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Wolves will go out dignified

A very likely scenario going into the weekend is come Monday morning Wolves will have been relegated from the Premier League.

We've all accepted it and in a way many of us in a strange way will be relieved once this season is over.

28-year-old Republic of Ireland international forward Kevin Doyle is one of those people.

After battling week in week out to help us survive in the top flight, Doyle has already been tipped to return to former club Reading following their promotion to the Premier League.

But before then, Doyle will continue to fight for the cause until it's mathematically impossible, but the pressure has taken its toll on the forward.

'It is hard to keep going every week for three years when you are in and out of the bottom three and looking over your shoulders and every week is a 'must-win' game,'' Doyle told Sky Sports.

He continued: 'It has been a frustrating season - it has gone beyond frustrating now with us players and the fans.

'A month ago maybe everyone was a bit more angry and bitter about the situation. It's nearly a case of 'it is what it is' and we are getting on with it, we are trying to play out the last few games with our heads held high and keep doing the right things.

'And you never know - life does crazy things. If we win four games in a row anything could happen. We want to go out dignified and keep going to the end.'

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The Journalist

Writer: Akela Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Friday April 20 2012

Time: 1:00PM

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As dignified as someone wearing a Propellor Cap can go out i suppose....
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20/04/2012 14:24:00

Moxey said: “If you look at West Brom, they’ve spent good money and they’re currently bottom of the league. “Maybe they’re not paying enough to their players or getting the right quality in. Stoke have spent quite a bit of money, but probably not enough. “Compare it to say Bolton, they’re spending quite a bit more money than those two clubs. Look where they are in the table. “While all these clubs have a fighting chance of staying up, if you draw up a table of the average over three years of where teams finish and then correlate that to their wage bill, they’re going to be very well aligned. “Having been there and spoken to people in the Premier League, it’s fair to say money is the be-all and end-all. So you’ve got to be competitive.”...... That was Moxey speaking in March 2009, letting us know that Wolves wouldn't find themselves in trouble due to lack of investment on player wages. What a complete load of s***e that turned out to be.
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20/04/2012 20:57:00

Prepare for the great escape: 35 points and survival. It's in the stars! ....er, in the star's ken.
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20/04/2012 21:49:00

I have just read TC wants to continue as manager even if we go down if thats the case were going to end up in the conference. Is he kidding hes taken 2 points out of a posible 27 that is some record, he has not changes one dam thing . I said ages ago why not try a back three to stop the flood of goals and it could have worked look at Wigan doing just what i had said. They beat ARSENAL and Van Persie didnt get a kick WHILE WE JUST PLOD ALONG thank you MM AND TC for all your hard work in getting us relegated.
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21/04/2012 10:01:00

Wolves fans make me laugh, you all have yourselves to blame...I have not met an intelligent Wolves fan yet, all brainless. You all called for MM to be sacked and finally you got it, at the worst time in the season you finally all got your wish and on that day you were doomed to the Championship. MM was good enough to keep you in the league, that is when you have to change, not at the time you did. To make things worse you bring in Terry Connor, that is the biggest joke out of everything, how can a team survive relegation with such an emotionless, uninspiring man, have you saw his interviews? He mumbles his way through them and it seems he hasn't a clue where he actually is...It's quite hilarious to be honest. MM did not progress Wolves in his time there which was his downfall but he would of done a much better job than TC, you are all to blame.
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22/04/2012 16:32:00

Mick McCarthy bought rubbish players for Wolves. Why are you fighting so hard today agains City? Down you go Wolves. You didn't put a fight vs Manure but now.. Bye.
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22/04/2012 17:00:00

Commiserations, been in your shoes a few times ourselves, so know exactly how shy_te it feels.
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22/04/2012 18:03:00

Right, P.Avfc. Those with brains among us wanted MM to save the team, having had two successful attempts before. Chances of doing it again for the third time were, at worst, even , with the team still in the thick of things as far as the position in the table went. How JM and SM were 'certain' that the team was heading for relegation just after the WBA game beats me - it was no worse than that at the same time the year before. You don't have to do it,I will exclude myself from the 'brainless', herd and heads.
Report Abuse
22/04/2012 19:43:00

Fifth column......you can ***** off.....you was calling us a disgrace a few weeks ago cause we let Man U steamroller us. To be fair....regardless how much money City spend....they will never, NEVER be As successful as Man U. Villa.......don,t count your chickens..you ain't safe yet and with that Bluenose in charge you will be down there again next season, maybe even in our position. We are Wolves and we will support our team regardless what league we are in. Take a real close look at your own Clubs before you come on here popping at ours. UP THE WOLVES!!!!!!!!
Report Abuse
22/04/2012 20:24:00

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22/04/2012 21:10:00

Aint took a pop at your team Rustmonkey, just the fans and the board for wanting MM out, and appointing a man who is that bad it's funny. Im looking at my club mate and i can see we are struggling but we still in the premiership? Your not...As soon as Mcleish *****s off we will be back up the table, maybe you can take him of us.
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22/04/2012 21:23:00

No m8. UP THE WOLVES!!!!!!! I am Gold & Black to the core and will be until I die, regardless of what league we are in. Yes, we had a bad season.....yes, bad decisions were made and yes we are relegated, however, I will be WOLVES FOREVER. We haven't had hundreds of millions spent on us to build a team just to win the league, We haven't got a Billionaire investor who uses our club as his own personal toy. We are a real football club with real supporters who know our strengths and weaknesses. We are passionate and we are proud. We support our team through thick and thin.........not because we win trophies and because we are a top club but because it's in our blood. I see the kids running around the Midlands with their Man U, Chelsea and Arsenal tops on.....fine, their choice. I support my local team because they are all I know and all I love. Is relegation a disaster.....not really. Atleast our club is financially stable and won't end up like some of our once big name other teams. Whatever you may think of us......we will always be Wolves!!!
Report Abuse
22/04/2012 21:32:00

yeah Rustmonkey, whatever. Like I said, been through it as many times as you lot, and I know how much it hurts, even if you've been expecting it for months. You were a disgrace when you played the rags at Old Toilet, you only need to look at the way Everton fought them all the way today, despite having bugger all to play for except pride. Glad you have pride in your club, your players clearly don't. Enjoy the championship, if you play your cards right it can be an enjoyable experience, as it's a far nicer experience to win a lot more games than you lose. Play you cards wrong and we won't be seeing you back in the Prem for a good long while. Good luck to you.
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22/04/2012 21:37:00

Avfc...you are deluded if you think BLUENOSE is going anywhere soon. Your still paying off your debt on O'Neil. Randy has all but washed his hands. You've sold all your best players. Face facts.....WBA are better and Blues may be joining them next season with the manager you should have had. If I was a Villa fan....I'd be very worried right now. We know what it is to be in a dogfight and we know what it is to be Championship. If Villa go down they may never recover. He who's laughs last, laughs loudest.
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22/04/2012 21:38:00

That £7m on below average Roger John could have a long way. How many players could that have got you on loan? Jenas, Bentley, Benayoun, Arshavin etc.. Mick McCarthy ruined you guys.
Report Abuse
22/04/2012 23:12:00

Few Wolves fans will disagree that the RJ signing was a bad one but at the time he was bought he was part of one of the best defences in the country. I don't blame Mick for that. He did what he thought was right at the time and many Wolves fans supported it. The big problem was that he should have gone for Scott Dann too and a new LB. You need to look higher up the Wolves food chain for Blame. We wanted to remain in the Prem on a fixed budget with a fixed wage structure. Whilst I applaud that mentality in financial terms, the fact that we survived by the skin of our teeth last season should have sent out a clear message to the board that we needed a fresh start. We needed a complete overall of back room staff and a new defence. Neither happened and this is why we are now relegated. Mick did a great job for us but was out of his depth and should have gone at the end of last season. But what do us brainless Wolves fans know????
Report Abuse
23/04/2012 07:28:00

Rustmonkey do some research mate, we are far from in debt...Randy runs a structured secure unit and thats what he has got. We sold out best players yes, but we still have a good top 10 team, it's the manager pure and simple...We shall see if he is there wont we, WBA don't have a better squad but a better manager, thats why there up the table...Best of luck in the 'championship'.
Report Abuse
23/04/2012 17:13:00

Thanks.....hope to see you there. Good structured secure unit with no debt and a poor manager, hmmmmm!!!! SOUND FAMILIAR ANYBODY????? As for top 10 club???? The league doesn't lie. Listen to your fans on the radio every night !!! Poor players, poor manager, owner who is negligent by his absence.....your own fans words. #Deluded. Lose tomorrow night and you'll be playing us next season. Regardless of what league you end up in ...BLUENOSE is going nowhere. Only thing that would make it sweeter is if the BLUEs pass you on the way down.
Report Abuse
23/04/2012 19:21:00

Aston Villa have reported record losses of £53.9million for the last financial year despite a cash injection of £25million from American owner Randy Lerner. The eye-watering deficit rocketed from £37.6million in 2009/10 even though the club reported a record income of £92million - a rise of 1.3 per cent - in the accounts revealed for the year ending on May 31, 2011. A statement said: “This was achieved despite a backdrop of instability as the 2010-11 season constituted one of the most turbulent in the club’s recent history.”  Figures included an “exceptional charge” of £12million relating in “changes to football management personnel” - thought to refer to compensation paid out after Martin O’Neill left the club. NO DEBT.....hmmmmmm
Report Abuse
23/04/2012 19:30:00

Oh dear,P.Avfc, maths isn't you strong suit , either, then. So, that's maths and writing you're s**t at. I bet your fellow Villa fans are delighted you've put yourself forward as an example of their supereior 'intelligence'. Please post more;you funny you is.
Report Abuse
24/04/2012 09:33:00

Bet your arse is twitching now Mr P.Avfc?????? Well done Bolton ;)
Report Abuse
24/04/2012 21:42:00

Yes, Rustmonkey, but at least they're not in debt..... oops!
Report Abuse
25/04/2012 07:02:00

In all seriousness, I would prefer to see all our Midlands clubs in the Prem so I hope Vila survive. I do however have serious concerns if they go down, more so than for us. We are adapted to the style of football and know how to get us out of the Championship. Villa would lose many players, many fans and would need time to adapt. Playing a Championship side in a cup is completely different from playing them week in week out. Villa would be a huge scalp for any team so they would have to scrap every week with far more games. The £30 million loss in revenue would also make a big impact. The next three games for them will be very interesting. I don't envy them one bit having been through it for 2 seasons in a row.
Report Abuse
25/04/2012 15:53:00


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