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McCarthy sacked by Wolves

Mick McCarthy's time at Molineux has come to an end.

While things were far from rosy amongst our Mick and the Wolves board in recent weeks, the final nail in the coffin was the 5-1 defeat in the Black Country derby.

While one of only a few supporters of Mick McCarthy who was still brave enough to fight his corner, even I admitted last night that a result like that could be just too hard to take.

The performance and circumstances are irrelevant, 5-1 against the Baggies was simply unacceptable and that appears to have been the same realisation the board made this morning.

'The board took the difficult decision after a run of form which has seen Wolves pick up 14 points in the last 22 league games,' a club statement read.

It concluded by adding: 'The board would like to place on record their sincere thanks and appreciation to Mick McCarthy and he leaves with the very best wishes of everyone connected to the club.'

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The Journalist

Writer: Akela Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Monday February 13 2012

Time: 11:30AM

Your Comments

A bit surprised tbh looking in from the outside
The right decision. Mick's taken us as far as we can go. We need a change, and the manager had to go. I hope we get Roy Keane, or maybe Paul Ince. Eirkson, Grayson or Bruce would be fine. It would be a joke if Dowie got it, but please NOT warnock!
I imagine this is a last throw of the dice for your board. I imagine it was a real 50/50 call to sack or stick with him, but you do seem to be in a downward spiral and I urge any opposing fans to look at Wolves from from October to understand why he probably had to go
Ince yes the rest no why take on a manager who has just been sacked himself does not make sense.
Paul Ince?? His record has been terrible. Awful at Blackburn and awful at Notts County, if he cant be a success there I'd hate to have our Premier League fate in his hands.
I don't want Ince either, for the reason Akela states. Neither do I want Warnock, who is as limited as MM. Nor does Bruce appeal: look what happened when O'Neill took over from him at Sunderland. We want a person who will motivate and improve our squad not destroy it as MM has done. Coppell could do a good job and would have us playing at pace but he seems to cave in under a challenge. Curbishley: OK in his time but can he still cut it? Houghton maybe ... and what about an earlier suggestion of mine, Freedman? He's young, tactically astute and in tune with the modern game ... and has turned CP's fortunes round. Under no circumstances should we appoint Dowie!
I hate Warnock!!! and i never even considered Dowie, would rather have Mick back....please take your time Morgan and appoint the right man, listen to the fans aswell (Mcleish at Villa) I like Rodgers. Ince no, Curbishley no.
gregory house
I would like Rodgers too but it would be too much to expect that there is a second madman at Swansea wiling to move to WW.
I have heard it all now! Keane couldn't manage Ipswich? Ince couldn't manage Notts County, Balckburn, bloody hell we have some moronic fans, Mick is well out of it, he won't be out of work long and he will bring a club up to us who will beat the ***** out of us - then watch the cretinous boo boys cringe - me I will be laughing,southbank60 you talk the biggest load of garbage that has ever come out of a gob, people like you are ruining our great club - I want Dowie, then fans like you might go away and support some other poor buggers - then once you have gone we can sack him and get somebody else. We need fans who are prepared to give 100% support not 10% as they do know like saturday when we went 2.1 down fans turned, for 80% of the fans at the mol it is a two match season- the scum home and away, you might as well stop coming now because your seasons over as it is for the scum fans, me it looks like I will have to go and renew my season ticket whilst being ashamed to be associated with boo boys who are dragging us through the gutter once again. mind you maybe you would like Sammy Lee! has for o'nelly - lost two on the trot, lets see what happens now, hughes with all his money were are qpr, norwich and swansea - when they have been in the league for three seasons on the trot then talk, we will rue this day mark my words, just like we did when we sacked Stan, and don't insult Mick by thanking him for what he did because a lot of you never supported him anyway, premiership glory hunters thats all you are.
your comment about a second madman southbank60 sums you up, ***** off.
I think that it is a bad decision to get rid of Merlin now,they should have given him until the end of the season.Back before the transfer window was the only time for a change,now whoever comes in does not have the chance to bring in their own players.I will stick with what I said some months ago that Benitez would be the choice,but would he come to Wolves?,I think Morgan has that Liverpool connection and could maybe persuade him,all the other names I think dont inspire any confidence,they are people who have been sacked or walked away or dont have the experience. A clean sweep in now required with new coaching assistants being brought in as well,lets all hope whatever we all think that its not too late to keep us up where we belong?.UTW. before or quit and walked away
Crete Wolf
How exactly am I moronic for being disappointed in sacking Mick McCarthy in favour of an appointment like Paul Ince?
I'd like Benitez but think we'll end up with Curbishly.
Crete Wolf
Only Rafa for me...along with his coaching staff, the rest are failures. That said, I would have stuck with Mick till the end of the season.
You're right, Johnwolf, I must be mad to follow a team struggling against relegation, with a manager who hasn't a clue how to play the modern game and with a side-kick, who is just as bad. And what about the players? Apparently, they can't control the ball, constantly get caught in possession, can't pass accurately or run into space; can't defend and leave huge gaps all over the field for the opposition to exploit. It's depressing watching it week in, week out. And it costs me over 100 a go. According to my wife, it would be much easier, cheaper and more sensible if I were to change my allegiance to a west London club like Chelsea, with a training ground a short distance from my home. But you know as well as I do that one cannot change one's loyalties (though you constantly accuse me of being a Baggies fan). True supporters stick with their team through thick and thin but that doesn't mean that we should not voice our concern, even criticism, if the situation warrants it. I am truly sorry that MM could not do the job but, as he couldn't, he had to go. The question now is: do we try to appoint someone who might pull us out of the mess (but probably won't be able to, so low have we sunk) or think long-term and hire someone, who might not keep us up but who would rebuild the squad in terms of personnel and playing style, with the ability to spot potential recruits who are comfortable with a game of pace and movement.
Rafa has already ruled himself out according to Sky Sports News.
Akela I wonder who Mr.Morgan was 'dressing down' three weeks ago, the players or Mick.
Agree with everyone SB said.
I was just looking at the betting odd for the next manager, and I noticed Steve Bull at 33/1, Paulo Di Canio 33/1 and Giafranco Zola 20/1, Any of these would really give the team a morale boost. All young (Ish for Bull), granted they don't have the most experience, but for an impact I think they could do it. Whether Morgan and Moxey could think hat far outsidde the box, I don't think so. What do you guys think. Though Roy Keane is still my favourite, cause Benitez simply won't go that low. P.S. I laughed when I saw Dave Jones and Avram Grant.
The morale boost from a Steve Bull will fizzle out by the second game. It is knowledge and experience of the passing game, creating spaces, all that the game is about......SB was right, we should have got Roy before the Albion did. Who knows, it could have be a reverse scoreline on Sunday.
lovesW really are a blinkered****. It's one thing to support your team through thick and thin but to follow them blindly, happy to put up with any old crap is a bit much. Mick did a good job for 3 1/2 years. He built a team out of nothing, got us promoted and kept us up.......FACT But he had also clearly reached the top of his game and didn't have the ability to take us to the next level. I genuinely felt sorry for him but I am also aware that the manager is not bigger than the club and ultimately pays the price for bad results. This wasn't just about yesterday, this was about previous results and more importantly....the future ones. For me......Ray Wilkins should be bought in for the rest of the season with his team of coaches. The guy worked wonders at Chelsea......a team that have not been the same since he left. Get him in as a firefighter and see where we go from there. If not manager then as head coach. Maybe then we could try one of the younger managers but only with Wilkins in the frame somewhere. Wilkins will also sort out our academy kids which we have been sadly lacking since Graham Taylor left. No need to reply JW because to be honest....I don't care what you think. Get your head out of the clouds and take your blinkers off. Whilst your at it.......try and be less abusive. You bounce on here every now and then, have a rant and then vanish. Grow up!!!!
As for Steve Bull..........pleeeeeaaase. Let's turn a hero into a
I would like to see Wilkins at the club too, especially as a firefighter to get us out of this mess. I am not certain about him as a manager but as a head coach he would be great.
Wolves have some good players and should not be in relegation trouble. A new manager may help to beat the drop, but who. Not too many good managers out of work.
How about FREEDMAN of CP and put Wilkins in beside him as a guideing hand and coach. Young dynamic manager with a good and wise old head beside him to stear in the right direction. But i bet odds on it will be Bruce or curbs becuase they have experience if had to make a choice out of both i would take Curbs. On the grounds Bruce spent millions at Sunderland and got nowhere fast just look whats happened their since he got sacked.
I don't want Bruce...... No different than what just left.
If anything Bruce is worse, done nothing everywhere he went. Ray Wilkins is not a name I thought of yesterday but I would go with that. I take exception to Johnwolf's comments though. You dont know us so how dare you catagorise and accuse us of being premier glory hunters, I have been a fan ALL my life since my first game in the late 70's vMan City. I have been going through thick and thin and I am ALLOWED to agree with Micks sacking, if it turns out to be the wrong decision (thought how you could possibly gauge that I am not sure) then so be it. But something had to be done, we couldnt sack the players, although some should never wear the shirt again, so a change at the top is right in my opinion.
gregory house
Of the 'grey haired grizzlies' available, most of whom are available because they have beene sacked, I would choose Curbishley. He rescued WHU in similar circumstances. It would be nice if he could invite Wilkins along as coach. And it might work (especialy with Wilkins in the team: even on the pitch, the way some of our players have been performing). If it doesn't and we do go down, according to the terms of the contract, we can look for someone else in the summer. As that would be a long term appointment, we should choose a young manager with a sound tactical sense, attuned to the modern game and a good motivator. Houghton has the pedigree but I would also consider Freedman of CP.
NONE of the mentoned names inspire, shud hav stuck with Mick
Big Bad Wolf
SB60 i have been reading the reports and according to one MM was on his way out what ever happened. According to some we were offered Cabaye and Ba by their agent but morgan said wanted to much money now look at Newcastle. Another one was C Gardener fee had been agreed and player wanted to sign Morgan again put a block on it. Which starts to make sense now as in the transfer window we were supposed to have money to spend but who did we buy a nobody from Hearts who cant even get a game even though were struggling.Im not adding 2+2 and geting 5 were we saveing for a new manager which seems to bear every thing out that i have said.Final note just hope MM gets another job and comes back and buys some of the crap he bought for us ie STEARMAN ELIKOBI EDWARDS HAMILL JOHNSTONE BERRA TO NAME BUT A FEW.
kiawolves I have read the same reports, it would seem that Morgan has wanted shot of McCarthy for a while and yet the man who works with him day in day out wanted him to stay. Morgan has now got his wish.
HA HA HA HA HA H AH johnwolf you complete idiot... if mick is going to build a team that will come up and smack the preverbial out of us, WHY COULDNT HE DO IT WITH US HA HA HA... you truly are a muppet .. A bloody muppet !!!!
If he takes over at Leeds they may literally smack the preverbial out of us. :)

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