.As for the 'other' spends, i've no problem with the 3mill or so that's going on the academy as part of the Compton Project. What Redrow(and others) choose to do with the other 47mill of their money on that site is up to them, and of no matter to me as aWolves fan.The decision to go ahead with the development of the ground,however, I still think was premature. Getting 'established' as a credible PL club should have come first i.e. invest in the squad, keep collecting those big fat cheques from the tv companies. By all means 'run a tight ship' AND have it written into the plan that monies were to be put aside for ground development-based on it not being large enough for the 30,000+ that want to attend every home match.The only way that will ever be necessary is if the team is turning in the kind of performances that will attract them.Having said that, I still believe the reason SM wanted to push ahead with the new stand has more to do with the potential revenue from the new banqueting/conference/party facilities that will be housed inside it, rather than it's use purely on a match day.JM has already muted that phase two is now in question,but I still view the millions gone on the stand as three or four players we didn't sign. I think they got it wrong, just how wrong remains to be seen come May.
Can anybody point me in the direction of the sources behind these 'links'? I'm a bit behind and haven't read any of them.
Just cant see us signing KJ and allowing SF to leave i have always sais their is money in the kitty and a lot more than 4.5 million thats been banded about. But we also need a CH and a midfielder now that JOH is crocked i know something we are scoreing more goals now than before but if we have to score 2-3 or more to win a match we need to get the defence sorted first.
Give the lad from hearts a chance, he could be the CD we need,has for the ground we need to get it done, we dropped behind in the 50s when we one of the top three teams in the country and maybe even europe, we were left behind, even if they stopped the building programme after the SC is finished can you see us getting the sort of quality players that you are on about for 40 million? Has o'nelly and sunderland A4D forgot Spurs have we? er 1.0 defeat I think! I have commented a lot on Mick, being lucky enough to see the Stan Cullis and his team I believe that Mick is on a par with him. OK lets tell you a story: There is team in the midlands that needs a new manager! I know of one that took over a club whose manager walked out on them, leaving them in a right mess, so much so that their fans feered relegation. Now this new guy has gone in and spent one million quid? rebuilding the team, in his first season got them into the top 6, in his second season missed the top 6 by one goal, in his third season took them up has champions and then in the next two seasons kept them in the premiership (all be it with a struggle?) and is so far keeping them up for a third season!!! and their fans want him out-I think we might be able to get him? mind you Bruce is still out of work as well? and we might also get Kean! Hughes would want money and lots of it? plus there is always the chance that he would walk once a better offer came along, sometimes we miss the point and wish for something that could turn sour! Ok Mick has his favorites-what manager doesn't. Have a great xmas and here's to a better 2nd half to the season.
I never mentioned O'Neill, or sacking MM, or naming a replacement.Your comparison of McCarty with Cullis is just too ridiculous for words.
Could we buy players that would improve us with 40million to spend? I'm sure we could. I'm not sure what you meant by the quality of players i've been 'on about', but the only reference I made was the cost of the north bank equates to the value of three or four players, taking O'Hara and Johnson's fees as a guide.But, yes, i'm sure if MM was presented with 40million he'd be able to improve his squad.
I see perfect sense in building during a slump in the market. Ultimately probably saved millions. Sadly... You need to be able to fill it which would be very hard in the Championship. The Prem is the only place to be if you want to improve as a club. I would not want us to spend beyond ours means but we also know that sometimes you need to speculate to accumulate. Investment in January is an absolute must if we want to save ourselves from another survival Sunday like last year. 15 mil spent wisely will ensure 40/50 mil next season. As for MM......if anyone can name one manager that is available that is available and will be able to guarantee forward momentum.... Then I'll listen.
Anybody looking for a place to hold an 'event' utilising any of the new features of The Molineux isn't really going to be too concerned about how the team is performing.The facilities will be genuine cash generators,regardless of 'events' on the pitch, i'm sure. I'm not suggesting for a second that it isn't a genuine investment, or that it's throwing money away.But I do believe that it was cash that could have been given to the manager, and now isn't there to give.Was the North Bank really so ramshackle as a place to watch football that it couldn't have waited a few years?The concept of a state of the art ground is, of course, to be welcomed but not by restricting the transfer budget so tightly.As a consequence i'm sure there's nowhere near 15million to be made available.
Purely paper talk.
Crete Wolf
Jones would a monumental waste of money. We don't need that type of player. Surely our priority has to be to strenthen the defence. Christopher Samba would be my pick. UTW!!
If the Chef is poor, giving him better ingredients won't make a better Chef of him. In our case, it concerns the entire kitchen staff, it seems.
No names for a new manager then???
No, lovesW it wouldn't make a better chef of him, but would make a better meal.
A4D: you perfectly encapsulate the issue of spending money on revamping the stadium or using it to acquire a squad that will keep us in the PL. As you state, the conferencing &c facilities will prove a money spinner in their own right but they will take years to break even, never mind to generate the income that will enable us to create a top-class PL team. In the meantime, the diversion of funds away from team-building will have a detrimental effect on the quality of the squad. At this point, we have to remind ourselves of the priorities of the club. We are a soccer club, one with a glorious history, but which is currently struggling to stay in the PL and, incidentally, to benefit from the millions available to us, if we do so. John Wolf: I recognize your support for MM, which you have passionately espoused on this site on more than one occasion. I, too, want to salute his contribution to the club, which has been considerable. But, I honestly feel that he cannot take us any further and that we are always going to struggle in the PL if he remains in charge, that is, if we manage to keep a toe-hold in it. I don't think he likes dealing with independently-minded players, is thin-skinned but stubborn and is a tactical plodder. You and I remember the Cullis era at WW and, while it was a far less sophisticated game at the time, it was nonetheless just as hard to win titles and cups, and manage players. In this respect, there's no comparison: SC was a far better manager than MM is ever likely to be.
No new manager. Be realistic lads. SM firing MM is as likely as Malta qualifying for the World Cup finals. Conscious of that, I will continue to support the manager, just because his success is Wolves' success. In time there will be a new manager, but I would say not even SM has any vague idea at the moment as to when that may be. And no diversion of funds either - that is part of the long-term view. The short- to medium-term difficulties will be tackled with short- to medium-term measures, but tackled they must be. Bottom line is, all is in the hands of one man. All others, without any exception, are the numpties.
I agree totally with A4D - we should have concentrated on securing our premiership status before spending on the ground improvements. While I concede the advantages of starting the work, now the fact remains that if we do get relegated this will have proven to have been the wrong decision. I believe our survival will be as hard fought as last season and will go down to the wire. We should have bought players to have really made the difference before the start of this season. For example we were wrong to have gone for RJ instead of Dann who was readily available and would have been the injection of quality we needed in the central defence. I hope Jonsson will make an immediate impact in the team but yet again we seem to be looking to buy players on the cheap. Finally although I do rate Kenwyne Jones our problem is we have a poor defence and a midfield that could use an injection of quality - we dont need Jones as much as we need to address those problems....
Is a CB the priority or a LB? Johnson ain't going anywhere and to be fair to Berra, He looks the better of the two in recent weeks. Against both Stoke and Nirwich , I thought he did really well. A quality LB would certainly help out and maybe allow Ward to help out up front. Mohamed Diame was immense the other night......... He would walk into our midfield with ease. If we are gonna take a punt in the loan market... Then let's get one of the young arsenal starlets in.
I think we're most likely to see loan signings (to run 'til the end of the season) than we are to see millions spent on an individual, or two or three.I don't get into the game of naming targets because I don't see the point, to be honest. It's like predicting the score- a bit of harmless fun but nothing to get into arguments over. Having said that...Samba? Yes please! I'll carry him down, if necessary...might need some help though!I'm not totally won over by lovesW's argument which (correct me if i'm wrong) goes:The players are good enough it's the coaching and organisation of the team that's to blame.I don't think the crop we had at the start of the season was going to do any better than it has.So, no, I only partly attribute our shortcomings toMM and/or TC's coaching and organisation of the team.The players themselves have let the manager down time and time again. The stick he's taken on their behalf is to be admired and I commend him fully for it-I just wish he wouldn't feel the need to call me names whilst he's doing it.Where I do tend to agree with lovesW, is in the belief that the couple or so 'tent'(as oppose to 'marquee') signings we're likely to make won't adjust our finishing position in the league significantly.Or, to carry on the chef metaphor: I don't think the likely quality of ingredients we get, will enhance the meal noticeably.Rather than be the difference between mid-table and a battle against relegation,they'd more likely, at best, prove the difference between a battle against relegation and relegation.Where I do agree, is the pragmatic approach to MM's position; he ain't going anywhere. Not yet, at any rate. Obviously I hope Jonsson makes a difference and any more additions should be to the centres of both defence and midfield. As for who they'll be....ask the predictor of the Norwich game, who wrote:"...entertaining end-to-end stuff, anyone's game, I go for a 2-2 draw". Now there's getting it right, lovesW and there's getting it very right!
Rustmonkey i take your point with RJ i still think he will come good as for Berra yes has improved but sooner or later the guy is going to give a penalty away and get sent of for his tendency to rugby tackle in the penalty area. I have quoted 2 or 3 times about Diame out of contract in the summer will Wigan sell to Wolves arelegation rival and would Diame come just for another relegation battle dont know. i do know one thing before we try to sign Jones we need 2 or 3 other players in first of pl quality.Its nothing to do with certain players like Hammil but what has he done for us yes young could improve but we need experience now not up and coming young players. Nothing against Frimpsong but i would rather go for Gardener of Sunderland proven PL midfielder who scores goals, Dont know how much money MM has to spend i just know it needs to be more than 4.5m it needs to be more in the region of 10 that could get us 2 quality signings plus a loanee and we could be alright utw all the best for xmas everyone.
I agree with most of what you say, kiawolves, but I think that Frimpong would add much needed bite to our midfield. It would make players like Henry and JOH try a little harder. I also think that we should prioritise a CD but don't feel that it is an either/or situation: a striker or a CD. With three quality signings upfront, in midfield and at the back we would survive and that's worth a lot more than we would be paying. I have no comment to make on our Icelandic acquisition at the moment because I would like to see him in action first. From the posts he seems to be a utility player in the SW mould but, if he is OK as a CD, he would add competition, making Berra keep his hands to himself and forcing RJ to do some sprint training with the athletes at Aldersley Stadium.
All4D: 'foreseeing' in my mind's eye how a game will go is one thing, it doesn't happen all the time, it is not something I attempt to do, either, it comes of itself when it does- there was none of it for the Stoke game, for instance, and for most of the other matches up to now- having a shot at the names of possible new signings is another. For one thing, great effort is needed, it is something one has to do, for another, restating my stance, I cannot see anyone, but anyone whosoever,making a difference unless the overall organization of the defence, and of the midfield to a lesser extent, is given precedence and priority. You too got it right: it is my general assessment of the situation. I do not even follow the rumours going round regarding new signings. When a deal is done(Jonsson) I see it as an addition of a new sparking plug to an engine about to cease. REORGANIZE THE DEFENCE. That is the one thing necessary.
Some ot these Wolves players we talk about looking better recently is true but,we have been playing against the weaker teams in the division allthough we have struggled for points!!.Lets see if they look as good over the next couple of weeks.UTW.
Crete Wolf
SB the reason i would go for Gardener is if we got him on loan then we could buy him in the summer. With Frimpong we are just developing him for the future for arsenal to come back and haunt us. And my point on the in their early young and up and coming is the ones we have most were young when we bought them in their early twenties now there three to four years older and have been found wanting.
Although you are reluctant to admit it, lovesW, the tenor of your comments are anti-MM. If, as you say, it's not the players' fault that we are in this position but rather poor tactics and a badly organized defensive set-up, you must be placing the blame elsewhere. The Icelandic guy will also be a test of MM's scouting team's ability to unearth undiscovered gems ... and, his ability to avoid ruining them when they come to Molineux.
One thing is for sure...... Nobody can say that the contributors on here aren't passionate and mature. We all have opinions... Some of them differ but I never see anyone getting involved in an outright slanging match. That in itself is very refreshing. When all is said, one thing is certain.......we all want to see our beloved Wolves succeeding. Wishing you all a merry Christmas and a happier new year . Hopefully Santa will be bringing me a new ipad2 so I'll actually be able type properly instead of attempting to squeeze my sausage fingers onto an iPhone screen. May your God bless you all. ;)
That's very kind of you to say so, Rustmonkey, but secretly I know that all those who disagree with me are not true WW aupporters.
As no-one has risen to the bait of my last post, I would like to add that it is nice to get involved in such a good debate and one that is conducted in a civilised fashion. In this respect, what do people think of reports of our Academy players leaving the club and why do so few of them make it to the first team? Malone is set to go to Bournemouth for 150,000, a sum that will barely cover the cost of the years training him up. Given that he is a left back, surely he would have warranted more time on the pitch. And Batth will probably leave too. Of course, in our predicament, we have to chose older, more experienced but not necessarily more talented players, whereas MU &c can blood their youngsters in less challenging matches as, for example, games against us.
SB, I think it speaks volumes that this latest product of our Yoof Setup to be stamped 'not good enough', plays in the position, considered by most (up until this season, at least), to be our achilles heel.Only SW could convince me he's a left back-and he hasn't.Last ditch, goal saving tackles(however welcome they were) haven't change my overall view of his defensive shortcomings.I think i'm right in saying that with Malone's departure, we now have no specialised LB at the club. Not one, let alone cover for that one.As you point out, 150k will contribute to the cost of training him but little else.Arsenal famously run their academy as a cash cow. Wenger cherry picks one or two (e.g.Walcott/Wilshere) now and then and sells what he doesn't want at a profit affecting the club's bottom line, let alone merely covering costs.Dario Gradi did it for 20yrs or more at Crewe. I remember manager after manager at Wolves,claiming the production of players through the youth teams was something they would passionately champion.Pointing out the obvious:if a club nurtures it's own talent, it saves millions in future transfer fees.And yet here we are, about to sell a young LB of our own making, in the certain knowledge that, sooner rather than later, we're going to have to sign one.
I would like him to do something about it, Southbank, he MUST do something about it. SM has been patient enough, so why not a numptie like myself? So it is more of a benevolent 'in' criticism, rather than being anti in the sense of wanting to see the back of him. In your argument you are absolutely right then, I see it as his fault, but not as to the conclusion...and, take this as a standard, I am never reluctant to admit anything. There would be no problem whatsoever. All the best for the New Year, Southbank - I notice your comments are getting longer. You are on the way to recovery. Can we say the same for WW?
Precisely my feelings, A4D. I know I should have set this question up as a separate Akela-esque thread but it fits neatly into this one. In essence, we are dealing here with the consequences of the failure of our Academy programme, namely, how we would spend millions of pounds to fill in gaps in the squad. Will Zeli Ismail be the next to go?
LovesW: I have just been banned from travelling to any matches until the end of January at least, and I still have to resist doing things that aggravate the injury, like typing on the keyboard. However, I find it imposssible to stay out of the discussions, given how strongly I feel about the issues involved and the depth of my concern for the fortunes of the club. Not that my views will make a blind bit of difference to the thinking of the powers that be.
What you need from santa banksy is a touch screen set up,that should be better for you.Merry xmas to all and all that you wish for in 2012.UTW
Crete Wolf

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