Wolves - Dire, Dreadful and Demoralised
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Dire, Dreadful and Demoralised

I was about to write this report when a friend, a Scotsman, knocked on the door with a crate of beer and invited himself in to watch the Wales -Scotland rugby match. A good result for me, largely because Scotland did 'a Wolves`, that is, they gave away points by committing elementary mistakes.

Did it relieve the pain of a dreadful display by WW? No, it bloody well didn`t!

It`s not that we are relegated yet but if we play this badly, we don`t deserve to stay in the PL ... and we certainly won`t! In the end the difference in class told and WBA won easily. By the end of the match it was even more embarrassing than the Liverpool game. To make matters worse we didn`t merely lose, we were thrashed. And, Blackburn Rovers are now ahead of us on goal difference. It`s a real shame because, given the results yesterday, a half-decent performance could have seen us rise up the table.

The only mystery was the timing of the goals. Completely outplayed for the first 45 minutes, we somehow managed to go into the break on level terms. Yet, while by our own poor standards, we played better in the second half, we manage to ship four more goals. WBA played like a PL team. They executed the basics properly: crisp in their passing, always looking to run into space and resolute in their tackling.

WW, in contrast, looked laboured and lacking in confidence. As ever, we dithered on the ball, got caught in possession, did not weigh our passes correctly or hit them accurately. Briefly, Milijas, proved that it could be done then he succumbed. What is worse, we have lost the two players, who could have pulled us out of the mire: Frimpong and Bassong.

I was afraid that this would happen,especially after I read the starting line-up. Whilst playing three strikers might be alright against ten men, it left us woefully exposed in midfield against the eleven of WBA. And so it proved. The Baggies swept through our lightweight midfield, shorn of any enforcer. Only Hennessey kept us in the game in the first half.

WBA, like so many other teams we play, attack at pace and create numerous chances. We, in contrast, have trouble bringing the ball out of defence, have even greater problems finding a man in space and inevitably lose the ball. What chances we get come our way though brute force and a lucky bounce rather than the finesse with which teams like WBA play. It`s the SEB training manual of playing soccer. Our style of play, therefore, puts a premium on converting the few chances handed to us and we do not put them away regularly enough to get us out of trouble. Thank goodness for Fletcher (and WH the other end of course).

Of course, we were unlucky with one or two of the deflected goals and an unsighted WH but we were well beaten and should recognise the fact. WBA had acres of space down the flanks and their scorers could have signed the ball before putting the cut-backs away, so lax was our defending.

We`re still making mistakes that schoolboys would be ashamed of: what about RJ`s dreadful skewed clearance that led to one of the goals. Only Bassong had the wit to play the ball out of defence and look for a colleague to pass to ... and he`s injured now. No-one emerged out of this game with his reputation, such as it is, intact. Oh, apart from WH, that is, and even he made mistakes.

It`s not that they are bad players but they are not operating at the level to which they are capable. There must be a reason for this ... and I blame the coaching staff. Please, Mr. Morgan, tell MM that it is time to go!

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The Journalist

Writer: southbank60 Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Sunday February 12 2012

Time: 5:52PM

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Why does anyone still go that is what I don't understand I have stopped going. It is quite easy really to stop and by doing so I would have thought that the powers that be will change things.
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12/02/2012 18:31:00

I'm just grateful it was 1-1 H-T,It could and should have been 4 or 5-1,never mind Banksy,Twickers in a fortnight!!!.
Crete Wolf
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12/02/2012 18:59:00

Mikey1mcl - WHY DO WE STILL GO! BECAUSE UNLIKE *****ERS LIKE YOU WE ARE WOLVES FANS, we support our team whatever the result or the league we are in, people like you are glorified "premiership" fans, fans that havn't got the bottle to stand up and be counted when the going gets tough. Southbank60 - Mick is "still" the one to get us out of this mess, it's the same manager, coaching staff and players that got the results agains Spurs, Arsenal, QPR, ok today was crap - but - look at some of the facts - maybe if that corrupt ref Mason had given us the pen for the foul on SEB (making it 1.0 to us) things would have been different or the other pen he failed to give us, everything the scum tried went in, everything we tried didn't, the fans - what F'ing fans? it was like a morgue the second half -again! to be beat by that low life scum is not acceptable at any time, to do it with a wimper is worse - but - has I have said Mick is the one to get us out of it and "IF" we go down - the one to bring us back up! whats the alternative? Warnock, Bruce, Ince??????????????? Tomorrow I will be re-newing my season ticket, and going into my 59th year of my 63 years supporting our great club, born in Wednesbury, living in scum land - but I am and always will be proud to be a Wolves fan, after all I would rather be a dingle than a $%^, oh and by tthe way mikey if we go down you can always get your season ticket when we go back up and then tell everybody what a "loyal" fan you are!
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12/02/2012 19:02:00

SB60 good report we made WBA look like Barcalona i just dont understand how we can play two games completely different. The second half performance at QPR should have been a spring board for this game yet if it was not for WH in goal we would have been 3-4-5 goals down at half time.I know he made a couple of mistakes but with all the liabilitys in front of him you can not expect any thing else. Ward and Foley might as well not been on the pitch their players just walked straight past them saying that you could say another 6 or 7 should not have been there. No movement no confidence no football which for one i dont get we should have been on a high after last week but looked like frightened rabbits in the headlights. With a bit of luck Bassong might be fit for Newcastle game as no game for two weeks but saying that after this performance i dont even think that will help.
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12/02/2012 19:12:00

I'd take Ince, to try and give us a boost, I'm sorry I'm trying to be positive, but I just can't see it. We're at Toon in a fortnight, we NEVER perform against them. Then we travel to Fulham (Who we beat earlier in the season) but again I don't see much there. The a HUGE 6 pointer at Molineux against Blackburn. That will probably decide our season. Followed by MU at home. If we can pick up some points in the run up to that game, maybe we can still be challenging, but it's all up to Morgan now. We all know he won't give Mick the sack, because he's too lazy to find a new manager. Ince or Bruce would be better then this, personally I'd go for Roy Keane. He's a legend in the Irish eyes and could just give us that boost, if Mick's not gon by the morning, then we know we're stuck with him for the rest of the season.
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12/02/2012 19:43:00

I shall also be renewing my season ticket too, Johnwolf, having recently been phoned up by a guy from Molineux to remind me about the early bird scheme. I suspect they're trying to sign us up before we get too disillusioned and walk away. Of course, we can't but that doesn't mean that we, as a captive audience, should accept the s*** being served up on a weekly basis. I was at Loftus Road last week and QPR would have buried us, had they not lost a man. And is MM the person to keep us up? The contrast between WBA's play today with ours was immense. Perhaps that was partly due to the intrinsic superiority of their players but I doubt it. I reckon it's down to the lousy, out-of-date coaching our players are getting at Compton. We look clumsy and bereft of ideas, with no pace or movement, and we only strung one decent passage of play together this afternoon ... and we did score. Don't blame a 'biased' ref or a bad rub of the green. We were awful and, in my opinion, the coaching staff are largely to blame. Today we emptied our midfield in order to overload our attack, the rationale being that it worked against the ten men of QPR last week. They never got the ball, while WBA were waltzing through our flimsy defence. How naive is that? And how bad does Johnson have to be before he is side-lined. Pair Berra with Craddock for the next game and pray that Bassong recovers quickly. He made mistakes today (one in the first minute) but he looks composed on the ball and is able effectively to pass it out of defence. Once he has more match-time he will strengthen our defence enormously, while showing up the deficiencies in the rest of the side: Fletcher and Hennessey apart.
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12/02/2012 19:51:00

I stood there in the cold like I have for over 20 years and watched my beloved team get ripped apart by a well organised team who showed good movement, passed the ball well and looked right up for it. We looked slow. We couldn't pass a ball or indeed keep it for longer than a few seconds. There was a definite lack of movement and an unwillingness to track back when they were in possession. These are not bad players but today they looked confused. Players were being swapped around all over the place in some frantic attempt to put things right. At one point I lost Jarvis altogether only to find him in the middle. We looked like we had literally ran out of ideas. Sorry to say it but we need a change....NOW!!!!! I'd give Roy Keane a shot and let him bring in his own coaching staff. Even if we go down then we would have a guy with the experience and connections to rebuild us because let's face it, you can kiss goodbye to a few of our better players. Change NOW!!!! Before its too late............although I dear it may already be
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12/02/2012 20:05:00

For me the only plausible choice at the moment is Curbishly. He did very well with Charlton. Bruce, Keane or Ince are not the answer. Too inexperienced are the latter and Bruce, well, look at Sunderland now. Enough said!! Not going to comment on the game, Going to listen to a Whitney Houston CD instead. That'll cheer me right up!
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13/02/2012 04:07:00

Big Tasty: presumably not the one that SM has dedicated to MM, namely, I will always love you?
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13/02/2012 08:02:00

If only there were a question mark in SM's dedication rather than in my question to BT!
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13/02/2012 08:03:00

i dont think its a case of a new manager yes the one we have is not ideal at this momment but the players we have who he bought are not up to standard. You can name on one hand how many players we have that are PL CLASS and the rest are not Ward is not a PL LB you can say the same for FOLEY EDWARDS STEARMAN EBANKS-BLAKE BERRA HAMMIL MILIJAS I COULD GO ON. I know the manager bought these players so he has to take a lot of the blame you can say its tactics but every defender knows you do not defend on your on goal line. Where were the tackles every time we got the ball we gave it straight back we were void of any ideas or movement you cant blame that on the manager. They all know what to do but it comes down to lack of ability not being able to pass a ball more than two feet in front of you if we stay up we need a complete overhaul of the squad and for who ever is in charge to be given the money to buy quality PL players not average championship ones or ones with up and coming potential.
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13/02/2012 09:54:00

does this now cut it>? abject failure followed up by an apology? the only, THE ONLY come back muppet fans have is "who else is there"... and when a stuffed parrot would seem a better option, the approach then is to attack your opponent's integrity by questioning their loyalty. I put it to you, If you are NOT disgusted by our current lot, then YOU are not a loyal fan... No one who Loves the Wolves can walk around without a stabbing pain in their chest at how muppet mccarthy, moxey and wet blanket morgan are wiping their arse with our club. mccarthy simply cannot cut it at this level, end of.
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13/02/2012 10:37:00

Kiawolves, you are right to point out the players' shortcomings yesterday and they have to take a share of the blame. But, you also correctly point out that MM bought most of them and they have made little progress in the PL. Of course, they should be doing the basics right: why can't players who train most days control the ball, pass properly, run into space and mark, track and tackle effectively? It seems as though something is wrong on the training ground and I reckon the players have lost their faith in MM and TC. After all, they, too, must have found MM's set-up and tactics baffling. In essence, it made their job impossible, emptying our midfield, already shorn of our sole enforcer (the only other contending having been loaned out). And who were thge players who were going to get the ball to the front three? Milijas m anaged it occasionally but he needs solid support around him. Didn't MM ever consider that the reason the 4-3-3 formation worked against QPR was because we were playing against ten men? Did it not cross his mind that it would be more difficult against a 11-man WBA side fired up for a Black Country derby and a relegation battle to boot? Why were we not as committed? Again, I lay the blame on MM and, behind him, the board for not doing something about it earlier. Goodness knows, the problem has been staring us in the face for months if not years. MM does not have the ability or the knowledge of the modern game to redeem the situation. With him we are doomed. He's turned a squad of competent players into a bunch of no-hopers unable to carry out the basic skills and leaving us wide open to any team with a bit of pace and vision, that is, every other team in the PL. We stand out on account of the awfulness of our playing style. I shall be anxiously scanning the websites all day today for news of the outcome of an emergency board meeting which I hope will inform us that MM and TC have been sacked. It's the only solution. It's not that there might not be anyone better out there, rather there can't be anyone worse. Please, Mr. Morgan, act now and give us a chance.
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13/02/2012 10:43:00

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13/02/2012 10:57:00

I think Paul Ince and bring in Ray wilkins as his sidekick SOME ONE YOUNG AND HUNGERY AND SOME ONE WITH GREAT KNOWEDGE.Also Ince knows the Wolves way and should have had the job before MM got it.
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13/02/2012 11:05:00

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13/02/2012 11:11:00

Would you like McLeish, I can deliver him for you.
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13/02/2012 11:13:00

No thanks Juddy
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13/02/2012 11:15:00

didnt want to post this on here last night, as we know we all get so many so called ITK bull*****ters or trouble makers looking to stir things up without foundation, but I was told he was certain to be sacked last night by a mate who has supposedly inside knowledge at WW. here is my link on the subject: http://www.spurs.vitalfootball.co.uk/forum/forums/thread-view.asp?tid=31436&start=1
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13/02/2012 11:16:00

Hey! I didn't know that my blog would have such an immediate impact on the board's thinking.
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13/02/2012 11:23:00

Ok, I'll throw in Warnock and Heskey as well.
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13/02/2012 11:28:00

... but I also insisted that TC should go too! I hope that the club acts quickly otherwise, with him in sole charge, things aren't going to get any better.
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13/02/2012 11:28:00

Have to agree Southbank60
gregory house
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13/02/2012 11:30:00

Good luck with your search for a manager guys, hope the Wolves can stay up and we stay with you.
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13/02/2012 11:37:00

Warnock for me. May be too late to save us but has the experience to get us back up
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13/02/2012 12:58:00

Warnock would not make any difference: he's as inflexible and as tactically clueless as MM. With him all we would get is an MM clone but without the charm.
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13/02/2012 14:54:00


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