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Having paid my dues by watching a fluffy romcom with my wife when I got back home, I have been given permission to write the report. Unfortunately, unlike 'Life as We Know It` on Sky Movies, there was no happy ending at Molineux. So, what else did I expect?

Driving to the match this morning, I had plenty of time to contemplate life, the universe and everything Wolverhampton Wanderers. I realised that I was remarkably calm and relaxed, free of the normal tension I feel when travelling to a game. The debacle at Craven Cottage had extinguished all hope and I had resigned myself to visits from Barnsley and trips to Crystal Palace.

Expecting little, my spirits rose somewhat as the game got underway. Neither side was playing very well- and mistakes were legion- but we certainly had the edge for most of the first half. For once, Jarvis was determined to take on the full-back and managed to do so with relative ease. Throughout the game he sent over a stream of crosses, some of which found the head of a WW player and one or two were even directed at the goal. He missed a sitter early on though, side-footing a cross from Edwards round the post from three yards with an open goal in front of him.

If Ward kept giving the ball away, his overlapping runs were proving effective. In the 12th. minute he might have engineered a chance but his cut-back from the by-line was poor. Other chances went begging. Even so, we looked the more likely to score, that is, until Blackburn scored in the 42nd. minute. A long throw into our box, which typically our defence failed to clear, was our undoing. Davis headed the ball out to the unmarked Hoilett, who hit it home. We never managed to shackle him throughout the game.

Up to that point Blackburn had struggled to find a rhythm as the tension of the occasion was clearly affecting their play. As I feared, the goal boosted their confidence and their all-round game started to improve. We needed a swift reply ... and in the first minute of the second half neat interplay between Jarvis and Ward ended with a cross into the box, only for Fletcher to miscue his shot. Ironically, his overall control of the ball throughout the game was good. Even so, his partnership with Doyle was largely ineffective. Indeed, Doyle`s performance was patchy.

Thereafter, the fortunes of the teams moved in opposite directions. While never giving up, our game became increasingly ragged. Passes went astray, tackles were missed and the dithering quotient leapt. Blackburn players, who had hitherto been as prone to error as WW, tightened up their game and drove forward with added resolve. It was therefore not surprising when Hoilett scored from long range in the 68th. minute; in the absence of any of our defenders, he had all the time he needed to pick his spot.

Our players are better than this but their confidence has been shredded. And this affected their ability to convert chances when they did come along. Jarvis, Fletcher and Milijas all missed gift-wrapped opportunities to score. I think that it`s beginning to influence Hennessey's form too.

Lapses at the back cost us dear again. Ward and Zubar were turned regularly and, if one expects Stearman to lose concentration from time to time, Bassong`s play deteriorated as the game progressed. In midfield, O`Hara is clearly not fit; he lacks sharpness, while among the neat pieces of play, he gets caught in possession and misdirects passes. Davis, on the other hand, looked composed on the ball, executed a number of well-timed passes and was solid in defence. With him and Henry in the middle we will not be overrun so easily.

On the wings, the contrast between Jarvis and Kightly, after he had come on, was very marked. Whereas Kightly was completely ineffectual, Jarvis gave his marker a torrid time. It`s a pity that we didn`t always have a man in the box to convert his crosses.

I left just as extra time was being played in order to beat the queues out of town, given the road-works on the A449. So, I did not witness the demonstration nor the shameful attack on O`Hara and his kid. En route home I only met one other WW supporter and he also thinks we are doomed.

Whereas he is still struggling with the concept of Championship football, I have accepted the inevitability of it. If we lose to our relegation rivals, we do not deserve to stay up. And if we cannot do the basics properly- convert clear-cut chances, defend solidly, pass accurately and maintain a grip on the midfield- we will be in the First Division the following season.

As we were going downhill during the course of the game, I found my attention being diverted from the inaction on the pitch to the white elephant of the Stan Cullis Stand. Just think of the number of quality players we could have bought with the money spent on unnecessary ground improvements. So, who is to blame for this fiasco?

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The Journalist

Writer: southbank60 Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Sunday March 11 2012

Time: 12:07AM

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Thanks SB60 for filling the gaps. Unfortunately, I fell asleep somewhere around 3am to wake up to the highlights. I wish it were Old Hooky, but just a couple of german wheat beers and some paint drying. From what I saw I agree that Davis looked useful, but let's not get carried away and start pinning hopes on the kid. Why he wasn't brought around the squad earlier we'll never know. Nirvana indeed. It's over now. Connor has proved how intertwined he is with the players and the poor tactical decisions preceding him taking the helm - he is unable to motivate them. Even when we went 1-0 down he was unable to think of a way to change things. Edwards is easy to sub as he shouldn't start. Milijas has been wasted this year and I wouldn't begrudge him turning up *****ed on Monday and have an easy way out. There's something wrong in the dressing room, when the same old faces get in the team and others who have done nothing wrong apart from fail to impress in the snippets they get are overlooked for players who have been on loan lower down the leagues. I agree with you about Hennessey - the goalkeeper who's made the most saves in the league - but there's a reason for that. He needs a rest or will damage him to the point of him being a mental wreck at the beginning of next season - perhaps complacent because he does not see the ball as much as this season. At least and this has to happen surely... we'll see the back of Connor and hopefully some of the players who have believe they're better than they are. It's going to take some rebuilding as we need a whole new back four. It'd be nice to see Craddock in there alongside some young blood in a farewell season for him in the championship. Craddock could have offered something this season even if just a goal threat for a few games. The anger has gone and a peaceful calm returned. Back to the beloved championship. For the final act of this tragic comedy... finding someone who wants to be manager. What's our physio like? Adkins seems to have gone from strength to strength since Scunthorpe.
Wolf Downunder
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11/03/2012 01:05:00

I don't know how it's possible to be calm with a picture of that fat, overfed, overpaid, smirking c*** at the top of the page. I could punch that c*** until either my arm detatched from my shoulder or his obese oily f***hole of a head fell off his jellified neck and splattered on the ground.
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11/03/2012 01:16:00

A mate who's a Stoke fan said when Moxey came to us... Good riddance, he's trouble. Guess he was right. If he's the one calling the shots in the manager recruitment process and after the right royal ***** up and perhaps more trouble ahead due to the way the previous candidates were treated... and added pressure from the fans... maybe the board will have words. Perhaps the problem is, the money's taken over and it's not about the football. We're just another business, fortunately at the moment in the black.
Wolf Downunder
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11/03/2012 01:59:00

A few embers may still be aglow, Southbank. But having failed in the seemingly realizable, it will now take the winds of the sensational to revive the fire. Dare I hope for a repeat performance against MU?
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11/03/2012 03:26:00

As we continue to ask ourselves how things can get any worse, it appears they can and now will. Heard from a fellow New York City Wolf that there had been an issue with Jamie O'Hara and sure enough there it is plastered up on the BBC website. The club has fallen into a state of shambles but from what I am reading you really can not guess what Monday will bring. The details will unfold but if the fans haev really given Jamie O'Hara ***** when he is carrying his kid in his arms then things have hit a new low. The reports are indicating this was not just some snarly ******** giving the player grief but a continuation of events? To his car? We all complain and everyone has a right to but challenging anyone when they are carrying their child? I would be surprised if he did not go in and ask for his contract to be ripped up to be honest. I can't imagine him wanting to wear the shirt again and if this story is all real his performances, well this is not the time to discuss them is it. With the pre and post match events, the fan dressed as a clown, this is heading into Blackburn territory. The puppet masters have lost the plot and are probably at Roger's house polishing off the wine with him, we don't have a manager, the players don't want to play for us. The club has no leader. It has no captain. The fans have had enough. A collective shambles and you beg to wonder who is going to sort it out.
New York City Wolf
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11/03/2012 05:03:00

Well I'm up early 7-00am which is 5am UK time and the proverbial is hitting the fan in the press over the fans having a go at O'hara,things have now crossed a line and someones got to put a lid on it!.The chairman was outside talking to the fans,what was said? I do not have a clue,I hope in the future we can look back on today as a turning point,surely it cant get any worse than this,can it?.The time is now for someone to come in and turn the club around,if its in the championship next year then so be it,but we cant rush it now,we must be patient and get the right person or people in,remember,out of darkness cometh light,UTW.
Crete Wolf
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11/03/2012 06:25:00

Firstly no matter what happens at a football club you don't go near a player or his family that is bang out of order. I for one think O'Hara has been crap this season but to harrass him and his family is unacceptable. I was ashamed to be a wolves fan years ago after a game against Crystal Palace where the 'scum' element of our clubs supporters were spitting at Union Jack, absolutely disgraceful. It is a football club and yes winning and losing can give everyone such highs or lows but it is a football club...there is a service going on this morning for 6 poor lads up in Huddersfield who were blown to pieces....that is something worth protesting about, that is a matter of life and death not a football game some people need to get a grip on reality and leave this guy and his family alone...once more shamed to be associated with such 'fans'
Norsk Wolf
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11/03/2012 09:09:00

And by the way have never ever liked fat face, his smug arrogant expression has never changed in all the time he has been ripping our club off
Norsk Wolf
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11/03/2012 09:11:00

I am hoping for a miracle but am resigned to the likelihood of relegation. And we could have won yesterday. Blackburn were even more nervous and tense than we were for most of the first half. Had we scored, and we should have done, they would have folded and the situation would have been reversed.
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11/03/2012 09:20:00

And breath........ I too have reached a state of Calm and I have to say.....it's actually quite nice. I know what we are and where we are heading and it's all good. Kinda getting sick of watching us get humiliated week in week out so will make a nice change to see us atleast be in a league where we can compete. Bring on August and the end to this misery.................hummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
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11/03/2012 12:02:00

I'm a Bolton fan and some of you guys sound like you have exorcised your demons and accepted your fate? I found the same liberation and peace about a month ago. When you detach yourself from the hype of the Premier League and realise your clubs limitations you can experience some contentment. Clubs like ours are 'feeder' clubs for the elite. Bolton played Man City last week and we played for damage limitation. It was a non-event and embarrassing to both sets of fans. Our clubs in the PL will only ever rummage around for the 40 point mark, picking up scraps here and there and hope for the same the season after. Bolton vs Wolves is a game I always look forward to, so if it's in the Championship, lets hope it's one of freedom and expression rather than one of restriction and panic. Peace...
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11/03/2012 13:13:00

I think we are doomed but while there is still points to fight for we have a chance we just need to find the right players and not just the same ones who seem to be favs.I personally i would give Hunt a chance in stead of Edwards he is more of a fighter and would give Ohara much needed help in the middle.And why is RJ still captain if he is not going to play him he might not be the best but hes better than Stearman and whats happened to Craddock. At least one bright note it looks if we have a future star in Davis could this kid be our saviour? when Henry is back we could look a lot more secure at the back with him and Davis their.Now we just need to sort out the passing get Jarvis flying down the wing like he is now and Doyle and Fletcher scoreing again and get some confidence back into the team.QPR look as if there down with six of the top seven still to play Wigan are another team who have five of the top seven still to play and Blackburn still have four of the top seven plus we still have games against each other which like on sat which could be vital.So if we can find a little bit of form every thing is not lost yet we need little bit of luck you never know ever the optimist.
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12/03/2012 08:53:00


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