Wolves - McCarthy gets Morgan backing
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McCarthy gets Morgan backing

Mick McCarthy has received the public backing of Wolves owner Steve Morgan.

As the nights draw in around October/November until the spring session kicks in around late February/March, the lesser spotted McCarthy-out-bandwagon-jumper is very active in their chosen hunting grounds of internet message forums.

It has been the same for the last couple of seasons at this time of the year and then, when it crucially matters, results tend to go our way, survival is secured and the majority hibernate for the summer months.

This year their calls have arguably been louder than previous seasons and it would seem they have gained the attention of Wolves owner Steve Morgan who has broke ranks and commented on the situation.

'You don't get stability by chopping and changing your manager all the time, I like to think football thinks Wolves do things our way - and our way is about long-term growth and stability.' Morgan told the BBC.

Wolves are currently 16th in the Premier League on 17 points from 20 games and 1 point above the relegation zone.

We have only won four times all season, drawing five and losing eleven, but Morgan remained adamant.

He continued: 'Of course, we want the team to do better than it is currently doing. But you don't get long-term growth by chopping and changing all the time.

'You have to work things through. You get strength from teamwork.'

Vital Wolves Comment: Have to wonder if our Mick will actually support the comments coming from Morgan.

Obviously that sounds a daft comment to make, but it was only October when McCarthy was explaining why he doesn't need public backing from Moxey and Morgan and the more cynical out there might now wonder why he has had a change of heart?

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The Journalist

Writer: Akela Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Thursday January 12 2012

Time: 3:04PM

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No surprises here, then. He also said that he expected to be in mid-table.Did he really think that was possible? It appears that, within the same interview, he both confirmed that the targeted league position hadn't been met and that he intends doing absolutely nothing about it. Carry on as we are = do nothing, right?The fact that the only reason he was in public to be questioned at all, was to announce a further 2million was to be spent on the North Bank, would seem to suggest that one persons 'throwing money at' is another person's 'investment in'. The trouble SM seems to have, is that he is both of those people.He could have been consistent and said he doesn't believe investment in players is the way to go but investment in the ground development is OR he doesn't believe in throwing money at the playing side but does believe in throwing money at the ground development.But no, they're two different things; buying players = throwing money at- North Bank restaurant = investment in.
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12/01/2012 15:23:00

Just what I have been saying all along. My 'peek' into SM's mind was correct. But I claim no credit for this, for there was never any chance that it could be wrong, it is just a re-statement of what he has been saying all along.
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12/01/2012 15:39:00

As one of the noisier Mick out nuggetts around I dont actually read anything at all into this. Mick sticks to the business model ie: not spending a penny, and Morgie can get on with adding to his fortune. I sometimes wonder if either of them gives a ***** about football at all. However, until the end of the transfer its difficult to criticise either of these two gentlemen. Frimpong for all intents and purposes would seem a great addition, if temporary, and the return of Foles and Kights are effectively two "new" and good signings. Lets see what happens over the next couple weeks, personally I think thats our dealings done, and if so, some of the underachievers (Yes, thats you, you gob*****e Johnson) need to seriously up their game. WE ARE WOLVES !!
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12/01/2012 15:41:00

S Morgan has stated Wolves are in talks with a couple of players none of whom have been mentioned in the media interesting.
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12/01/2012 20:55:00

kiawolves.. someone else told me that but didnt say where they'd read it.. can u link me to it please?
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12/01/2012 21:16:00

Mr Morgan was on sky sports news and das stated there was money for MM had money to spend and they had been talking to a couple of players that the media have not mentioned
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12/01/2012 22:00:00

If that's true,kia,it's pretty simple to work out who it isn't... those that have been mentioned in the media.So that would rule out all the names you've mentioned recentlyi.e Onuoha and the like.It does rule in players you may never of heard of;Eggert Jonsson, anyone? This is one of the reasons I don't get involved in naming possible targets;you can't name someone you've never heard of.It does also rule out some players some of us had never heard of but were mentioned in the gossip columns. Sorry!Sports pages, I meant.An Egyptian player was supposedly interesting a number of clubs, including us.Can't remember his name, without looking it up, but it isn't him!So, the guessing game has now been made nigh on impossible to win. It isn't anyone being linked with a move... good luck!
Report Abuse
13/01/2012 09:33:00

ALL4D thats what he said there was definitely money to spend and they had been talking to a couple of players that have never been mentioned in the press.I agree with you which if its none of the players that have been mentioned who the hell are they some up and comeing yougsters with potential which at this moment is not what we want.
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13/01/2012 09:46:00

it could still well be players that have been mentioned, he could just be trying to throw people off the trail.. or maybe it's tevez.. ha ha
Report Abuse
13/01/2012 10:50:00

IMHO, I think the QPR factor is having a detrimental effect on the Transfer Market. They have beem linked with everyone, are openly willing to pay over the odds wages. This I believe is scaring Teams off from getting involved in some kind of Cattle Market style auction. Although some of these players are probably better than what we have.....are they really worth 40-50 grand a week more? I think the fact we like to do our buisness in private is a good thing although I concede that from a fans point of view it can be frustrating. I do believe there will be a nice surprise to come before the end of January. Personally I don't care if I know who a player is or not........if he's better than what we have. The fact is that we have all been calling the same names as every other team i.e. Onohua, Gardner, Samba, Rhodes. The Agents are having a field day. Lets just take our time and spend the money on someone that will make a difference. Whether MM has the ability to find that player is a discussion for another day :P
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13/01/2012 11:02:00

I'm in 2 minds about mick.. i like him.. but the fact that he's spent 44mil since promotion and given our current position in the league table i can't help thinking that someone else cold have spent the money much wiser
Report Abuse
13/01/2012 11:45:00

I don't think we have to worry too much about what QPR are offering players because the players they're making the offers to were, in all probability, always out of our reach anyway.They'd already made a 5million bid for Chris Samba, before Warnock was fired, for example.I should imagine that's more than MM has to spend in total.Added to the fact that Samba should have options open to him;why come to Wolves?Onuoha is another that QPR might be interested in but he was never going to be seriously considered by the M's with wage demands in the 50k+ a week region.QPR are, to all intents and purposes, a top 6 club in terms of financial clout and will be muddying the waters for clubs with the finances to go for the same players as them. We're in a different league and will be cutting our coat according to slightly less flashy cloth.
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13/01/2012 12:29:00

There is something that doesn't sit quite right with all of this. I am wolves through and through and have defended the descissions made by the club in the past but the whole thing about the development of the ground and compton and the transfer strategy is starting to nag at me. The whole point is to have a well run club, we have had our dark times, and i never want to return to those days, but we have got the opportunity to become successful and I am not sure that having Jez running the show will get us to that success! There is something underlying here and I can't quite put my finger on it, but it seems to be hovering over Jez!
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13/01/2012 12:31:00

SS, Jez runs the show the way he is told to run it. The show runs on three stages simultaneously: the squad, development and facilities, each allocated its share of financial investment, yet the show is one, the plan is one, the short-term phase of it being to establish the Club firmly in the PL. The main concern, as far as supporters are concerned, will be, of course: ' what if we are relegated? Will not the entire plan have come to nothing, will it all not have failed? Is it not better to divert all investment into the first team squad in order to secure PL status, on the basis of which the entire plan rests?' Are we to suppose that Mr. Morgan and his board have not taken this possibility into consideration with contingency plans for the eventuality of relegation? It would be reckless of them if they haven't, yet not as reckless as going for instant success. The sheikhs can do it, of course, for all others it has been the way to instant disaster.
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13/01/2012 13:40:00

LovesW I totally agree with you. I want a well run club, but I just seem to think that Jez has got his fingers in where it shouldn't be. I think there is something brewing, guess I am getting old and synical and my arthritic knee is playing up. something doesn't sit right. i really hope that I am wrong.
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13/01/2012 13:50:00

Problem is that JM and SM are businessmen rather than football fans. I suspect that football is secondary in their minds and you have to admit that they are doing a good job, however, to us...it's all about the football. I admire their business skills but do feel that they are playing a dangerous game. Whether it's lack of spending on the right type of player, player wages, Coaching or management the fact is that we are underachieving massively this year. I do think that we will suffer from relegation and it may put us back 3 years in terms of the long game. Nobody wants us to do a Portsmouth but at the same time staying in the Prem is where the real money comes from. I don't think we can afford to go down in terms of the Team because we will need to rebuild after the big names are sold on. We need to take a punt on a couple of players that will keep us up or God knows what will happen. I'm not a Mick out supporter but I do think that he has peaked in this role. I love him for what he has done for us but we need to start looking at improving the back room staff and manager in order to push on. I'll take 17th now because I fear that relegation will be a real backward step that we may struggle to recover from.
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13/01/2012 14:30:00

"I'm not a Mick out supporter but I do think that he has peaked in this role..." Errr ok... what other role is there?
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13/01/2012 16:34:00

I have only just resurfaced after a panicky couple of days connected to work so I have not had a chance to post a comment in this thread. Never mind, Rustmonkey has just stated my position perfectly. I also think that SM's support for MM is somewhat ambivalent since it also emphasized his displeasure at the team's performance so far this season. Is this the dreaded vote of confidence? This time tomorrow I will be biting my nails as we hold on to a 2-1 lead against Spurs. Well, I can dream.
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13/01/2012 16:41:00

Sorry! I lied in my last post. Rustmonkey couldn't have summed up my views perfectly, if I had to add an extra comment.
Report Abuse
13/01/2012 16:43:00

SS, why would you think Jez is poking his finger where it shouldn't be? I have no idea what you are referring to, I must admit, it could be ignorance on my part of something known to or suspected by everybody else. But if that is so, the responsibility will have to be placed right at the Chairman's door. But I very much doubt this, seeing that Mr. Morgan is no spring chick at how to run a business concern, and with success, as the records show. Rustmonkey: if by 'a couple of players that will keep us up' you mean players in the 15-20 million range with wages double those of the highest earners at present at Molineux, those couple of players are still no guarantee of survival, as was the case with Pompey two seasons ago. The guarantee would be, rather, that we would have spent beyond our means, opening the door to financial instability, besides the financial downside brought about directly by relegation. No, the two signings hinted at will be of the usual standard ; not of the highest perhaps, but affordable certainly. I say the choice is between either moving slowly ahead, however much time it might take, or taking gambles, risking much, if not all. The board will persist with the first option. Like yourself, I'd take 17th place now, and, I would say, so would the Club.
Report Abuse
13/01/2012 17:12:00

It will finish 2-2.
Report Abuse
13/01/2012 17:14:00

I think the underlying frustration felt by fans since last season,concerning the lack of signings, is not due to a wish to take financial risks with the future of the club but more to do with the suspicion (now confirmed by SM) that they hadn't even spent what could be afforded. 'We thought we'd done enough in the summer' said the chairman.He didn't go on to explain how 'confusion' had ensued following his CEO's assurances that a number of players were being sought ,or how the change of mind was reached.I don't think there were too many fans, nor even mere supporters like SB,who seriously expected us to be in the 15-20million per player market.The reality is, we all expected more than one defender signed and yet we started the season with a centre-half and a forward playing as full-backs, being told by the club to shut up and stop being numpties.Everything was fine;mid-table here we come!If the only risky path to follow was spending big, then i'd be glad we can't. That isn't the case, though, as we all know. They chose not to spend what they could've and there are risks aplenty down that path, too.
Report Abuse
13/01/2012 18:45:00

Ref: ADMANT.???? So i think he has taken us as far as he can...ok but that doesn't mean I'm gonna scream for him to be sacked. My opinion...if you don't value it fine but it's mine. As for 15-20 mil players. Please don't put words in my mouth. I asked for a couple of quality players that would help shore up our defence and maybe get us the points to stay up. Scott Dann wouldn't have cost us 15 mil and wages would have been on par with RJ's. You don't have to pay big money...you just have to spend wisely. I fully appreciate that this doesn't guarantee safety but it may be the difference between safety and relegation.
Report Abuse
13/01/2012 20:32:00

Rustmonkey- just to be clear, I mentioned 15-20 million as a figure, in response to lovesW's post.I wasn't suggesting that's what you'd asked for,quite the opposite, I can't remember anyone that had.As for not getting Dann, it was reported at the time, that he was asking far more than the wages(reportedly 40k a week) that RJ had agreed to sign for. Pulis said at the time that Stoke had lost interest because of the 60k a week demands and Blackburn are said to be paying him over 50k... to nurse his bust ball, as it turns out.
Report Abuse
13/01/2012 20:57:00

Time to define what we mean by 'quality player'. It seems this may vary considerably. I apologize for appearing to be putting words into others' mouths. This was not my intention. It was just that, for me ,a quality player would be such as would attract the interest of the big clubs, so I quoted a 15-20 million figure. Our record signings, Doyle and Fletcher, I would describe only as 'good buys' by comparison. Remember, the two of them were not big names before their transfers and have hit the headlines only since. So I rule out the pursuit of quality players, in my sense of the term, on the grounds of their wage demands more than of the signing-on fees involved.
Report Abuse
13/01/2012 21:46:00

Unfortunately injuries do happen but I still believe that out of the Dann/RJ partnership that it was Dann who was th better buy so maybe the extra 10k a week would have been worth it especially if we had taken them both at the time. I also agree that you can buy unknown gems on the cheap i.e. Kightly at the time but we all know that can be risky too. Apparently we have signed Frederick Piquionne from West Ham. something that apparently the Hammers fans are very happy about..Hmmmmm?????
Report Abuse
14/01/2012 04:57:00


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