Wolves - Moxey should he stay or go?
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Moxey should he stay or go?

Over on the Vital Wolves forum we have been asking if it's time for Jez Moxey to move on.

Predictably sparked by the shambles of the managerial process, that even threatened to take a further turn with rumours spreading like wildfire that TC had quit last night, many Wolves fans need someone to point the finger at and when the board of any football club take centre stage it isn't difficult to find somewhere to lay the blame.

This is what Giacomo had to say:

In nearly 40 years following this club I've never been so embarrassed and ashamed of what is happening on and off the pitch.

We're going down without question, but we came up in the first place because the teams behind us threw away the chance to overtake us and stayed up through a mixture of luck and having a player come good in the run-in to see us through.

Many go on about McCarthy being the best manager in 30 years and how great it is to be in the Prem. Well. Firstly he didn't have much to compete with and second, our time in the Prem has consisted of long periods of dire football punctuated with the odd 'gutsy' performance. Wow.

Our 'young and hungry' players? Since Evans went they've been just cheap and our youth players have been sent out to show they're really pretty good elsewhere.

3 year plan got us up, did it? Guess this is the six year plan then Morgan? And who had been sitting there smiling and raking in his fat salary and giving us all the crap about 'We will pay the going rate' and 'We won't do an Albion?' Yep, Moxey!

Since he has arrived here football has taken second place and Morgan has let him continue.

What else is a constant? Clipboard!!

I gave him a chance but he's a clone of McCarthy who insulted the fans as regularly as Moxey with his BS. And who has been presiding over this shambles? Morgan - a suitable case for treatment if ever there was one. He's done a lot of building for the club, but then again when people are out of their depth they don't do what they should do, they do what they CAN do.

Nothing has changed, nothing is changing, and until Moxey - whose favourite sport isn't football anyway! - should be dumped NOW so we can get somebody between Morgan and the fans who understands more than a balance sheet and what our great club means to us, who have paid our hard-earned money and devoted our time, and given our loyalty to the Wolves long before he ever turned up.

The Stokies warned us about him - when he left they went from strength to strength.

We could get away with a scouse owner but not with a patronising, insincere henchman like Moxey.

McCarthy's gone, now either Moxey or Morgan need to follow him.

Then get a bright up and coming manager and get the academy graduates in and show what we can really do if football is put first again at the Mol.

Join the debate over on the Vital Wolves forum.

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The Journalist

Writer: Akela Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Monday March 12 2012

Time: 11:00AM

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This is the worst it's been in 40 years? What a load of complete b***ocks! Another PL fan, brainwashed by Sky, pretending they've 'always gone'. Then how can being relegated from the top division possibly have been the worst thing that's happened? Forget going back to the '80's and the Bhattis; being relegated from the 3rd division without so much as a whimper, we only have to go back to before Morgan bought Hayward out. It was worse then, for f***sake!If we are relegated this season, at least the PL fans (which is what they are.They are NOT Wolves fans) can all f*** off into the sunset together and end their misery.Poor them,diddums.
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12/03/2012 11:49:00

....and take Moxey with you. You lot deserve each other!
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12/03/2012 12:01:00

Giacomo you are talking like a prat! I bet you were one of thwe morons who attacked O'Hara and his son, worst we have been in 40 years, ashamed, embarressed! well ***** off up the road then, I have never and never will be ashamed of my club, if this is the worst you have seen then you have either been on another planet or not supported the lads that long, you are one of the 8 to 10 thousand PL fans only, so the Bhatti era was ok, the booing by the boo boys who have got rid of decent managers and PLAYERS over the years. You idiots keep on about Moxey - but what is his job description? do you even knoe or want to know, a CEs job is to keep the club solvent not go throwing money around like confetti like the "fans" would do and like we did in the Sir Jack era were we wasted millions. Bring in a new CE and he/she will operate the same has Jez - BECAUSE IT'S THERE JOB!. The morons on the south bank want Morgan out -WHAT PLANET ARE YOU ON? just because he is a liverpool fan is a load of *********, how many "fans" own the club they support in any league let alone the PL, same goes for players, the banner morons wanted the scouse mafia out -ie the board -well apart from the two Ms the board is made up of business men who are WOLVES FANS!the club also have what so many other clubs don't have - a fans parliement were they discuss the runnings of club to the "fans". Read today's daily mirror -everything that is writen is the truth and were the writer says we need to start planning to get a manager who has the experience of getting clubs promoted- MICK McCARTHY! What you havn't mentioned is the low life scum who attack their own players. You mention Evans in the academy -do you know him! I do and boy could I tell you some stories about the guy, like when Graham Taylor signed my nephew who was 9 at the time and when he was 14 myself and his dad were talking to Chris Evans in the Hayward suit before the start of a new season about him and asking how he is doing -without hesitation he answered- one day he will be playing in the first on the that pitch - 4 months later he got rid of him that was about 10 years ago and to this day his parents have not been told WHY? my nephew was pulled aside with another 6 kids by one of the coaches and told the club were no longer keeping them -no explanation -nothing, so don't talk about things you know SFA about. Jez Moxey called for unity - apart from a small minority he has largly got it, mind you the boo boys were at it at half time on Saturday after the lads had played ok -not great -but ok. That is really the way to go, but non fans like you can only have a go, if you can't or won't support the lads - then ***** off up the road but unlike winstonsmith say's not with Jez. Relegation - nah, not until it is mathematically impossible we ain't and again if you can't believe in it -KEEP AWAY! and before you think I am an happy clapper - maybe?? but I have been for the past 59 of my 63 years on this earth, and a season ticket holder for the past 42 years (1970) and when I went to my first match aged 4 in 1953 on the old South Bank, that was a crowd, it was also what you call support! some supporters don't even know the meaning of the word.
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12/03/2012 12:52:00

you have been missed Johnwolf, on this occasion i agree with a lot of your comments.
gregory house
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12/03/2012 13:08:00

Johnwolf: the issue here is the way the available money is spent and how that reflects on the priorities of the management. I am not alone in feeling that it would have been wiser investing in quality players, ones who would have improved our chances of surviving (and, indeed, progressing) in the PL before spending money on improving an already improved stadium. And there's the hidden agenda: arguably Mr. Morgan's primary interest in securing the club was to develop the property (especially at Castlecroft) in ways that were not primarily connected with the best interests of the football club. With regard to my WW credentials, I have supported the club for longer than you have. I may even have rubbed shoulders with you on the South Bank over fifty years ago. Recently, I have had three opportunities not to renew my season ticket. Firstly, my application was returned for some glich but, persevering, I had trouble accessing the online system last Thursday. Phoning up, I was told there was a problem and should retry on Monday. Laughingly, I pointed out that if we lost the Blackburn match, I might not come back (some aren't). Well, we did lose and the club is in free-fall. Even so, I have just renewed my season tickett because, crazy though I am, I am not interested supporting any other club, even though it would be a helluva lot cheaper and easier to go down the road to Craven Cottage. I cost me 100 to travel up to watch the game on Saturday. I wouldn't mind if the players, coaching staff and management were solely focused on the fortunes of the team and were were doing a half-decent job to the best of their ability. There are question marks against members of all three of these constituent elements of our set-up.
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12/03/2012 13:24:00

The 'SCOUSE MAFIA' banner (bedsheet?) was particularly embarrassing. As the raving loon Johnwolf points out; the board includes the likes of the Goughs,who, according to people I know that have met them through their business, are more interested in talking about Wolves than they are anything else.The advice on meeting them, if stook for something to say, is to get them onto the subject of WWFC; they're lifelong Wolves nuts.Of course the bedsheet was directly inspired by the 'COCKNEY MAFIA' tag given to the NU board when it contained three Londoners- including their Spurs supporting owner. To simply replace 'cockney' with 'scouse' showed the 'protesters' to be ignorant of their own club's set-up as well as that at NUFC.There's no comparison to be made. I agree fully with Southbank60's closing sentence, in that either everything and everyone (including fans) is open to question, or nothing and nobody is.
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12/03/2012 14:10:00

I can understand every ones anger but with out Morgan where would we be? you can say he has ulterior motive but he is the guy who spent over 3o million of his own money. Or would you rather have K Bates who is at Leeds and is hated and is only their to see what he can get out of it.You talk about Moxey he is three to do a job and that is to keep Wolves finances in check their is not many clubs coming out saying they made a profit last season most are in debt by millions. Maybe we should employ Peter Storey who was ceo at Portsmouth got paid a million a year and look at the club now in admin again.I dont agree with every thing that goes on at Wolves especially developing the stadium at this moment when the funds could have went on new players. Some people need to watch what they wish for because the grass is not always greener on the other side just ask the fans of Portsmouth Leeds Rangers.
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12/03/2012 15:53:00

I stood at the rear of the lower tier Northbank on Saturday with my Missus and looked at the ground. Did we really need to spend 16 million on a new stand with more to follow. I suggested to her that new seats, a lick of paint, new facia's ans spruce up the internals would have probably cost 2-3 mil and would have more than sufficed. maybe getting rid of or replacing those pointless giant TV screens would improve things too. We could then have spent the money where it was most needed......out on the field. I'm not talking about throwing the kitchen sink at the team but spending wisely on the types of players that would have helped keep us up. I fully understand Moxeys role in the club and to be fair.....he's bloody brilliant at it. Unfortunately for us fans that doesn't fit into our aspirations and dreams for the club. Under their charge....we will NEVER be a Portsmouth. Unfortunately.......and we all have to realise this, we will also never be a top 10 club. We will bounce between Championship & Prem and may occasionally have a cup run but that's about it. The sooner we accept that.....the better.
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12/03/2012 23:19:00

RM: if you have arrived at a point where you you can embrace JM, you are much further down the road to nirvana than I am. While I accept the premise of affordable progress (any progress at all would have been welcome), his parsimony has brought the club to its PL knees. Without the inessential ground improvements and the unwillingness to invest sensibly in quality players, we could have achieved our aim of a middle ranking PL club.
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13/03/2012 08:30:00

Embrace is a strong word.......I understand. That doesn't mean I like him or even agree but I understand. I don't even particularly like him. I find him arrogant and it is my perception that he looks down his nose at us mere mortals BUT, if you were the owner of a company he'd probably be the man you'd want running it.
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13/03/2012 08:46:00

RM: if I were an owner of a company, I would want the CEO to run it in a way that maximised the returns on the product we were making. In JM's case, his job was to improve the fortunes of WW FOOTBALL club within acceptable financial limits of course ... including a managable debt. He has patently failed to do this, imposing unnecessarily harsh financial constraints and making it difficult to attract players of the right quality. The building of extra capacity at the ground before creating a team capable of staying in the PL (and thereby attracting a crowd big enough to fill it) is an example of poor financial management. Even worse, is the syphoning off of the club's assets for non-footbalingl purposes, that is, unless SM intends to use the profits of the sale of 56 luxury houses solely to benefit our football team. And, there's the farce of the managerial selection process, which not only made us a laughing stock in the footballing world but also extinguished any flickering hope we had that we would avoid relegation. While we'll never be a Portsmouth under his stewardship, we are not even going to be a Stoke, Fulham or Everton.
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13/03/2012 09:05:00

I agree with what you say but even he has to work to certain constraints. SM clearly has his builders head on and I doubt JM would be able to convince him that the money is better spent elsewhere. Ultimately, SM decides the budgets and into which areas they go. JM has to work within those budgets whilst trying to keep us in the black. I think the biggest mistake we have made over the years is to let our Academy faulter. Graham Taylor helped set it up and we saw the benefits of it. It also paid for itself with transfer fee's. Sadly we haven't seen a decent return from it for some time.
Report Abuse
13/03/2012 10:46:00

Either Tim Spiers reads the posts on this site and then *cough* 'modifies' them...OR posters on here are f***ing psychics who can predict what he's gonna write days before it appears in print. Which is it Tim?
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13/03/2012 11:36:00

Lol, I just read the Tim Spiers blog. To be fair, he does make a lot of sense on this subject. I don't always agree with him but on this occasion he actually nailed it. Even made me think that maybe I'd been a bit harsh in my thoughts. However, we are passionate and as Admant stated.....not easy to think straight when you are a raging bull. It's only in the clear light of a new day that you can sometimes get a better perspective. The fact is that most fans ( myself included) don't give a ***** about the day to day running of the club. The only thing that interests us is the 90 minutes on a Saturday, Sunday, Monday or whatever day SKY dictate that we will play. Sadly, that is a blinkered view of a football club. Yes.....I agree.....the right team with the right results will generate its own money via, new fans, EPL income, TV rights etc but that is not the sum of all it's parts. So many times I hear the old chestnut " WE PAY THE PLAYERS WAGES". Average ticket price for a season of 450 x 20000 fans = 9 mil. Assuming RJ is on 40k a week, that's 2 mil on one player. JOH is probably close behind with I am guessing the rest averaging 25k a week. We may pay a large proportion of the wages but that is all we contribute via the turnstiles. Merchandise must make a half decent profit but you still have to pay all the match day outlays, staff, tax, insurances, etc etc. Sky give us a big payday yet we are still only 2 mil in profit. I am guessing that the running of a club is more complicated and expensive than most of us care to think about. Did we need a new stand....... NOT IMHO, did we need a new training facility......NOT IMHO but I guess the long term investment is also done to make us look more attractive to better players or maybe even a new owner. Who wouldn't be happy if we suddenly found an owner of the Man City ilk that wanted to throw money at us to play his game. I am as passionate as the next man where my club is involved but I feel that I have had a reality check this season. I have raged and kicked and screamed but what has it achieved........not a damn thing other than to raise my blood pressure. Am I broken????? No.....just in a happier place where I have realised that there really are more important thigs in life to worry about.
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13/03/2012 15:47:00

RM: we already have decent facilities at WW, whether the stadium, the training ground or the medical set-up, and they are better than those at a number of other PL clubs. Therefore, the money would initally have been better spent on strengthening the squad to raise us to a mid-table position; this would have generated extra income and would have warranted additional capacity. What's the point of looking at the long-term investment, when it goes so horribly wrong in the short-term, and all for the failure to grasp the true order of priorities at a football club. But, I am now repeating myself. Incidentally, you talk about the fans only being concerned about the 90 minutes on the pitch. That's the problem wiith the players too: they cannot concentrate for 90 minutes and particularly go to sleep in the minutes added on at the end of each half. We've let in a lot of goals as a result of inattention.
Report Abuse
13/03/2012 16:29:00

SB...if you read up....I think you'll find we agree on the ground already being good enough.
Report Abuse
13/03/2012 19:41:00

RM: I noted that but also saw that you a were wondering whether the board were thinking long-term when they committed money to 'estate' improvements. I was merely rteiterating the need for short term, on-the-field solutions first.
Report Abuse
13/03/2012 21:29:00

I guess it's a balancing act. Unfortunately I suspect SM tipped the scale in favour of the facilities in the honest belief that he thought we were good enough. I suspect he got sucked in by the team spirit thing not realising that that was just papering over the cracks and I still ascertain that RJ destabilised the dressing room in a way that nobody realised.
Report Abuse
14/03/2012 08:00:00

I see Mick has been back:"... it is understood the 53-year-old was back to sign his confidentiality papers as part of his estimated 1m settlement...". Was it ever going to be any other way?.As if we were ever going to find out what really went on.We now know that we're never going to know.
Report Abuse
16/03/2012 11:40:00


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