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Future for Wolves? Terry Connor

With Jez Moxey stating previously that Wolves wouldn`t be 'forced` into selling any of their star players I thought I`d have a punt on who`s likely to be leaving Molineux this summer.

Keep in mind none of us really know the politics and finances of what`s going on inside of Molineux at the moment but let us know whether you agree or disagree in the comments below.

Terry Connor

My heart bled for Terry watching his post match interviews after Sundays game.

There is no doubt he is a thoroughly decent bloke who wants the best for the club and it`s players.

As Jez Moxey was quick to point out "'Terry is an outstanding coach, he is a Wolves man through and through". So if that is the case then surely Connor deserves to stay on in some sort of role at the club?

There are main two arguments against this.

In recent years there seems to be the lack of integration and graduation of Wolves youth team players into the first team, players like Mark Davies and Elliot Bennett who are both excelling at Bolton and Norwich respectively are fantastic examples. Even seeing someone such as Andrew Surman, who was 22 when signed by the club and given only seven chances in the first team before being shipped off to Norwich, deemed not good enough for the Premier League, of which now he will playing next season while Wolves again find themselves back in the Championship.

The second is the style of football Wolves` play, for which the coaches are seen as a big part of.

I think a lot of fans struggled to stomach seeing the team completely outplayed by newly promoted QPR in their 3-0 victory at Molineux, and then a few weeks down the line during a 2-2 draw with Swansea.

Why couldn`t Wolves pass the ball around as comfortably when they were playing in their third season in the Premier League?

Why was our only real attacking outlet still Matt Jarvis after all these years?

If was all so blindingly obvious to the fans and to the opposition that it was incredulous that the problem hadn`t been rectified by McCarthy and the Wolves` coaches over the summer.

Realistically the board can`t afford a complete overhaul of the Wolves coaching staff, and I`m not 100% the disruption it would bring is entirely what the club would need right now. That being said, you would hope whichever manager does come in over the summer is allowed to bring in some of his own staff if they would so desire for fresh ideas around a club which feels slightly stale.

I would also hope he would give someone like Connor, who will have been at Wolves 13 years this summer, a chance to prove his worth in whichever role he sees as his next.

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The Journalist

Writer: Ben Nicholas Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Saturday April 28 2012

Time: 12:00PM

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Sentiment in football is hard to find, but I hope we find some for TC, but as you say it should be the decision of whoever the new manager is.
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27/04/2012 10:59:00

He'll end up following MM. Good luck to him. A nice guy but nice guys don't win you games. You need more than being nice to manage a bunch of players. This job was too big for him......FACT and it won't be any easier next season. Time for change IMHO is way over due.
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27/04/2012 20:40:00

If the papers are to be believed, TC is in a strong position to get the job. It really worries me that JM and TC are related via marriage. It's surely a conflict of interests which whilst during the good times can be overlooked, during the bad times is a real test of people's true colours. Was this th factor that put Curbs off? Did it ultimately cost us getting a new manager? Loyalty is fine and commendable but not when it interferes with the Clubs running. One of them must step down.
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28/04/2012 14:47:00

Well to put you all out of your misery the new manager will be.......................TC, why not? the Southampton manager who has just got them promotion was I believe the physio! and has come through the ranks. Ben the players you mentioned "all" had better players in front of them and their best option was to go out to clubs who they could play consistently for, has for Davies? the guy was always injured and then when the Wolves got him fully fit again he did a runner. I have heard fans mention that we have "no" premiership quality? and yet mention swansea! how many polayers have they got that are or were premiership quality - their players have been at the club for the last two seasons. You mention playing the kids, I agree 100% and feel that if TC is the manager he will play them with a mix of experienced players, also I was reading a piece (think it was the E&S) the other day were it was saying that TC is getting the players to play a more passing ball game, problem is with our fans you hear them every match - if we play it on the ground they are bawling at them to get it forward, if we play it up quick (hoofing) them want it on the ground! Rustmonkey - I think you need to do your homework there are lots of nice guys in the prem, there are also a lot of ex number two's, Stan Cullis was a "nice" guy but if he was upset then you had to watch out, I have heard that TC can be the same, also remember that in our history we have had some number two's. If a number two is not given a chance then how in hells name will he ever become number one! plus managers don't always listen to the number two, how do we know that TC hasn't told MM about the players in the youth set up! I believe that if we get another outside manager then he will go for "proven" players and once again the youth will be pushed back and probably end up at another club - players like Batth, Gorman, Forde, Davis etc. Under TC we could be in for a great future - who know's? and looking at the present squad + youth I for one am looking forward to next season, maybe this is just what we needed to be able to regroup and rebuild, but we have to do it as one! Jez, Morgan, players,manager and most importent the fans, we must stop the bickering, this crap about getting Jez and Morgan out, lets put a stop to it NOW! we are Wolves...let's show the football world what being a Wolves fan is all about. We are Wolves..............Onwards and Upwards...TOGETHER!
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28/04/2012 14:58:00

Bye,bye Terry.
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28/04/2012 15:31:00

Johnwolf.....finally we get a proper comment from you and with some valid points....well done. I just don't think TC stands a chance......you may be right but I just think he's not got what it takes. I'd love to be proved wrong and see him become another Brendan Rodgers or Chris Houghton but he has too much baggage and history to carry.
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28/04/2012 16:34:00

Well, he's improved his chances with an incredible draw today ... and we should have won. Mind you, he's done little to stop us leaking goals at the back. But, there was nothing at stake and when there was, he was found wanting. If he givne the job on a permanent basis, I am going to ask for my season ticket money back.
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28/04/2012 17:31:00

I do not think an 80% defeat ratio and a failure to win a single game can realistically put anyone at the front of the pecking order when it comes to deciding in the summer who manages us next year. As far as I am concerned any talk of him getting the job is a mere continuation of the joke that has been our season. If anything we have got worse and I refuse to take any pleasure from today- it was just another typical situation that we have seen under McCarthy when clown boy used to stand next to him- now he is the puppet master in chief and I am not seeing anything to suggest he could put us in the top ten next season let alone fight for promotion. Whooppee. They got a draw when there is sod all to play for and we have for the second time avoided a true hiding from one of the newly promoted teams of might. I watched it today because I wanted to watch Swansea. I smiled when it went to 4-4 but that was as much as it got. Same as our habit under Mick was to start playing after giving a two goal lead away now we have cranked it up to three. Three down within fifteen minutes at Swansea? Anybody want to tell me this idiot organized the side properly? Any suggestion of him getting the job to me was nothing than a silly joke and paper talk. If he scrapes another couple of absurd draws like he did today my fear is that people will warm up to him as if a 4-4 draw is a good thing and start taking him seriously. As for the club in all reality giving him the job.. it stands a very good chance. I think they will be reluctant to go embarrass themselves by trying and once again failing to lure anyone to the club in the summer (compare PL club a point from safety with 13 games to go to a Championship team just relegated and about to lose it's best players) -- who is likely to take it? Considering what a jolly good job they have done in stock piling money/wasting it on a stadium development plan they have already scrapped they can keep him on whatever shillings they have him on now without the terrible business of heaven forbid paying a compensation package or bringing someone in who might ask for just a few too quid too many in his weekly pay packet. Very entertaining today. It makes for a good story, but you are hardly going to sit the grand kids down telling them about the great day when we had already been relegated and were losing 4-1 at Swansea. Ooh I was well pleased when we equalized. Slow hand clap from me. There was nothing to celebrate at the end of last season but people had their heads stuck up their arse and the thought of firing a failing McCarthy did not register; it was outwardly dismissed by management. I can see the same happening again. As for the players patting him on the head I would say a number of them who have been around each other for 4 years or whatever now and enjoy each others company would welcome the comfort of a Connor appointment because he will carry on playing the same players we were watching 4 years ago. I am not blaming the players. I blame Mick McCarthy, Pie, Steve Morgan and Connor for collectively ruining what could have been a very good season for us. It's an embarrassing relegation and an eight goal thriller only underlines in my mind the need for whole sale changes that I know will not happen.
New York City Wolf
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28/04/2012 19:05:00

TC is just not upto the job eleven games none won eight defeats and three draws says it all. Nothing has changed still leaking goals for fun its just the same crap as whenn MM was in charge we need a new manager with new back room staff with new ideas.
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29/04/2012 08:26:00

The person I was most pleased for yesterday was DDV. I switched on to a freeview site just after the third goal went in and I really felt for him. Not only did he have to suffer the booing but the jibes and the acute embarrassment of a bad career move too. Well, it's still a bad career move but at least he could walk off the pitch with his head held high.
Report Abuse
29/04/2012 11:31:00

one thing about it new york ?olf you won't have to spend any money, has far as I am concerned you have no rights to comment on the Wolves - unless you spend your hard earned cash like the rest of us? Has for name calling you are amongst the biggest clown, when you have the qualifications of TC or anybody else at the club then maybe - just maybe you could talk, it's easy spouting off thousands of miles away, as for blaming McCarthy again you are talking like the ***** you are, you like the other few thousands are premiership fans only, stay in new york and pretend to support from afar without spending any cash. You wanted to watch swansea - WHAT A ******** ARSHOLE YOU ARE! as for celebrating at the end of last year - were you even there? you can't see him getting us into the top ten next season -BUT YOU WON'T BE THERE TO SEE IT! YOU WILL BE ON WATCHING ON YOUR PC OR TV safe in the knowledge that you ain't spent any money- oh god I have had enough answering cretins like you - just ***** off and support the tesco's or somebody.
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29/04/2012 14:58:00

one thing about it new york ?olf you won't have to spend any money, has far as I am concerned you have no rights to comment on the Wolves - unless you spend your hard earned cash like the rest of us? Has for name calling you are amongst the biggest clown, when you have the qualifications of TC or anybody else at the club then maybe - just maybe you could talk, it's easy spouting off thousands of miles away, as for blaming McCarthy again you are talking like the ***** you are, you like the other few thousands are premiership fans only, stay in new york and pretend to support from afar without spending any cash. You wanted to watch swansea - WHAT A ******** ARSHOLE YOU ARE! as for celebrating at the end of last year - were you even there? you can't see him getting us into the top ten next season -BUT YOU WON'T BE THERE TO SEE IT! YOU WILL BE ON WATCHING ON YOUR PC OR TV safe in the knowledge that you ain't spent any money- oh god I have had enough answering cretins like you - just ***** off and support the tesco's or somebody.
Report Abuse
29/04/2012 14:58:00

Tut tut John.......just when I thought you had actually got something constructive to say......you resort to abusing anyone who has an opinion different to yours. NYCW comes to games when he can. The fact that he lives abroad does not make him any less a Wolves fan. Are you actually saying that I wasn't a Wolves fan when I sat outside the CPA in Baghdad listening to Kenny Miller score against City in the 2003-2004 season????? Or when I was stationed in January. Yes.....the fans that go to the games are the loyal followers but that doesn't make anyone else who follows them from afar any less passionate. You really should address your anger management issues. During the all to few moments of lucidity that you occasionally have you do actually make a sensible contribution. Sadly these are too few. I don't think Internet forums are suited to a person with so many issues. Maybe you should take up crochet or lawn bowls?? I feel very sorry for you that you feel it necessary to come on here and abuse ppl nothing more than them airing their opinion. By all means, have a say but try to do it in a constructive meaningful manner. Trust me....a/ you get a better response and b/ ppl might actually respect you.
Report Abuse
29/04/2012 15:59:00

Stationed in Germany.....not January. Weird ass predictive text.
Report Abuse
29/04/2012 16:01:00

And it's united...not city......should try to watch footsie and type at the same time, lol
Report Abuse
29/04/2012 16:03:00

Well, aren't you the luck one, johnwolf, living in the Wolverhampton area and thereofore able to support your team on the cheap. Many of us had to move away to find work, in some cases at such a distance that makes it impossible to watch WW in person on a weekly basis. If you expect NYCW to travel to Molinueux every other week for half a year every year, you must be exceptionally rich or have very little understanding of geography. Living near London, I can just about manage it but it costs me about 100 a game and, as a pensioner, it's a huge drain on my funds. And I have to consider other people, especially my wife, who argues quite reasonably that with limited resources I should not be spending so much on my own selfish interests, while disappearing up north for whole days and leaving her alone at home. Given your penchant for strident, mindless abuse, johnwolf, I suspect that you would advise me to give her a good slapping to shut her up.
Report Abuse
29/04/2012 17:36:00

SB60..... I personally take my hat off to the long distance Wolves fans. Listened to a guy on radio 5 live last night who travels from Aberdeen to watch Wrexham play......that is a real fan, not someone who has probably never been south of Wednesbury. I suspect that JW is the one who gets slapped by his wife, hence is need to come on here and act the tough guy.....it makes him feel a man. I seem to remember him stating that he is a pensioner too......shame on you John for your total lack of respect for anyone else's opinions. It's people like you who pore scorn on the lack of respect from the youth of today and yet act like a total **** yourself. Grow up, lose the attitude and actually learn how to interact with fellow human beings.......you never know, you may enjoy it.
Report Abuse
29/04/2012 19:36:00

Before 2007 I used to travel once or twice a year ( I was still working); since I have become a 'cardiac cripple' somewhat, as one English bloke put it to me. I had been warned ,but with Sky, the local TV cable services relaying all PL matches, Serie A, and the top games from the Bundesliga and La Liga, on subscription, of course, plus the internet freeview streams....too much, there was no way I would not become a cardiac cripple. Hence my admiration of you lads who travel to watch WW, even at considerable expense.
Report Abuse
29/04/2012 19:37:00

Well do I have to go through the yawn of explaining to this moron that I was there nigh on every week for 20 years before New York came calling. The bloke will attack anybody or anything- I have said it before and say it again, I work with people in mental health and this one, as per Withnail & I, definitely has in imbalance of hormone in him. Jeff Wode is off the steroids and his wife says he is a much better person for it. John. You are a ******** moron. You live within a half mile universe and a daily slapping might knock some sense into you. Wolves forever but was I going to sit in a flat in Dudley sipping special brew for the rest of my life just so I could sit on the bus barking at traffic or go and earn myself some nice zinc in New York City? You lower the bar tremendously so I don't mind calling you a clueless knuckle dragging useless ****. I applaud when you manage to string a sentence together. You have even managed the occasional 'paragraph' once in a while. Gold star for John. Just stop dribbling on the keyboard. Terry Connor for England.
New York City Wolf
Report Abuse
01/05/2012 12:56:00

As for Swansea John I was very disappointed with their defending.
New York City Wolf
Report Abuse
01/05/2012 12:58:00

NYCW-So when are you going to be a *ahem* 'Wolves fan' again?When they start winning?
Report Abuse
02/05/2012 20:35:00

P.S. if you thought it was so obvious, at the end of last season, that MM,TC and the players weren't good enough for the PL,then why did you predict that the team would get to January undefeated?
Report Abuse
02/05/2012 20:50:00


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