Wolves - Could Fletcher be first to leave?
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Could Fletcher be first to leave?

Could Steven Fletcher be the first man to leave Molineux this summer?

The rumour mill had indicated that if anyone was likely to be the first one out of the exit door then it was going to be Matt Jarvis.

The midfielder had been linked to literally half of the sides in next seasons Premier League and one team from Serie A in Italy.

But while weekend rumours built over a possible move to Stoke, with Stoke boss Tony Pulis apparently matching the 8million asking price, Wolves chief executive Jez Moxey denied the stories.

"They haven`t even spoken to us about him." Moxey told the Express & Star.

Now considering we don't usually comment on speculation, some will wonder why Moxey decided to comment on this story?

Was it to try and settle Matt Jarvis ahead of pre-season, or was it to try and get the process moving on a little?

Reports in the Birmingham Mail suggest that Wolves have agreed a relegation clause with every member of the clubs squad, so that all of our players are now earning significantly less than they were during the Premier League days (yes even including Roger Johnson), so personally I cannot see why would be desperate to move him on as financially, we should be in a very strong position.

Although finances probably do not come into play in regards to Steven Fletcher.

We all know the Scottish International is desperate to continue his career in the Premier League, that of course is the reason why he signed for us in the first place following Burnley's relegation.

His next move according to the Daily Mail could be to Sunderland.

Sunderland have been linked with Fletcher already this summer, but things apparently could be beginning to move if Sunderland lose Stephane Sessegnon to Spurs.

Vital Wolves Comment: The news about the relegation clause that hands a pay-cut to all of the squad is significant news.

We all knew that the club was being run prudently and this is another indication of that.

Big earners like Roger Johnson, Steven Fletcher, Matt Jarvis, Jamie O`Hara and Kevin Doyle will now be on more realistic wages, putting us in a much better position when deciding whether or not we want to keep these players or cash in.

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The Journalist

Writer: Akela Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Tuesday June 26 2012

Time: 10:00AM

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If a bid comes in for 8m I think there will be no hesitation but to accept it. I'm not too fussed if he doesn't stay. I would much rather keep hold of Jarvis and use part of the 8m for a new centre half.
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26/06/2012 10:29:00

If we sell? these players and get promotion at the first attempt then we will have to replace them at a far greater cost than what we sold them for, they are under contract - keep them for one season then if we don't go up they could be free to go then, the price seems ridiculous! for these two, when you look at Young and Milner 15million for Jarvo is not to much, also look how much Carrol, Bent and Torres went for and the goals they scored last season compared to Fletch in a struggling team then 25million is not out of the question. Make these clubs pay up or keep them.
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26/06/2012 11:02:00

John, Just because Villa spent an absurd amount of money on Bent doesn't justify that Sunderland should do the same on an ex-Burnley and current Wolves striker. I think 8m is realistic. We could maybe push for 10m because he is still quite young. As for Jarvo I do rate him at 15m and would hate to see him go. I think this whole team should be built around Jarvis, Hennessey and Kightly.
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26/06/2012 11:07:00

I'd hate to see either leave but who wouldn't want prem football and a big pay rise? Players don't have the same loyalties that they used to. If the money is right then take it and let the manager invest in the team.
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26/06/2012 11:15:00

If one compares the ability of Fletcher and Jarvis to the players cited by Johnwolf, his 25m. price tag for both of them is a reasonable assessment. We could keep them and I think that neither of them would sulk. However, our preliminary forays into the transfer market suggest that we are likely to sell Fletcher at least. I suspect that SS has calculated that with BBS and our existing wing-men we can cope without them and that the money would come in very handy when looking to fill our holes at the back.
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26/06/2012 15:41:00

It's not a case of what the club 'wants'. No club is going to keep a player they know wants a move, all they can do is get the best possible price for them. It's been a sport of 'player power' for some time now. If MJ or SF want to go, they'll go. Contracts only guarantee a club a fee for a player, they in no way bind him to a club. As for their valuations;they'll both go for less than 10mill each, i'd imagine. The point about then having to replace them with players of their abilities,should we be promoted, is part and parcel of the 'relegation experience'.It won't concern any player looking to move, how the club they're leaving is going to replace them. Lastly, whatever L'pool and others have paid for players in the past will have no bearing on negotiations JM will be involved in. There is no 'going rate', but we all know those extreme examples of over-paying are the exceptions and not the rules.
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26/06/2012 17:10:00

Perhaps WS84, but the relative degree of desperation felt by buyer and seller has a bearing on the price. Moreover, Fletcher is a proven goal-scorer, even in relagated teams, and that should enhance his value. regarding Jarvis, a bidding war will up the price.
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26/06/2012 18:23:00

Absolutely, Southbank60.Carroll to L'pool is a (maybe THE) prime example of panic-buying artificially inflating the size of fee.The world knew they had 50mill burning a hole in their pocket, with days to go 'til the transfer window shut. People at LFC lost their jobs over their transfers this past year or so, as a result. Buying clubs will definitely move on to targets new if Wolves are perceived to be asking too much. Wolves have done so themselves in the past.MJ couldn't deliver a cross let alone a performance, until it was 'shop window' time at the end of the season. SF scores how many with his feet? He scored more with his ears last season. OK, i'm slightly playing devil's advocate, but they aren't that good a pair of players and both still have plenty to do to be 'proven PL' class.I will say about JM, that he has good form in getting 'best price' in sales and purchases and i've no reason to doubt he will again this close season... nobody is going to give him 20 mill for any of our players, is all i'm saying. JM's good but he ain't THAT good.
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26/06/2012 19:26:00

Winstonsmith84 you may have a point in panic buying as to the value of players prices but to say no one is going to give 20 mill for our players totally under values them. Put SF in a good team and he will give you 20 goals plus a season and as for MJ name another winger who can play on both wings and cross a ball with both feet and score goals.Plus they are still young men in football terms so why are people on here so quick as to under value them to such an extent we might as well just rip up their contracts.We should put a valuation of 15 mill on both players if some one comes close start to talk if not tell them to go to hell they both still have 3 years on there contracts and as far as i have heard not one of them has asked for a transfer.And why all of a sudden is it that our players are worth less than everyone else just because we got relegated we dont have to sell and not for some of the valuations that have been mentioned on here. For once on this site i agree with Johnwolf but i will leave out the swearing if we are to sell we want top money and for people to say 6-8 million for MJ in my opinion is a joke he his worth double and 15 million and above for SF it is as simple as that or they go nowhere.
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26/06/2012 22:10:00

Jarvis is a winger that can play on both sides- and can't consistently deliver good quality crosses from either one.How many of the match reports on here, last season, pointed out that he had spent his time either under or over hitting his crosses?He's a liability when we haven't got the ball and played a large part in exposing the shortcomings of the forward playing as a LB behind him.He was one of those who people were calling to be dropped to give the holy trinity of AH,AG and NM a regular run. How soon people forget. He was outperformed by (when fit) Kightly, who was still obviously finding his feet again after his loan. As for Fletch; completely unproven due to the lack of chances and/or appearances for either Burnley or us. I'm not quite sure why he's considered to be such a goal-machine, though. He never scores from outside the box; his distance shooting is pretty awful so no surprises there. He doesn't create his own chances by going deep to collect the ball and runing at defenders.When KD played he did the leg-work upfront and when he didn't play, no-one did it. Very few chances were created for SF by balls from central midfield, but then he hardly spent his time screaming for the ball, having found himself space to receive it in. His whole season revolved around headed (or eared) chances from the wings, and that ain't worth a punt of 15mill by any stretch of the imagination. I'm positive neither of them will be sold for that, because no-one thinks they are worth it, rather than as a result of JM having shipped them on the cheap.So, if they do go anywhere for a figure of 8-10 million, i'd say Jez had done all he could to make the best of the situation. In keeping with how transfers are conducted these days, if either of these two fancy joining any specific clubs, then their agents will already have informed the clubs in question. JM won't be in that particular loop.
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26/06/2012 23:48:00

As I was the one who wrote most of the reports, I have to agree with WS84's critique of Jarvis's ability consistently to land the cross ball in the right place. That's why I would prefer to keep Kightly if we have to sell a winger. On the other hand, Jarvis did improve his shooting at the end of the season and this should make him a more marketable player. And, to be fair to him, he did deliver some peachy crosses, though when he did so he was probably as surprised as I was.
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27/06/2012 00:04:00

Completely agree with Winston. Wanting 15m for Fletcher is laughable. We bought him for 6m. Please justify how his couple of seasons at the Wolves has more than doubled his price tag??? And also based on the logic that Fletchers goals last season in a rubbish Wolves team which means he is worth 15m, does that then mean Yakubu should be worth 30m+? Same with Jarvo. I rate him highly but he can be wasteful at times and when a team double on him he becomes non-existent in a game. Also, I think if Jarvis and Fletcher do go it will be important to have some money-making clauses as a condition of sale.
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27/06/2012 09:15:00

Southbank60-It was the spell of quality play that Jarvis turned in at the end of the season that all but convinced me he wanted a move. It's only speculation, of course, but it's easy to argue that a sudden upturn in form is a clue to a player taking the opportunity to advertise himself.It's far better to have a strong end of season than a good start but poor finish. Same within a match itself... if you're gonna have a crap spell as a player, have it at the start of a match. As long as you finish a game well, that's what people will remember.I'd prefer to keep Jarvis and Fletch, amongst others. They're , probably, both 'too good' for the championship, and as a fan that's fine by me.The reality of the situation is, though, that we are going to lose at least one and possibly both of them. JW's point about having to replace them following a promotion is, as i've said, a genuine concern and yet another knock-on effect of being relegated in the first place; it's all s**t. On that point, if we do end up losing all of our 'big 3' (MJ,SF and KD) with the added danger of Kightly and Wayne (when he's mended) also going, then the three years we spent in the PL, might as well never have happened.We'll, possibly, have a team good enough to win promotion, but woefully short of the necessary quality to give us a chance of staying up.Sound familiar? With that in mind, as sad as it will be for us to lose any players, it's really how many of them we lose that matters.If it's the full list I named, then we really are back to where we were 5 years ago. Relegation can do that trick with time, go down just the one year, but travel back in time by five... or more. That relegation thing really should be avoided by any means that a club has at it's disposal.
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27/06/2012 13:06:00

Absolutely, WS84, but I have been pointing that out for some time. Regarding Jarvis, are you saying that he can weight a cross properly, if need be? I might subscribe to your conspiracy theory were it not for the fact that, apart from Gerrard, no-one in the England squad can regularly execute that simple skill. What do professional footballers do all day long?
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27/06/2012 14:02:00

I wasn't necessarily refering to any improvement in his crosses, SB60, rather an improvement in general play. Before the end of the season, on a thread discussing who may or may not leave, I made the point that, although Jarvis was subject to the majority of speculation in the media, i'd rather lose him and keep Kightly, given no option but to lose one of them.I still feel the same way, as it happens, but the reasons I gave for considering MK more of an offensive threat (he's also far more aggressive without the ball, in terms of winning it back, and generally has a far greater work ethic) were that he has better ( I think) close control than MJ, enabling him to vary how he attacks the oppo's box;outside for a cross, or cut inside for a shot,square ball, a ball cut back to edge of the box, or draw a foul for a pen. Following this Jarvis began to do just that, resulting in him turning in his better performances.I wasn't suggesting conspiracies, more a noteable change in his willingness to do more than go outside and put over one of his hit-or-miss, inconsistent crosses. In a nutshell, I think he tried harder when he was playing for his own future, as oppose to Wolves'.
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27/06/2012 14:26:00

Winston...Maybe his agent suddenly realised he would have to take a 50% pay cut if we were relegated and that's what lit a spark up his a***. Plus I agree with you that Kightly is better (when fully fit) than Jarvis. He is a lot more confident infront of goal - which I beleive to be Jarvo's biggest problem.
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27/06/2012 15:03:00

I've also said in the past that I would gladly lose Jarvo for a decent sum as long as we keep Kites. I'd also rather keep Fletch than Doyle. Can't wait for SS to turn up so we can see what he has to say about the players we have and what he hopes to do in the transfer market. If he doesn't think we need a defender then he's the wrong man for the job, however, I suspect he thinks we need an entire Defence. I'd keep Foles, Zubar.....the rest can go, although I do still think that with the right player next to him that RJ could still win us over. I remember Paul Butler getting booed off the pitch, the vanished for a few weeks only to return and be possibly the player of the season. Look forward to the next few weeks....interesting times ahead.
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27/06/2012 21:10:00

Now the papers are saying that we're after another striker!!! If true, it looks like we're clearing out all the ones we've got.
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27/06/2012 23:34:00

How can Jarvis be worth double that of Fletcher? It is early days but it is all newspaper talk, the club had the sense to tie them down on contracts and as far as we no no one has stated they have come in with or are coming in with a bid. I expect a bid for both but as I say the club has said it does not need to sell so the only way it will happen is if someone does come in and the player/agent pushes the issue. They are both of an age that they can afford a season in the C. Saying that both belong in the PL and if they do get good offers I shall hold nothing against them leaving. I don't blame the players for last season. I blame the manager and the muppet who cried through the last 13 games. We shall see.
New York City Wolf
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28/06/2012 03:45:00


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