Wolves - Are you in favour of Mick McCarthy? Results
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Are you in favour of Mick McCarthy? Results

One month ago Wolves gaffer Mick McCarthy stated that he thought he had the backing of around 80% of the Wolves supporter base.

His comments came after the Sunderland game when he thought his head may well have been on the chopping block.

We were four points clear of the bottom three and McCarthy had gained some breathing space.

But since that time the McCarthy out bandwagon has regained its momentum, Wolves have failed to win since, losing three of the last six fixtures.

We may have played Manchester United, Arsenal and Chelsea in that period, but it is clear that some Wolves fans have had enough.

Our Mick did stay around the 80% level for a while, but as time passed and the results followed his backing on Vital Wolves appears to have decreased to just 46%.

It still indicates that he does have some backing, but perhaps the tide has shifted and as Neil Warnock will tell, sometimes you never know what is around the corner.

Full Results

Are you in favour of Mick McCarthy staying as manager?

Poll Date: 07 Dec 2011

Suggested By: Mick McCarthy

No 51%

Yes 46%

Sitting on the fence for now 3%

Our new poll suggested by Crete Wolf asks:

Last season on the 1st Feb we had 21 points, how many will we reach this year?

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The Journalist

Writer: Akela Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Monday January 9 2012

Time: 12:00PM

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Just for the craic, I had a look at the latest bookies odds for the 'winner' of what they euphemistically refer to as "The Sack Race".Kean-Evens,Coyle 11/4,AVB 4/1 and McLeish 8/1 are the current fav's.MM is @10/1 with his oppo at Wigan 16/1.I don't know where Warnock stood, it was his sacking that prompted me to look.So, according to the accoutants of the turf, Chelsea are 2.5 times more likely to sack their manager then Wolves are to sack theirs.A fine example of relativity if ever there was one.Relativity of expectations, I mean.I'd go along with those odds,taking into account the variables that decide probability.I've already said, more than once, that I don't think Morgan has even considered sacking MM. When I first saw the headline to this item, I thought it asked;"Are you in favour of McCarthy's results?"I would imagine the poll results to that question would have meant an even lower approval rating.I suppose most people(including SM) aren't 'happy' with results on the pitch but staying up is still within our own hands. I'm not at all sure it wouldn't be safer in the hands of others, but still, a positive none the less.I'm not sure if SM would see his manager's future differently even if we were in the relegation places, but I suspect he wouldn't.Whether I think he should go is a moot point- my opinion,relatively speaking, counts for nowt. I will say this, though. I believe that the best time to be replacing your manager is in the summer. Just as it's the best time to be signing players. Wolves did neither and now it's,probably, too late to do either.Refering back to the odds, Lambert is 66/1 for the chop with Ferguson@50/1.Considered safer than SAF must feel good.Safer than AVB?That's probably not as comfortable a feeling, even relatively.
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09/01/2012 13:15:00

This poll shows SFA, how many bloggers have you got on this site? how many bothered to vote? how many Wolves fans are there world wide? If we were to go on a good run, finish in the top 10, there would still be morons out there who would want him sacked just like there were when we were promoted? yes promoted?? If the fans were that disgruntled surely they would vote with their feet - and that certainly ain't happening, also I believe that 80% of those that want Mick out are kids who know SFA, the majority of the more adult fans who have seen it all before know better. When I say adult, I mean those of us who followed the lads all the way down to the fourth and back and have not suddenly started to support the club in the Premiership! We have had some very good managers who have been got at by the boo boy's, fans who think they know better? but has led to the board crapping themselves instead of telling the fans WHO RUN THE CLUB! and before you say "we pay our money-so..." well you pay your money at Asda, but do you think they would let you tell them how to run the business? you pay your money at the flicks - but do you think they would let you tell them what films to show? you have a season tkt to reserve your seat-end off! As I have said the majority of fans can see what the club are trying to do - on and off the pitch, it will be slow, it may get worse before it gets better but better it most certainly will! 59 of 63 years supporting the club tells me it will! Patience.......We are Wolves.....Onwards and upwards.
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09/01/2012 13:16:00

I still think MM can do the job but he needs the backing of the board and funds for new players i dont know if MM turned down funds in the summer or not but quite clearly the squad is not good enough. Heres what i mean interesting article a read at the end of the brums matsh 8 of those players on the pitch were in the championship winning team Searman Foley Jarvis Ward Berra Henry Ebanks-Blake and Kightly with another 3 on the bench Edwards Hennessy and Elokobi. That puts everythink into perspective when you look closely nearly three seasons in the PL AND TWO THIRDS OF THE SQUAD IS FROM THE CHAMPIONSHIP WINNING TEAM im sorry but is not good enough.According to reports MM has spent 49-5o million at his time in charge which is just over 5 years thats 10 mill a season and as i know thats not with money comeing in from transfers. Considering third season in PL it does not seem a lot of outlay compared to others and maybe this begins to unravel the reason for the third season going in the PL were fighting relegation once again.MR MORGAN has one of two choices back the manager with hard cash now or sack him and get someone else in i myself would prefer the first give him 10-15 mill now get 2-3 decent signings and fly up the table any one have any thoughts on this and are my facts right .
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09/01/2012 13:18:00

all4divisions - does anybody seriously think that Mick is happy were we are? of course not, fans are saying certain players are not up to it and shouldnt be playing - but how many of those players would they have not wanted? and remember they are under contract! it would be great if you could have a rolling contract! but would their agents stand for it - would they hell, so it's ok to say - get rid of so and so, but that player might have a 4 year contract, what do you do, put him out of the 25 man squad on 20grand plus?
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09/01/2012 13:22:00

kiawolves-it's going up, it was 35 million by next month it will be 60 million! has I have said above, players are on contracts! and of those mentioned who would you get rid off? Even if we flew up the table - some fans would want him out, if??we won the league next season but not the following and say finish top 6 they would still want him out!
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09/01/2012 13:28:00

trouble is a few fans don't like Mick because he tells them as it is - and some don't like the truth!
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09/01/2012 13:29:00

I admit I did not vote in the poll. As you all know, I have no strong views on MM so I could not make up my mind!
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09/01/2012 13:40:00

Like I said,johnwolf,the best time to do your business (even MM said so last week) is in the summer. And for exactly the contractual reasons he mentioned.50k a week for a CH?He's demanding that because he'll be able to pocket millions in a signing on fee when his contract expires. I'm not for restricting players freedoms. They're self employed 'tradesmen' like any other and I don't want to see a return to the club 'owning them'.As for our players, Moxey went public in the summer, saying that MM will have to move players on before he could bring any in.I'm sure that's still the situation, so i'm not worried anbout the possibility of 20k a week players warming the bench because there won't be the volume of players to worry about. If he can't shift em, he ain't allowed to sign em. Sounds fair enough to me and saves us ending up with our own Wayne Bridge type of situation.
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09/01/2012 13:42:00

I'm still of the opinion that the coaching Staff should be changed and if that means MM too then so be it. Don't get me wrong, I Like Mick but we are not moving forward and will inevitably be apart of survival Sunday again this year. I have stated before that I wouldn't make a change because I didn't see who would replace him and do an equal job. That changed for me last night. I would hire Warnock and his back room Staff in a flash. I know QPR have struggled over the last few weeks but to be fair they were expected too and a few strange refs decisions haven't helped them either ( as with us). Warnock would bring a real steel to our team. one thing he doesn't lack is passion and it shows in his teams. Are MM and Warnock too alike?..........maybe but what we have isn't working. A change of direction from a new set of Coaches might galvanise the team and keep us up. Sparky will go to QPR and Kean lacks experience so for me Warnock is the man to keep us up.
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09/01/2012 13:45:00

I do believe the other one's got bells on,SB ;)
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09/01/2012 13:47:00

Mick has spent 30-40 mil since we got promoted.. most of that has gone on flops... Mouyokolo, Halford, Surman, Maeirhofer, Guedioura, etc.... maybe that's why Morgan isnt confident of letting mick spend his money any more.. plus the loan si...gnings of castillo, mujangi-bia, mancienne were poor.. does mick really have the eye for a good premier league player.. look at newcastle.. some of theforeigners they've bought in.. cabaye, tiote, ben arfa, ba, santon.... and they are flying atm.. and havent spent as much as us
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09/01/2012 13:52:00

& Marcus Bent
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09/01/2012 13:52:00

That's Roy Keane not steve Kean ;p
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09/01/2012 13:53:00

I agree.....we have made some poor signings on the face of it but how many of those mentioned actually got to play regularly....hardly any. Why buy a player to warm a bench? We did it with Eastwood and Roberts. It seems from my opinion that we buy players without any thought of how we are actually goings to play them. Fletcher only got a chance because Doyle gotp injured. Surely you build a team around your best players and play to their strengths? Andy Carroll didn't suddenly become a bad player, it's just that Liverpool don't play his kind of football. we all know that if you put the ball into the right areas then Fletcher will score but we have turned to a lump it up style team. The last few weeks Jarvis has peen used sparingly because the ball gets pumped up the middle. I'm no expert but surely you must use your best players properly. This is where I think the Coaching Staff are letting the players down and why in my opinion they must be changed.
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09/01/2012 14:01:00

i get what ur saying but it's just frustrating that we still seem to be in for that sort of player.. i dont think eggert jonsson is going to be good enough.. we're in for nicky maynard who's an ok championship player.. we need a good scouting system like newcastle have.. we've done it in the past.. seol, camara, olofinjana.. or if we can't manage that.. spend 5 or 6 mil on a proven prem player rather 2 mil here or there on players that are unproven are more often than not.. dont make the cut.. Johnson, O'hara, Fletcher, Doyle.... more signings like them
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09/01/2012 14:26:00

johnwolf- the truth? What truth has MM told that fans don't like the sound of? I'm not sure it's a case of MM 'telling the truth' and the fans not liking it. It may well be that other people's 'truth' that doesn't sit too well with him. I was accused of negativity, before the season started, for predicting bottom 5/6 at best. MM's version of events was that we'd be 'top 10'. Had those predictions been the other way round, I could see how I wasn't accepting the 'truth' of the situation i.e. i'd expected too much by considering that only 9 teams would do better than us.Truth is, johnwolf, we're where I expected us to be so i'm not too sure what 'truth' i'm not accepting of.I'm now quite happy to stay up by having collected one yellow card less than the 3rd bottom club. Any higher? Fantastic! Absolute bonus.And that's the truth!
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09/01/2012 14:32:00

If the original meaning of the word 'fan' is 'fanatic', I am no fan of WW, merely a supporter. I know this because I do not conform to the following attitudes, as expressed above. (1) My club right or wrong (2) An uncritical attitude towards the performance of players and management (3) Passive acceptance of club statements (4) Blind, irrational faith (5a) Inability to listen to valid but opposing views (5b) Hurling abuse at those who hold such views (6) Failure to face facts (7) Young supporters are trouble-makers (8) People, who do not attend matches are not true supporters and are probably secret WBA fans (9) Supporters have no right to offer opinions on the performance of the team and management. (10) Supporters have to suspend judgement and disengage their brain when discussing all matters relating to the club.
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09/01/2012 15:58:00

Irespective of what you think about the managment, and I was of the opinion that it was time for a change of some sort to take place I think it is now too late to change the manager. It would not be fair on whoever came in to replace MM,timewise and player recruitment wise. There is time though to add a new coach to assist Merlin and bring some fresh ideas in,MM inherited all the backroom staff so let him pick his own man to come in,TC has had long enough!.UTW.
Crete Wolf
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09/01/2012 17:19:00

I dont quite understand the blame game of whos fault it is the position were in MM has to take his share being manager, but the players have to take their share once they cross the white line. For example who told them not to tackle anyone just keep running back towards your own goal that cant be right as MM was an old fashioned CH so is it the coaching staff or is it the players who dont want to get there shorts dirty replys on a post card please lol.
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09/01/2012 17:58:00

I am not a voter but I will at least answer this question here. Given that I am neither a fanatic nor again a supporter in the real sense of the word, my only financial contribution being the membership to the 'Wolves Player', the only description of myself I can see would be a lover of Wolves.....hence lovesW, the 6 letters forming the word Wolves. The question is too broad, I will have to specify: I am in favour of MM staying on for the rest of the season, for I feel that he can again steer the team clear of the drop. Beyond survival is another question.
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09/01/2012 18:53:00

Hughes in at QPR,then.Shock!Apparently he has been assured that the club's ambitions match his own i.e. he's been promised loadsamoney.He cited Fulham's 'lack of ambition' for having left there i.e. MAF wouldn't give him the same that his new boss seems prepared to.Let's hope he has an appalling time and wastes it all.It reminds me of a conversation that was supposed to have taken place between Bobby Robson and Bryan Robson, when the latter was in for the managers job at Middlesbro'.In response to Bobby warning of how difficult it was to step up and manage a club,Bryan assured him:"But boss, he (Steve Gibson) is giving me loads of money to spend" to which Bobby was supposed to have replied:"F*** me, son!There's more to it than that". Let's hope Hughes doesn't do any better at spending it than his ex captain did.His insistence on being given a pot of gold, in order to be able to do his job, suggests he doesn't think he could compete with the likes of us without it.Anyway, here's to wishing him all the worst!
Report Abuse
10/01/2012 14:47:00

So so I, A4D, but I fear that he will use the money to nip in and pinch our targets.
Report Abuse
10/01/2012 16:53:00


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