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O'Driscoll rumours

You know your position must be bad when rumours are linking other people with your job before you've even departed.

But it seems a common theme for Wolves gaffer Ståle Solbakken, back in November Gordon Strachan all of a sudden was being whispered as a possible replacement.

Now over a month on and Sean O'Driscoll has been linked by internet rumours with a move to Molineux.

Not bad for someone who has only been in the role for eight months. But it would seem that Solbakken could be on the brink, he appears to have lost a good percentage of the fans and the board will have to make a decision soon.

Will they stand by their man like they did with Mick McCarthy for so long? Or will they make a change before things get worse?

O'Driscoll has had a bizarre year and a bit in football. He was sacked as manager of Doncaster Rovers in September 2011 after leading them into the second tier of English football for the first time in their history.

He then joined the coaching staff at Nottingham Forest, before taking the managerial job at Crawley Town who had just been promoted to League One. But after two months and not being in charge of a single game he quit to return to Nottingham Forest as manager.

He wasn't doing too badly, win percentage just under 40% and on the brink of the play-off places he was sacked after a 4-2 victory over Leeds United.

Could he be the man to inspire Wolves to some form of recovery this season? The 55-year-old according to wikipedia anyway was born in Wolverhampton and is a Wanderers fan so at least would understand the connection between the club and its fans?

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The Journalist

Writer: Akela Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Friday January 4 2013

Time: 12:16PM

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Stearman and Henry are Wolves fans? but it doesn't stop our esteemed "fans" having a go at them, you reap what you sow, and boy are we reaping it - thanks to the boo boys.
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04/01/2013 14:20:00

plus he is a doddle - he walks out on teams!
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04/01/2013 14:21:00

I agree, whether he's a Wolves fan or not is totally irrelevant. He's virtually no experience and is hardly a name to command instant respect from our PL wanabees. Don't even start me on Strachan.
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04/01/2013 15:32:00

Johnwolf: I would never boo a player because it is counter-productive for the reasons your imply. However, the malaise at the club is not solely due to the reaction of some fans to the poor performances on the pitch because the shambles we see out there is merely a symptom of a more profound problem. In my opinion, there is ongoing and deepening tension between the coaching staff and certain members of the squad, unhappy with the manager's tactics ... and perhaps his man-management skills (or lack of them). Clearly, the team is capable of playing far better than they doing so at the moment- they have proved it - so there has to be a reason. Having watched most of the games over the past few months I have noticed a marked falling off of commitment by certain players and a corresponding increase in the sloppiness of their play. Now, it's infected the whole team and it will not be resolved without drastic acton. To repeat what I and many others have been saying, we either have to back SS to the hilt, providing him with enough money to replace the dissident and/or inadequate elements in the squad with suitable recruits ... or sack him. I fear a wishy-washy compromise by the board, one that leaves the manager in place but with a largely unchanged squad because I am concerned that he will be given insufficient money effectively to upgrade the team. As a fall-back position I would bring in the youngsters, who would be more responsive to new ideas and who would be hungry for first team action.
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04/01/2013 17:45:00

Southbank 60 i agree we have to back SS but as Moxey has said we need to ship players out which nobody else seems to want.You only have to look at our defence Berra out of contract but were trying to get him to sign a new one what for i can only think so we dont have to buy some one else which is confusing. So if were not trying to get rid of him exactly which players are we supposed to get rid off as i could name at least six or seven that should not be there.Everybody else seems to be strengthening there squad yet we are as normal dilly dallying a long as if we had the best squad going it is so confusing as i have said.
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04/01/2013 19:52:00

The call for Stale to be sacked, due to a perceived 'lack of progress'(as far as I can tell), does leave a few obvious questions to be asked.If Stale was sacked today, how many games does his replacement get? He's had 26 league games. Would that be a precedent set? If not, why not? How much 'progress'( in less than 30 games), would the new bloke have to make to be safe from the chop? Also, the list of potential replacements for Stale looks a bit different to the list of names that was being bandied about when Mick was canned. The same 'experts' now calling for Stale's head are the same that were lobbying for the likes of Lee Clark to take over from MM. Curbishley? Now into his fifth year since managing last. He still hasn't been snapped-up, I take it. In my opinion, this whole mess was created when Morgan decided to let the 'fans' choose, by saying they most definitely didn't want Steve Bruce. Apparently he wasn't good enough for us.The message boards were almost unanimous:A.B.B. Which is precisely what we ended up with... someone that wasn't SB, and that's what mattered most. The 'experts' were calmed. I disagree with JW's assessment of the circumstances leading to SM's decision regarding Mick. It wasn't the boo-boys that got him sacked, it was his record. It was the boo-boys (amongst others) that had a say in his replacement, though, and that's where Morgan royally effed-up. Instead of going for the (unpopular) candidate with the proven track-record, he thought he was being cute by hiring a complete stranger. Can't complain about someone you've never heard of, right? Letting the mob (or 'committee' if you prefer) be involved was wrong- no matter how SS does or doesn't get on. Our owner had a decision to make and decided to make popular choices for his own vanity and personal popularity amongst the 'fans'. He tried to spin the appontment of Stale as 'brave', whilst knowing full well the 'brave' decision would have been to ignore the mob and hire Bruce. Anyway, as JW says, that's all in the past, nothing can be done about it now... but history does serve a purpose, and I only hope Morgan has learned from it. Still, it's Cup day today and for those of us who still value a cup-run let's wipe that smirk of Nick Owen's face today... if that's possible, that is.
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05/01/2013 09:19:00

WS84: I agree with a lot of what you say and I was clearly wrong about Bruce, though, to be fair, Sunderland were struggling under his management when he was sacked. However, his success at Hull makes my point in relation to the sacking of SS. There comes a point when, for whatever reason, the relationship between manager and players breaks down and when that happens the only solution is a fresh start (sack the manager or the whole squad!). I think that is the situation at WW at the moment. Ironically, for that reason, Bruce would probably have improved our prospects had he been appointed in the summer, but we didn't want him then. But, did we influence SM's decision to the extent you suggest or was a left-field appointment always on the cards: a cheaper option in terms of salary and the signing up of foreign players ... and also a new, more sophisticated PL approach?
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05/01/2013 10:00:00

SB60- I absolutely believe the decision on Bruce was made based on 'feedback' on message boards- or more specifically the E&S ones.The awful truth there, of course, is that most of those that post on there hate Wolves. I don't mean they're Albion (or any other) fans posing as Wolves supporters. I mean they claim to be Wolves fans but quite apparently and openly revel in bad news. We know how it works on there:When we win there may be 50 or so messages along the lines of 'well done lads' or 'we weren't up to much but a win's a win'. Conversely, when we lose there's hundreds of 'fans' only to eager to stick the boot in to the club they claim to love. And it's the opinion of these people that I believe Morgan was swayed by. Remembering what the mood was like at the time, I think Morgan chickened out from giving it Bruce, fearing he'd be even more unpopular than he already was... with people that hate the club and often brag about how the club never sees a penny of their money and how they hope Wolves lose, unless Morgan runs the club to their specific instructions.So,the mess we are now in is consistent with a decision made for all the wrong reasons. I don't think it was a matter of cost. Although it's believable enough that Stale costs less than the likes of Bruce, I view that as coincidental. Back to present day and what to do now? From what i've read on here and elsewhere, those of us that see the matches are agreed that there's a 'go slow' been called by A.N Other(s) on the playing staff.For Morgan to sack SS now (which i'm convinced he's loath to do) would pretty much undermine the new bloke before we've even got one. The messages it sends out about us as a club should prevent anyone that would be worth having from coming within a mile of us:You're the manager... but if it turns out that the players don't like you, we'll sack you!So, I think that leaves option B. Depending on how many names Stale has on his wish list, i'd actively pusue a policy of removing the known fifth-columnists (for that's how I see them) from the first team and taking the hit on paying non-active staff until they can be shifted. I'd much prefer to deal with them in the same way Don Corleone did during the baptism scene, but there's laws against that sort of thing... more's the pity. I can forgive a manager that turns out to be not very good. What is totally unacceptable is that so-called professionals are wearing my club's colours and not only not trying, but trying to lose. Should we have a purge and THEN decide that actually, Stale, thanks but no, thanks;fair enough. To give in to player power when the players involved have not only let everyone down but have taken it a step further and are throwing matches to get their way, would be very distasteful. I'm with kiawolves. Keep the manager and replace the ringleaders... seeing as how we can't just shoot 'em.
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05/01/2013 13:22:00

WS84: ideally, I would do as you suggest because, as I have already stated, one shouldn't give in to player power. And, if SS knows who the dissident players are, he should refuse to select them and put them up for sale. But, for that solution to be effective, we do need to spend money to bring in new recruits to cover even more holes. On the other hand, we have some good youngsters and they could keep us in the division. Nice to see that McAlinden has signed up again (I almost wrote resigned!). As I write we are 0-1 down against a non-league team and, if it stays like that, SS will be sacked or given the money!
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05/01/2013 16:25:00

so we lost, I presume stale is finished then...
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05/01/2013 17:58:00

Thank you WIN84 in my mind sacking SS gives no credence as to why they appointed SS in the first place it just makes the board looking even more stupid as in the case of TC being made manager.What we need is the board to back SS with Ten to fifeteen millions in the transfer window and lets see how he goes and try to get some of the useless ones out.
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05/01/2013 18:25:00

The stock response to being out of both cups in Jan is to say: We can concentrate on the league now. The options Morgan has is the one thing we are all agreed on: Either back him (professionally as well as financially) or sack him. I'd prefer the first option.
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05/01/2013 18:27:00

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05/01/2013 18:45:00

Unfortunately, the board is unlikely to give him the money he needs to replace the players who do not want to play for SS (or who cannot adapt to the new system. I hope it does but, if not, I would prefer to play youngster like Doherty, McAlinden, Cassidy, Batth, Gorman
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05/01/2013 19:27:00

Somehow, the message disappeared off the screen before I had completed the post ... perhaps due to the alcohol I have imbibed as a result of today's defeat!. The other youngsters I would include are Ismael, Forde and Parry. I suspect the website are going to be hot with condemnation of SS or the players this evening but at least the defeat will bring matters to a head.
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05/01/2013 19:31:00

I told you. Stale is solsacken'd....
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05/01/2013 21:02:00

As with the sacking of MM, the sacking of Stale an error of judgement. In the first instance one to do with the timing of it, in the other with impatience and lack of vision.
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05/01/2013 21:19:00

What a complete and utter shambles.
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05/01/2013 21:31:00

IT has now become a farce who is going to take charge now some other unknown O DRISCOLL WHO WHAT THE ***** HAS THIS GUY DONE IN MANAGEMENT.
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05/01/2013 21:35:00

Personally I'd be opting for Coyle
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05/01/2013 21:42:00

You can have our manager for nothing, I will bring him in my own car.
ecco owl
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05/01/2013 21:44:00

Personally i would take PAUL INCE with Ray Wilkins.
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05/01/2013 22:26:00

The general opinion seems to be that the players need to take some of the blame for not buying into the new approach from Stale. The one person who I can think of that would be able to instill the drive, passion, work rate and gain the respect of the players and fans because he has displayed these qualities so far in his short managerial career is Paolo Di Canio. I feel the players would soon find out who the real boss is, which I feel is the first priority, after all these players were gutted when Mick was sacked as most stated the really liked him.......just makes you wonder had bad they would have played for someone they did not like......Oh I almost forget, they just have!!
Yorkshire Old Gold
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05/01/2013 22:51:00

Yorkshire Old Gold: it certainly looks that way.
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05/01/2013 23:02:00

I've just watched two episodes of the Danish political thriller and have got back to the even more convoluted plot involving the management of Wolverhampton Wanderers FC. And the buggers have done it: player-power has seen off Stale Solbakken. Even if I saw it coming, I am angry that the players never gave him a chance to drag our team into the modern age. So, we might get a manager who will keep us in the Championship, that is, if he does nothing to shake them out of their comfort zone ... but where is the progress? I feel ashamed to be a WW fan, one who believes in fair play and giving a person a chance to prove himself. At the moment, I am seriously not happy with our squad even if I recommended this outcome as one possible solution out of our crisis. It's one that the players provoked: do I want to support such a team (if only it were that easy to chuck away nearly sixty years of being a supporter)?
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05/01/2013 23:16:00

PLEASE take the time to read the article below taken from the Swindon Town site. Can you imagine having a manager at The Wolves speaking like this about the players & fans in such a concise and enthusiastic manner. I am sure we would get behind a manager like that, however, I am not sure we even be able to land him and that is the most dissapointing aspect of our current demise! PUBLISHED 17:39 5th January 2013 by Swindontownfc.co.uk TOWN manager Paolo Di Canio spoke to the media after his team's 4-0 win over Carlisle. On the performance… It was very good, probably the best of the season. It came after two 5-0 wins against a side that could have put us in a trap. It was a typical banana skin so I am very happy today. My players kept going all game and continued to try and score goals. I am very happy with the way we played and the result is a consequence of the way we played. On the squad… I must say thanks to the lads again. We brought a few players in before Christmas and we have quality in the squad. I was sure we would turn things but I am surprised by how many goals we have scored. The players have taken ten steps forward in terms of maturity and are always asking for more information on the training ground. They believe this team is a real group. On the goals… All of the goals came from good movement. They have been working hard in training and that’s been important. The first goal came from a simple throw and it was a superb finish – an amazing technical gesture. The other goals were beautiful too. On defensive efforts… Defensively we have done well but I still think about the one we conceded against Doncaster. I am happy with the defensive line but if the opponents don’t arrive on the edge of the box it’s because the midfield four and front two have been working well. Even when we train at the Liddington the players are like ferocious animals – they are so determined. Look at Nathan Thompson with his run in the second half, he showed what kind of determination is in the team. He has become more mature too. On moving forward… Next week we will play a very good side in Bournemouth and that will be a key side. The players will have a day off tomorrow but they will start again on Monday and we will go again. On transfer news… I want to keep Chris Martin and Danny Hollands here. I will do everything in my power to keep the group together. Danny desperately wants to stay here and I will keep my mobile phone by my side because I want to do everything. There has been some interest in Aden Flint from other clubs but we would like to keep him here. On the crowd… It was a fantastic crowd again today and I must thank them. I hope the fans keep coming back because they are crucial for us. They keep the adrenaline running for the players and they were amazing. I told the players keep both feet on the ground and that’s the same for the fans. Keep your voices high.
Yorkshire Old Gold
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05/01/2013 23:23:00

What's done is done. Now bring in Di Matteo, he will put that defence right, GIVEN TIME. 'The Sack Race' has him at 16/1.
Report Abuse
06/01/2013 05:57:00

To late its Saunders one of Morgans mates, what i want to know is if being in the prem gets you 60million and we were in there for three seasons were has 180million gone just asking oh and thanks boo boys you may have just ruined our club and we may be watching division 1 footy next year but then again it may not be a bad thing morons like you will stay away and leave true fans to do what we do best SUPPORT our club
Report Abuse
06/01/2013 22:36:00


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