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Our Goose is Cooked!

It`s been a quiet week on this site, presumably because we bloggers have resigned ourselves to relegation and have lost the will to ponder publicly on the already decided fate of the club.

For a brief moment on Wednesday evening my spirits rose slightly. My wife and I had returned late and, as she was tired, I was able to watch highlights of the QPR-Liverpool match. At 0-2 down QPR were still in trouble. Thirteen minutes later, they were flying out of the relegation zone. Now we`re in a mini-league of three!

Of course, there are still loads of points on offer but our failure to pick up any this afternoon did not help our cause. At least, I can forget about the misfortunes of WW this evening as we are going out for a street dinner at a local pub with 24 other people. Unfortunately, I expect several wags to remind me of the score. After a few pints of Youngs Special I will be beyond caring.

But, I have had to rush this report in order to post it before I go out and am writing in between distractions from my wife who keeps asking me to help her choose a frock for this evening. And, I did not see much of the game because I viewed it on a very poor site, which froze every five seconds and wouldn`t let me enlarge the image on the screen. Moreover, half the pitch was in shadows and my screen couldn`t penetrate the gloom.

Nothing can penetrate my gloom either. We had to win this match today and might have done were it not for another defensive lapse and a harsh penalty decision. We started off brightly and might have scored in the 2nd. minute if Doyle had converted a well-placed free kick from Kightly.

Then, we took the lead. Another cross from Kightly, driving in from the wing, gets diverted to Jarvis, who slots it home. What we needed to do now was to consolidate our position by maintaining our shape at the back and not make any silly mistakes.

Clearly, that was too much to hope for because within 84 seconds Norwich were back on level terms. A failed attempt to spring the offside trap allowed Holt a free run at Hennessey. Having lobbed our goalie, he headed in from a couple of yards.

Norwich continued to exert pressure but were rather lucky to win a dubious penalty kick in the 44th. minute, which Holt put away. Through the murk it looked as though the ball had struck Jonsson rather than the other way round. But, we were not out of the game and had shown that we were capable of scoring. Once again, we needed an early score after the break.

It didn`t come and Norwich began to dominate the game. Their passing and movement was so much slicker than ours and only desperate defending saved us from going behind on a number of occasions. Holt could have completed his hat-trick in the 65th. minute but a beautifully weighted cross just passed in front of his outstretched leg.

That`s not to say that WW did not try nor that they did not create any chances. Jarvis and Kightly pumped over numerous cross but no-one managed to get on the end of them. Moreover, neither of them had the free run of their wing. Jarvis was less positive than he had been against MU; he tended to push the ball too far ahead or check and was often crowded out on the by-line. Kightly, on the other hand, constantly drove in from the right flank and it resulted in our goal. On occasion, however, he took the ball too far and was dispossessed.

We threw everything at Norwich in the last few minutes, helped by the sending off of Holt six minutes from time. Now, it was Norwich`s turn to defend desperately. Somehow one knew that we were not going to score. And, why, when we won a free kick on the edge of the box in the 89th. minute did SEB take it rather than Ned? Inevitably, his strike bounced back off the wall.

Had we won today, we might have given ourselves a chance. While Norwich were far more composed on the ball, they had defensive frailties too and we should have been able to exploit them. It`s an indication of how poor we have become that we cannot manage more than a couple of shots on goal. When Akela produces the stats you will see how inferior our play is in relation to Norwich`s performance.

And that`s about it, really. We`re just not good enough. The results kind of went our way today (apart from Wigan) so there is still a chance. The problem is that the players themselves do not really believe that WW can survive and it shows. There was plenty of sweat and toil in their play but a distinct lack of skill and technique. We still make elementary mistakes.

I think we are beyond redemption now and that relegation would give us the chance to regroup under a new manager, one who is attuned to the modern game and able to get us to play with pace and movement ... and do the basics! I am not sure how many of our team will remain but currently few of them are operating at a PL level. In the Championship they might regain their confidence and sweep back into the top flight the following year ... hmm! At least, we might win a few games. That would make a nice change.

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The Journalist

Writer: southbank60 Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Saturday March 24 2012

Time: 5:58PM

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Yes our goose is well cooked and stuffed Banksy!.We are going to find the next couple of months very painful I fear,if I remember will mail you another site for you to watch the games on. Not only are we not picking any points up but the results elsewhere are also going against us,never mind I've come to terms with it now,would rather be fighting at the top of championship than be the whipping boys,bring it on next season.
Crete Wolf
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24/03/2012 18:22:00

From just before the MU game, I have stopped expecting ...and where there is no expectation, how can there be disappointment? And, on top of that, the possibility of a win still remains - yes, where? - but still, the possibility remains. One up, hmm...Norwich draw level,no surprise..they take the lead, all in order...Wolves fail to draw level despite the pressure and the extra man, what's surprising in that? This is my state, not of Nirvana, Southbank, but of Tathata.
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24/03/2012 19:50:00

There is still time to escape the drop.
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24/03/2012 20:01:00

I think if we were dogs and not Wolves.....we would have been put down by now. It feels really cruel to sit back and watch this suffering continue. But still Morgan and Moxey watch. Bring in a new guy NOW!!! Not to save us because that is unrealistic.....rather, to give him time to get to know the team so he can make his decisions before next season rather than have to wait till then to see the wheat and the chaff. In the unlikely event he keeps us up......BONUS!!! Connor is too proud to fall on his sword......Moxey and Morgan are too stubborn. Jarvis is playing out of his skin.........is it for the team??? or is it because he wants to put himself in the shop window for next season. I suspect the latter and to be fair......I don't blame him. Yes...there is still time to escape but I bet you wouldn't put your house on it?
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24/03/2012 20:28:00

I gave Clipboard the benefit of the doubt but he's as much a part of what's been wrong with WWFC as Moxey and MM - pompous arrogant men who put their own vanity and personal allegiances before their professional duty to the club. Morgan needs to get rid of them both and finally realise that a corporate mentality does not suit a football club - and he needs to re-appraise his vision and get right behind a new manager who can really drive us forward. Curbishley. Never mind the houses, Morgan, build up our club, and build it to last. I wonder if the scouser will jump ship and lets us plummet down the leagues again? We'll see if the tough get going next season.
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24/03/2012 20:58:00

Well, we've engineered the gap between us and the other teams in the relegation battle. Unfortunately ...
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25/03/2012 09:55:00

Nothing against TC but his comments after the match were if we did not let them score straight away we could have got some thing out of the game.All we had to do was keep the ball which games has he been watching because thats what we have done all season give goals away as well as possession and he was head coach.They sack MM AND GIVE THE JOB TO SOME ONE who was part of the problem in the first place nothing has changed. What we need to do now is find out who will stay and who wants to go as Doyle Ohara Jarvis have all just signed long term contracts so has hennessy these and three or four others we need to keep and get rid of the rest.
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25/03/2012 18:06:00

Hennessey, Fletcher, Doyle and Jarvis. Just these four. Snag is the ones we want to stay will be precisely those justified in wanting to leave.
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25/03/2012 19:16:00

no one is gonna be coming in for stears johnson jonson berra zubes foley ward henry milijas seb or elokobi, says a lot about our premiership campaign really... still, the money we get from the sale of jarvis wayne doyle and fletch will help feed the fat ******** for a few weeks. Looking fwd to seeing some of the youngsters play though, think we can still hold on to Kights and De Vries. The Championship ay that bad - its just that we still have to do it with those two w a n kers in charge
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25/03/2012 21:44:00

Admant what i am saying is to try and keep most of our top players look at Newcastle when they went down they let the ones go who put in transfers but kept the rest.Then came straight back up but still had the nucleus of there best players and then added some nore Quality thats what we need to do. I agree no one is going to buy Stearman Edwards Elikobi etc because there not good enough and there lies the problem unless one of the teams that get promoted come in for them.But i do know one thing we need to get shot and start again but what gets my goat even more now is TC coming out with the same crap as MM.As in these players have been here twice before and have the experience to me that says these players are not good enough and we needed some more quality added. But for the third season running we did not do anything in the transfer window to try and correct the problem it is as if we have a duty to keep giveing these players a chance because they got us promoted. Look at Norwich and Swansea they came up and signed eight and nine players how many have we signed in three seasons and i believe that is down to MM no one else. In the last trasfer window he kept saying i have money to spend so what happened because a part from Johnnson we did not buy any one even though we were in desperate need of some new faces. You can blame Morgan and Moxey all you like but it was MM who kept telling everyone these players will get better well im sorry but they have not and thats why were in the mess were in.
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26/03/2012 08:44:00

The denouement is nearly upon us, thankfully. The relief when this is all over will be some comfort. Then we can really get stuck in to the post-mortem.
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26/03/2012 11:00:00

I feel the same way, WS84. I just want it to end so that we can start afresh. Even so, there is a teeny corner of my mind which says that if we can beat Bolton, we still have a chance, given the run-in that Wigan and QPR face. But, we have to win matches and that means stop making silly mistakes at the back, holding the line in midfield and putting away our chances upfront. Simple really.
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26/03/2012 11:29:00

Agreed, Kia, though a failure of such epic proportions has to be down to a culmination of factors ... the perfect storm if you will. Useless signings, coupled with a Useless manager (for the prem) coupled with Useless Management and Voila ! Ylu have our 11-12 campaign. Like most Ive made my peace with relegation, but what I really want is to see some good come out of it. People to be made accountable for this disastrous season, all bonuses revoked, dead wood axed, big time charlie players sent packing. Players like Davis, Forde, Hammil to be given regular first team berths, with a quality CB brought in to help lead the way. We simply cannot start life in the championship with the dross we currently have, the majority have no talent, and dont deserve the short, or the support they get. Hopefully we can hold on to our stars, but we definietly need to get shot of a whole load too. WE ARE WOLVES !!
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26/03/2012 13:23:00

I agree with much of what you say, AdMant, but the new manager will have to make up his own mind about our players. Sure, a number them are not up to it for one reason or another and should go but there are others who could make the grade, with proper coaching. By that I want to see the arrival of a managerial coaching team, members of which are attuned to the modern game and who can get the lads to attack with pace, moving into space and being able to keep the ball and pass it to one of our own men. Better coordination between our strikers and (a) our wingers and (b) our playmakers would help too. At the back, they should teach the players to maintain their shape, read the game better and not lose concentration. In midfield, we need players, who between them can hold and distribute the ball and who are capable of breaking up opposition attacks before they get to our penalty area. They should also cut out our tendency to back off until the ball-carrying opponent reaches the by-line or the edge of the box. One slip or silly mistake and the ball is in our net. It happened too often.
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26/03/2012 14:44:00

I listened to TC before the game and I couldn't help but think that he is saying the same thing to the players as he is to the press. In which case, it's no surprise the team plays with absolutely zero confidence. I was so uninspired by what he had to say. "Hopefullly" this and "if we can keep it tight at the back" and "there are still points to play for" and "maybe we can come away with something". For Fck sake man wake up!!!! That team needs motivation & organisation. Not the same half-hearted optimistic repetitive cr4p that are your team talks and training ground drills. Everything is stale. And therin lies the problem. Familiarity breeding contempt. Granted the likes of Jarvo, Kights, Henners, JOH have tried hard and done ok in patches, but the rest of them are clueless. I'd like to see us take the shakles off (by that I mean the worry of conceding) and go out there looking to score more than the opposition (the Ian Holloway approach). And whilst we are at it, maybe Fletch and Doyle can introduce themselves to each other and work out some nice interplay 1-2's and work on their box positioning. Trying desparately hard to keep the faith. Can unfortunately only p1ss in the wind for so long before realising you are soaking wet.
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26/03/2012 14:45:00

I agree Southbank, but surely someone must be held accountable? You cant be such an epic failure at your job and face the consequences. Or perhaps, if you are moxey you can - he's done it 3 years running.
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26/03/2012 17:14:00

The trouble is AdMant, the owner judges Moxey's performance using different criteria than most fans do.Also,the decision to sack Mick, without having tapped up a replacement first, was Morgan's, reportedly.I've only read one version of what went on but i've read it a few times now and it would appear Moxey warned not to but having slept on it, as JM had asked him to, Morgan told Moxey to do it. Considering that decision is now regarded with such derision by both the pro and anti Mick camps, Moxey's advice looks to have been ignored at the cost of making us a laughing stock.I know Moxey is easy to dislike (believe you me, I know) but he, like any other employee, must do his bosses bidding.
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26/03/2012 23:31:00


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