Wolves - Karl Henry: Disgrace To The Shirt
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Karl Henry: Disgrace To The Shirt

The only joy I took from today was Trevor Francis mumbling about Karl Henry, formerly known as Captain Stupid, would be suspended for three games. I hope the fool never dons the shirt again.

The bloke is a self gratifying, self styled bad boy and in the words of Joey Barton a Sunday League player.

I know where to end, but where to begin?

Okay, I shall put it on the line that during our Championship days I thought Kelvin was integral to our success. He got stuck in, could hold the ball and lo and behold find players who could actually go and do something with it. The bloke has been out of his depth since we entered the Premier League and in book book has taken one step after another in the same direction of his passing- backwards.

Today's red card would suggest his mind of cut from such similar cloth.

In the midst of a derby, with things even and tied up, the fool decides to rake his studs up someones chest when we have just won a free kick and their player is already on the floor. For me this just about sums this character up.

He has adopted the bad boy tag parts of the media cast him with and ran with it. He smacks of arrogance, and all this from one of the most miserable midfielders to grace Premiership turf. How many managers would continue to pick a midfielder who has managed one goal in 127 games or whatever the stat is?

As captain, in our hour of greatest need, against Blackburn on the last day of the season, already on a booking and with our side crumbling, 3-0 down I think, he decided to slap a player in the face and by some miracle remained on the pitch.

He is a creation of not only his own mind however. When you master the art of passing the ball sideways and backwards, put your side against the wall on now countless occasions due to your own stupidity and label manufacturing, why change when you have a manager who names YOU PLUS TEN when it comes to picking a team.

I could pick a hundred people of the top of my head who I would rather see in the team than this idiot; my nephew for one who is five years old- he might not be a great footballer yet but he knows how to run forward with a ball and has a tidy shot on him.

As for his 'combative' nature I could pick ten thugs off the Brooklyn street that could do the same. This overpaid ponce would not last five minutes if he brought that attitude to the streets here, or even the local pub back home. He would gain a rightful slap for his idiotic misplaced arrogance.

To act in such a manner on the field and then turn your back on your manager, team, and supporters by walking down the tunnel- he should never wear the shirt again. I am sick and tired of this dire excuse for a footballer wearing our beloved shirt and sick and tired of the idiot who picks him week in week out. I have no idea who would replace McClown but whoever it is will surely arrest this sorry spectacle of disturbed development that is Karl Henry and his misaplced bad boy ego. If Mick was as honest as he likes to present himself he would do the right thing and resign.

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The Journalist

Writer: New York City Wolf Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Saturday January 21 2012

Time: 5:38PM

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True, he is a scumbag.
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21/01/2012 17:52:00

Thanks mate. We have had to suffer this idiot for too long. Back in the day a tough tackler was a touch tackler- they did not have to prove it by trying to rake their studs up a player on the floor, they did it with tackles.
New York City Wolf
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21/01/2012 17:54:00

I'm as frustrated and annoyed as anyone - I had to watch the match with a Villa mate. But let's keep things in perspective. Yes, Henry was an idiot for kicking out and got what he deserved. Yes, he needs to earn his shirt every week. Yes, he passes backwards and sideways too much. Yes, he gives the ball away too many times (ie. more than 0) But he has also been one of our most solid performers in many games this season. I've watched all but 2 of our games this season, and you may disagree with my opinion, but we could do much worse. Such as Michael Mancienne! Let's also remember that we didnt lose to Villa today. They were poor, based on most of the game, they looked the relegation contenders, not us. We lost to one man. Of course it had to be Robbie Bloody Keane, but that's a fact. Not excusing it, we should have won today, and I hate "heroic failures" as much as everyone else. I do agree that this game could well prove a turning point in McCarthy's tenure. The question has always been can he take us to the next level, or is he the overly cliche'd "Championship Manager", who can sometimes survive in the Prem? We can't afford to be scrapping with relegation every season because eventually, and I'm very worried this season may be eventually, you'll lose that scrap. In an ideal world, the Wolves of the majority of the 2nd half, and the reborn Kightly will finally get us playing the way we can, and we'll move up and survive. What happens then will be an even more difficult conversation than if our worst fears come true and we get relegated. You can buy a pretty fantastic team with the money we'll get for Hennesey, Johnson, Doyle, Fletcher, Kightly and Jarvis, but I've seen too many "rebirth" times in the last 25 years... we need to build, not rebuild. And Trevor Francis is a complete idiot. I learn more about football when I mute the TV than when he's blabbering!
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21/01/2012 18:59:00

Sad how it takes a suspension to stop this negative ***** getting in the squad. ***** off karl henry, ***** off muppet mccarthy
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21/01/2012 19:18:00

Dave- whilst I like part of your response I am amazed by the 'we did not lose' line. We did lose and whether stupid had been on the pitch or not we may have lost- so let's agree that he did not make things any easier for us with the latest demonstration of his stupidity. This is no time to go down and get reborn. Idiot boy in charge has a very good squad at his disposal and we are in the bottom three. It is a joke. We have more than enough to stay up but the players are being boggled with absurd team selections, tactics, organization. He needs to go.
New York City Wolf
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21/01/2012 20:09:00

.....team selections, tactics, organization, do you say, eh, NYCW? It seems some comments echo better coming over across the ocean than across the Channel.
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21/01/2012 20:45:00

The thing is, lovesW, you've never actually shared what you believe to be our best team or the best tactics to emply them under. Here's your big chance to share your, hitherto secret, thoughts. Pray tell...
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21/01/2012 23:04:00

NYCW- FYI- a player dismissed from the field of play is not allowed to take a seat on the bench to watch the remainder of the match. What you saw as:"turn your back on your manager, team, and supporters by walking down the tunnel", was in fact KH complying with the games regulations- he had no choice. Every player you've seen sent off in the past...god knows how many years, has had to remove themselves completely from the 'playing area' not just the pitch.
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21/01/2012 23:10:00

FYI? FYI that's *********. Is this some very weird reasoning to get behind Karl Henry? Cos I can not really see the point of your knit picking.
New York City Wolf
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22/01/2012 01:52:00

A4D: both your statements are simply incorrect. Taking them together: I need nobody's invitation to share my views on the two aspects you mention, and on more still, because I have done so on numerous occasions already. As to the aside,I have never made a 'secret' of the fact that I see the three qualities I quote NYCW on as overriding the acquisition of new players, a topic, this last, on which most on here seem to dwell...and NYCW's comment reflects my own view; not, however, let it be made clear, that I take this as validating my argument in any way, but only as supporting it with an imperativeness not shown by others. It just happens that NYCW writes from across the Atlantic, that's all.
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22/01/2012 07:15:00

I think its time for 'The Spaniard' to arrive at El Molineux,Viva Wolves!.
Crete Wolf
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22/01/2012 08:04:00

LovesW-I .The fact that the past two games have seen us play a variation of 4-5-1 means nothing without the 'new signings' of Frimpong and Kightly.We played with DE in the support role he played at WHL and yesterday without EF behind him and it was nothing like.Would it work better with JOH? I don't know but he's a better finisher and passer, so i'd hope so.Any formation, already has, and would be further improved, with the addition of better players. With our original 24 I think the 'fringe players' have all shown, one by one, that they weren't good enough to make enough impact to stop the slide,when given opportunity to. Formations are not the answer if your just shifting players around without the necessary skill levels/pace to compete at this level.Far from weakening the argument that the introduction of better players is the crucial element, I see the last two games as evidence in support of it.NYCW- I don't understand what you're refering to as (blank).
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22/01/2012 09:19:00

I think that the problem is two-fold: a squad of largely average players and an average coaching staff. The players ARE better than the results suggest but they seem to be hamstrung by having to operate under a regime that is tactically naive and unaware of current approaches to the game. Yesterday's game also showed up the value of investing in one or two quality players in key positions. With Frimpong playing, we were superb. Without him, we were clueless. Kightly's impact on the game was great in the first half but muted in the second because of the introduction of Warnock. That suggests that Kightly is still not back to his best but also that MM did not possess the intelligence or tactical nous to respond to the situation. McLeish, on the other hand, read it perfectly.
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22/01/2012 09:55:00

I agree SB. I don't think the players are as bad as results show. With the exception of JOH replacing Edwards, I thought the team we started with yesterday was without doubt the best 11 we have played all season. It was the first time we actually looked balanced across the midfield with pace in 3 of the 5 positions. For the last 25 minutes of the first half we tore villa apart. Even at 2-2 I was confident we would win. Say what you want about Henry (and yes it was stupid act), we are a weaker team without him. Edwards was Ok in parts but I saw large parts of the game where the ball was just bypassing him. For me, it was losing Frimpong that changed the game. The second Milijas came on we lost our central threat. Thats not saying that Milijas didn't do ok....he spread the ball around well but lacks the pace to actually drive into the opposition penalty area therefore our game was slowed right down which gave Villa more time to play. The problem is that we do not have enough quality on the bench that can come on and change a game. Our squad is very thin in that respect. Tactically..........you all know my opinion of the coaching staff. Should Mick go???? a tough call because I really don't know what can be changed now. The damage seems to have been done. Would a new set of Coaches and a new manager give the team the ability to push on??? Well, it seems to be working for those around us but they did it earlier and therefore are already stealing a march on us. I think the Board are about a month to late in making any major changes.
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22/01/2012 10:17:00

I see the point, A4D, what's more, I also agree that introductions matter. You make specific references, I am with you there, but, if you see the matter from the other side, those introductions will only be applied in the context of the scheme of things already in place. Simply put, blame tactics not players, and bluntly put, blame manager not players. Hodgson transformed the Albion's play, and the results to a less marked extent as a consequence, with practically the same squad he found when appointed. Now I am not saying sack MM. Ironically, and contrary to what most have been saying on here, I absolve MM totally as far as this latest defeat goes: We played fantastic football, the best in absolute terms in all three PL seasons so far, and one of the best performances , for 45' anyway, from any PL side. We were just unlucky that we did not go 3-1 or even 4-1 up by the break. The Frimpong and 'villain' Henry incidents came later. Mercenary Keane, of all people, reserved his best for Molineux, of all places. Crete: I must admit I am not on your wavelenght. Which Spaniard are you referring to? No one 'special' I hope ! Martinez? Benitez? We could do with some Latin fury...along with an abundance of tactics to go with it.
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22/01/2012 10:24:00

I do agree that MM can#t be blamed for yesterdays game........... 1 injury to our best player, 1 moment of madness, 1 silly penalty & 2 worldclass goals They are what cost us 3 points, However, 2 wins from 20/21 games speaks for itself.
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22/01/2012 10:30:00

FRIMMY FACE......he'll be back for Liverpool...just a mere flesh wound. If he can Twiiter....it can't be that bad. https://twitter.com/#!/Frimpong26AFC/status/161028079299477504/photo/1
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22/01/2012 10:38:00

Benitez is the one that I am refering to lovesW,I feel he has the tactical nowhow and will get the confidence back into the players.I feel we have the players to do the job,thay just lack the confidence and tactical guidance. What better start for Rafa than a home game against Liverpool!!!.UTW.
Crete Wolf
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22/01/2012 20:05:00

Crete Wolf disagree he won champions league give him that spent millions and most he then sold Crouch,Keane. Heskey. to name but three. I mean the guy took over the champions in Inter milan and lasted 6 months before he got sacked he would want millions to spend and waste only my opinion.
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22/01/2012 21:46:00

Well we now have limited options,other good managers have gone elswhere,Ray Wilkins is a name being banded about,that would be an even bigger risk I feel. The other argument is look whats happened to the reds since he left,nowhere near a champions league spot,I think he did a good job in difficult circumstances,I am open to other suggestions but at the end of the day if nothing happens this week then nothing will happen,Merlin will be given until next season.
Crete Wolf
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23/01/2012 08:48:00

.............at least until next season, Crete. If he does it again this time,the certificate will read: success in staying in the PL for three consecutive seasons. This benchmark would make 'a great' of Martinez, for one. Mind you, his team do play the game, and with sense, too, it is just lack of punch up front that condemns them to the positions they have become accustomed to.
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23/01/2012 10:16:00

Roy Keane with Paul Ince as assistant Manager would make for interesting team talks, especially at half time, lol. Ray Wilkins was Chelsea Coach for years so must have something going for him. Warnock may have the bottle and fight to get us out of the ***** and atleast if we went down, he'd get us back. Steve Bruce......NO!! Whatever happens.......if MM goes please, please send TC with him.
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23/01/2012 11:06:00

If nothing happens today or tomorrow,its the Merlin and Coco show until May.
Crete Wolf
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23/01/2012 11:19:00

Out of that lot, RM, I would only consider Wilkins. Warnock, for instance, seems to have as little tactical nous as MM. He too does not react quickly to developments on the field (source: Vital QPR). Being a bluff Yorkshireman is not the key attribute of a PL manager.
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23/01/2012 13:58:00

There appears to be a lot of people expecting MM to be the next PL manager sacked. A couple of weeks ago he was 10/1, he's now been backed down to 4/7 fav.If the bookies close the book that can be as a result of a trusted 'source' tipping them off, before it's official. I still don't think Morgan is going to sack him but if the bookies refuse to take anymore bets, that's usually a good indicator that they've got wind of something.
Report Abuse
23/01/2012 15:00:00

I am expecting a communique' from SM: we had done it after being in the bottom three for most of the time, no reason why we can't do it now after just having dropped into there.
Report Abuse
23/01/2012 17:27:00

Betting on next manager sacked has been suspended...
Report Abuse
24/01/2012 08:25:00

...and now it's open again. Same price as yesterday.
Report Abuse
24/01/2012 09:10:00


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