Wolves - Connor takes over till the end of the season
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Connor takes over till the end of the season

Mick McCarthy's former assistant Terry Connor has been asked to take over at Molineux until the end of the season.

The man tasked with giving the side fresh impetus, new thoughts and ideas and a moral boost following the end of Mick McCarthy's reign is his former assistant.

Well done Jez Moxey and well done Steve Morgan!

Ever since the departure of Mick McCarthy we have been made to look like a laughing stock, if reports are true, managers have turned down the chance to take over at Molineux more than half a dozen times!

Alan Curbishley and Walter Smith have turned us down twice, Brian McDermott, Gianfranco Zola, Gus Poyet, Neil Warnock and Steve Bruce have all either turned us down or rejected an approach at some stage according to the media.

If the players confidence and moral was low following the clubs performances on the pitch, they will be at an all time low now after they read report after report suggesting that no one was willing to take us on, other than the guy who was already employed at the club.

Connor has of course been at Wolves for 13 years and must hold the club close to his heart.

He has seen four different managers come and go at Molineux and now is his time to step out of the shadows.

13 games remaining and only in the bottom three on goal difference, this is a task that is achievable and could well be the making of Connor.

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The Journalist

Writer: Akela Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Friday February 24 2012

Time: 10:04AM

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Time to put loyalties to one side and get behind the guy. It's not his fault that the 2 muppets are incapable of actually selling our club to a new manager. If it all goes Peter Tong.......then the board should be targeted.....not Connor.
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24/02/2012 10:08:00

clip board man is the manager till the end of the season official apparently
gregory house
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24/02/2012 10:14:00

its not conners fault. it is however the end of our season and the end of my tether. i actually feel sick at this whole affair.
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24/02/2012 10:17:00

Mosey out!!!!!!! This just goes to prove how completely out of touch he is with the fans. Morgan is clueless so looks to Moxey for advice. Based on this whole fiasco.....Moxey must go.
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24/02/2012 10:26:00

See Banksy we told you yesterday!!!,I'm having custard with my Humble Pie,now then what happens if he keeps us up?Wolfie must be tossing and turning on his New York mattress!!.What a complete and utter shambles,we are the laughing stock of football,at least we have the rugby tomorrow to deflect some comments,someones head is going to roll for this!.At least we can step back now and appoint someone who will actually want the job in the summer!,even if we may me a division lower!.
Crete Wolf
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24/02/2012 10:43:00

Rust Monkey I am with you, If you look at all that is wrong with the club in little bits, it has all come to a head with this fiasco and the finger is pointing at one person and one person only Fat boy Moxey. He needs to go. I feel sorry for TC to be honest, never been a fan of his but he has the clubs interests at heart!
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24/02/2012 10:45:00

Create, you are right about the rugby tomorrow, come on Wales!! But we are a laughing stock and I just hope that TC can pull off a miracle, they do happen you know, then I got more than humble pie to eat!!!
Report Abuse
24/02/2012 10:54:00

Well it is now official TC is the new manager!!! Well done to the board for spending nearly 2 weeks to appoint the assitant manager, thank you Jez for keeping the fans so informed of what has been going on. Just to let you know Jez the secret is out,......you really are a waste of space (can't put up what I really wanted to say)
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24/02/2012 10:56:00

It doesn't please me to say that I saw this one coming, what does please me is the money I have made at the bookies.
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24/02/2012 10:56:00

Well Akela at least you have got something to show for it mate, have a few beers to drown your sorrows!!
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24/02/2012 11:00:00

It has been an utter disgrace and, like others on this site, I tend to blame JM. Even so, we have to give TC a chance now and get behind him and the lads. I, for one, will give him my support ... well, until the first cock-up in the box tomorrow, of course!
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24/02/2012 11:13:00

We cant hang Conner without a trial, but we certainly can sentence JEZ MOXEY and STEVE MORGAN to death. Morgan has just recorded massive profits with Redrow whilst our club rots at the foot of the table... Headless, Mindless and Pathetic. Only thing for it is to get rid of the remaining Ms....
Report Abuse
24/02/2012 11:32:00

We hav to get BEHIND CONNOR if we want to survive, but the BOO BOYS have no pateince and wudnt bk Mick so NO CHANCE they will back CONNOR.
Big Bad Wolf
Report Abuse
24/02/2012 12:32:00

Jus seen akala got connor @ 25/1!!!!!! GOOD WORK there.
Big Bad Wolf
Report Abuse
24/02/2012 12:33:00

Poor guy looks like a rabbit in the headlights. What I did like was that he said MM and himself had differences about the game.will be very interesting to see who was actually pulling the strings. If we suddenly start playing a different style then we know where those differences were and who was to blame. In a weird kind of way, I actually hope TC pulls off a miracle. A/ because we stay up B/ because it will regalvanize the fans and give us something to cheer about. I don't think anyone really expected this and most of us really didn't want it BUT it's happened and we have to accept it. I will now give Mr TC 100% support as the guy actually as nothing to lose and everything to gain. And let's face it.....he couldn't do any worse than Bruce. I have a feeling the players had a big say in this decision.....let's hope they walk the walk now.
Report Abuse
24/02/2012 12:45:00

Can't you recognise a joke against oneself, when you see one, BBW? I am giving TC my full support and will reserve judgement until the end of the season. Now we will see if he is part of the problem, along with MM, or whether, now that he is in overall charge (if that's possible, with SM and JM on his back), he will blossom.
Report Abuse
24/02/2012 12:47:00

The new poll says " can Terry Connor avoid the drop ". Depends on the players. The answer is......of course he can Whether he does is down to how well the players respond and maybe a little bit of luck going our way for a change. One thing is certain........our season starts today.
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24/02/2012 13:21:00

Whatever hapens, it is now clear, to one and all, Wolves fans and the rest of the footballing world, MORGAN, MOXEY and CO are ABSOLUTELY CLUELESS. Jokers - the lot of them.
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24/02/2012 13:56:00

Hey, guys! Look on the bright side. Think of the money we are saving by not having to shell out on compensation and the inflated wage demands of an imported manager. Moreover, we are going to be awash with money in a few months' time, what with the parachute payments and the income derived from the sale of our best players. We could complete the rebuilding of Molineux without SM having to dig into his pocket. OK, enough of the sarcasm: from tomorrow I'm a TC man all the way.
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24/02/2012 15:57:00

I don't care, I'll be behind him, 100%!
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24/02/2012 16:31:00

Does this mean Greaseball gets promoted to assistant manager Banksy??.No enough,I am now fully behind clipboard and the guys,we can survive this and go on to better things.We will now be favourites to go down so we have nothing to lose.I would rather support the boys in the blue circle league than Sandwell town in the premiership.Long live TC and Greasy and UTW.!!!!.
Crete Wolf
Report Abuse
24/02/2012 16:54:00

Isn't he the real manager anyway, Crete Wolf?
Report Abuse
24/02/2012 17:12:00

This bloke has been around longer than God's Dog so if as Morgan insists he is the best man for the job why was he not offered the job an hour after they sacked Mick and why have they spent two weeks wasting peoples time and turning us into a laughing stock going for one manager after another, offering it some not just once but twice, when it has already been turned down? How many turned it down? 7 that we know of, so probably another three or four on top of that and who knows how many who did not even both answering the phone. The only reason he has got the job is because they have realized no one else is going to take it. I would love to see the likes of Curbs, Bruce, Smith (and so on) put on the telly and asked to describe the process. Nothing but a farce and God knows what they were presenting these managers to make so many run for the hills. They've also saved themselves spending any money- what they offered him? Another five grand a week and a laptop? Mick was the boss but this is the side kick who helped marshal us through two relegation battles and a third 'effort' which has steered us directly into the relegation zone with 13 games to go. What 'ideas' is he going to bring to bring to the table. As for the players 'responding' to him, of course they've bloody responded to him because he's the one giving them 'a long weekend off to think about things' with the added realization that no one else was going to be arriving at the club. It is a cheap, desperate act for two clowns who have masterminded the most pathetic managerial hunt in Premier League history. You can't blame Connor. At the end of the season when we have been relegated he can take his clipboard and ***** off. Then Morgan and Moxey can sit in the ****ed up lodsided stadium, and count the season ticket receipts by hand.
New York City Wolf
Report Abuse
24/02/2012 18:46:00

Looks like Morgan and Moxey have found theirselves a ready made scapegoat if we go down...of course it wouldn`t be anything to do with acquiring a reasonable manager when they had the chance......If Wolves can`t find anyone to take the job now !!!!! no chance at the end of the season...but they will be happy to pay championship wages to the clowns who they attract OMG this is a complete and utter farce just hope the score is not too high tomorrow....I`ll be prayin into my beer all night let us pray!! for clipboard to have some influence so help us god
Report Abuse
24/02/2012 18:47:00

So do we take it you are not happy Wolfie?lol.
Crete Wolf
Report Abuse
24/02/2012 21:53:00

Yorkie: wait and see, just wait and see. And that's official.
Report Abuse
25/02/2012 05:18:00

You guys seem well up on the goings on behind the scenes. All I know is that out here in Oz the slim chance of watching all the Wolves games has just slipped further away. It's all a bit Venkys and Steve Kean with a bit of Geoffrey Richmond at Bradford City with the frantic stand building. Anyhow, bet Connor's worried as now he's in the firing line and maybe we will be able to say good riddance. But all said and done let's get behind the bloke. He can only exceed expectations. The players have no excuse as nothing's changed and they said it was down to them. I will be watching team selection and tactical decisions closely and hope that Connor proves to be his own man. It's all a mighty balls up, but at least now we can say we're one of those 'small' clubs like Reading, Norwich, Swansea, Brighton and maybe take a chance on someone without 'experience'. If McCarthy had stayed until the end of the season, the outcome would probably have been the same. Not sure how you address the board issues, unless Morgan is happy with his building projects and leaves or he gets hacked off with Mr Moxey. Maybe Stoke will send us Pulis next?
Wolf Downunder
Report Abuse
25/02/2012 05:33:00

Well, at half time (actually after 20 minutes) I thought a BIG loss was on the cards, but a combination of TCs inspirational half time team talk and an almost inexplicable reverse of form by newcastle saw me almost unhappy not to take all 3 points... What a bloody ride !!!
Report Abuse
25/02/2012 17:46:00

PS - forgot to add, I thought Zubar was un-*****in-believable, he has blown hot and cold in the past, but this was surface of the sun !!
Report Abuse
25/02/2012 17:51:00

They played ok first half...passed it nicely but got caught out with a silly mistake and a blinder. Second half we were the better team. TC made some interesting subs too. I'd love to know why RJ was on the bench.....is he under the weather like Fletch or can TC see something that MM was blind too....i.e. he ain't in form. Brave decision.
Report Abuse
25/02/2012 17:57:00

First thing he has done right Rusty was dropping that clown of a captain. He looks like he has just woken up, and this season has played like it. 16th? 16th? Lofty heights indeed.
New York City Wolf
Report Abuse
27/02/2012 08:12:00


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