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Trend of Stupidity Continues

Liverpool academy player who was considered good enough by Stuart Pearce to represent England Under 21's, was a success at Barnsley given his first opportunity at week in, week out football and has barely put a foot wrong whenever he has pulled on the gold shirt. He made a great start just after we signed him, ticks all the boxes of an old fashioned winger, yet was practically dropped like a stone by Mick McCarthy, and was never given a proper chance. As I have just written in another thread, Terry got the job because no one else would take it and whilst the whole process and outcome was a farce, he has the job until the end of the season and the best we can do is support him and our team. He has just had multiple points knocked off in my book by allowing Adam Hammill to leave our club on loan. I have no idea what the bloke has done wrong, but where is the sense in allowing a game changer to leave the club when we have 12 games to save our Premier League status? I think he is a great talent. He is quick, loves to run at players, can cross and has the occasional wonder goal in him. I would like to hear someone from the club explain the logic behind this.

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The Journalist

Writer: New York City Wolf Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Thursday March 1 2012

Time: 1:55PM

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Dont get me started NYC... Ive alluded to their idiocy in previous posts and am verging on hunting down each decision maker of WWFC and drowning them.
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01/03/2012 14:34:00

I'll come with you AdMant!.It seems crazy to me that we send game changers like Hammill & Guedioura out on loan given the predicament we're in.Maybe the're lacking "Wolves DNA"!
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01/03/2012 15:20:00

Applause all around. I even forgot to mention the Adlene bit to it.
New York City Wolf
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01/03/2012 15:28:00

May be more than just "football related issues" going on here,maybe lifestyle not good,could be anything.There is something that both MM and Coco dont like about this player and we are not going to find out until maybe he has left.
Crete Wolf
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01/03/2012 16:03:00

True, but this has happened with a few players down the line. Time shall tell. I hope he ends up back with Wolves before the start of next season, you watch him go if they give him a good run in their team now.
New York City Wolf
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01/03/2012 17:37:00

I would imagine they are sending Hammill out on loan with the hope that he gets some first team football and improves his overall game and fitness levels. He is behind Jarvis, Hunt and Kightly in the winger division. He has a lot of potential but lacks a lot of basic football understanding. He is exciting to watch when he has the ball but his end product has a lot to be desired. In his 19 appearances for Wolves he has yet to score any goal let alone a wonder goal. I would rather he get some pitch time in rather than sit about not getting any action at all.
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01/03/2012 17:54:00

Mike I get your points, but don't agree. I simply don't understand this idea that the player is not good enough yet. He's prepared to take on players and was looking like he had real potential when was dumped out of the team towards the end of last season. A good manager at any level would be bringing these players on, giving them some action and increasing their appetite whilst improving their game. Former players that are playing in other Premier teams, M Davies, K Andrews, Surman, no matter what you think of them are proving that under the right man management they can bring something to a team. I'm behind Connor but this decision at this point of the season is the nail in the coffin that he needs to be sent packing after the end of the season regardless. The vision of developing youth is not being realized. I also get your points Crete Wolf and know that we've had problems with players in the past, C Marsden, M McIndoe, but again the management should be dealing with these players and get the most out of them before sending them off. It makes no sense weakening the squad. Let's just hope that those injury adverse players of Jarvis, Hunt and Kightly don't have a problem...
Wolf Downunder
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01/03/2012 21:36:00

havn't we had enough of the backstabbing, moaning about this that and the other, it's about time we all got behind TC, the two Ms and most importantly the team, of the comments on this page only mike 1952 is talking any sense - admant you know my feelings towards you - you are and never will be a wolves fan you are on more sites than anybody moaning about this and that and having no quelms whatso ever about dragging the good name of WWFC in to the gutter, new york city ?olf - gobbing off from afar - easy when you don't have to spend any cash - your comments are not relative until you do, has for Hammill - he has upset a few players, the word was he chinned Wardy and as had a go at a few players. Until you lot are privy to what goes on at the club or are with the players on a full time basis -like TC and MM before him how the hell can you question what the club are doing - there is a reason for them going out on loan and they don't have to give you lot a reason, Adlene has hardly pulled up any trees out on loan so far, has for explaining their actions lol,lol,lol, why should they! wolf downunder - another mouth from afar! so why do other managers send players out on loan - managers like Fergie, Redknapp, Hodgson, Pullis, etc,etc, so they are not good managers! you mention M Davies ? offered a new contract and could have played ONCE HE WASN'T INJURED, K Andrews, kicked out of the club by the boo boys! Surman at the time wasn't that good and he had better players in front of him, McIndoe went for the money and if you look at his record he was always on the move, mind you were is he know? Has I have said many times before - just because some of you have a season tkt doesn't mean it gives you the rights to run the club - it reserves your seat -NOTHING ELSE, has for those "fans"????????????from afar - your best bet is to register for wolves world - you might find something out about the "club" you support????????? Also if you read about TC he and weaver have got the highest coaching badges that you can get in the game! so why do we need to get a top proven manager? look at the number two's who are managing know, Houghton, Hodges, Mouhrino, Trevor Brooking (twice at west ham) the reading manager, just to mention a few - but hey if they don't fit what you want - they ain't good enough, experts you think you are, were in fact you know SFA!
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01/03/2012 22:53:00

If it is attitude would we turn down Mad Mario from City? They can't tame the beast but they play him. Mario does not care who sees his madness unfold. Hammill, we have not seen or actually heard anything. As for wonder goals, it may have been a friendly, and I may be wrong but did he not score one against Celtic. Also he did the biz at Barnsley. The youth is a huge problem. You have old Evans saying Zeli will be the first hundred million pound player. Robbie Keane was thrown in at 17 so why not give this wonder kid of ours some game time. As for you John Wolf, you should not get on anyone's back about being critical because aside from blind love for the Wolves all I have ever done is see you disagree with people and I am amazed your prolonged blog was missing the usual fifteen swear words. So let me drop a few in- alright for me to have a go from afar? You don't ******** know me. I was born and bred in the black country and attended games from when I was a kid up until I left to move. I go to the games every time I go back and I pay cable fees to make sure I watch the games from afar. I have my Wolves badge proudly pinned to my jacket when I walk around New York everyday and take pride in telling people about Wolverhampton Wanderers whenever anyone asks and have converted plenty of Yanks into dedicated Wolves fans. You are the one who knows sweet ***** all my friend. You are the most cynical, negative, illiterate poster this site has to put up with. Heaven forbid I made something of myself. Maybe I should give it up, get myself a caravan, claim the dole and sell apples in the hope of scraping together thirty eight quid to go and watch a game once in a while. With an extra tenner in my pocket I could stretch to a couple cans of Strongbow, munch a pie at half time and roam around after the game swearing at traffic. There are those of the ilk.
New York City Wolf
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02/03/2012 00:36:00

johnwolf why are you so angry? You can certainly educate us 'exiled' fans that obviously don't value the club by getting up at all hours to watch something that can be quite painful, but do you need to shout so much. I, like many on this site would never boo a manager. I appreciate the effort they put in and stress they are under. The problem I have is that we're sending players out on loan because allegedly they're not good enough. So who makes the decisions to buy them? Why can't they be improved? Adlene was an international, Hammill an U-21, perhaps something went wrong? Milijas is another one I worry about. Obviously talented, can strike a ball, decent set piece taker, but marginalised to the point of looking dodgy. Lee Griffiths another strange purchase. Maierhofer another bizarre purchase and then sold just as he'd given a glimmer that he might be useful. It's quite easy to say players are not up to the grade, but the number twos you mention have improved players or motivated those they have. I am afraid that TC is on trial and has been there long enough to know what goes on behind the scenes. Your blind faith is admirable, but from what you write you'd think that we made these observations because we want to destroy the club. Have a word with yourself. Try and calm down. We're all wanting to stay up, but we're frustrated because we know we're better than this. Maybe your anger is your frustration with the situation.
Wolf Downunder
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02/03/2012 07:30:00

Having already responded to a johnwolf rant on another thread, I am merely going to affirm my support for the views of Yorkie and WDU on this one. JW's bigoted, myopic, irrational and abusive views are getting tiresome, especially as he refuses to engage in rational debate or recognise the reality of the club's plight. Not in a mess? What would constitute a mess for him, then?
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02/03/2012 11:05:00

I picked up on this story and did an article on the Barnsley Vital Football about it. Hammill was great for Barnsley. He still finished the season as our leading goalscorer even after joining you guys in January. The thoughts among the majority of the Barnsley fans was that he would have been better served spending another 12 to 18 months at Barnsley before moving to the Premier League. The talent was definitely there but there was still a few areas of his game to work on and another season or so playing regular first team fooball in the Championship might have meant when he did move to the Premier League he would be able to command a regular starting place. It sounds to me however, that he was never really given a proper chance at Wolves. Why go out and spend 500k and not give players the chance? Maybe the loan will be a good thing and he will come back a better player, but I believe it more likely means it is step towards leaving. Good luck in your fight to stay up.
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02/03/2012 13:17:00

F*** you johnwolf, you cantankerous bile filled c*** you come on here gobbing off at "fans from afar" typing up diatribe from the safety of your living room... come out with your senseless gob*****e at the game on Sunday and i'll shut your mouth for you, you spineless cretin. you spout 'support' for the club yet you do nothing but spread hate. ... sadly, i reckon this kind of response is exactly what you are after and you will no doubt be back to get your fix before long. Saddo.
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02/03/2012 16:28:00

Weirdly I kind of agree with Johnwolf on the Player issue. Not the other ***** he spouts but on the fact that we don't see the players every day in training. Hammill clearly has something but as yet, he has failed to prove it consistently. Is this down to poor management or is it down to poor attitude. I have no idea if Hammill has been involved in any spats with other players but if this is the case then he needs getting rid of. The problem is, from a managers point of view, is that if you see a lazy player with a bad attitude 5 days a week.......would you play him on game day. I suspect most ppl wouldn't unless he was a world beater. Hammill is not good enough to tie Mad Mario's boots let alone have the same dispensation as him. You can put up with an attitude along as once on the field he wins you games. Hammill will never do that. Like I say, as for the other stuff.....sorry John but you are just a wee bit bonkers and in desperate need of anger management.
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02/03/2012 16:56:00

Rustmonkey, you're right, but we're just the fans so we'll never really know. Here's the problem I have. If these players are bought by a manager it is part of the manager's job to make it work. Either get the player playing or having given him chance send him packing whilst he still is worth something. It feels like we have bought so many players recently, somehow had a revelation that they're not good enough after a limited spell on the fringes of the team and then do this loan thing to get rid of them. Managers argue for getting their own players in, well it's up to them to justify their expenditure. I know that they won't make the right choice all the time, but some of these guys just haven't had a chance. I don't subscribe to the he ain't up to the job after two games assessment of players, as the team is the sum of the parts, people develop and McCarthy proved you can make a very good battling side with players who are not world beaters. I admire the loyal core of players we have but wonder what it does in terms of motivation. Henry, O'Hara and Edwards have pretty much been guaranteed starting places regardless of form or returning from injury. What message does it send out to those who feel they're worth a game or two to prove themselves. It must destroy your confidence and make you overly fired up when you get a chance, leading to stupid mistakes. Being a super sub is not an easy role to play and takes a lot of mental discipline and focus. Chiefred's comments are insightful. Maybe we're buying these players too early to bring into the first team or should be letting them stay at their clubs initially on loan before bringing them into the team. I suppose I'm just really shocked that we're getting rid of players at this stage of the season who have shown glimmers of something. But on second thoughts maybe TC is getting rid because these are the disgruntled fringe players who have been so marginalised that they want out.
Wolf Downunder
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02/03/2012 22:39:00

WDU: spot on. This must be the case with Hammill. It's a pity because I saw him play his first match, when he came on as a substitute (for Jarvis, I think). He livened up the team, looking sharp running the flanks, beating his man and pumping accurate crosses into the box. He's never really replicated that performance again but he has hardly had a chance. And why is Surman playing so well at Norwich (as against us) when he was at best a fringe player at WW?
Report Abuse
03/03/2012 08:48:00


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