Wolves - Pray for a miracle? It'll take more than that
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Pray for a miracle? It'll take more than that

Vital Wolves very own southbank60 told Wanderers fans to pray for a miracle after the 5-0 defeat to Manchester United.

Right now though, I'm not even sure that would be enough.

Since Terry Connor emerged as the only person willing to take on the job, we have gone on to draw one and lose three.

Now to be fair we have had some tough games, Newcastle away, Fulham are doing well, a relegation six pointer against Blackburn and Manchester United. It's tough, of course it is, but this is the Premier League and really we needed 4 or 5 points from that run of games instead we got 1.

Not only that, but we've lost any fighting spirit there once was and we just simply roll over for teams.

Two, 5-0 defeats mean under TC we have conceded 14 times in 4 games.

Right now we are relegation fodder, the divisions whipping boys and Molineux isn't a pleasant place to be.

This week didn't see a repeat of the chants and banners and the unsavoury incident with O'Hara, there were a few unflattering chants towards Moxey and Morgan, but in the main, everyone knew this wasn't a game we expected to realistically get anything from.

The problem was the manner of the defeat, Zubar's stupid idiotic lunge to get his second yellow card didn't help matters, but Man Utd had a chasing shadows before we were a man down.

By all means pray for a miracle, it can't hurt, but somewhere, someone has to come up with a credible idea of how we get out of this mess.

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The Journalist

Writer: Akela Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Monday March 19 2012

Time: 3:00PM

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The last miracle I remember was 2 goals down, in the Championship with 8' to go and survival at the final whistle. Not all is lost yet. As long as the mathematics do not condemn...What's worrying is not the number of games left and the opposition, it's that it seems nothing can go right on the field of play, and I don't mean the results. I stopped watching after the sending-off; in the end I was relieved it was only 5 goals. Can TC put something together in the games that are left? I do not know. Does anyone? Until May it will be like waiting for the throw of the dice for the verdict.
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19/03/2012 18:46:00

I don't want to be defeatist, even if my recent blogs suggest otherwise, and to an outside observer looking at the table, it is eminently possible for us to survive. After all, we have not been cut adrift and other sides have worse run-ins. And, we have two winnable games coming up. However, for those of us who have been paying close attention to our performances over the last few weeks, there is no uncertainty. We are doomed. Apart from the gaping holes at the back, we have no-one to hold the line in midfield and upfront Fletcher is no longer putting away the few crumbs offered to him. I cannot predict with any confidence whatsoever where the next point is coming from. And before anyone accuses me of being a Baggies fan, I have bought my season ticket for next year. Let's not delude ourselves ... and perhaps it will be good thing if we go down. Under a new manager we can make the necessary changes free from the constant pressure of the PL fixture list and start winning again.
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19/03/2012 20:59:00

Would it not be worth a shot to bring in a 'Consultant'type figure to assist TC for the final games?.
Crete Wolf
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19/03/2012 21:46:00

Well I for one ain't giving up, Henry will be back on Saturday and I believe you will see the difference, Sunday there were a few things to give us confidence, the crowd were fantastic and through this you could see the players were lifted, by then of course it was too late, a lot is being said about Zubes, but what about the attmpted two footed studs up sliding tackle on Jarvo by the united full back (I think it was Silva)that if he had connected would have broke Jarvo's legs, that should have been a booking for intent, then there was the incident with Stears were the United player raised his hands and looked like he shoved Stears in the face? straight red card! but it's manure so nothing happens - Taylor was always looking to send off one of our players - remember this is the guy that failed to send of Woodgate - corrupt b*&^%$d. Anyway keep the faith - We are Wolves...........
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19/03/2012 21:51:00

No.Crete. That would be as good as relegating TC to assistant manager. No doubt, the new man would wield the power, boosted by the fact that TC has failed thus far, and... the board will be behind the consultant for that very reason. Would you accept? No manager with any degree of dignity would accept. You are either in charge or you are not, you are ready to face the consequences of your decisions without the possibility of blaming a share of them onto somebody else. My view. Johnwolf, I too see all you see,but that is how things are. We, along with the other smaller clubs, must contend with that. It is a fact of the PL, no need to quote instances anymore - and with facts it is pointless to argue.
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20/03/2012 06:19:00

I'm not too sure we are into 'we need a miracle' territory just yet.The bottom of the table is lacking in quality to such an extent that we're only bottom on goal diff. I like to think i'm capable of rational thought and I haven't accepted relegation and won't until the maths tell me different. THEN it would be completely irrational not to accept the inevitable. If we were cut adrift by Pts rather than GD it still wouldn't be all over. I've no need to acknowledge the possibility of relegation, since I started the season with that. I read an interview Kightly did for The Observer, where he remarked on how the attitude of crowds, when things weren't going their teams' way, had changed.He then went on to use the example (much trotted out of late) of the 0-6 loss to Southampton in 2007. I agree with his observation (about the crowds) but not with the example. It was a freak result in an otherwise impressive and genuinely surprising push for promotion through the play-offs.Not quite the same situation now where we're being beaten at home every match and in a relegation, as oppose to promotion, scrap.Having said that it's all very well singing your hearts out for the lads when you're playing United.But what about the Swansea and QPR matches (to name but two)? We'll never know now what difference a positive reaction from the crowd would have made, if any,to the results of those matches. Couldn't have done any harm though could it?I have noticed that the words 'South Bank' are becoming synonymous with bad support. Well as a South Banker (that isn't rhyming slang) my whole supporting life, i'd like to say to those who think so; kiss my c***!Some of us remember 5,000 'fans' suddenly appearing from nowhere, resplendent in replica shirts,and sitting themselves in the shiny new North Bank, now what I mean ;)The very same 'fans' that took it upon themselves to boo Bully.Too many people had their agendas, regarding our manager, to let supporting the team get in the way of abusing MM.They wanted him out at any cost and, hey, if your lack of vocal support of the team contributes to poor results, which in turn will hasten the departure of the bloke you want sacked, then why support the team?On the subject of Henry's return, I see there hasn't been a seperate thread opened purely to condemn and abuse Zubar for the wreckless challenges that made an already difficult job (trying to get a point) impossible.Had it been Henry though...
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20/03/2012 08:07:00

I hope this is not a personal dig at me, WS84!
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20/03/2012 10:26:00

I can't quite tell the exact proximity of your tongue in relation to your cheek, at times Southbank60.The answer to your question is :no.If you meant the rhyming slang part or the observation regarding the new term 'South Bank' to mean 'poor support' (that's a genuine observation, bytheway), then I take it your joshing.That's the trouble with irony; it doesn't always travel well by post.
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20/03/2012 10:35:00

WS84: the exclamation mark gave my irony away!
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20/03/2012 12:34:00

Not sure I agree with 5000 shiny new shirts in our shiny new Northbank. Yes I agree......the atmosphere in their this year has been ***** but you can blame the clowns who don't understand the importance of sitting people back next to the people that they were originally sat next to for he previous 20 years. It ain't rocket science unless it involves Wolves. I sat on my Dad's shoulders in the Northbank in the 70's so I don't articulately like the assumption that we are all we glory hunting fans. No....I'm not part of the 20,000 ppl who will have you believe that they were at Chorley but apart from my time in the Army, I have attended games all my life. I can assure you that there was a few very loud voices, singing their hearts out at the weekend in the Northbank and I was one of them.
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21/03/2012 08:19:00

I dont remember mentioning anybody by name, Rustmonkey.They know who they are; if the cap fits... The attendances are a matter of record, not opinion. In the first 3 seasons in what was the 2nd division, the average attendance was around 15,000.It had actually dropped from the first season's high of 17,000 to around 13,500.However in one year the average rose to around 22,000. 7,000 up on the previous three year average and 8,500 up on the previous year.It wasn't as if 22,000 couldn't be housed in the South Bank and what was the John Ireland, or that the sudden surge in interest was due to a promotion; we'd been in the same division for years already.The sudden increases (even more showed up after the Billy Wright was built)do however coincide with the development of the ground. Leading me to conclude that the development of the groung convinced 5,000 people (at the very least) to attend games.Not that I needed convincing; I saw it happen. Bytheway, next time somebody cracks on that they were 'at Chorley', ask them why they weren't at Burnden Park where the matches were held. I wasn't there but I know they were played at Bolton.
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21/03/2012 09:39:00

As for those fans who have to travel to home games; if I had to, incurring the cost to my time and wallet, I probably wouldn't go. I don't know that because i've always lived well inside the catchment area but I go to very few away games these days,which is, more or less, a comparison. So for those that live away from the metropolis that is Wolverhampton who don't go; I don't blame you, neither would I....probably. For those that do; hats off!
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21/03/2012 10:09:00

I simply would not be able to afford to go on a weekly basis; when I was at home at Christmas I went up to get tickets for me and my Dad for the nights game against Norwich (they could not offer two together unless we sat in the North Bank which still had no roof) I figured I would chance any being on sale for Chelsea and sure enough snagged two great seats in the South Bank. Had an absolute cracking day despite the defeat but there goes your 80 quid, plus beer money and something to eat, it is by all accounts a very expensive business. I dread to see attendances next season. I know there is some family deal in place but I think we would all really like to see us implement a kids for a quid for some games. Better have a fairly noisy 25,000 crowd that 18,000 scattered around trying to muster a bit of enthusiasm. All eyes are on next season now for me. Connor was placed in a no lose situation although if he carries on the way he is going it is going to severely dent his supposed reputation. Curbishley has pointed to Hull and Newcastle bringing in many so late in the season (too late) and getting relegated; tells me he was not entirely up for the battle/did not have the confidence to keep us up when we were actually still well within reach and a bit of stability would have done the trick. I am surprised if it is true that Bruce would still be interested after what they did and I still don't want him either. It is not too late to make a change, even if as said above, it gives the new manager and coach (Wilkins with Clark?) more time to assess what the hell has gone wrong. You never know they could turn it around and we could stay up after all- it will not happen though because after their last 'mistake' they are beyond scared to make another. Silly really when Wilkins for one said he was up for it, and Clark is hardly going to turn it down considering he effectively lost his own job pursuing that at another, bigger club in Leeds. I can't help but speculate now. I said I had little else to say; as far as this season goes that remains the case but as things suddenly turned to ***** the grand fear became not relegation but the impact it will have on the club. The early bird slump is just the first statistical marker lay down by the fans. I can't see the club talking ahout or looking into the future. They can keep banging the same drum about staying up, (it must have a massive whole in the middle by now) but everything points to a miserable relegation and they should face reality, dismiss the clown, apologize and get on with it. I have never called for a Moxey dismissal but the amount of influence he finds himself with is too much and with a grand shake up necessary he should be clearing his desk too.
New York City Wolf
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21/03/2012 13:08:00

Talking of building a ground instead of a team (and seeing as I have my stato head on);the record average attendance for a season was @45,500 and that was at the start of the Cullis era of management. Less than 40,000, on average, watched them win the three titles in the '50's.Yes, I know they used to fiddle the numbers but even taking that into consideration, this was at a time when there was, almost literally, f*** all else to do, the country was entering into the period of 'you've never had it so good', with close to nil unemployment, teenagers had been invented and the admission price was the same as a bag of chips.Taking into account the economic conditions we're in now, coupled with the much changed choices open to people as to how they spend their weekends(Mrs Southbank60 seems to know of a few) the idea that WWFC needs a ground capacity of up to 50,000 seems a little far-fetched.It's about time all concerned stopped living on a reputation gained two generations ago (that wasn't me having a go either, Southbank60).
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21/03/2012 14:08:00

I am not unhappy because we are no longer the team we were in the late 1950s. Those days have gone. I am unhappy because we squandered our opportunity of building on two seasons in the PL by not prioritising the spending the money we do possess on where it should be directed, that is, on the pitch ... when I say the pitch I mean the players not the grass or even the stadium itself. That's the problem.
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22/03/2012 09:52:00


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