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We only want impact signings at Wolves

Mick McCarthy is on the look out for an impact signing.

With Wolves dropping into the bottom three at the weekend, the pressure has begun to mount on McCarthy and his squad.

Without a win in our last eight Premier League games, only two wins since August, our results of late have been dire.

The McCarthy out bandwagon is gaining speed with every passing hour and the bookies have installed McCarthy as the next manager to be sacked, which is something considering the pressure that has been on the Blackburn gaffer for the past couple of months.

Wolves need a fresh face to mix things up a little, someone with that extra bit of quality, either for an eye for goal or the fight needed for relegation battle.

It has to be someone who will make an instant impact, because right now this signing good seal McCarthy's fate, that's of course if he is given that long.

'If there was a player there for us to sign, and it's one we can do, then he (Morgan) would be supportive,' McCarthy told Sky Sports.

He continued: 'But it is difficult to get anyone - and particularly anyone who fits straight into the team.

'Trying to get someone in, who has been in and around the Premier League and understands it, is very hard.

'There is nothing imminent but we will keep on trying. It's got to be someone who will improve the team, not just to fill up the squad.'

Vital Wolves Comment: What type of player would you be going for if you could sign just one player to boost the Wolves squad ahead of a relegation battle?

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The Journalist

Writer: Akela Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Tuesday January 24 2012

Time: 2:00PM

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'There is nothing imminent but we will keep on trying. It's got to be someone who will improve the team, not just to fill up the squad.' You mean like half the squad Mick?????? Hamill, Surman, mujanji Bai, shackle and numerous others that you have wasted millions on in total. You pay peanuts you get monkeys..........Fact!!! Frimpong was a great coupe for us and that is the type of player we need to be looking at. Young, skilful and pacey. The Manciennes of the world are NOT the answer.
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24/01/2012 14:16:00

Mark F#%^ing Fotherington?????????? 28 yrs old free agent journeyman..............Well there you go. That's what you call ambition.......Well done Wolves!!!!!!!!! A real IMPACT player.............f^%#king joke
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24/01/2012 14:23:00

"There is nothing imminent but we will keep on trying. It's got to be someone who will improve the team, not just to fill up the squad." - Eggert Jonsson anyone ? I think Frimpong highlights that we've had no one talented or creative enough in the middle of the park, and his introduction very much transformed us into an attacking team 1st half against villa. Whilst we have him on loan, that is great, but itsa position we must fill with a Wolves player soon. For now, I reckon we need a goal finder - I was very excited when I heard rumours of Kevin Davies, I think he would be the impact player we need - lets face it. we are relying on Fletcher as much as The Gunners are on RVP Then there is the area we have been woeful in all season long - the defence, RJ has had a couple of good games, but over all has been poor, so it is here that we need urgent attention too. Onouha was a favourite, but the peanuts we have on offer mean it's unlikely we will find anyone decent at the back. Dont get me started on the Mancienne story. Frimpong, (yet again Frimpong) also offers much needed protection for the goons at the back, so I'd still go for Davies as the impact player we need, if we could convince him somehow.
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24/01/2012 14:24:00

he he Touché Rustmonkey :)
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24/01/2012 14:26:00

Fotheringham sorry....not Fotherington
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24/01/2012 14:28:00

Apparently we a 4.5 mill to spend but we are gonna bring in free agents to "FILL UP OUR SQUAD"..........you gotta love the ***** that comes out of Molineux.
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24/01/2012 14:39:00

So when Mr Morgan said its some one the press had not mentioned thats because no body has heard of the ******** guy hes be playing in Cyprus he must be brilliant. What the ***** is going on at Wolves it has to be April fools day allready i thought they said we had money to spend so we have 1 loanee some one for 6,oo.ooo and now a nobody on a free transfer it gets better by the day.
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24/01/2012 16:41:00

kia- Morgan and Moxey have been on full spin cycle for months now. Remember the 3-4 million 'war chest' they were giving MM?One £600k signing and a 'free' later, and we're still waiting!I did say that getting into the naming of names of potential targets was a waste of time, considering we're likely to sign players none of us had heard of.For the wages SM has in mind to pay them it's hardly surprising.I actually feel sorry for MM.
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24/01/2012 17:28:00

Surely it doesn't take the brains of an archbishop to realise that if you buy 3 or 4 players for 1.5 mil each and pay them 20k a week to sit on a bench that you could actually buy 1 decent 5 mil player and pay him 65 - 75k a week. A player that may actually be good enough to push us on as a team. We have wasted a fortune on players that never cut it rather than a few quality ones that will keep our Prem status.
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24/01/2012 20:27:00

Surely it doesn't take the brains of an archbishop to realise that if you buy 3 or 4 players for 1.5 mil each and pay them 20k a week to sit on a bench that you could actually buy 1 decent 5 mil player and pay him 65 - 75k a week. A player that may actually be good enough to push us on as a team. We have wasted a fortune on players that never cut it rather than a few quality ones that will keep our Prem status.
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24/01/2012 20:27:00

Having said that I still don't think that the base of the team is that bad if they were coached properly. If I was Morgan I would sack or demote Connor and offer a short term contract to someone like Ray Wilkins. a guy that was good enough to Coach Chelsea that may actually get the best out of our current crop. And if he does well..........we could always offer him the full time Managers job in the summer. Just a thought.
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24/01/2012 20:32:00

Rustmonkey: that's a great idea about Wilkins. And it gets rid of my nightmare scenario, namely, the dream in which MM gets the boot (I'm cool about that part) and TC gets the gig (AARRGGHH!!).
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24/01/2012 21:10:00

Rustmonkey- MM is not being judged fairly, in my opinion, on what he's forced to cut his cloth from.QPR signed our mutually targeted CH from Man C for a reported £3million, or so. It isn't the transfer fee that's blocking MM moving for them; one chat with their agent will end all Wolves interest. They are asking MM to compete with managers who are given the green light to sign players on 50% more, in wages, than our team captain; it can't be done (three times!), now can it?I'm sure the players we have would stretch the capabilities of far better coaching staff than we have; who coached Berra to attempt to 'clear' Bent and not the ball?; who coached Jarvis to set up goals for the opponents?The arguments i've heard this week, seeking to blame the coaching staff for every lack of quality shown by one of our players, has been something to behold.The marked difference in team shape and balance (especially since the addition of Frimpong) is down to someting other than coaching and flexible tactics, apparently, because our teams are not receiving either...so it must be coincidence, or accidental, of course. Not down to planning in anyway, so the story goes. Mind you, it's been nothing compared to the portrayal of McLeish as a (even relative) tactical genius. And why is he , very suddenly, being presented as that by Wolves fans? Because he dropped his LB(knowing how Kightly had performed at WHL;master stroke! What a genius!)He was then forced into a change, due to Agbonlahor 'feeling unwell', and became a tactical genius in the Black Country (NOT in Brum, I might add-the Villa fans take a differing view of him).So, our coaches stumble upon, by accident, improvements to our side, but other teams ordinary (relegated) managers and coaches only ever plan to drop completely the wrong player for a fixture. I'm sure Villa's 'tactic' of having Keane score a wonder goal to clinch it, has more to do with the Villa board's tactics, regarding player salaries, than anything drawn on the board in the changing room.Our problems stem from further up the corporate ladder than our team manager; the PL comes at a price. The Championship comes cheaply.
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24/01/2012 21:58:00

A4D: you are right to point out those quirks of fate over which the manager has no control but I feel that you have 'thrown the baby out with the bath water'. Time and time again we have suffered because of poor team selection, outdated and inflexible tactics, and players' inability to execute simple skills effectively and to eradicate basic errors. A lot of that is down to the coaching staff and, even if it is due to players' inadequacies, who bought the players and stuck them in the team? Incidentally, having just watched the Cardiff-v-Crystal Palace LCSF and have thought of a possible replacement for MM: Dougie Freedman. He 'ticks all the boxes': he is young, in tune with the modern game, has brought CP on and has a WW pedigree.
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24/01/2012 22:59:00

Ironically he was another that never got a chance due to a stubborn manager, lol
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24/01/2012 23:00:00

SB-as reactionary posts go, that last one of yours will take some beating...but if you are going to mention the last manager you've seen, then why not the winning one?Ticks all the boxes? No boxes marked; proven track record? Players signed and developed? Experience of managing in PL?I'm sure I could come up with a few more boxes that would need to be missing for the trainee manager you mention, to be offered a PL team.Anyway, it's late, the tennis is on soon ( come on Murray...ya miserable f***er) and MM is going nowhere. I did say to you, earlier in the season,that there was no need to panic until we were in the bottom three.Now that we are, i'm panic free due to recent performances and the addition ( astute or flukey, depending on your stance) of a kid we can only ever dream of finding for our own.The transfer activity of our nearest rivals is more reason for concern, than our improving team. The fat lady will soon be warming her vocal chords, she just might well be singing for three other teams yet, though.
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24/01/2012 23:44:00

Wow, A4D, a new definition of the term 'reactionary', which I had always thought meant someone who resisted change. However, I do take your point: we have played well recently but it is largely due to the performance of Frimpong. When he was stretchered off, we fell to pieces, even before Henry's dismissal. That's how fragile our improvement has been. We have stumbled on a winning formula - and all credit to MM for running with it - but it does rely (to a ridiculously high degree) on the fitness of Frimpong. Regarding Freedman, he's turned the club round and his ten man team held out for ages against Cardiff. Lousy spot-kicking though. We are going to have to live with MM for the rest of this season but, if we are relegated, DF might be someone to look at.
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25/01/2012 09:08:00

I was refering to the lack of acknowledgment of the changes that had clearly been implemented by the coaching staff,but you're right, 'reactionary' wasn't the right word.Talking of education; how easy would a teacher find it to prepare a remedial class to sit an A level?Having learned there are still no new signings imminent, not even a loan deal struck, we're now at the level of trialling journeymen.Another remedial pupil that teacher is expected to get sitting that A Level- because the headmaster says so.Rather than a war chest being opened for him, MM's been given a box of turds to choose from and told to polish those.If we do get relegated, the only one who will get his just deserts is a Liverpool fan.
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25/01/2012 09:34:00

A4D: in your last two posts you reflect a particular strand of anti-WW establishment opinion that places the blame for our predicament on the penny-pinching policy of our board, possibly with a hidden agenda, rather than on our manager. There’s some truth in this assertion but I do not buy into it completely. Anti-establishment I might be but I am not a happy-clapper member of that tendency, and have to be convinced of the virtues of a specific point of view before adopting it. Thus, I have to see concrete evidence of improvement before I can absolve MM of all blame for our current problems. It’s no good pointing to promising displays against Arsenal , Spurs and Chelsea because we we’ve been here before, defeating MU, MC, Chelsea and Liverpool last year. At the same time we have played badly against teams we should have beaten ... or at least we have not played consistently well enough to secure maximum points. Some of MM’s selections and tactics have been bizarre, while he still stubbornly refuses to admit the shortcomings of players like Elokobi. Moreover, I am not certain that he carefully thought out the current set-up but luckily found himself with a player who could beef up our midfield and give us greater drive going forward. As with the 4-5-1 formation he discovered in the second half of 2009-10 I only give him credit for recognising the value of the system when it fell on top of him. It remains to be seen if we genuinely have turned the corner – and with a fit Frimpong we might have done - or remain, at best, plucky losers who sometimes get a good result but who more often let ourselves down by committing basis errors. Modern PL football is all about pace, movement and athleticism (lifted from another blog), and, watching the Wolves perform week in, week out, I am not sure that our current coaching team have fully embraced those notions.
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25/01/2012 10:54:00

I see Jody's back playing and that our 'ex-Celtic' trialist scored.I take it all back;close the war chest! We're saved!Hallef***inglujah!
Report Abuse
25/01/2012 14:04:00

SB - Big George has no shortcomings. He is the complete player. I won't hear a word said against him!! lol!! In all seriousness though, I think some of us are under the misguided illusion that we are a PL team. We are not. Only a handful of players in that team are PL standard. So it should come as no suprise to us all that we are floundering about again in the basement of the league. I'm prepared for the fight. I know Big George is. Are you?? UTW!!!
Report Abuse
25/01/2012 15:23:00

The thought that we are looking at a player like Fotheringham typifies the lack of ambition and penny-pinching policies of our board and/or the poor standards set by our coaching team (though the one might impact on the other). If we need Fotheringham and are thinking of offering a loan deal to Mancienne, why did we did we buy Jonsson? We are filling up with second raters when we have current experience of what the presence of a marquee player can do for the fortunes of the club. For goodness sake Mr. Morgan splash out on a couple of genuine PL players and watch the team fly. Or doesn't that interest you?
Report Abuse
25/01/2012 16:12:00


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